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Kimmich Mr Mirak @mirak_mr🔁 Kimmich running away from his defensive responsibilities
Germany @DFB_Team_EN🔁Overhead kick from ! Roof of the net 😞 It's a rare sight of goal, hopefully the first of more to come now 🙏 (65') 0-1

Kimmich Susan Russo Anderson @SusanRussoAnder🔁 #GERMEX

Why REUS does not play??

Draxler, Kimmich catastrophic.

Caligurize 🇩🇪🇨🇭🇵🇹 @cgutinazo🔁 Kimmich could never
FC Bayern English @FCBayernEN🔁5️⃣ stars in 's starting XI:

🇩🇪 ©
🇩🇪 Joshua

Taylor Twellman @TaylorTwellman🔁Thoroughly enjoying the pace of 🇩🇪 🇲🇽 right now. Bravo to 🇲🇽 coming out with a real edge and confidence going f orward but beware when Kimmich gets forward that 3rd runner in 18 is where 🇩🇪 lives.
🔴 Bayern Fan ⚪ @RM_FCBayernFan🔁Despite the disappointment, congrats on making your debut, Joshua ! 👏

Arsene Wenger @Ar5eneWenger🔁This is the number of touches of Germany players vs Mexico today. How can Kimmich have more than triple the touches o f the ball than his counterpart at LB. Germany attacked only from the right and consequently conceded counter attacks down the right hand side
Pontsho Leakwa @PontshyTheKid🔁5 things we learned: Germany v Mexico

Kimmich is a defensive liability and Ozil goes missing again

𝕡𝕒𝕟𝕟𝕒𝕔𝕠𝕥𝕥𝕒 🇩🇪 @bucceIati🔁well look at joshua kimmich and max meyer. they are my. type. yes i do find mesut attractive. he has my heart. love m y turkish bby.
Oli 'Flexmaster' 🇧🇪 @Banana11Crazy🔁that's how they play, he has to go up. Plattenhardt also went up and did absolutely nothing attacking wise, kimmich w as atleast involved, muller did nothing so it's a bit difficult for Kimmich
Steve Brydon @StevenBrydon2🔁Kimmich,Boateng great players but shit defensively. Khediera had his day. Draxler going backwards. Özil too safe & no movement. Germany lacked pace & creativity.
Johnathon H @johnathonh_h🔁It wasn't the result you wanted but congrats on your debut, Joshua ! 👏 We are so proud of you!

Emmanuel 🇹🇬🇳🇬 @Spiceemman🔁 Thiago, Tolisso, Kimmich, Werner, etc all shocking. Bundesliga is suspect.
Tess🐣🇩🇪🇦🇺 @byernisch🔁@FtbILaporte @FionnFutbol And kimmich
🇵🇹DieselCane🇵🇹 @DieselCane22🔁I didn’t think he was lazy I don’t like saying that a lot a player but yea didn’t think he was very good. To me Khed ira was the worst on the field w Kimmich. I thought Kroos was fine, hit the post got himself in good positions most of the game.
ready to be disappointed 🇧🇪 @ronaIdACUNAjr🔁A real shame he ruined Messi, pique, and Busquets at Barca. What a trio that would’ve been. Shame he’s ruined Kimmich and Coman at Bayern! What a shame that he’s ruined Laporte, sane, Sterling, Jesus and foden at city!!
george👣 @larryusa123🔁Kimmich is having a very difficult time defending against Lozano... this isn’t the first time Germany have been exposed on the flanks in Russia.
GGG™  @gathutopper🔁Overhead kick fever has struck every player at the 2018

Joshua Kimmich the latest victim.

Finn Marckmann @FinnMarckmann🔁Well, a tie would be justified. First half goes to Mexico, second one to Germany.

After Reus stepped in, the team st arted to fight. Maybe Khedira isn’t the best choice if Tony is completely surrounded by defenders.

Brandt made a great impression, Kimmich was weak.

