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#KeatonJones Gabriella Morgan @GabMorgan🔁 #KeatonJones❤️ .. My hero !! Stop bullying
DARIEN @dvriennnn🔁 Watched the #KeatonJones video and I’m ready to go to Gibbs Middle and be like
#KeatonJones Pearl @PearlChriz🔁 i need each and everyone of yall to repost & retweet this! #XSCAPE #KeatonJones
Jared @OoJared🔁I #hope #KeatonJones walks into school Monday morning like...#IStandWithKeaton #KeatonIsAHero
#KeatonJones Mark Silvers @realmarksilvers🔁 The LSW Astros STAND WITH KEATON JONES! #StandWithKeaton #KeatonJones
#KeatonJones#KeatonJones Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Delanie Walker invites #KeatonJones to Titans game after bullying video goes viral 🙏

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Tariq Nasheed @tariqnasheed🔁That viral video of talking about being bullied is heartbreaking, and I feel sympathetic towards that child.
But h twitter.com is mom, Kimberly on the other hand, is a suspected racist who makes very problematic posts bullying Black protesters
UFC @ufc🔁Hey, - you have friends here at the UFC, buddy. Today and everyday. | twitter.com
Nick Vines @nickVINES32🔁 —- I was made fun of and bullied when I was your age. It hasn’t stopped. :) you are so wise and right. Come spend the day with your family at Mercury Studios!
Tracy Mesidor @Tracy_Misfit🔁 I hope your Sunday has been filled with kind people, happy moments, good thoughts and lots of hugs! Everyone’s got your back on this!
Ana Jovel @finchelbelongsx🔁 please pass this along to from a Combat Veteran to a brave solider, I salute him.
Blac Hercules @blindbatjonny🔁That viral video of talking about being bullied is heartbreaking, and I feel sympathetic towards that child.
But his mom, Kimberly on the other hand, is a suspected racist who makes very problematic posts bullying Black protesters
Javier Pascuet @jpascuet🔁#zerotolerance with #bullying. It's not OK to hurt kids. Everybody should care. With you #KeatonJones twitter.com
Jennifer Nicole(: @scary_ninja11🔁 #keatonjones you are the Real MVP. #StandUpToBullying
Dorothy Montgomery @DorothyMontgom4🔁 Prbly the kid who bullied #KeatonJones 👇🏻👇? twitter.com ?👇🏻
Sue Ruck @U_R_The_1🔁Hey, - you have friends here at the UFC, buddy. Today and everyday. |
#KeatonJones #KeatonStrong twitter.com
CsanOfMan @CsanBoySmith🔁Would encourage all my young followers to visit the Megan Meier Foundation for more info on how you can impact your l twitter.com ocal community to better understand how to stop this nonsense

Will Finn™ @WillFinn13🔁The video is both brave & grievous. I’m sure I speak for my colleagues in that we would love to have him at a event. It’s my hope that he can invite his former tormentors as “friends”. For we solve nothing in creating new victims, & everthing creating new friendships
Kenesha Williams @Kenesha_W🔁I don’t believe any child should be bullied. Just want ppl to be aware that if you’re donating your money or your tim twitter.com e to the money is going into the pockets of a racist family. Also her statement in Aug is ironic in the light of her son’s bullying video going viral.
Molly @MxllyBarnes🔁Listen to Justin Bieber’s heartfelt message on Instagram for who was bullied. Keaton’s message has now gone viral bringing awareness across the world.
suanne spoke @SudySAS🔁@KellyannePolls #KeatonJones being bullied is heartbreaking, But his mom, is a suspected racist who makes posts bullying Black protesters.
cinimodyeslah @cinimodyeslah🔁This is heartbreaking.
, you are not alone. People are afraid of anything they think is different. But being different is an amazing and powerful thing.
Brenda Monroe @BelieveinFre🔁Can I come with you, Chris? I’d love to give a hug and personally thank him for his bravery. And for being the strength and voice for many of us. You are a hero, Keaton. Those bullies are nothing.
prance-bout 🦌🎄 @Olivia_Nope🔁Chris Evans is Captain America in real life, invites to Avengers premiere: cos.lv
TB12 is Bae😍😍😍 @iSkizm🔁Hey ! Just wanna let u know- when I was a kid I was teased 4 having big lips, big thighs, & frizzy hair. Now they’re some of my fave assets! Ppl will try 2 bring u down when ur special- kind, smart, & handsome, like u. They’ll disappear & u my friend will rule the 🌎
#ResistanceFighter @Africanfighter🔁@KellyannePolls, your boss is the bully-in-chief!! So, please STFO!!! #KeatonJones twitter.com
Off The Wall @AresLannister🔁The @FLOTUS platform is being against bullying but is silent on #KeatonJones ? Odd.
Jennifer Webb @WATEJennifer🔁's sister post about why the original video of Keaton was taken down/made private (not sure which one) on his mom's page.
Young HotBoy Carlito @Jmoneyvicious13🔁Delanie Walker invites to Titans game after bullying video goes viral 🙏

