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#KeepFamilesTogether The Dennison Diaries @VidiVoca🔁🤰🏿👶🏿🤱🏽🤰🏽👼🏽👶🏽🍼👩‍👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👧#KeepFamilesTogether
Racial Dolezal @SirCoach🔁 Apologies.
To fictional villains everywhere.
Via Tom Adelsbach
A r nO ld @nKLRZ🔁 Apologies.
To fictional villains everywhere.
Via Tom Adelsbach
#KeepFamilesTogether Katie Parsons @ParsnipsParsons🔁 ALL #children deserve to be valued! #KeepFamilesTogether
Steve Marmel @Marmel🔁Apologies.
To fictional villains everywhere.
Via Tom Adelsbach
Rep. Eric Swalwell @RepSwalwell🔁Our President is lying to us. He is separating children from their parents and caging them. This is not normal. And s twitter.com ay it EVERY DAY until that changes.
Rep. Eric Swalwell @RepSwalwell🔁Congress is back in session tomorrow and Republicans are holding a hearing on — I’m not kidding you — ’s emails. We twitter.com shouldn’t do anything else until we .
Dina/LetFreedomReign @dinahogenboom🔁How can you stop human sex trafficking if the victim is a baby and the "mother" claims to be the parent?

The Democrats want to like this?

Video: Undercover Cops Catch 2 Illegal Alien Sisters Trying To Sell Their Kids For Sex! -

Bri 🌻. @briannaxxvi🔁‼️ATTENTION‼️
there is a PROTEST in Edinburg, TX against the migrant detention center in Mcallen, TX.
June 30th
10 A.M.
Edinburg County Court

Gillian folmar @gillian_folmar🔁Thank you, ! You are without a doubt a major force within the , and we appreciate you very much.
Nana Durglishvili @MadameND🔁 Mr. Pence, did you speak these words: “I gave my life to Jesus Christ,” Pence recalled years later, “and that’s changed everything.” NOW is time to live these words. What would Jesus do if he were in your place right now? Stop This Now. Stop this horror.
Landon Mascareñaz @lmascarenaz🔁"Yet the Obama administration’s willingness to allow millions of undocumented immigrants to seek citizenship is not s twitter.com imply a minor difference with the Trump administration. It illustrates a stark difference in motivation."
Felicidad Aveleyra @FAveleyra🔁The Texas Civil Rights Project is looking for volunteers who speak Spanish, Mam, Q’eqchi’ or K’iche’ and have paraleg twitter.com al or legal assistant experience.
Compa Israel Bagundo @IsraelBagundo🔁Part one of a video of and others shouting DHS Secretary Nielsen out of a restaurant. She doesn’t need to be kidnapping to deserve this treatment. Don’t give the regime a moment of rest.
Candyce Byrne @CandyceByrne🔁We are so excited and overwhelmed with this support. Thank you to all of the Google employees for their passion and commitment to justice.
Mrs. Vimes @MrsVimes🔁AND VOTE. Please, please, vote and help others to the polls. #KeepFamilesTogether
KayDi @CanokarlaKarla🔁Huge defense contractors stand to make a tidy profit from the business of detaining children separated from their families, held in .
Jessica @JessRikkiDean🔁The administration wants us to forget the Russian investigation, they are celebrating the outrage regarding the border! Start posting about both! They are both bad, even tho the babies are more important!

Van der Waal @Van_der_Waal🔁Ripping desperate children from their mothers’ arms; using the “big lie” & state media to brainwash citizens; scapegoating, race baiting, & dehumanizing; calling the press “enemy of the people.” I wonder where Trump got these ideas?

John Patriot Lives @LivesPatriot🔁Want to ?

Mexican woman arrested for human trafficking South American girls via

Gretchen @mkeGingerGal🔁@JakeSherman At least those parents were allowed to KEEP THEIR CHILDREN WITH THEM.
#ToneDeaf #KeepFamilesTogether
Hestia @PreachySnow🔁Whatever executive order is signed about , let's keep our eyes on the prize:





Nancy Lee Krieger🗽Kicking Cancer's A$$🥊 @hlthiskrieger🔁We CANNOT STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS ISSUE until there is a plan to reunify these families. The administration rolled out this evil mess w/o any thought for what happens next.

They own this problem and these families still need our help.

Charles James @charles19712015🔁An Illegal Alien Murdered Two Americans & Dumped Their Bodies in Miami
& MSM Silent 🙄

Quirky Citizens Alliance @QuirkyCitizens🔁MVM Inc & General Dynamics hold contracts for the "tender age" concentration camps in TX. See photo for their PR teams' emails.

Ms. Hart @hartsigns🔁The debate in two pics...

On the House floor, (incl. our own , , and ) stand to protect children.

Last night “My Kevin” and cheer on the man who’s putting kids in cages.

Les Lapins @les_lapins🔁The U.S. govt is kidnapping children from families legally seeking asylum without any clearly articulated plan to return them to their parents. As of an hour ago we have withdrawn from the UN Human Rights Council. We cannot sit by and watch this happen.
foxwot @foxwots🔁1860: I’m sorry, but slavery is the law. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

1950: I’m sorry, but segregation is the law. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2018: I’m sorry, but separating families is the law. ¯\_🤡_/¯

Stephanie 😊🤙🏼 @Stephy_SF🔁.’s reaction here should be the reaction of every single person after hearing this news.
Carlton Sugarman @SeeOurSugarman🔁ANY and ALL elected officials who support punishing children for their parent’s actions by separating them at the bor twitter.com der have dangerously questionable morals and ethics and need to be voted out of office!
🇺🇸WatchDog 4 #OLIAR @DIDNOTVOTEFOR44🔁. QUIT KICKING THE CAN DOWN THE ROAD & DO YOUR JOB‼️ “Close the legal loopholes”❣️ IS RIGHT❣️ ❣️
Sarah Clark 🤓 @thesarahclark🔁Now give those kids back to their parents. #KeepFamilesTogether #DumpTrump twitter.com
The Thunder Rolls @SheilaS56457074🔁'Chica Cards' and Child Prostitution: Feds Break Up Mexico-to-Queens Sex Trafficking Ring
|ZaynPoland| @NisiaZakrzewska🔁Thank you for a very informative meeting Thank you for the work you do and the stories you share and help change.

rose thornne @rosethornne🔁When the United Nations rights chief says you're abusing children, you stop what you're doing immediately. You don't press ahead and then withdraw from the U.N. Human Rights Council to avoid accountability.

jeand @jeand47140314🔁Want to ?

