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fails aesthetically @Magy_ish🔁Titus lemonading is the greatest idea in Television history #kimmyschmidt
TheBarb @GrammaTrex🔁 "EVERYBODY'S GAY, KIMMY, IT'S THE 90'S!" When Titus is right, he's right. #kimmyschmidt
#kimmyschmidt#kimmyschmidt sofia @missbaranski🔁 SHE LOOKS SO GOOD. #kimmyschmidt
#kimmyschmidt no one @oshuaj🔁The Flouncy Magoo Identity. #KimmySchmidt
TheBarb @GrammaTrex🔁 There's a new movement in town. Join the #AltBright march to May 19! #KimmySchmidt
#kimmyschmidt no one @oshuaj🔁"I know because I'm also in the drug biz. Take a pen." #KimmySchmidt
#kimmyschmidt no one @oshuaj🔁Hornberger. #KimmySchmidt
Tanner Flood @TannerFlood🔁1 more Day until season 3 of w/ guest star !
Entertainment Weekly @EW🔁We finally learn the truth about Titus’ cruise in episode 8 of . Our binge recap: twitter.com
Megan Marie @NutxMeg🔁Titus' Lemonade is the best thing to happen to 2017 so far. #kimmyschmidt
Megan Marie @NutxMeg🔁Of course it's a "Jeff" 😂🤣 #kimmyschmidt
no one @oshuaj🔁"We own your voice, likeness, and your unique sense of style."
"You mean Uptown Gayby?"
"We call it Dumpster Sassy, but yes."
damien @jordvarelse🔁Kimmy should not have googled herself. I googled my surname once & a tonne of dead Confederate soldiers came up. Not good. #kimmyschmidt
Jason Luthor @JL_TheProfessor🔁Episode 2 of the new season of KImmy Schmidt has to be one of the most incredible things I've ever seen. #wow #kimmyschmidt
Heather 🐰 @Hevzzzz🔁10/10 would legitimately have Titus's Michael song on shuffle on my iPhone #kimmyschmidt
mixed-up boy @mixedupboy🔁awww that was a sad episode... & that jeff guy is hott #kimmyschmidt
SHEBA, BABY💫 @honeeychild🔁OKAY I DONT CURR ! #Lemonading #KimmySchmidt
SHEBA, BABY💫 @honeeychild🔁My actor husband Daveed Diggs! #KimmySchmidt
Jason Luthor @JL_TheProfessor🔁Titus Andromedon lives the musical we all wish we could live on a daily basis. #lol #kimmyschmidt
no one @oshuaj🔁"You better make like me eating beans drunk and spill the beans." #KimmySchmidt
Jason Luthor @JL_TheProfessor🔁Titus refuses to serve jury duty. He says he has no peers. #lol #kimmyschmidt
Sher Bear @nonewfollowers1🔁#kimmyschmidt
Just started episode 11, this season is hilarious.
anti-accelerationist @shoutcacophony🔁 Only took four episodes for there to be a shitty trans joke on this season of #kimmyschmidt
Brooke ✨ @bbrook_e🔁"Gosh dang it !!! Why don't our shins have butts ???"
no one @oshuaj🔁"My late husband is rolling over in my wall right now." #KimmySchmidt
Nicky 📓📚 @jaydestarlight🔁"i've turned the tables"

"but you're still at the same table"


Kbunny @keiannagoodridg🔁EXCLUSIVE: ​ star ​Ellie Kemper gushes over her son James and shares an adorable first photo.
SHEBA, BABY💫 @honeeychild🔁"Everybodies gay! Its the 90's!" Lmao #KimmySchmidt
graham @GrahamB47🔁This Lemonade episode feels very, very late. #kimmyschmidt
heartthrob @backyardoceans🔁Beyoncé is dead & was replaced by a look alike: a conspiracy theory thread

