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Hardline Stance @Hardline_Stance🔁WOW

Using an abacus, perky ditz Katie Couric tells us 5 Goonies kids walk in as they walk in


Lyla (on semi-hiatus) @literarylyla🔁And whatd'ya know, Katie Couric agreed. Thank you, Katie Couric, for actually doing your job for once :)
Katie Couric @katiecouric🔁. on our latest podcast: "The interesting irony of my life is that before I transitioned, kids called me a girl, and twitter.com after I transitioned, people call me a man." Listen and subscribe here:
An Phung @AnHaiPhung🔁Everyone on Twitter wants Katie Couric to shut up. Not gonna lie. She’s talking about Asian people like we are from a twitter.com nother planet. It’s offensive.
Angel Key @pchbeachbunny🔁can I please just watch the opening ceremony exploring Korean cultural history without effing Katie Couric and these dudes narrating over it like it’s animal planet
907todd @907todd🔁@NBCOlympics Katie Couric wins first Olympic gold medal for politicizing opening ceremony commentary. NOT well played #NBColympics
Javier Vasquez @JavierVasquez85🔁How nice of NBC to give Katie Couric another high profile gig. There's a really great lesson for journalists in there somewhere I'm sure.
Morgan M. Jordahl @mmjordahl🔁"Katie Couric, stop telling me how to feel!" -@far2muchsarcasm
Christine Starkman @chrisstarkman🔁@NBCOlympics Katie Couric Shut Up!!!!!!!
Delilia O'Malley @DeliliaOMalley🔁#OpeningCeremony Shut up Katie Couric and other guy. Omg
Dave Automata @BigDavidMullins🔁@Jsheff001 I know I could have gone on not knowing that. Katie Couric fucking buzz kill
Kevin Ham @kevh14🔁Waiting for Katie Couric to tell all the kids at home that Santa Claus is not real. Why the hell did NBC bring her back?
ELLYMAYE @Ellysa_Maye🔁 @Ellysa_Maye I had to mute it from Katie Couric, she just sounds so snooty with the weird awkward commentary
Brittany @britterz7🔁Why does that need to be mentioned Katie Couric? Ruiner.
Christy Bell @CeeBee81🔁Katie Couric is a Debbie Downer. Gee thanks for ruining the moment telling us it was filmed in December
Brian Harrington @BrainHarrington🔁@Ellysa_Maye I had to mute it from Katie Couric, she just sounds so snooty with the weird awkward commentary
Haley Wilson @Haleybobz🔁Korea: puts on beautiful performance they’ve spent ages creating and perfecting
Katie Couric: Diiiid you know South Korea has a horrible digital addiction and blah blah blah
Nicolas Ward @UltraNurd🔁I forgot the opening ceremony has live commentary every 5 seconds

*Katie Couric leans over in movie theater*
"Darth Vader is now revealing to Luke Skywalker that he is his father in an attempt to bring him to the Dark Side. Now this will have severe ramifications for some time."

•Dave• @dlellis505🔁Katie Couric is seriously talking about tech addiction during this ceremony. NBC-please turn off their fucking microphones.
sarah james, #1 san francisco baseball club fan @cryingbaseball🔁(amazing drone thing happens)
katie couric: we should mention this is pretaped
c00per @c00per___🔁North and South Korea march in together as one nation to the approval and standing ovation of every single person wit twitter.com h empathy. Meanwhile, Katie Couric does her impression of Buzz Killington and Mike Pence sits on his hands next to Mother.
a @ajch56🔁Enough with Lennon and annoying Katie couric.Back to Nat Geo Wild Barkfest. Real life, not techno political rubbish
we are b̶e̶t̶t̶e̶r̶ t̶h̶a̶n̶ this @stvrsnbrgr🔁Katie Couric has long styled herself a 'journalist' -- a pretense that just reached Olympian heights of absurdity. A twitter.com s the delegation from Ukraine entered the stadium, Couric referred to the Russian aggression as "political unrest". Perhaps an audition for WH press secy?
TammyE Adams @Tammye73🔁Katie Couric is dying to say .... Due to recent events ugh 😑 #Olympics #OpeningCeremony #shutupKatieCouric
Sheldon Scott @CinShel🔁I gotta say, this is the worst coverage of an I’ve ever seen from and . Mike Tirico and Katie Couric have no energy or chemistry, and they’re droning on and on and on. A deadly combination.
The WVU Wonka @TheWVUWonka🔁

Tuned in to watch the Opening Ceremony- not listen to Katie Couric and Mike Tirico.


