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Kanye WestKanye West HadiaB👑 @HadiiaBaarry🔁 Kanye West

Physically Mentally

CNN @CNN🔁A Nigerian lawmaker has invited Kanye West to visit slave ports in Africa for an education on the slave trade twitter.com
K. Thor Jensen @kthorjensen🔁Kanye West is actually the perfect spokesperson for modern conservatism because he has no cogent political philosophy twitter.com beyond “I like being rich” and “nobody is allowed to be mean to me”
d @dreavean🔁 LET'S GOOOO!
New @trvisXX ft. @kanyewest x @LILUZIVERT
Listen to #Watch: apple.co
Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet🔁A dumb petition based on the premise of something that Kanye never said.

He didn't mean black slaves had a "choice" twitter.com 400 years ago.

He was talking about black Americans living today under the self-imposed mentality of slavery.

Mark Terry @malacca73🔁A Nigerian lawmaker has invited Kanye West to visit slave ports in Africa for an education on the slave trade
Hadassah Baez @Marisol01291996🔁A radio station in Detroit has banned all music by Kanye West.

This only proves what Kanye has been saying all along - that leftists are a bunch of censorship bullies who can't accept different positions other than their own.

Search YoungRelloHoe on Youtube @YoungRelloHoe🔁Kanye inspired this!!
*I wrote & recorded this when 'Ye dropped his interview with * 🔥
Like & Subscribe if u VIBE 😎

Mya🐝💸 @PrincessMyaaa__🔁Kanye West has ignorant Black people on here blatantly disrespecting their fucking ancestors for not “freeing themselves” from slavery. All of them are only peddling far-right racist rhetoric that loves to blame Black people for their fucking oppression. Dangerous as fuck.
shannen🌹 @shanalien_🔁Kanye West’s Album Title & TrackList

Title: Selfish

1: Needed Clout
2: I’m Kanye
3: Love Me
4: Help Me
5: Kardashian Curse
6: Can’t Get Out
7: It Was My Choice
8: Seen Her In The Hub Had To Have
9: I Miss Amber
10: Lipo For a Fan
11: I Wanna Be a Wealthy White Man
12: Jay-Z

James Watson @LmDuppins🔁Let's keep it real. Method Man Tells Kanye West To "Come Home" After His Recent Behavior


Melindesign @Melindesign🔁Donald Trump thanks Kanye West again during his speech while misrepresenting his approval rating with black voters.

Now is a good time to mention that Trump still hasn't thanked Waffle House hero James Shaw Jr.

KStandsUp @KstandsUp🔁Trump thanked Kanye West during his speech at the . Once again, the president is using Kanye as his token black supporter. He still hasn't mentioned James Shaw Jr, the black hero who stopped the Waffle House shooter WITHOUT a gun.
Doyle @wildmoedoyle🔁❤️ for starting a great conversation and being willing to take the ridiculous heat from the people who have yet to learn civility.
Thanos' Top Goon @CycloneWeUpOnIt🔁New Music: Travis Scott ft. Kanye West & Lil Uzi Vert - Watch

Travis Scott is joined by Kanye West & Lil Uzi Vert f twitter.com or his new single "Watch". His new album Astroworld is on t...

Coach Piccirillo @PiccirilloCoach🔁Washed up rapper attacks Kanye West & says "he's all white now."

Why when a black person refuses to be mentally enslaved some other blacks call them "white," are they saying only white people can think freely?

And what is wrong with being white? Snoop Dogg is racist.

Gilly Banks @GillyBanks1🔁Kanye West has 21 Grammys.

has zero Grammys.

They aren't even in the same category.

I think we all know why Snoop really doesn't like Kanye. 😂

J.Dawe @66foxtrot🔁You know I would expect to see the KKK to be going after Kanye West but nope black people who shares the same skin color just like Kanye West is going after him, so KKK you just can stand down because the black thugs who hates white people and president Trump they got it.
Indigo Crimm @Kiddcrimm🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Travis Scott - Watch (Audio) ft. Lil Uzi Vert, Kanye West
Pat Devlin @sugeesbabe🔁Republicans: Not playing Kanye West on the radio because he called slavery a choice is a violation of the First Amendment.