ITV Football @itvfootball🔁5 things we learned: Germany v Mexico

Kimmich is a defensive liability and Ozil goes missing again

Anirudh @AnirudhGuru🔁Germany’s width is coming from Muller, a slow CF, Kimmich who’s a natural CM, Draxler who’s a slow central player and Plattenhardt who’s a shit cunt. Brandt on the bench who couldn’t beat San Marino RB down the line. But left Sane at home? ffs Löw needs to stop sniffing fingers
ℬő✗❘Ɛ @Boxiethunder🔁Werner did not perform that well for his first game tbh, and they where to agressive from the start, with Kimmich way to far up front, having him to sprint back to be defending again
Brad Waters @BradleyWaters16🔁I think the other thing with Germany today was a structure problem. Which is rare for them.
Muller was drifting insi de as you’d expect but that left kimmich having the whole right hand side to himself. Hardly ideal. Really needed help from khedira who was nowhere to be seen.
Lewis Lynch @Lynch17_🔁@SkyBet Scrap Neuer kimmich hummels and Kroos and have Pickford and Walker ,Cahill and loftus cheek and the rest of England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
George Wood @gunner9663🔁In his own league as a fullback for sure. Dudes ridiculous. Completely agree bellerin needs help on the flank. He nee ds to improve defensively a bit and be more consistent at crossing but I still think he’ll be a great fullback as will kimmich
John Ridley @Ridderz86🔁@pauloleary88 Commentators called kimmich the best right back in the world and said he was mirror image of Philip Lahm. 😂
Luca @FearTheKirch🔁@AlexTruica Kimmich not even being in the frame is way funnier
Bebe @bebevpk🔁don’t talk abt this bundesliga bs cos trippier is supplying kane and kimmich is supplying lewandowski who is supposed ly the inferior striker
Bebe @bebevpk🔁@EriksenStyle if trippier was better he’d have contributed to more goals than kimmich would he have not. 10 assists from rb is no mean feat
Я Ξ D @OfficiaIRed🔁Kimmich was out of position so Ozil tracked back. Not his fault Lozano was quicker than he was and beat him. How anyo ne blames Ozil for that is clueless
Soban Shaikh 🇾🇪 @soban_shaikh🔁Mesut Ozil will start today according to the Bild am Sonntag. Their Germany XI against Mexico: Neuer; Kimmich, Boateng, Hummels, Hector; Khedira, Kroos; Muller, Ozil, Draxler; Werner.
jack🇧🇷 @jaackxx🔁I must say Germans defense were awful. Why was that Ozil tracking back trying to stop Chucky? Lmaooo if it were kimmi ch he wouldn’t have scored
Siddharth Ramsundar @Tacticalfouling🔁Hence Kimmich pushing up high on the right for Germany.
Alex Field @AlexFI1982🔁@GaryBushnell82 @TCber_ @steven44444444 Nobody is giving it the big one on kimmich though mate.
rjmendera™ @rjmendera🔁exactly.. and Löw should have been screaming bloody murder after several mexican attacks to keep at least one more ma n back..the Kimmich side was wide open..he warned of this! to no avail. ⚽🙄
Gary Bushnell @GaryBushnell82🔁@TCber_ @steven44444444 @AlexFI1982 He’s just making a point that he’s great value compared to others, half the price of Kimmich
Trev @hvymetalinvestr🔁as i was mentioning multiple times in the game, Kimmich fucked up big time
Rapids Rabbi @rapidsrabbi🔁@MattDoyle76 Small sample size of one game: Saucedo and Vela much better than Kroos and Kimmich. And Calvo was good (!) at right back.
Tim🇩🇪🇳🇬🇵🇹 @TimJames1989🔁Not Kimmich’s fault but Marcelo might be the only outside back that can attack and still defender like nuts. Belleri n tries really hard too but we ask him to play the entire right flank by himself
George L @TheGingerKing95🔁That's a bigger issue than we realize. Kimmich was a defensive liability because he literally had to play both right mid and right back. I love Thomas but we need someone who can hold some level of shape out there.
Neekö @nick2893🔁LOOL imagine thinking Ozil was the weak link in that game.. Whilst Kimmich is getting caught on the break in the oppositions box.. Kroos is taking shit shots from 20-30 yards & Khedira's doing his best conference impression... Moove man uneducated h'eydiate
mishal/مشعل🇴🇲 🦆 @misxal🔁@MBN_Roger @ChytCheck @Chipasha_Mukuma @DFB_Team_EN Kimmich did really well too, but hummels was a wall.
Make Arsenal Great Again @__JayBee00🔁They didn't want it enough. They don't have the hunger anymore. Especailly Kroos can't be arsed anymore. Ozil is simply shit and so is Khedira, Neuer shouldn't evem be at the world cup, Kimmich is anything but a defensive right back, Reus shouldnbe starting, Hummels and Boateng
Next Generation AFC🔴⚪️ @scoutingindoors🔁Worked really hard, had a surprising amount of space, kimmich pushed up way to high for most of game as I’m sure you would have heard.