Karen E Conway @vertdragain🔁At some point tonight, I just want Katie Couric to murmur, “wherever you are, Matt Lauer, I hope you’re just miserable.”
Matthew Kohlmorgen @MKohlmorgen🔁Everyone on Twitter wants Katie Couric to shut up. Not gonna lie. She’s talking about Asian people like we are from another planet. It’s offensive.
Matthew Kohlmorgen @MKohlmorgen🔁 Would like to thank Katie Couric for reading Wikipedia out loud during the opening ceremonies.
Kathryn Arata @momarata🔁Hey Katie Couric and sidekick: SHUT UP. We can’t hear the beautiful song if you KEEP TALKING OVER IT. Josh, SHUT IT.
Tyto Alba 🖤 @ForNoww🔁Two hours in and NOW you tell me I can watch without commentary on . Gee thanks NBC nbc.com . I've been telling Katie Couric and Mike Tirico to shut up for 2 hours.
Fat Daddy Dale @Fatfartrunning🔁 Everything is a powerful symbol....in light of recent events. ~ Katie Couric


ashley🕷🥀 @latinahyuga🔁Katie Couric and NBC can eat shit btw for pushing the NK human rights violation angle in the context of this. There's small justification for it in this context right now other than propaganda.
KRenner @KRenner2🔁Katie Couric blocked me. Wut. twitter.com
Ben Godar @bengodar🔁Katie Couric narrates the Opening Ceremony with the cultural authority of Patty and Selma narrating a slideshow of t twitter.com heir trip to the Dead Sea.
emeline 🌻 @ML_ine🔁@lordbalty Also according to Katie couric “color is very symbolic” in Korea unlike everywhere else
Blue Sky @positiveschls🔁#OpeningCeremony Not a Katie Couric fan at all. Thought NBC had gotten rid of her. Why is she doing commentary?
Austin Brown @brown_austin🔁Katie Couric is just awful. why would you bring her in for Olympic coverage when you have so many likable personalit twitter.com ies capable of covering the next two weeks?
Matthew Kohlmorgen @MKohlmorgen🔁Still find it profoundly weird that NBC -- with all the talent and resources it has at its disposal -- had to sign Katie Couric to a one-off to co-host the with Tirico.
Kristen Nelson @K10Roaming🔁Two hours in and NOW you tell me I can watch without commentary on nbc.com . Gee thanks NBC. I've been telling Katie Couric a twitter.com nd Mike Tirico to shut up for 2 hours.
ex-TIC (OS2) @baronhobo🔁mikaela shiffrin just told katie couric that sometimes she just wants to "netflix and chill" and i don't think anyone in that room knew what that meant
Matthew Kohlmorgen @MKohlmorgen🔁NBC is actually telling viewers that this is a really beautiful scene with Katie Couric and co-hosts stating the obvious in an endless stream. NBC continues to ignore calls to let viewers see thhe and experience the performance.
Purple Dalmation @purpledalmation🔁What would it take for NBC to stop giving work to their anchors that get caught lying about themselves or their interview subjects? Katie Couric and Brian Williams apparently don't meet the standard. What in the world would?
Matthew Kohlmorgen @MKohlmorgen🔁Is it just me, or does Katie Couric’s commentary during this opening ceremony feel more like Thanksgiving parade than Olympics?
Emily Gates @ActiveModes🔁I'm not sure if it's better or worse than having Katie Couric telling me a dove is coming and that it's a symbol of peace
Carmela CL @carmacarmeleon🔁@SaraMZiegler Now Katie Couric is making me miss Joe Buck. 😜
Bill McNulty @Wlmlawrence🔁And Katie Couric's new show? #NBColympics twitter.com
Simon Ma @simonwhois🔁Katie Couric is waxing eloquent about how Arirang reflects the “Korean soul.”

