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NoLimitZay 🗡 @ZayTheTrillest_🔁 Blame Keanu Neal, Falcons fans
Atlanta Falcons @AtlantaFalcons🔁💥KEANU NEAL 💥 making his presence felt.

The Eagles are forced to punt.

Tyler Barnhart @Barnsteeze373🔁 💥KEANU NEAL 💥 making his presence felt.

The Eagles are forced to punt.

Keanu Neal Ben Petru @BenPetru🔁Poor Keanu Neal on his missed int. I think he is going to be sad Keanu tonight.
Reuben Frank @RoobNBCS🔁That 20-yarder that bounced off Falcons safety Keanu Neal to Torrey Smith was the Eagles' longest completion to a wid e receiver since Foles replaced Carson.
Gators Football @GatorsFB🔁. ➡

Tune into now!

Tom Robertson @GhostcreekTom🔁@BloggingDirty @Keanu_Neal awesome year and I look forward to next season #Brotherhood
Chris Wesseling @ChrisWesseling🔁He was asked to throw the ball to Keanu Neal and misfire on the only difficult throws of the day? It was remedial-lev el QB play in a game dominated by o-line, d-line and luck.
The Athletic @TheAthleticPHI🔁Catch your breath yet? Remember Torrey Smith's 20-yard reception on the Foles pass that went off Keanu Neal's knee, l eading to a last-second 53-yard Jake Elliott field goal at the end of the first half. That happened.

The Breakdown:

Doug Patterson @dougp1082🔁@929TheGame Keanu Neal just catches the damn ball we win the game. Again “So Atlanta”.
Off Brand Layzie Bone @Joe_SBA🔁 Keanu Neal blew it. Told me one play can’t cost a game. Now you see it did lol
TJ @marathontj🔁That 20-yarder that bounced off Falcons safety Keanu Neal to Torrey Smith was the Eagles' longest completion to a wide receiver since Foles replaced Carson.
Justin Felder @Justin_FOX5🔁Keanu Neal said he's never seen a play like the possible INT that bounced off his knee. Said he tried to cradle it l ike that to be overly safe, probably in part because it was cold.
Raymond @collazo530king🔁@Keanu_Neal hope ur apologizing to ur teammates u bum!!!!!!!
🐶🏈Jackson Fryburger🐶🏈 @JaxFryburger🔁Georgia fans, if it makes you feel any better, the Falcon that blew the game (Keanu Neal) was a Florida Gator.
Her King @JAYBENSR🔁@Keanu_Neal ayo if you wana practice catching the ball this offseason that would be GREAT, you low key cost us the game with that play.
Colin Hubbard @__Chubs__🔁Not disagreeing. But you factor in a Nick Williams drop, a Keanu Neal botched INT attempt, and Freeman rushing for .7 yards a carry, that isn’t a recipe for success.
Ryan @Gator_Nation_1🔁@J_Stas93 @Keanu_Neal Yeah if we can get a little luck and play solid defense we should at least make the big game
Joseph Stasio @J_Stas93🔁@Gator_Nation_1 @Keanu_Neal Y’all go win it all now.
Jimmy Grandchamp @JimmyGrandchamp🔁 shake that shit off, every fan is all on you when you have a great game, don't let that shit disrupt your focus. You and the boys are FOR REAL.
Nate Rivera @17nrivera🔁Yeah Falcons can go ahead and put Keanu Neal in Free Agency after that shit he pulled tonight
convertible. @ceosav🔁 Keanu Neal got bricks for hands.....that is all
Andrew Gibson @1010XLAG🔁The dropped INT by Keanu Neal was the game changer. He catches it, ATL gets it at the PHI 30, to possibly go up 13-6. He dropped it, Torrey Smith got 20 yards on the deflection, 15 more to Alshon Jeffery, and then a 53-yard FG made it 10-9. In a 5-point game? Huge play.
Cesar @Thee_Cesar🔁This one hurt but thank y’all @AtlantaFalcons @M_Ryan02 @juliojones_11 @debo @Keanu_Neal @DesmondTrufant @VicBeasley3 @devontafreeman
Cryclef Jean @KevinTaughtMe🔁I’m sorry but this is your fault lol @Keanu_Neal
Carlos Valencia @carlos_valencia🔁Hey Keanu Neal, maybe catch the ball 1st, don't knock it with your knee to an Eagles WR 2nd, THEN whatever the fuck e lse.
BOY BOY GET ROASTED🔥☄️🔥 @ComedyPofis🔁Kyle Shanahan Trae Young Jenkins Keanu Neal Jalen Mills #TENvsNE #Svengoolie #Hawaii
Ryan @Gator_Nation_1🔁@J_Stas93 @Keanu_Neal Good game bro!
⚒John Dillinger⚒ @LordCinco_🔁Keanu Neal got bricks for hands.....that is all
TJ Choquette @TJChoquette🔁Good game today, @Keanu_Neal
ACGeorgia @GeorgiaPhoenix🔁 missed numerous 3rd down drive ended tackle. Didn't make plays. He drops a pass & kicks it to the other team to end the 1st half up 4. 2 plays later cut it to 1. We need those 3 points & could have won w/ a FG.

