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MILAN MILAN! @MILANFERNANDEZ🔁 Kelvin Benjamin on the overturned TD.
Vic Carucci @viccarucci🔁I have requested a postgame pool report from the officiating crew to explain why WR Kelvin Benjamin was ruled not to have caught a TD pass that everyone else saw was a TD catch.
NFL Football Operations @NFLFootballOps🔁In , when Kelvin Benjamin gains control, his left foot is off the ground. The receiver only has one foot down in boun ds with control. Therefore, it is an incomplete pass. -AL
Kelvin Benjamin ben seabrease @benseabrease🔁When Dez Bryant sees Kelvin Benjamin
12up @12upSport🔁Kelvin Benjamin got his TD overturned because it's the Pats and you are not allowed to score touchdowns against them at any point, ever.
Brennan Wassil @breneleven🔁@Bill__Fish You’re going to tell me kelvin benjamin did not catch that ball tho
UNCC, #FireJudyRose!!!! @bubbazep🔁Jesse James: catches TD pass against Patriots

Refs: No TD

Charles Clay: catches TD pass against Patriots

Refs: No TD

Kelvin Benjamin: catches TD pass against Patriots

Refs: I know that every official is saying it’s a TD, but no TD

Nick Bray @nrborski🔁In , when Kelvin Benjamin gains control, his left foot is off the ground. The receiver only has one foot down in bounds with control. Therefore, it is an incomplete pass. -AL
Jake Karek @JakubKarek🔁 have now had 3 plays ruled a TD on the field and overturned after review:

- Austin Seferian Jenkins
- Jesse James
- Kelvin Benjamin

Hargrave @KGrave05🔁What is a catch? No one knows. This Kelvin Benjamin catch was ruled a TD but after review was ruled incomplete.

This is crazy.

Indy Steelers @Indysteelers🔁 Mike Pereira rips NFL for overturning Bills WR Kelvin Benjamin's TD catch
Mike Rodak @mikerodak🔁LeSean McCoy says the Bills were “robbed” on Kelvin Benjamin’s overturned TD catch.

“Up here, they always find a way to get it right for the Patriots.”

🅱 @BGOMES8888🔁Stephon Gilmore on covering Kelvin Benjamin: "He's like 6-foot-6, 300 pounds. He's big."

Also said Benjamin likes to push off.

Ben Barry @ben_barry34🔁Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, Jesse James, Kelvin Benjamin.... The NFL is cheating for the Patriots and doesn't care who knows
4️⃣7️⃣ @WristGameGuapo🔁Patriots fans are hella delusional, they really think the refs don’t make calls in their favor all the time, & it happens yet again. No way their was enough evidence to overturn the kelvin Benjamin TD smh, sick of this shit. Stop cheating!
Anthony Sagrestano @asagrestano15🔁Just saw that Kelvin Benjamin TD pass that was overturned.. NFL Officiating is laughable. Keep gifting the Patriots wins.
Beast Shaw @goREALla_bshaw🔁If NE makes it to the Super Bowl, I'm done with the NFL.

Kelvin Benjamin TD reversal distorts NFL's replay review s ystem -- again

Brian Rieder @Brian_Rieder🔁a lot of you are wondering why the Kelvin Benjamin touchdown did not count but the NFL's rules explain it very clearly
Ryan @BudoMonkHD🔁Irate beyond belief!!! we’re totally screwed on an absolute TD catch by Kelvin Benjamin. Blatant reversal by Ref to prop up slumping Patriots. WARNING: My video commentary contains massive eloquent truthful profanity.
John Luke @JohnLukeNYC🔁 is its own worst enemy!They Stink!They Need To Get over themselves!Kelvin Benjamin TD reversal distorts NFL's repla y review system -- again
Nick Vangeli @nickvangeli25🔁Wait so how was kelvin Benjamin’s TD not a catch?? Two feet down..possession all the way through. That’s a catch right?
Jim Stormes @RPBBillsfan🔁 Here's my video further explaining why the Kelvin Benjamin TD should have stood in New England:

Adam Bushee @adam_bushee🔁Again I ask all of the Patriots fans turned NFL rule experts, why was Cooks’ TD upheld but not Kelvin Benjamin’s?
Browniee @ConnorBrownies🔁Bills WR Kelvin Benjamin told ESPN's Sal Paolantonio that some Bills players on the sideline said, "only the Patriots could get a call like that" after Benjamin's touchdown was overturned late in the first half of Sunday's game.
Moti Johal @Johalm4🔁Catch or no catch? The internet went wild over Kelvin Benjamin’s overturned TD
Aus @austin_d17🔁How did kelvin Benjamin’s touchdown not count?
Craig W. Learn @CraigWLearn🔁 #Bills HC Sean McDermott on the Kelvin Benjamin no-TD call: “I’m at a loss at how a play like that could be overturned.”
Ron Nopwasky @ronnopwasky03🔁Bills WR Kelvin Benjamin said Sunday he did not believe he bobbled a first-half touchdown catch that was overturned, saying, "I was just pulling it in, trying to secure it before it hit the ground. But you can’t do nothing about it.”
Jonathan Martinuzzi @tuzzi8🔁Interesting how the three most controversial touchdown reversals (Seferian-Jenkins, Jesse James, kelvin Benjamin) all were against the patriots...
Marcus Norwood @TheStimage🔁Kelvin Benjamin with an obvious touchdown to anyone with eyes. But it's against the Patriots, and you know how these work.

Boston Sports News @BostonSprtsNews🔁WATCH: The NFL explains why Kelvin Benjamin's touchdown was overturned in the vs. game.
Oscar T Ramirez @OscarTRamirez🔁Kelvin Benjamin reversal makes clear: “Clear and obvious” replay standard is gone. So much for the 50 people in a bar. Column:
Boston Sports News @BostonSprtsNews🔁Official ruling from SVP of Officiating Al Riveron on the reversal in 2nd quarter of
Kelvin Benjamin did not have c ontrol of the ball when both feet were on the Ground!

Patriots aggbot @Patriots_Newz🔁Patriots_Newz. Bills rip review that took away Kelvin Benjamin to - Yardbarker
Bills aggbot @Bills_Newz🔁Bills rip review that took away Kelvin Benjamin touchdown - Yardbarker
Marcus Norwood @TheStimage🔁I have no idea how they wiped out that Kelvin Benjamin touchdown. Show me the angle that definitively proves it's no good. I have no real stake here, I just want common sense and logic.
Adam Carson @Daddumkikikikik🔁@tomecurran Yea, b-b-b-but Kelvin Benjamin got his foot down!


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