Arirang is an anti-colonial folk song about loss and perseverance. Today, we persevere in the face of US military occupation and warmongering.

Matthew Kohlmorgen @MKohlmorgen🔁Katie Couric is seriously talking about tech addiction during this ceremony. NBC-please turn off their fucking microp twitter.com hones.
Patrick Delaney☮ @patdelaney🔁I'd like to hear Katie Couric say, "There's nothing deeply significant or meaningful about that, actually. That's jus twitter.com t a guy pushing a cart."
Patrick Sutton @PatrickSutton🔁Really did you need to tell me that 5 kids are holding fucking candles Katie Couric Jesus Christ#OpeningCeremony
Katie Couric Reporting

North Korean officials issued a statement regarding an incident on their border between them and South Korea! 15 Mexican athletes have jumped the border wall! When asked why, they said they couldn't help it!

Vandal @SSnatter🔁 NBC Is a bit too Jibber Jabbery for my taste. Plus Katie Couric plugging #Fail #OpeningCeremony
Lettersandladybugs @kjbaird1🔁Love Love Love Katie Couric announcing the Olympics! Love Love Love her voice!!!
Mizzen @SDMizzen🔁Also, I really need Katie Couric to shut up.
nikkole 🌩 @gh0stlie🔁katie couric: and as you can see here are the four children holding candles and one of them is wearing blue one of t twitter.com hem is wearing red one of them is wearing yellow one of them is wearing a silver brown color its really beautiful wow look at the unity and pridefu
Hailey Peirce @hnpeirce🔁Katie Couric be like “Hey while I have you guys here, don’t forget to check out my SoundCloud” #OpeningCeremony
Amanda Kohut @AmandaKohut🔁@fairleym1999 @NBCOlympics It almost makes me wish Megyn Kelly got the seat over Katie Couric.
Kamila S.N.A.P.S @kilmosnaps🔁 Hearing Katie Couric’s repeated rough pronunciation of “Miguk” is... well, rough. twitter.com
Stefan Euler @RedCloudSon🔁@NBCOlympics Tuned in. Heard the voice of Katie Couric. Tuned out.
Kris traynor @KrisScooter1063🔁Great to hear NBC take the time to mention that they can't show all of the due to time constraints but still manage to dump on Korea for it's video game addiction problems and promote Katie Couric's new TV show. Classy.
Mickey White @BiasedGirl🔁Everything is a powerful symbol....in light of recent events. ~ Katie Couric


Paul Compton Jr @paully_eFFerson🔁Mike Tirico: "Twenty percent of Puerto Rico is still without power."

Katie Couric: "I'm sure that's a big boost . . . to see these athletes come marching in."

Katie, dear . . . that's not how television works.

AnnMarie American @AnnMarieAmerica🔁 Katie Couric now plugging her April 11 special on Nat Geo... On tech addiction. #Shameless
S.I. Rosenbaum @sirosenbaum🔁@nicole_soojung things that are the opposite of other things, but in balance, and also, if you were Asian your name would be Couric Katie
Vickie Vix @TheVickieVix🔁Katie Couric is acting like it’s all cold in #PyeongChang2018 when it’s like 16 degrees, but like, try going to work in 1 degree, Katie.
Hang the blessed DJ @lamblock🔁@AmPowerBlog @NBCOlympics I would love to toss katie couric and mike tirico off a cliff
Luigi Zamboni 🌹 @moleculesofyou🔁 Katie Couric struggling not to quote Marx about alienation as a direct cause of video game addiction
The Earth is not flat @Crazy88Guinness🔁By “interesting and engaging,” you mean NBC decided Katie Couric, Mike Tirico, and some other donk would essentially twitter.com host their own talk show that millions of Americans would rather watch/listen to than seeing South Korea’s efforts at entertaining the world, right?


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