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Kid Rock Liza Minnelli ♡ @Monkey_483🔁 Michigan is so embarrassed by Kid Rock
Kid Rock Lynel Hutz @RidicBowe🔁@desusnice LOLLLLL damn y'all clowning Kid Rock so hard you were crying
Bob Sailer @bobsailergolf🔁 A huge number of bikers showed up to defend Kid Rock and his supporters from leftist agitators.

MAGA! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 @njatlarch🔁 A huge number of bikers showed up to defend Kid Rock and his supporters from leftist agitators.

Real Me @Schypha🔁 A huge number of bikers showed up to defend Kid Rock and his supporters from leftist agitators.

Tariq Nasheed @tariqnasheed🔁Kid Rock is accusing the media of labeling him as a racist..Why in the world would anyone think that Kid Rock has whi te supremacist views?
🎙Wayne Dupree @WayneDupreeShow🔁SOUND ADVICE! Kid Rock Explodes! “Pay No Attention To The Garbage The Extreme Left Is Trying To Create”
Fox News @FoxNews🔁'Endless Stupid Political Nagging': #Tucker Blasts ESPN After Anchor Calls #Trump a 'White Supremacist'
Jennifer prince @jenna071771🔁 @AMike4761 ROCK ON KID!!!! UPSET THEIR
Mementh @Mementh🔁Oh my god, he's going to run for Congress as "Robert Ritchie" and he's going to lose because nobody is going to see "Kid Rock" on the ballot
Kacey @hmschlingmama🔁Dear white people,
Re: your superiority
Martin Shkreli
Sarah Huckabee-Sanders
Kid Rock
Steve Bannon
Sheriff Joe
The World
Tyler Boliver @TylerBoliver🔁@SooperMexican Kid Rock challenging Trump in 2020 is gonna be legit.
🇺🇸👠Angela Gettle @itbmeang🔁KID ROCK GOES OFF On Colin Kaepernick, Obamacare and Deadbeat Dads…Asks “Almighty Jesus” To “Give...
🇺🇸CAThomas🇺🇸 @rolltidecorndog🔁6) Reinforced by dominance of Moore in AL; early polling in NV and AZ showing incumbents in trouble; excitement for Kid Rock in MI
✈️ Roy Drones Jr ✈️ @chiweethedog🔁 my name is kid rock and i'm here to say /
Niraj Warikoo @nwarikoo🔁Kid Rock and 'Friends' is what Detroit is about in 2017:
Dorothy Adams @bookaholic1970🔁 If Kid Rock runs for Senate I will run against him after changing my name to Kid Paper.
faded wolf blitzer @lovephoebecates🔁 Kid Rock unleashes new tirade: 'Why, these days, is everything so gay?'
Antonio Shepherd @Antonio_Shep21🔁Kid Rock // Picture



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