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Mickey Callaway SZN @Dominican_Casso🔁 .@Lizzs_Lockeroom ...Kirk Cousins Tribute #Redskins
Kirk Cousins Report Eyes @reporteyes1🔁New post (No Kirk Cousins in NFC West – ProFootballTalk) has been published on ReportEyes -
Supposedly No Mercy @ChecktheStatsAJ🔁 .@Lizzs_Lockeroom ...Kirk Cousins Tribute #Redskins
Kirk Cousins Ibex News 24 @ibexnews24🔁Jared Goff gets what he wanted: No Kirk Cousins in NFC West
ESPN @espn🔁When you find out Kirk Cousins plans to sign with the @Vikings.
Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁Kirk Cousins plans to sign a three-year, fully-guaranteed contract from the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday, sources tell ESPN.
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Breaking: Kirk Cousins, Vikings agree to 3-year, fully-guaranteed deal per . Deal is expected to be worth $86M per
Domo @Domo_LXXXVI🔁2015-17 (min 20 starts)

Kirk Cousins

8th in INTs (36)
1st in fumbles (31)
67 TOs in 48 starts

Alex Smith

25th in INTs (20)
26th in fumbles (13)
33 TOs in 46 starts

Sreym Nave @EvanMyers🔁@ProFootballTalk The article says Von Miller’s consolation prize is Kirk Cousins, I believe that should be Case Keenum
John Habelman @JohnnyHab🔁The past 3 years Kirk Cousins has been starting. The Redskins defense ranked 21, 28, and 28. Going to be significantly different with the
Josh aka Smilez @MuzikMan88🔁The had 3 QBs last year who played. They parted with all 3 to give Kirk Cousins a fully guaranteed 3-year deal.

Case Keenum will start for the
Sam Bradford will start for the
Will Teddy Bridgewater start for the ?

Jack Package @JMUmonty🔁 Can we stop acting like the Vikings won the ‘Kirk Cousins Lottery’? What has he proven?
Steven Bortstein @Fox1340AM🔁There was only one real free agent QB that would have brought that wow factor: Kirk Cousins.

Ramad Sivad @EmperorDavis🔁Kirk Cousins is a hero for all the young players that will follow after him. Now we need more players to bet on themselves until fully guaranteed contracts are the norm and not the exception.
dailyNFLfantasy @dailyNFLfantasy🔁Jared Goff gets what he wanted: No Kirk Cousins in NFC West: On Kirk Cousins, Von Miller’s dream didn’t come true. J ared Goff’s did. The Rams quarterback told PFT Live two days before Super Bowl LII that he didn’t want to see Cousins land in the NFC West…
Flash @MarvelousFlash🔁 Kirk Cousins’ deal with the Vikings is reportedly for 3-years, fully-guaranteed.
G @The_U1🔁Joe Theismann on Kirk Cousins: "It's not that the Redskins didn't want him, but I think it would have been a big nut to swallow." Um...
Andrew Isker ✝️ @AndrewIsker🔁“If you want to have order in the commonwealth, you first have to like that!” —Russell Kirk Cousins.
Top Global News @TopGlobalNews3🔁(Does Kirk Cousins make Minnesota Vikings new NFC favorite? NFL insiders predict 2018 record, what's next) -
The Sports Narrative @sportsnarrative🔁In 's FA-heavy mailbag, you'll find:
• The $20 million, zero sense signing
• Four options for Missed-Out McCarron
• A Seahawk fan unloads on Sherman
• A Super Bowl coaching trend
• And more:
Chris @AlwaysEvolving_🔁With Kirk Cousins under center.. Chris Thompson and Samaje Perine accounted for 60+ receptions, 700+YDs, 10+YPC, 5TDs in 2017...

*Enter Dalvin Cook Stage Left*

Maxwell 🌎 @Maxwellium🔁 If Kirk Cousins is worth $86 million then Aaron Rodgers is worth $860 million.
Top Videos Mexico @tutv_mexico🔁Kirk Cousins To Sign With Vikings In 3-Year, $86 Million Deal en
Mike @browns5719🔁Agreed
Steve Cornwell @number1gator🔁@DraftDadDave I think Kirk Cousins has a chance too. IDK why just feel like it
Patrick Paolini Jr @patrickgmfox5dc🔁He has a losing record, has never won a playoff game and yet Kirk Cousins may change the NFL forever today. John’s Take at 5:47am.
Jeffry Bell @k2rider13🔁3 years 84 million for Kirk Cousins


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