Also Republicans: We need to jail Page and Strzok because they expressed dislike for Trump

Mr. Gathungu's Daughter 🐘😽 @NjeriGathungu🔁Freed Slaves from captured slave ships on board HMS London being taken to FrereTown 1875. Look at the number of children? This is what Kanye West thinks was a choice for Africans.
Evelyn @tinkmari3🔁black twitter was so distracted by kanye west that white twitter had the time to make one of the worst memes ever created and thats how we got “gorls”
?Kathy? @7tt_Kathy🔁This guy is making fun of Kanye West ? The guy that bakes cookies on tv but pretends to be a gangster? 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lil Haiti BaeBy @ImPepperAnne🔁I dead ass am in my bed crying real tears thinking about slavery.

I hate Kanye West and PMS

Kung Fu Eddy @the_homie_eddy🔁 Watch (feat. Kanye West & Lil Uzi Vert) by Travis Scott is now #3 on Apple Music Charts for All Genres.
Jonathan Higgins @jhigginslive🔁If Slavery Was A Choice (Kanye West Response) #IfSlaveryWasAChoice: youtu.be via @YouTube
mamas 🐱 @oIiviapyt🔁 one less lonely n*gger remix featuring kanye west coming soon 😍? twitter.com ?
salome @salome39535542🔁 Kanye West says Years of slavery was a choice for black people: youtu.be via @YouTube
Former CrackWhore @DDLisPerff🔁Janelle Monae speaks on Kanye West's thoughts.

"If free thinking is rooted in the oppression of minorities, LBGTQ, immigrants and women... then I don't f*ck with your free thoughts. Slave masters also thought freely and where did we get with that." -

Hannah Ramirez @atomicnumber76🔁#IfSlaveryWasAChoice marks bad week for Kanye West atomicnumber76.com
Kim_207 @k4thofer🔁Kanye West is actually the perfect spokesperson for modern conservatism because he has no cogent political philosophy beyond “I like being rich” and “nobody is allowed to be mean to me”
ConservativeHusky #NRALifetimeMember @CnsrvativeHusky🔁Democrat attacks on African Americans that depart the dark side is nothing new.
Kanye West departure exposed exactly why blacks don't leave "Dem Mafia" as they are attacked on every level. Still, Trump approval doubled to 22% among blacks!

jaimee hourselt @jaimeehourselt3🔁Steve Harvey Advises Kanye West to 'Have People Around That Can Be Truthful' After Slavery Controversy
传递知音【Pass the companion】♠ @huaxiazhiyin🔁 .@kanyewest banned from radio station over recent comments foxnews.com
KanyeSyllabus @KanyeSyllabus🔁34% of Republicans have a favorable view of Kanye West, according to a new Huffington Post/YouGov poll, up from 11% in 2015.
Adam B. Bear @democraticbear🔁From praising the NRA, Paul Manafort and Kanye West, Trump is dreaming of being the Emperor who is now needed more t twitter.com han ever. If it could get more frightening, how?

Jeanette Kiester @jkinchicago🔁 Can all media stop reporting anything on Kanye West. In Chicago we know he is a pig and really a nothing Rotten musi twitter.com c. And he married into a family that was famous for doing nothing. Those girls had a daddy representing OJ. He needs to fade away.
🃏Harleen Quinzel🃏 @JennHaQuinn🔁Trump Reveals The Real Reason He’s Thankful For Kanye’s Friendship
samriddlz @samiul_31🔁boy please be mindful, don't have words with me cause I got a mind filled🤧 itunes.apple.com
eniola @roseeni🔁So VP Pence called disgraced (and Trump pardoned) AZ sheriff Arpaio a "champion" of the "rule of law"?!!? That's sort of like calling Kanye West a "scholar" of "antebellum history."
Z for Vendetta @zforvendetta🔁I admire Kanye West’s humility; his seeing himself as nothing special (except thru hard work) by saying “you too can succeed in America - I’m the proof.”

Contrast that to those celebs who preen their superiority by saying the rest of us need the government in order to succeed.

Chelley 👑 @thasweetescape🔁 'Cause all of my kindness is taken for weakness. - Rihanna ft. Kanye West
JimyOfficial @OfficialJimy🔁Kanye West “Slavery Was A Choice” REACTION 🙏🏾🙏? youtu.be ?🗣: via @YouTube
MiC_Glyde @glidezzz🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist youtu.be Travis Scott - Watch (Audio) ft. Lil Uzi Vert, Kanye West
peewee @christii103🔁

Enjoy A Black Russian 🥃🇷🇺
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‘Cause The Left Lost It’s Mind 🧠
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