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#KingsRoyal35 #KingsRoyal35: This Wknd! @EldoraSpeedway🔁Brad Sweet wins #JokersWild Heat Three! @WorldofOutlaws #KingsRoyal35
#KingsRoyal35 tjslideways.com @tjslideways🔁Winner of the fourth and final heat race for Jokers Wild at Eldora Speedway, Aaron Reutzel. #KingsRoyal35
#KingsRoyal35 tjslideways.com @tjslideways🔁Winner of Jokers Wild heat race 3 at Eldora Speedway, Brad Sweet. #kingsroyal35
#KingsRoyal35 DB3IMAGING @db3imaging🔁 Brad Sweet wins #JokersWild Heat Three! @WorldofOutlaws #KingsRoyal35
#KingsRoyal35 Heather Mitten @Hmitten77🔁 Winner of Jokers Wild heat race 1, @TimShaffer49 . #kingsroyal35
#KingsRoyal35: This Wknd! @EldoraSpeedway🔁Shane Stewart draws the No. 1 wrench to take the pole for the #WoOCraftSCS Dash! #JokersWild #KingsRoyal35
#KingsRoyal35 Sam Skvarek @sskvarek🔁 We got our royal flush at the Kings Royal! #KingsRoyal35 #WoOCraftSCS #RoyalFlush
#KingsRoyal35 Jimco Motorsports @JimcoMotorsport🔁@HunterPercent finished 6th in heat and will start 4th in the C....top 2 transfer to B! #KingsRoyal35
#KingsRoyal35 Jess Hoogmoed @JessHoogmoed🔁@dirtvision has me sorted for the next three days for the @WorldofOutlaws @EldoraSpeedway #KingsRoyal35 ☕️
#KingsRoyal35 dave kinnaird @KinnairdDave🔁 Sheldon Haudenschild wins #JokersWild @WorldofOutlaws Heat Two #WoOCraftSCS #KingsRoyal35
#KingsRoyal35 Demyan-Rudzik Racing @DR_Racing🔁 Tim Shaffer wins #JokersWild @WorldofOutlaws Heat One! #KingsRoyal35 #WoOCraftSCS
#KingsRoyal35 tjslideways.com @tjslideways🔁Jokers Wild dash winner David Gravel. #kingsroyal35
#KingsRoyal35 Will Salisbury @7WillSalisbury🔁Beautiful sunset at @EldoraSpeedway #WoOCraftSCS #kingsroyal35
#KingsRoyal35 tjslideways.com @tjslideways🔁Winner of the very exciting B-Main at Eldora Speedway during Jokers Wild, Rico Abreu. #kingsroyal35
#KingsRoyal35 ColtsPacers91 @Luck2TY91🔁LETS GOOOOOO DAVID GRAVEL!!!!!! @dirtvision @EldoraSpeedway @WingedNation #KingsRoyal35
#KingsRoyal35 Blake Anderson @BlakeAnderson🔁Pit reporting Jokers Wild at @EldoraSpeedway. Gorgeous night for sprint car racing at The Big E! #KingsRoyal35
#KingsRoyal35 Amber Ekle @ak537a🔁Rocking our BC shirts tonight! #JokersWild #KingsRoyal35
#KingsRoyal35 #KingsRoyal35: This Wknd! @EldoraSpeedway🔁Tonight’s #JokersWild Feature event is rolling off.. #KingsRoyal35 is underway!
#KingsRoyal35 Scott Porter @DaBearLeafer🔁#tweetyourseat for @EldoraSpeedway for the @WorldofOutlaws #jokerswild a-main! @WingedNation #kingsroyal35
#KingsRoyal35 Polly Yoder @PollyYoder1🔁 Tonight’s #JokersWild Feature event is rolling off.. #KingsRoyal35 is underway!
World of Outlaws @WorldofOutlaws🔁The #WoOCraftSCS rigs are rolling in @EldoraSpeedway! Let’s get this party started! #JokersWild #KingsRoyal35
#KingsRoyal35: This Wknd! @EldoraSpeedway🔁Welcome to the moment.... #KingsRoyal35

Are you ready?


#KingsRoyal35: This Wknd! @EldoraSpeedway🔁It’s Day One of - the Third Annual for the Sprint Cars.

Who will have the final laugh and stand atop the stage wi twitter.com th the $10,000 prize tonight?

Jess Kratzer @jesskratzer_🔁It’s happening!! The main event for Night #1 of has gone green!
#KingsRoyal35: This Wknd! @EldoraSpeedway🔁It’s happening!! The main event for Night #1 of has gone green! twitter.com
LITTLE LIZARD E-ZINE @TheLittleLizard🔁 has me sorted for the next three days for the ☕️
Rachel @jsms99🔁GRAVEL MAKES IT! He’s got 20 laps to make something happen. #WoOCraftSCS #KingsRoyal35 #JokersWild
Rachel @jsms99🔁There’s about 10 people helping change the top wing. Wrecked one off. New one going on. Couple other guys working on twitter.com the nose wing. 1 minute in the work area.
Rachel @jsms99🔁I am counting at least 3 teams, plus Gravel’s already in the work area to get him back out. Gravel’s not even there y twitter.com et.
Kyle Larson Racing @KLRteam🔁⚠️Caution lap 10 - @shanestewart_2 will restart second. #KingsRoyal35 #JokersWild
MRN Winged Nation @WingedNation🔁 for for the a-main!
tjslideways.com @tjslideways🔁Parade lap and pyro complete, its go time on the feature for the Jokers Wild at Eldora Speedway. #kingsroyal35
Roger Crockett 🚀 @the_Rocket_11🔁We’re open for business at the beautiful for night 1 of the !