no one @oshuaj🔁"Don't worry honey, Sean Penn isn't real, they just made him up to scare kids." #KimmySchmidt
Amanda @Marie_Amanda14🔁Only on episode two, but I love love love it so far 😭The lemonade parody was hilarious.
Obessed With TV @ProBingeWatcher🔁#KimmySchmidt s3e5: oh my gosh a @OITNB crossover!!! @KimmySchmidt
Nick DaRose @NicksLife_YT🔁FINALLYYYYYYYYYY!!!! ❤❤❤❤ #unbreakable #uks #kimmyschmidt @TitussBurgess @KimmySchmidt @TannerFlood twitter.com
damien @jordvarelse🔁Had not noticed that Google was "Go Ogle" #kimmyschmidt
no one @oshuaj🔁Hurricane Tammi-with-an-I. #KimmySchmidt
Stephanie Burns @BurnsieSJ🔁The new season of #kimmyschmidt is exactly what I need right now. So good. #CarolKane
Masc4MaskOFF ☣️ @onebrightlight🔁The rash from the sushi is REAL BAD! #kimmyschmidt
Obessed With TV @ProBingeWatcher🔁#KimmySchmidt s3e5: FINALLY! A runn Lillian!!! @KimmySchmidt
Chris Herwig @hrwgc🔁I'm late to this today but I'm so excited to start #kimmyschmidt
Vinícius Souza @oshvini🔁 Titus Andromedon lemonading gives me life #kimmyschmidt
no one @oshuaj🔁That episode was ok, kind of mixed. #KimmySchmidt
Anna Ruth Chandler @SisterHipster🔁Perry is pretty cool though. #kimmyschmidt
Drew Rydell @Drewvius🔁I just want to disappear! So first I need to win America's Next Top Model... #kimmyschmidt #season3 #idie
Hannah Finnegan @hannahsabeast🔁@DaveedDiggs is my boyfriend #kimmyschmidt
Vincent Yango @EnterThought🔁Tina Fey gives absolutely no fucks and I love it. #kimmyschmidt season 3 is epic 5 eps in.
Gareth Rafferty @Garferty🔁I love #kimmyschmidt, but that Bobby Durst (?) joke really doesn't translate. Every time he's in it it's like, ha? Isn't he... weird?
Obessed With TV @ProBingeWatcher🔁#KimmySchmidt s3e5: oooo but that arsenal... @KimmySchmidt
SHEBA, BABY💫 @honeeychild🔁Fred Armisen can do anything. #kimmyschmidt
Obessed With TV @ProBingeWatcher🔁#KimmySchmidt s3e5: she just wants to be a mom. Not run a cult @KimmySchmidt
SHEBA, BABY💫 @honeeychild🔁Jon Hamm is bae. #kimmyschmidt
Stacie Taylor-Cima @simply_cima🔁Titus lemonading is gold! Great job, team. ❤️✨ #kimmyschmidt @KimmySchmidt
Amanda Leah Davis @msamandaleah🔁It's a bizarre and silly show but with all the terrible things happening around the world it feels good to laugh for a minute! #kimmyschmidt
no one @oshuaj🔁Carol Kane is good. #KimmySchmidt
Obessed With TV @ProBingeWatcher🔁#KimmySchmidt s3e5: that doesn't work without a partition ma'am @KimmySchmidt
Obessed With TV @ProBingeWatcher🔁#KimmySchmidt s3e5: oh Gretchen you crazy coo coo @KimmySchmidt
Stepheñ Al†izer «« @GustavoWayne_🔁I am loving this dumb original humor. I missed you Kimmy Schmidt. #UnbreakableKimmySchmidt #kimmyschmidt
Amanda Leah Davis @msamandaleah🔁Also they dragged the Cheeto-in-Chief in every single episode. Me thinks we ought to be expecting some tweets about it soon. 💁 #kimmyschmidt
Amanda Leah Davis @msamandaleah🔁I binge watch UKS in a single day every time a new season hits but I can't help it. Tituss is finally gonna get that Emmy. 👏🏻 #kimmyschmidt
Obessed With TV @ProBingeWatcher🔁#KimmySchmidt s3e5: haha bad people alcoholism jokes @KimmySchmidt
not Rachem @Rachel_Bascom🔁Can't decide if I'm more Titus Eating Marinara Sauce with Cheese, or Titus Eating Expired Whipped Cream Out of a Tub.
Obessed With TV @ProBingeWatcher🔁#KimmySchmidt s3e5: agent your mothers. I broke your mothers back@KimmySchmidt
Obessed With TV @ProBingeWatcher🔁#KimmySchmidt s3e4: holy shit Jimmy's going to college!! @KimmySchmidt


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