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Harv Ram @harv6🔁 #KevinCanWait is dumb for killing off Erin Hayes. @KevinJames and @CBS are dumbasses
Craig Burt @CraigBurt9🔁 When in doubt, call Vanessa. #KevinCanWait
Craig Burt @CraigBurt9🔁 Me when @LeahRemini appeared on the screen during @KevinCanWaitCBS! 😀
#KevinCanWait Reshaud @Reshaud🔁 Sounds about right to me. Now, where do I sign up? #ChrisRoach #StandUpComedy #Mott #KevinCanWait
#KevinCanWait Kevin Can Wait @KevinCanWaitCBS🔁Are you ready? #KevinCanWait returns tonight at 9/8c on CBS!
Jarett Wieselman @JarettSays🔁 killed off Kevin's wife tonight & spent less than one minute talking about her death in the whole ep twitter.com
Kevin Can Wait @KevinCanWaitCBS🔁It's almost party time! and are back for Season 2 of tomorrow at 9/8c on CBS! Don't miss it! 🎈 twitter.com
Eric @Gargamelsh🔁 Okay but #KevinCanWait is so much better with @LeahRemini as a main character! So great to have her back in comedy
Eric @Gargamelsh🔁 #KevinCanWait I'm glad the wife is gone and Leah is in! <3
Jason Sikes @jasonsikesart🔁This how you know Trump will get reelected. America was dumb enough to give Kevin James two tv shows. #KevinCanWait
Marc G. @MarctheShark909🔁Kevin's wife died over a year ago??? We last seen her in May! #KevinCanWait #tvTime @CBSLA RIP Mrs. Gable!
Emma Catherine Beck @EmmaBeck95🔁So they killed the wife/mom on ??? Wow! And they addressed departure in 2 lines. So disrespectful and savage af.
Syawal Zainal @syawalx🔁what were you guys thinking @CBS ? why you killed the Donna character? what a dumb decision #KevinCanWait
Sarah Robinson @BooksBy_Sarah🔁I love @LeahRemini but did #KevinCanWait just kill off & put @hayeslady out of a job to bring back #KingofQueens 2.0?

Cold, @KevinJames. 😳

Ailsa Forshaw @AilsaForshaw🔁Yeah, tough to watch... so many ways they could've dealt with this, with actual feeling 🤔😬🙂 twitter.com
Jarebowski @jarebowski82🔁#KevinCanWait This show is still on?
Craig Burt @CraigBurt9🔁 #KevinCanWait "She died over a year ago." Lazy writing. Uncreative way to jump on this season's remake bandwagon. #weaktea
Livingmedia @divasdelite🔁 #ErinnHayes wants to join #ThisIsUs after getting killed off of #KevinCanWait: usm.ag
You'reNotTheOne @doepker_k🔁Dead wives aren't funny. What a cheap, shady stunt. I'll see myself to the door. #ByeFelicia #KevinCanWait #KevinJames
Mary K @mrsklemzak🔁Dear ppl, Why'd you kill off a perfectly good wife?! And barely say much else? Dumb! Prob not watching the rest of s twitter.com eas 2.
Dove Thorncraft @OneTwistedBitch🔁 I am so done watching this show hate the new direction would rather watch king of Queen reruns at least they R funny.
Barbara Smith @nanaslugdiva🔁 killed off Kevin's wife tonight & spent less than one minute talking about her death in the whole ep
AMH @Shelle111🔁Didn't watch, Donna gave the show balance #KevinCanWait
BearManDan2 @BearManDan2🔁@ItsAlexJMoreno Loved seeing you on #KevinCanWait, the main reason we even watched the show tonight & not disappointed!
Darren Carlson @darrenxxcarlson🔁#KevinCanWait is back! 😬😬😬
Ashley Norton @AshleyNorton3🔁#kevincanwait Love Leah Remini, not loving her character on the show. Big mistake getting rid of Erinn Hayes, she made the show hilarious!


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