Come check out our new T-Shirt designs and Caps!

Kyle Larson Racing @KLRteam🔁Cars have fired for tonight 30-Lap #JokersWild feature. @shanestewart_2 starts on the outside of the front row. #KingsRoyal35 #JokersWild
#KingsRoyal35: This Wknd! @EldoraSpeedway🔁Tonight’s Raffle benefiting & selling charity pays $8,412 to ticket A-7655807!

Thanks for playing!


Demyan-Rudzik Racing @DR_Racing🔁. QUICK TIME: sets quick time at for Night 1 of the weekend!
Rachel @jsms99🔁It is 9:27pm. The A-Main is heading to the track and there’s a gorgeous sunset off t4. Hard to ask for a better nig twitter.com ht.
tjslideways.com @tjslideways🔁Cars fired for tonight's Jokers Wild feature event. #kingsroyal35
Earnhardt Jaworski @TourneyEarnie🔁Tonight’s 30-lap Feature event rolls off shortly.. Donny Schatz will start from third.
Tony Stewart Racing @TonyStewart_Rcg🔁Tonight’s 30-lap Feature event rolls off shortly.. Donny Schatz will start from third. twitter.com
WoO Updates @WoO_Updates🔁Tonight's 30 Lap Main Event is coming up next on Night #1 of #KingsRoyal35. Its the #JokersWild!
Charles Eakright @charleseakright🔁Up close & personal for hot laps 👀💨
Charles Eakright @charleseakright🔁And... we’re GREEN on Night One of the weekend! heats are underway!
Sports Guy22 @Sportsman002🔁Going to be a great night of #Racing @EldoraSpeedway ! #KingsRoyal35 #DirtRacing 🏁
Kyle McGowan @KyleMac76🔁 is tough on the starts and restarts and I love it! Like it should be. Looking forward to tonight’s Jokers W twitter.com ild A-Main tonight!
Ryan Kuhn @Ry_man_sums🔁 Hot Lap action from Night at !

Watch every lap from weekend LIVE on !

Andy Ellerman @Izflawlezz1🔁Driver’s meeting for tonight’s at is underway at the Command Center. Don’t miss a lap... watch on to catch every lap of this weekend’s 🏁🏁🖥📲
Rachel @jsms99🔁“Cars out of line, I’ll give you a freebie.” LCS called back for cars jumping. #WoOCraftSCS #KingsRoyal35 #JokersWild
Andy Ellerman @Izflawlezz1🔁It’s weekend! Tonight kicks off Night 1 for ! & teams have been hard at work getting ready.Stay tuned for all tonight’s updates!👑

🌎: Rossburg, OH

Andy Ellerman @Izflawlezz1🔁45 cars signed in for tonight at ! weekend is here!

Watch all the action LIVE on !

The Main Event Racing Series @BadFastOutlaws🔁@DavidGravel just beat the best in the country @EldoraSpeedway. #KingsRoyal35

Who you picking to take the W? My bet is #5 🏁🏁

Todd Nunes @metalc0wb0y🔁Someone refresh me on the #SchatzsShots rules. When do lap cars count? #KingsRoyal35 #JokersWild
Kyle Larson Racing @KLRteam🔁. finishes second in the dash and will start on the outside of the front row for the main event. twitter.com
Dustin Shoaf @DustinShoaf🔁@dirtvision thanks for the quick response. Great customer service! #KingsRoyal35
Rachel @jsms99🔁Half the dash was called for jumping so they’re redoing it. #WoOCraftSCS #KingsRoyal35 #JokersWild
ARWyss @ARWyss🔁The first heat race of ? Underway! 😍
Tony Stewart Racing @TonyStewart_Rcg🔁. draws the No. 6 wrench to determine that he’ll start sixth in tonight’s Dash twitter.com
Kyle Larson Racing @KLRteam🔁.@shanestewart_2 draws the 1️⃣ wrench and will start on the pole of the @Sears @craftsman Dash! #KingsRoyal35 #JokersWild
Nick B @nmb193🔁 together again ...can we get an “EEEMMM” or an “Indiaaaahnna” for ? My ears feel like it’s January. twitter.com
Chris Gould BMX @ChrisGould88🔁Brent Marks is not taking any of Sammy's B.S. tonight

#WoOCraftSCS #JokersWild @EldoraSpeedway #KingsRoyal35

#KingsRoyal35: This Wknd! @EldoraSpeedway🔁So. Much. MERCH! You can find all sorts of gear both in Vendor’s Row near Turn 1 or behind the Turns 3 & 4 stands! twitter.com
Tony Diaz @DiazTdiaz8555🔁IT’S RACE DAY! 🏁

weekend is finally here! Tonight’s kicks off 3️⃣ nights at !

📍: Eldora Speedway - Rossburg, OH
🎟: Available at Track
🕡: 6:30pm ET


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