🎥: ble.ac

Andy Stamp @AndyStamp2🔁Anyone caught bullying needs a beating....so do there family’s! Fucking arseholes! I fucking HATE bully’s with a pas twitter.com sion! Making someone’s life that bad that they are in tears! Hope they feel good about themselves! Can’t wait for karma to get hold of them!
T @trumps_wolf🔁This breaks my heart-praying can feel all the love & positive messages sent his way

“When people hurt you over & over, think of them like sand paper-They may scratch & hurt you a bit, but in the end, you end up polished & they end up useless”

Paragon Property Grp @PPGTx🔁The latest The Paragon Property Group Daily! paper.li #keatonjones
Braeden Garden @platinumarch2🔁#KeatonJones will probably grow up to be a police officer
Sherry @SherKro🔁There can't be a person in the world who doesn't want to hug #KeatonJones and tell him it'll be ok. #KeatonStrong twitter.com
Travis y Vanessa @PiesAndTheMan🔁#KeatonJones You have friends in California, little man. You’ve got more heart and courage than they will ever have. #StandWithKeaton
Malik Leigh, Esq. (Cool Cat!) @M_WatsonLeigh🔁By now we know who is. WE know the school, the district, address, his mom's views, and the irony. But we have not h twitter.com eard from the School or the district's superintendent AT ALL!

That is not normal.

I'm thinking this is a holiday scam (personal opinion).

WarpSpasm @terrychilders🔁I gotta thank for being a hero to everyone who was ever bullied, be it as kids or adults. Please stay strong, kid. We all know what it's like, and we all got your back. (Also, we got a Hulk!)
Mavelous @FashionMaven88🔁I’ll have a great day today knowing the punks who bullied are more than likely having a horrible day today and every day after seeing all the support and love he’s getting from around the world.

🏳️‍🌈 @llindajames🔁 deserves every bit of support the world is showing him as does every child that is forced to walk the halls in fear of their . That being said, I hope his mother uses this experience to reflect on the hate she has in her heart.
Merry Christmisanthropy 🎄 @GinnyLurcock🔁Bullying hurts, I know because I’ve experienced it since kindergarten I’m with you all the way buddy.
ed kearns @ejkearns72🔁🇮🇪 Hi delighted to hear you talk about Keaton, I had tears in my eyes looking at that yesterday, I made an offer twitter.com to have him over to stay with my family next summer, we're like a halfway house anyway Ha ha, I hope he see's it. I felt so sad for the kid
Paula Chiba @paulachiba🔁#KeatonJones you're not alone my friend! #BeStrong #YouAreAwesome ❤️🙏#NoToBullying 👀
Jacqueline @Dixiladie🔁. you are true . By sharing your story, you have brought many people together for the same cause. We have put down our differences, and standing with you!
Your story captivates us all.

Patricia W. Fischer @pawf1067🔁Those bullies do suck, . I wish I had the perfect words to take the hurt away from you & your mom. Many of us have go twitter.com ne through this same crap, dealing w/awful people in school. There will be days it seems hopeless, but please keep moving forward. Keep talking to mom.
£ @yyonggee🔁#KeatonJones don't cry baby, u look perfect for me. Keep smiling 😊 twitter.com
Kimi Esquivel @imikins🔁 I’ll stand with you against any bully and would be proud to call you my friend. Love, Marlee Matlin
ayeeedubb @_wurstBehaviour🔁Has any media reached out to #KeatonJones since his video went viral? I would love to know how he's feeling now after all this support
Kathy @sweetone42🔁Dear
As a guy who was bullied throughout his school years and an uncle to an amazing kid with , I understand the heartache that both of you go through. We love and support you!

KingOfBadJoke @Adriel_Jokeman🔁 “People who are different don’t need to be criticized for it” #KeatonJones


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