David Chavez @ZepDavid14🔁Thoroughly enjoying the pace of 🇩🇪 🇲🇽 right now. Bravo to 🇲🇽 coming out with a real edge and confidence going forward but beware when Kimmich gets forward that 3rd runner in 18 is where 🇩🇪 lives.
David Chavez @ZepDavid14🔁🇲🇽 rightfully so looking to exploit the space behind Kimmich asking serious questions so far of the 🇩🇪 defense.
Marc Amberger @marc_1860🔁They didn't want it enough. They don't have the hunger anymore. Especailly Kroos can't be arsed anymore. Ozil is simp ly shit and so is Khedira, Neuer shouldn't evem be at the world cup, Kimmich is anything but a defensive right back, Reus shouldnbe starting, Hummels and Boateng
Fuck off Karius @XanXuzs🔁 Kimmich, Kroos, Hummels, Muller, Draxler, Khedira, Ozil literally every player on the team is so slow. .
🇫🇷 AƖƖєz Lєѕ ƁƖєυѕ 🇫🇷 @StantonThe3rd🔁@vrp2003 @DieselCane22 Draxler was awful, Kimmich was a 0/10 for me honestly. Khedira and Kroos MAYBE 2/10
Vishnu Parasuraman @vrp2003🔁@DieselCane22 @StantonThe3rd Kimmich stuck out lol
George Wood @gunner9663🔁@TimJames1989 Agree on Marcelo part. Think putting kimmich there is a little unfair considering his age but he was very poor today
Magical Müller🇩🇪 @derraumdeuter13🔁loool people scapegoating Özil when the whole team was bad, Kimmich was shocking defensively, Hummels and Boateng had piss poor games, Neuer could've done better with the goal, Müller wasn't greatly involved, Werner could've done more, Plattenhardt was poor.
Aaron Jackson @aaronjacko🔁 Kimmich is going to have nightmares of Lozano tonight.
Gbevuga @PrinceChilliam🔁Hummels… Boateng and Kimmich kinda finicky in defense these days. havent been the same for a min
Thomas Diez @tdiez_tuebingen🔁 had the best commentary on my day today: Kimmich was so often late for the ball that he could have easily started as a train driver for
Version 1.0 @GhuyusPublius🔁That was a systemic issue not the individual. Playing against a packed defense is HARD. Ask Arsenal. Werner did nothi ng. Draxler did try. Kimmich was overworked, it's unfair to expect him to provide width without being shielded by Kroos or Khedira.
🇫🇷 AƖƖєz Lєѕ ƁƖєυѕ 🇫🇷 @StantonThe3rd🔁He created a bunch of chances that Werner and Draxler bungled. He was the only one back on the goal DEFENDING!! while Kimmich and Kroos were out taking a stroll. No one played great for them but he was by far their best player
🔱 @luckyjj_🔁@BasedChasen @jamieNoitsJaime i agreed til you said kimmich didnt track back......
MkSom @MK_1997som🔁Stood? He tracked back whist khedeira and kimmich went for a walkabout and he pulled his leg out and held hos hands u p after he clipped lozano so he doesn’t win a pen?
Gregory Horn @gregory_horn314🔁Personally I would line up
ter Stegen
Kimmich Hummels Boateng Hector
Goretzka Kroos Gündogan
Reus Werner Draxler
Bal ance, physicality, and athleticism is what is needed in this team and Goretzka and Gündo give u that IMO
El Gran @MrJwoogie🔁Man hats off to Mexico, but Ozil was nonexistent, I still don’t know where Julian Draxler was going I guess he’s just gonna keep strolling across the top of the box looking for a pass, Toni tried, Kimmich left the field open too many times, Timo, Timo, Timo 🤦🏽‍♂️
Mr Mirak @mirak_mr🔁Fair play to Kimmich, he is absolutely everywhere on the pitch today. Except the place he actually needed to be for Mexico's goal.
Minhaz🐝 @GreenKhan05🔁I wanna see Germany use a 3-5-2 formation like Bayern does. Muller behind Werner in his preferred supporting striker role. Goretzka, Kroos, Reus and even Khedira in midfield with Kimmich, Boateng and Hummels securing the back, it would be a rout.
Mr Mirak @mirak_mr🔁Kimmich man, worst display in the German kit? Left defence so many times exposed, doens't give one fuck about tracking back.
Joshua Tongweno @Tongwenox🔁Joshua Kimmich is overrated.
I'm yet to see his attacking side. Though his defending has been pretty poor always caught out of position.
Elvolution @elvolution🔁Taking nothing away from Kimmich, he has every right to play the way he did, exciting talent and Germany’s next Lahm. Germany played well, Mexico just managed to capitalize on 1 of its 30 chances.
Ipet Isut @ipet_isut🔁"Note the cult hero status that was quickly bestowed last year on Kolasinac at Arsenal and note too how Arsène Wenger very quickly decided that he would rather stick with Nacho Monreal" Yeah, how did that work out? via
Fagbegi Kayode @blaqay🔁@THE_PATERSON Draxler and Kimmich, my thoughts
michael skillz @skillzmike🔁Kimmich almost did a Bale there. Look at Hustle clapping on the bench.