Kelvin Brown 💚🐊🏈 @Kaybee1997🔁GO GATORS!!!! In the Playoffs 🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊
Brett Holcomb @BrettHolcomb8🔁That is the future home of two championship teams
Shaquille🦍🥇 @Shaquillee_🔁Y’all said Keanu Neal could cover
Ibrahim @jumppak🔁@Keanu_Neal you let the team down. I don’t want to hear any brotherhood shit. You let down your brothers. You can’t catch a fucking cold
Heat Check @HeatCheckbball🔁Answer this for me! Why is Keanu Neal bringing his knees up to catch a ball?
The Science Scholars Podcast @scischolars_pod🔁We’ll take Keanu Neal’s knee for MVP 😘
Iran Myers @MyersIran🔁Yeah that was a horrible attempt at catching a ball. Ryan always seem to wet the bed in his hometown for one reason o r another
⚜️Lance Less⚜️ (NFC SOUTH CHAMPS) @RB_killnem🔁If not for this play that lead to the FG b4 the end of the first half the falcons would have only needed a FG to win. you lost it for your team
BallaGangBoodjie™ @DuwopLennon🔁We need new corners & a hands coach for Neal. He (Keanu Neal) be smackin shit, but don't know what to do when that ball in the air.
Kevin Harper @Tadow1906🔁The winner of the Aints vs Vikings will probably represent the NFC. Bad tipped ball by Keanu Neal gave them a FG at t he end of the half and all the Falcons would have needed was a FG to win. Terrible play calling by Sark to only have 1 option when all was needed was a 2 yd TD! 😡
Steve Kaye @SteveKayeLV🔁Hey fans: remember you lost because of our backup quarterback getting it together, and Keanu Neal thinking you can c atch with your knees. Enjoy golfing.
Nate Roys @nate_roys🔁 Keanu Neal’s knee hitting the ball preventing the interception sums up the Falcons
Trotter 11-6 Falcons @Dtrotter11🔁If your name ain’t Matt Ryan Julio Jones SANU freeman Coleman Alex Mack Deion Jones Keanu Neal Grady Jarrett trufant takk mckinley . Get the fuck off my team
#FireSark @codyvickrey97🔁@SportsCenter Came down to Keanu Neal kneeing a wide open interception tbh
Neil J. Smith @NeilJSmith1🔁 this is on Keanu Neal. That FG at the end of the half cost us the game. Thank god they let me down here and not in the super bowl.
Reeves @reevesg55🔁Yes but hiring Sark and him ruining your offense is. Also the bet WR in the league dropping 2 passes. Also Keanu Neal missing the INT and it bouncing off his knee
Klark Kent @YaboyDrew17🔁 If Keanu Neal intercept that ball before the half the Falcons win 😔
Michael A. Carrello @MykeC67🔁 THANK YOU FOR A GREAT SEASON LOVE MY BIRDS! and the rest of the dirty bird NATION LOVE!
Aaron Jones @ForgivenC_O_G🔁 How big was that Keanu Neal knee offering now?
Rodney W @rodneyw24🔁Y'all are crazy. Sark will be fine next year. It was some bad play calling but if Keanu Neal intercepts the pass befo re the half we aren't blaming anyone. How did he knee the ball?
NoLimitZay 🗡 @ZayTheTrillest_🔁 What looked to be a Keanu Neal interception turned out to be a big pass play for the Eagles.
Dirt McGirt @WasTalCo🔁Keanu Neal probably lost us the game. If he never deflected it into a 20 yard competition, Eagles never get that FG. Making the score 12-10, making us just need a FG to win it instead of a TD.
NoLimitZay 🗡 @ZayTheTrillest_🔁 It’s still Keanu Neal fault
Gabe Sarter @g_sarter🔁@Keanu_Neal usually you don’t try to catch with your legs
NoLimitZay 🗡 @ZayTheTrillest_🔁 Now y’all see why it took Keanu Neal 2 years to get 1 pick. Dude’s hands are 100% stone
NoLimitZay 🗡 @ZayTheTrillest_🔁Keanu Neal's knee keeps the play alive and extends the Eagles's drive resulting in an eventual field goal by Jake Elliot. lead the 10-9 at the half.


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