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#KeepKidsHealthy UCLA Health @UCLAHealth🔁@BaptistHealthSF Try adding fresh fruit or citrus to water for a fun twist! #KeepKidsHealthy
#KeepKidsHealthy Beth Battaglino, RN @BBCRN🔁 Babies who are breastfed for at least 6 months are less likely to be overweight. #KeepKidsHealthy
#KeepKidsHealthy HealthyStart @HealthyStart🔁 @AmerAcadPeds recommends feeding baby only breast milk for at least 6 months. #KeepKidsHealthy
#KeepKidsHealthy Wesley Delbridge, RD @wesdelbridgeRD🔁 @BaptistHealthSF Try adding fresh fruit or citrus to water for a fun twist! #KeepKidsHealthy
#KeepKidsHealthy Kristen Walsh @IHRSACBI🔁Many health clubs offer family memberships, and active kids turn into active adults! #keepkidshealthy
#KeepKidsHealthy Shannon Vogler @vogler_shannon🔁 Many health clubs offer family memberships, and active kids turn into active adults! #keepkidshealthy
VoicesForHealthyKids @Voices4HK🔁 helps students thrive in & outside of school. Let's by increasing phys activity:
PreventChildAbuseWV @Team4WVchildren🔁WV children need quality healthcare. We need solutions that protect their future. pls on Graham-Cassidy.
Pretty Wellness @PrettyWellness🔁 helps students thrive in & outside of school. Let's by increasing phys activity:
Medical Envir. Tech @METBIOSD🔁Join our Twitter chat, tomorrow, September 21st at 12PM EST to discuss keeping our kids healthy.
LKendrix @LKendrix🔁@sendavidperdue @SenIsakson #KeepKidsHealthy ACA guarantees coverage of pre-existing conditions. Graham-Cassidy would not. Kimmel is right.
Donna Hill Howes @DHillHowes🔁 Standing Desks at School May Limit Childhood Obesity #keepkidshealthy
Lucette Talamas @Lucette_RD🔁 Parents: Talk to your kids about being healthy and avoid using the word "weight." #KeepKIdsHealthy
Lucette Talamas @Lucette_RD🔁. Involve them in the process, from grocery shopping, prepping the food to cooking.
Lucette Talamas @Lucette_RD🔁 Our expert dietitian, @Lucette_RD is ready to answer all your questions about childhood obesity. #KeepKidsHealthy
Chelsea Haga @galmission🔁 #KeepKidsHealthy Model healthy eating for your kids! Habits stick; make them healthy from the start
CPSTF @CPSTF🔁Stop before it starts w/ evidence-based community programs. Thanks for chatting with us!
UCLA Health @UCLAHealth🔁Exciting progress but important to note that prevalence of obesity has not declined among all groups of preschool chi ldren.
Baptist Health S FL @BaptistHealthSF🔁Thank you @SharecareInc and all the participants of the #KeepKidsHealthy chat! We're here to make our communities healthy!
SaludHEALTHinfo @SaludHEALTHinfo🔁Join the chat today along with spokespeople and !
Chinara Tate PhD, RD @ChinaraTate🔁Thank you @SharecareInc for hosting this incredibly important discussion to raise awareness around childhood obesity! #keepkidshealthy
Chinara Tate PhD, RD @ChinaraTate🔁The food environment appears to be the main force behind the childhood obesity epidemic. #keepkidshealthy
Caroline Passerrello @CarolineWestRD🔁Couldn't agree more. Encouraging to see so many people interested in fighting this problem together!
Chinara Tate PhD, RD @ChinaraTate🔁In the US 12.5% of children are obese up from 5% in 1980. Across the globe, no country has reduced overweight or obesity. #keepkidshealthy
Wesley Delbridge, RD @wesdelbridgeRD🔁Don't forget to check out @eatright, @kidseatright & @SharecareInc for more advice. Lets keep this conversation going :) #KeepKidsHealthy
Baptist Health S FL @BaptistHealthSF🔁Remember to always start your day with a healthy breakfast; for a healthy weight! #KeepKidsHealthy
LEAP, Inc @LEAPforkids🔁As well as aggression, depression, anxiety, nightmares, post-traumatic stress and other health concerns. #PeaceDay #KeepKidsHealthy
Wesley Delbridge, RD @wesdelbridgeRD🔁This was an amazing chat to be a part of. Thank you 4 the invite & everyone else that gave fantastic tips
CPSTF @CPSTF🔁School-aged children need healthy food choices in school to prevent obesity! .
Kristen Walsh @IHRSACBI🔁Town rec depts offer more than you think. Ours has fencing, archery, etc. Never expected my daughter to love lacrosse !
HealthCorps @HealthCorps🔁Standing Desks at School May Limit Childhood Obesity #keepkidshealthy
Caroline Passerrello @CarolineWestRD🔁Thank you @SharecareInc for inviting me to participate in this Twitter chat - so many great tips shared from everyone!
Wesley Delbridge, RD @wesdelbridgeRD🔁If not addressed, it could potentially be one of the biggest impacts to our health in the future. This affects all of us.
CPSTF @CPSTF🔁Children should avoid too much time with computers and TVs to lose weight. Use .
Baptist Health S FL @BaptistHealthSF🔁For 1 in 5 teens, anxiety can overshadow obesity. Here are 3 ways to help your teen reverse obesity. #KeepKidsHealthy
Sharecare @SharecareInc🔁How much of an epidemic is childhood obesity? #KeepKidsHealthy
BarbaraFicarra @BarbaraFicarra🔁Thank you @SharecareInc for inviting me to participate in this informative Twitter chat.
