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Pete Quily @pqpolitics🔁 Kid rock to play the #NHLAllStar game.... every #Hockey fan right now...
Yahoo Sports NHL @YahooSportsNHL🔁When you find out Kid Rock is playing the Alll-Star Game
ray (u_u) @kiicha1🔁 When you find out Kid Rock is playing the Alll-Star Game
Kid Rock Mathieu Paquette @Kid_Paquette🔁 Twitter abuzz after Kid Rock named as headlining act for NHL All-Star Game.
Hemal Jhaveri @hemjhaveri🔁Minorities, people of color and women already feel like the NHL doesn't gaf about them. Having Kid Rock as the All-St ar game entertainment just underlies that point.
SB Nation @SBNation🔁Kid Rock will perform at the 2018 NHL All-Star Game in Tampa.

Last time Kid Rock was involved in something NHL relat ed, it wasn't good.

AMH @basicwinemom🔁This kid. Sleeps from like 7-8, then sleeps from like 8-9 as long as I rock him, 9-10 asking for cookies, now my back hurts from carrying him and he is still awake. I got up with him at five am.
Bmartz @Brockaflockaaa🔁It blows my ass cheeks off that Kid Rock is the NHL Allstar game performer. What kinda gas has the NHL been smoking recently? Hey NHL, ever heard of ? Look at this photograph, every time I do it makes me fuckin laugh. That's what people want. They want Chady Krogs.
Pete Quily @pqpolitics🔁NHL ☎️ Kid Rock’s Agent
Agt: Hello?
NHL: Hello we would like to have Kid Rock perform at our All-Star game.
Agt: ummmm Are you sure?
NHL: Yep
Agt: You do know he openly supports Trump right?
NHL: Yep
Agt: You know you will be horribly ridiculed on social media right?
NHL: Yep
One Life Coaching @OneLifeCoach79🔁 smokes ? That is exactly , then I don't even care that of and a named Kid Rock hit New California and Met ro Detroit. ?
Alan Kelly @Alan_B_Happy🔁@hockeynight Seriously? Kid rock???? Are you even trying?
Chris Rogers @SkaSaxGuy🔁@nielsonTSN1260 Which roster does Kid Rock make it on when the fans vote him to the team?
Mike Roberts @MikeyARoberts🔁Happy Birthday Birthday to LEGENDARY Rock God,
Kid Rock!

Pete Quily @pqpolitics🔁 Kid Rock at the All-Star Game, huh. Man, does the NHL like standing next to Trump types
Kerry Love @TrapAndFamous🔁 doesn’t like Kid rock, Hip-Hop & the NBA doesn’t like & we know the NFL can give a rats ass about the hippie
Ed Molina @GlobalEd718🔁NHL draws backlash for Kid Rock’s impending All-Star game performance, Jeremy Roenick calls him “the greatest musician in the world”
scott randall WRIF @screamin1🔁Happy BIRTHDAY
Pete Quily @pqpolitics🔁Minorities, people of color and women already feel like the NHL doesn't gaf about them. Having Kid Rock as the All-Star game entertainment just underlies that point.
RosenWood @Dodgers2915🔁@MetalMilitia74 @AlexHominiuk I can't name one hit Kid Rock has ever had yet Eminem is one of the most successful artists ever 😂😂😂😂
Pete Quily @pqpolitics🔁The NHL chose Kid Rock to play at the All Star game? He's a racist and a Trump supporter. Also, an ordained minister, he once said he didn't want to marry LGBTQ2.


Swear to God, they should fire all of them.

Reagan @Trill2197🔁Artists set to drop albums in 2018

A$AP Rocky
Travis Scott
Wiz Khalifa
Kanye West
Pusha T
2 Chainz
Earl Sweatshirt
The Game
A$AP Ferg
Kid Cudi
Denzel Curry
Post Malone
ScHoolboy Q
Tory Lanez
The Weeknd
J. Cole
Frank Ocean
Childish Gambino
Jay Rock

McDarryl @CopyDarryl🔁@Natasa84 The reality is NHL won’t be getting Bon Jovi. I think Kid Rock will do just fine.
Pete Quily @pqpolitics🔁NHL: Why don't any women, minorities, or people under 40 watch our sport?

Also NHL: Let's book Kid Rock to be the main entertainment for our biggest event of the year!!

Jay❤️ @jayshelen🔁Reallyyyy want to go see Kid Rock this weekend 😣😣
Pete Quily @pqpolitics🔁artists the nhl could have booked for all star weekend instead of kid rock:
- literally any elvis impersonator
- the jonas brothers
- the ghost of frank sinatra
- a roomba with an ipod attached to it
Dustin Nielson @nielsonTSN1260🔁 @nielsonTSN1260 What if Kid Rock suddenly becomes unavailable for the All-Star game because of a “body injury”?
Ye' Che' Wah @maximusfiendus🔁 @cgboan @NHL @Honda @KidRock How do you make Nickleback sound great? Put on Kid Rock first.
Pail @PailTurdstein🔁I just hope Kid Rock brings the rest of the Traveling Wilburys with him when he plays the All Star Game
JudeLeafs @JudeLeafs🔁In closing.. , you had an actual focus group tell you Kid Rock was really the way to go? Absolutely. Fucked. Btw, hoc key fans have yet to care about an entertainment act at a game/event. Not one time ever.
Kyle Potvin @Kyle_Potvin🔁@nielsonTSN1260 What if Kid Rock suddenly becomes unavailable for the All-Star game because of a “body injury”?
C J Warner @CJWarner1🔁Twitter abuzz after Kid Rock named as headlining act for NHL All-Star Game


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