Human trafficking and smuggling rile San Antonio -- and beyond - CNN

Ridley @_Ridley_🔁Between speakers, make a phone call
Numbers below

Gort @DrugstorCowboy🔁In the world of Fox News, inconvenient truth gets buried. #KeepFamilesTogether politico.com
18MR.org @18millionrising🔁Technology can be used for good, or for evil. A government forcibly separating young children from their parents for political reasons is evil. We call on all tech companies and software developers to immediately cancel all contracts and work with ICE and DHS
Alex Hogan, MD, MS @AlexHoganMD🔁I joined the in telling the Department of Homeland Security to stop the inhumane practice of separating immigrant ch twitter.com ildren from their parents.

Join me:

Mattisa M. @kwillsmom🔁Let’s not get all caught up in this hype of the trump family allegedly being disturbed by the images. If they were s twitter.com o moved ivanka wouldn’t have sent out that pic with her child while babies were ripped from theirs
VivreLuxe @VivreLuxe🔁Wow. You guys sure put you yourselves squarely between a rock and a hard place. Your base and rich donors *hate* amne twitter.com sty, and the rest of us don’t buy this as anything other than a cynical ploy to save your asses after putting babies in detention camps.
Elena Maddalena @elenajournalist🔁It’s about time. #KeepFamilesTogether

Trump says he'll order the end of family separations at the border twitter.com

Kelsey Wilkes @Kelsey4950🔁@maddow @SRuhle OMG please, please follow up on this. What the hell is going on?? #KeepFamilesTogether twitter.com
Barbara Barrelli @BarbaraBarrelli🔁Barack Obama: "In the eyes of God, a child on the other side of the border is no less worthy of love and compassion than my own child."
Trish @paturn49🔁You are reading this headline about the United States of America, not Nazi Germany.

This is 2018, not 1938.

Children in Trump camps: We are going hungry after being fed only ‘apples and water’

Please retweet to show the world.

Schmaniel @Schmaniel🔁Who is changing diapers, giving baths, checking for allergies, handling medical issues, GIVING HUGS & playing with these little ones? This is evil & vile. How long until we start hearing about dead babies due to lack of proper care?
♡VALENTINE♡ @Jessi_mttz🔁Rachel Maddow is crying as she tries to report on migrant babies and toddlers being sent to 'tender age' shelters...

That's how most of us feel. Sadly, there are also some who don't.


You are the Party of Child Concentration Camps.

We'll remember in November.

Moral America

Susan S. born Texan @texasforchicks🔁 Texas ranks high in number of human trafficking victims #KeepFamilesTogether
samm mc @lovehatepolitic🔁Say what you will about Hillary Clinton.
She wasn't perfect.
She "lost."

But I am PROUD to have voted for a woman who spent her ENTIRE LIFE trying to improve the lives of kids.

And she'd NEVER separate kids from their parents.

D Randall @idbronco7🔁I wonder how the lives with knowing they are causing LIFE LONG Damage to small children, that this Is the impact they will have on someone’s life! What happens when we start hearing of physical & sexual abuse or death of these kids?
Natt G. Emprom @NGemprom🔁Werner and Walter were 14 when they were 'separated' from their parents and put in Auschwitz. They were tattooed 10 numbers apart. ALL Holocaust survivors I interview still weep when they talk about the moment they were taken from parents.
Toni Tyson @TTysonToni1🔁

Stay at home.

If you break the law and cross the border ILLEGALLY, your ass is going to jail.

We won't send your kids to jail with you, we'll give them room & board. They will even be treated better than American kids whose parents are sent to jail.

La Singularidad @eagletwitt3r🔁Where was CNN when I was separated from my parents for 3 years to do forced child work in the Cuban fields? twitter.com
Lady @LadyFake53🔁Trump admin immigration policies continue to tear families apart. Our constituent Alejandra, wife of Marine veteran w/ 2 US born children, is being deported. Show support by contacting ICE at: 813-357-7000

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(((ByGrace))) @KathrynHanson🔁Want to ?

Mexico cartels recruit children to smuggle people to US

@Robertkaczynsk5🔁To , parents shoudln't commit crimes. It's that simple. Breaking into a country, is a crime. Just like breaking into someone's house or business. Tell your family in Mexico to stay home.
Ministry of Bongthink @TheVeganTwins🔁Make note of the loudest, most unhinged celebrities & understand that they don't really care the kids. They are losin twitter.com g their shit bc they like to have sex w children & they are being exposed.
Tyler Coffman @tcoff6🔁Democrats are using this photo of the child on the right as a political propaganda piece to deceive its viewers/voters.

This photo is from a pro immigration event.

This deception from the left and its biggest activists needs to stop. NOW

Out deeh @Oskie__🔁just remember that "ending" family separation will not mean the end of family detention. in fact, i bet we will see an increase in "family prisons" for asylum seekers.


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