Draxler is always a new breed when he’s playing for the NT

Vishnu Parasuraman @vrp2003🔁Also, on the goal, Ozil is the one who actually ran back and defended it. He got beat, but that's not his best skill anyway. And then you see Kroos slide in to try and block the shot (he whiffs). You see Boateng covering Chicharito...not pictured, Kimmich and Hummels.
danishyousaf @danishyousaf22🔁what abit josha kimmich....he is like marcello..when ist goal is happen he is the midfield..he is right back..even kr oos and ozil are defence no other defender are in box at that movement....i think kimmich should play deffensively
Oli 'Flexmaster' 🇧🇪 @Banana11Crazy🔁oh ffs kimmich was the only one doing anything until reus came onto the pitch, werner didn't get anything to do but i also would never play him alone up top, muller was a disgrace
I, Mustapha......... @Mustykuru🔁 Khedira lost the ball......but Kroos and ozil got back before kimmich.....guy thinks of attacking wayyy too much
Kara Head @karahead_🔁I also think Kimmich was too excited. Wanted to try to play defender, winger, striker, whatever. Even wasting good ch ances at goal to try an overheard kick. Youthful mind will getcha sometimes.
Vishnu Parasuraman @vrp2003🔁They had formational issues...and this weird obsession with running everything through Kimmich. Who was dreadful, kep t slowing the ball on the edge instead of pinging in crosses and allowing Mex's defense to recover.
J @jeremiroquai🔁 It’s quite sad targeting Ozil. Kroos gets away with murder. Kimmich, Draxler, Werner, Muller etc were all shite


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