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#Kindle Jeane Moore @JeaneMooreBooks🔁A contemporary Casablanca in D.C. - MINTWOOD PLACE ➡ smarturl.it #suspense #kindle
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#Kindle Stuart Kenyon @StuartKenyon81🔁//authl.it/B00TFS63C2?d" target="_blank">authl.it
#Kindle Richard A Valicek @ravalicekbooks🔁RT
The Black Fox 'brings originality to the genre with a clever plot'
#Kindle Words at Spangaloo @WordSatSpangalo🔁They are here to Harvest your SOUL #scifi #99cents #asmsg #ian1 #spub #iartg #kindle amazon.com
Greg Jenner @greg_jenner🔁If you’re surprised by this tweet, you might enjoy my book - it’s only £2.99 on , and all about the hidden history of twitter.com your daily life.

Oh, and it’s a bit funny 😁

Space Cowboy Scifi @CowboySciFiBot🔁They are here to Harvest your SOUL amazon.com
Brandon M Lindsay @BrandonMLindsay🔁If you read and haven't read Uprooted by Naomi Novik, fix your life right now. The version's on sale. via twitter.com
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All On Fire @AllOnFire🔁 Recommends > Top 10 eBooks 📚 from > > Free-eBooks.net twitter.com
Marilene P-K @marilene_pk🔁Kraack novel wins Best Contemporary & Best Literary Fiction. ➡ smarturl.it #dementia #kindle
Catherine Perme @PermeAuthor🔁A contemporary Casablanca in Washington D.C. - MINTWOOD PLACE ➡ smarturl.it #suspense #kindle
Bill Macfarlane @GitanoOffice🔁Listen to the stones, let them tell you their story "Resonating Stones" bill-macfarlane.co.uk twitter.com
A Few Brave Men @AFewBraveMen1🔁Fade to Black, 's collection, is out in the not too distant future on . Opening line:
"He started studying Esoteri twitter.com cs at the age of thirty-six after browsing a Dan Brown novel that alluded to the Gnostics."
More to follow.

Elaina J. Davidson @authorelaina🔁An implacable foe. An impossible mission. An unlikely hero. amazon.com
Layden Robinson @LaydenRobinson🔁An implacable foe. An impossible mission. An unlikely hero. amazon.com twitter.com
Hymns Of Evermorn @HymnsOfEvermorn🔁Hey guys! I Come and buy my fantasy book 'The Ocean Hearth' from kindle for only $0.99! amazon.com get yours today! twitter.com
Sara Portman @SaraPortmanAuth🔁Big Goodreads Giveaway! 100 book giveaway for MARRIAGE WITH A PROPER STRANGER (Book 1 Men of Wollstonecraft Hall) by Feb. 6, 2018 release date! Dec 10-29th Enter
J Knight @collectables66🔁All of my📚are on my

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Cake Whiz @cakewhiz🔁Sold a ,
Sold a Kindle,
Earlier today.
I'm so happy
Sold a Kindle,
Sold a Kindle,
I'm so rich,
I cannot say.
The Dead Game did well today.
I'm singing all the way to the bank.


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Lauren Carr @TheMysteryLadie🔁5-Star Review from Glenda Bixler at Book Readers Heaven!
If you aren't reading this author, you are missing much more twitter.com than an average mystery writer. ...I loved this book!

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Lauren Carr @TheMysteryLadie🔁Fasten UR Seat Belt! THREE DAYS TO FOREVER is another heart pounding, suspenseful that will leave you on the edge of twitter.com your seat to the last-minute!

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EmmabBooks @EmmabBooks🔁 Miserly Monday #6 (#Kindle ebook bargains) fictionophile.wordpress.com via @fictionophile
LAURA TAYLOR @AuthorLTaylor🔁Stephanie Collins
With Angel's Wings 2.99 KU FREE
SANDEEP KUMAR (MALE) @sandeep94893476🔁‘Stories & Poems to send your mind into overdrive’ Moments by Harmony Kent amazon.com
Feminine Collective @femininecollect🔁~ fAdE tO bLuE ~
by H.M. Jones

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Brigitte @bluebirdbrige🔁An implacable foe. An impossible mission. An unlikely hero


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