HealthCorps @HealthCorps🔁Take care of yourself for your kids to be healthy Parent’s Obesity Causes Child Development Delays #keepkidshealthy
Caroline Passerrello @CarolineWestRD🔁If you have a concern, speak with ur child’s doctor. Here are tips 2 help w/ that conversation:
CPSTF @CPSTF🔁Better PE programs in schools help kids move more & ! Use !
B REID @AGoodReid_🔁We're currently working to . Learn more and sign our petition:
Chinara Tate PhD, RD @ChinaraTate🔁Childhood obesity tends to track into adulthood & cause chronic disease. Thus, the earlier it is addressed the better. #keepkidshealthy
UCLA Health @UCLAHealth🔁Give choices: Instead of “Do you want broccoli for dinner?” ask “Which would you like for dinner: broccoli or caulifl ower?”
Nacersano baby @nacersanobaby🔁Absolutely! Check/share our content in Spanish. #KeepKidsHealthy
BarbaraFicarra @BarbaraFicarra🔁Keep your kids healthy. Make healthy living part of your lifestyle.
-Eat Healthy
-Keep home safe
-Have fun
Shannon Vogler @vogler_shannon🔁It should be! Physical activity is essential for any child's future development.
UCLA Health @UCLAHealth🔁Changing habits can be overwhelming. Pick one small goal per day! For example, taking the stairs! #KeepKidsHealthy
Nacersano baby @nacersanobaby🔁This is very important. The relationship between kids and food should be a healthy one. Find a professional to help y ou.
BarbaraFicarra @BarbaraFicarra🔁For more info on how to keep your kids healthy, go to @SharecareInc
Chinara Tate PhD, RD @ChinaraTate🔁In children, a strict diet can negatively affect growth & development. Weight maintenance is usually the goal. #keepkidshealthy
Wesley Delbridge, RD @wesdelbridgeRD🔁This is also very important. Good nutrition begins before they are even born
Nacersano baby @nacersanobaby🔁Recommendations to moms, don't buy junk food. Even if your kids beg, say you didn't find it, or simply and kindly say no. #keepkidshealthy
UCLA Health @UCLAHealth🔁@modhealthtalk Limit juice to 4 oz of 100% fruit juice after 6 mo of age. There should only be one ingredient on the label! #KeepKidsHealthy
HealthCorps @HealthCorps🔁@SharecareInc The Link Between Obesity and Teen Bone Loss #KeepKidsHealthy
Baptist Health S FL @BaptistHealthSF🔁Parents: Talk to your kids about being healthy and avoid using the word "weight." #KeepKIdsHealthy
Chinara Tate PhD, RD @ChinaraTate🔁A child who is overweight or obese should NOT be placed on a diet without the guidance of a health professional. #keepkidshealthy
Wesley Delbridge, RD @wesdelbridgeRD🔁Yes, very much so. Its like starting off life on the wrong foot. Habits are harder to break and health gets much wors e.
Nacersano baby @nacersanobaby🔁Totally, however is more likely that the extra weight will cause negative consequences than to protect.
UCLA Health @UCLAHealth🔁Simple ideas for playing indoors: put on music and dance, play hide and seek or Simon Says, toss socks into laundry basket!
VoicesForHealthyKids @Voices4HK🔁We're currently working to . Learn more and sign our petition: ="" target="_blank">
Wesley Delbridge, RD @wesdelbridgeRD🔁I have seen parents reward screen time for their kids if they exercise for 60 minutes first. Really motivates kids
Sharecare @SharecareInc🔁Does childhood obesity affect health in adulthood? #KeepKidsHealthy
Wesley Delbridge, RD @wesdelbridgeRD🔁@CDCPCD Absolutely! Push for more physical activity in your school. Real change can only come from parents. #KeepKidsHealthy @FUTP60
Baptist Health S FL @BaptistHealthSF🔁. By limiting screen time, kids will then have time to move more - aim for 60 minutes per day
HealthCorps @HealthCorps🔁This is it! #KeepKidsHealthy
Chinara Tate PhD, RD @ChinaraTate🔁According to the CDC, childhood obesity is at or above the 95th percentile. To calculate use #keepkidshealthy
Wesley Delbridge, RD @wesdelbridgeRD🔁Yes, I have seen this a lot in Community Nutrition. Extra weight to moms is a prevention for when times can get tough .
B REID @AGoodReid_🔁Is PE/Recess not required in school anymore? #KeepKidsHealthy
Chinara Tate PhD, RD @ChinaraTate🔁According to the CDC, childhood overweight is at or above the 85th percentile. To calculate use #keepkidshealthy
Nacersano baby @nacersanobaby🔁Great video! #KeepKidsHealthy
Caroline Passerrello @CarolineWestRD🔁We are over the heels with this Twitter Chat!
so we get a healthier New Generation
Baptist Health S FL @BaptistHealthSF🔁.@wesdelbridgeRD Great idea, we love infused water too! #KeepKidsHealthy
Scott Family Farm @scott_farm_ga🔁Remember to #EatWell in front of your kids to help #KeepKidsHealthy by teaching them to eat #FarmToTable 🍎? ?
HealthCorps @HealthCorps🔁A new study suggests that when a teen develops obesity, they may end up with irreparable bone loss.
Wesley Delbridge, RD @wesdelbridgeRD🔁@ChinaraTate Telling kids they will get "super powers" from foods really works w/ young ones #KeepKidsHealthy
Nacersano baby @nacersanobaby🔁Many moms get concern about their babies looking too skinny. They also feel pressure from peers/family. #keepkidshealthy
Baptist Health S FL @BaptistHealthSF🔁Encourage kids to regulate their own food intake at meals, asking "are you hungry/full" vs "finish your plate." #KeepKidsHealthy


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