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Kendrick Perkins Jesus Shuttlesworth @Twotimezz9300🔁 Kendrick Perkins has some words for Steph...
Kendrick Perkins Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Kendrick Perkins has some words for Steph...
Jansen Head @jansen_head🔁 Steph Curry vs. Kendrick Perkins would be the shortest fight in recorded human history
Kellen @KellenBrooks🔁 Steph Curry vs. Kendrick Perkins would be the shortest fight in recorded human history
Barstool Sports @barstoolsports🔁Steph Curry vs. Kendrick Perkins would be the shortest fight in recorded human history
Skip Bayless @RealSkipBayless🔁Steph did catch fire in the fourth quarter after Kendrick Perkins lit Steph's fire at the end of the 3rd quarter when the two got into it in front of the Cavs' bench. Kendrick wasn't even in uniform. Maybe LeBron should have a talk with him, tell him to cool it some.
your favorite Ben (me) @bnmrtns🔁You guys can make your Kendrick Perkins jokes, but he’s getting paid NBA money and he’s played 15 minutes all year. Who is winning here?
💯 Yeezy cull 99 💯 🔥 @Clevela60686398🔁 Kendrick Perkins out here averaging 78 claps per game
Flex Band$ @Cez_Dinero🔁 Kendrick Perkins talking shit to Steph Curry is basically like us on Twitter talking shit to Steph Curry
Juany BOO BOO @juany_boo_boo🔁Also, best part of today was when a fan heckled the Cavs bench and Kendrick Perkins stood up, turned around and yelled “shut the f*ck up” emphatically. Besides that, the Dip N Dots guy passed me by 3 different times and I regret not buying any. Man, what a day.
RaidersSixersYankees @BMoonan🔁Had to go back and see what the Curry-Kendrick Perkins thing was all about. Nobody messes with Perk's leg space.
Covey Murray @CoveyMurray🔁Steph asked about Kendrick Perkins back & forth by Cavs bench: "Much ado about nothing." Klay: "Ha. Good movie." Steph: "Great movie." 😂😂
Abdirahman Mohamed @YG_Trece1324🔁 Kendrick Perkins hasn’t played a minute in this series, but he’s been a small storyline in both games thus far.
Medium Happy @jdubs88🔁Stephen Curry buried 5 three-pointers in the 4th quarter last night, making Kendrick Perkins the Game 2 MVP.
zach michels @zach_michels🔁Everyone needs to give Kendrick Perkins a break. If he could move his legs he wouldn't be in a suit on the bench.
Mister 20 and 10 @diidythedonn🔁 Kendrick Perkins swear he the bouncer at a premier nightclub bruh...
Mister 20 and 10 @diidythedonn🔁 Kendrick Perkins is so annoying. Just sit your old country ass down and enjoy the free paycheck.
Chun Li💋 @loveedejahhh🔁 Kendrick Perkins gotta chill 😂 stay arguing
DP @DP_OG🔁 We need to put Kendrick Perkins in to start taking out the refs
Nae🤘🏽 @_ANaeSmith_🔁In his career, Curry has gotten up in the face of:

Roy Hibbert
Trevor Ariza
LeBron James
Kendrick Perkins

Heart or death wish? lol

JIMMY 🐐 @JimmyGoat10🔁If Kendrick Perkins plays more then 23 minutes in the whole finals I’ll send everyone who RTs this any sports jersey of their choice
#nate @avonlakenate🔁Again, Kendrick Perkins need to dress for Game 3. Drop Curry and Green with a pair of good hard screens and that'll clean this up.
Jason Todd @JasonTo27888079🔁 Kendrick Perkins has had a HUGE impact on the Cavaliers' postseason from the bench.
LovedMar🏂 @Awarteyy🔁 Kendrick Perkins getting just as many mins as me tonight talking about “we gotta be more physical” lmao
Okidawu @MattOliveira21🔁Game 2 Reactions: NBA officiating has never been worse and Kendrick Perkins is a clown


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