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#Kentucky Lonely Planet News @LPtravelnews🔁Muhammad Ali Center in #Kentucky to close for renovations in January lptravel.to
Helena ❤️ @Secrett7🔁🚨 #KENTUCKY 🚨#MidwayTax Is coming to you This year‼️ WE'RE GIVING AWAY HOLIDAY CASH FOR ALL OF OUR CLIENTS...... fb.me .
wave3news @wave3news🔁 is the first state to have a specialty license plate supporting Alzheimer's awareness and education >>> twitter.com
#Kentucky#Kentucky CL Franklin @KyCandice🔁Leaves are falling in #Kentucky
Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊) @schestowitz🔁#Police Assault on Black Students in #Kentucky Sparks Calls for Reform aclu.org
Matt Alley @mattalley413🔁Toyota tells #Kentucky plant workers: Cut costs or face an uncertain future autoblog.com
Lenroy LA Rocque @Bishop595🔁Know my name....Sarah Logan

On the Rock @belowdiamondhd🔁 If Moore is unacceptable, why do you continue to enable this freak? Your self-serving immoral corruption is beyond p twitter.com ale.
Robert Fine @bobfine🔁Only I would sit a panel in NYC then learn my copanelist went on vacation in my rural hometown. Thanks so pairing me w !
John Willis @JCSupSvc🔁Stopped to get a cup of coffee on the way out of this evening and was rewarded with a beautiful sunset twitter.com
BoysNightKY @BoysNightKY🔁Our good friends at here in have created a Variant cover for that is taking the internets by storm. Can’t wait! twitter.com
Drayton @ScoutDrayton🔁There is NO doubt in my mind that this is true. it's time to recall this senile closet Democrat!
🦃JLee467🦃 @jlee467🔁 This is very concerning for Uber users in #Kentucky and the rest of the country. twitter.com
KO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🐝☝️❣ @_Krowyn🔁. threatening to pull production from back to Japan of they don't "cut costs". Could be true, but likely a big Bi twitter.com rd due to relationships. Bigly losses to state economy.
Korea Pink Diamond @Peridotsef🔁A building in #louisville #kentucky looked very similar to one in #topeka #kansas.
Matt Alley @mattalley413🔁In , Pro-RTW (for Less) supporters Rand Paul and Thomas Massie evidently still back accused pedophile Roy Moore in A twitter.com labama senate race

Kentucky Gentleman @KY_HenryClay🔁There is NO doubt in my mind that this is true. it's time to recall this senile closet Democrat! twitter.com
Radio @radioditch🔁Let’s be honest. Kentucky’s own just delivered the best spot of that whole invasion on . twitter.com
Rachel Anzalone @RachelAnzalone🔁Pleasure Post Day 149: Sampling the Blanton’s. … instagram.com
Grant Maloy Smith @GrantMaloySmith🔁Great time on the radio with Jim Webb at in Whitesville - he plays music that celebrates and its heritage
Commissioner Johnson @CommishJohnson🔁 has 1,119 -sized deer on its list. We're listing the lifetime Top 100 Typical and Top 100 Non-typical in the 2018 Outdoor Calendar. Will you have it?
Karla Lutz Bowling @KLBowlingKY🔁PreTurkeyDay Festivities. … instagram.com
Sarah Stivers @1mutiger🔁A game of TAG belongs on the playground & NOT on roadways‼️

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Spectrum News KY @SpecNewsKY🔁Big travel day Wednesday! Dry across . N'rn U.S. will see mostly rain, but snow is expected across Upper Midwest & no twitter.com rthwestern PA. Mix of rain/snow across interior Northeast. Rain develops in south TX, GA & all of FL. Heaviest rain Pacific NW! .
CURB'Z @CURBZ_2U🔁Rand Paul: ‘No justification’ for attack outside my home - get qu cmun.it ality content from: twitter.com
If you hate our country and/or your constituents, just RESIGN.
PLEASE Don't destroy our USA by voting for the Tax Plan!
on GOP Tax Plan/Scam
Ry @RydenxDirtay🔁It was a beautiful day #Kentucky #kentuckysky #fall #clouds #weather instagram.com
Henry Hamilton @HenryHamilton🔁Really cool night Brewing Run Club in Lexington where every Tuesday evening they run, drink beer, & eat pretzels! twitter.com
Rivals.com @Rivals🔁: answers your questions. about the possible end of the one and done rule and its impact on & : twitter.com
KentuckyBourbonJosh @joshSALYER🔁The real JD...Johnny Drum is next in the sour mash infinity decanter. Cheers! 🥃 twitter.com
Powerball USA @PowerballUSA🔁 man, Eric Garrison, is now $50,000 richer, having bought a winning ticket for the drawing on November 1st: twitter.com
Jayson @Vision2Double🔁Jennifer Lawrence still processing 'violating' naked picture leak via subscribe twitter.com
Sadboy 👻 @allan_srg🔁Mood.
Appalachia_Ground @app_ground🔁Y'all,
We're trying to do better social media, but while we do that, you should listen to the newest episode.
Hey, w twitter.com hile you're at it, follow us on Instagram and twitter at

Stewart Ditto @StewartDitto🔁 Beer in Space??? anheuser-busch.com company is partnering with to experiment with their beer in space! One step closer to getting Budweiser to Mars!!
Lucky @luckylinsu🔁 Toyota Reminds #Kentucky Plant That It'd Be Cheaper To Make the Camry in #Japan - ussanews.com
Constitutional Drunk @USSANews🔁Toyota Reminds #Kentucky Plant That It'd Be Cheaper To Make the Camry in #Japan - ussanews.com
Daily Brian @DailyBrian🔁"Jailed Court Clerk Faces Competition As ‘Set-Up’ Orchestrator Makes Announcement - Conservative Daily Post" twitter.com ’Rights
Lindy Lady @lindykyma🔁Read the latest Health eNews featuring info for KY physicians conta.cc
Brian Brown, Ph.D. @BrianBrownNet🔁"Jailed Court Clerk Faces Competition As ‘Set-Up’ Orchestrator Makes Announcement - Conservative Daily Post" twitter.com ’Rights


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