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#KansasCity Stan Meyers @StanMeyers🔁A conversation about #Community #Digitalization and #SmartCities with @BasBoorsma
#cultureofinnovation #kansascity
#KansasCity A1 Properties KC, LLC @A1PropertiesKC🔁Leasing Agent would love to show you the #listing at 9554 Charlotte St #KansasCity #MO ... tour.circlepix.com
#KansasCity LaSTEMAorg @LaSTEMAorg🔁@NAWICKCMO WOW! So many great women in construction here in #KansasCity
#KansasCity A1 Properties KC, LLC @A1PropertiesKC🔁We are looking for a buyer on 3214 E 31 Street #KansasCity #MO #realestate tour.circlepix.com
#KansasCity#KansasCity#KansasCity#KansasCity People of Cowtown @PeopleofCowtown🔁Last year at this time. #unionstationkc #visitkc #howwedokc #valentinesday #kansascity
#KansasCity#KansasCity#KansasCity#KansasCity Rob Winfield @rwinfield11🔁 Last year at this time. #unionstationkc #visitkc #howwedokc #valentinesday #kansascity
Kathleen Madigan @kathleenmadigan🔁Jack n Diet is our drink tonite, & we find out that Trumpy’s fave advisor is Trumpy, & watch Sporty Spice become a N twitter.com ational joke. Fire and Fury, Day 20.
Lince Dorado @LuchadorLD🔁Tonight on rolls through vs ! I can’t lose! I will not lose! This is for you my babies! Daddy’s bringing home t twitter.com he chance to go to
Trish Stratus @trishstratuscom🔁If you’re in or a reasonable driving proximity, come see my bestie & I at next weekend!!

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Trezo Mare @TrezoMare🔁Last minute? Let our chefs prepare a stellar 3-Course Valentine's Day Dinner to-go. Place orders now through February twitter.com 14 Menus:
KC CARE Clinic @KCCAREClinic🔁Looks like we're still in the thick of this season. Remember to wash, wash, wash your hands! Also, if you're feeling twitter.com flu symptoms, stay home and rest for at least 24 hours.
Here's what the advises you to do if you do get sick: .
Eddie T.⚡️SHAZAM⚡️#TeamDCEU @MyTop5Comics🔁Eye on the prize!!! This weekend is my in my local Comicon!! ONLY MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR!!! twitter.com
kcmullis @kcmullis🔁Send a valentine for the tree and we’ll donate $5.00 to Walk Like MADD for each one we get up to $500. twitter.com
C.J. Janovy @cjjanovy🔁At , and musicians signing posters of a photo taken nearly 10 years ago, now finally released. twitter.com
Wanna B Gourmande @WannaBGourmande🔁@Foodiechats A7 oh EASILY The American. It's basically a JBA factory #KansasCity #foodiechats
Candice Hare @CandiceHare_🔁 & Crazy night fighting 125 penalty minutes. fights The love Hockey.
WeTee @WeTee_Design🔁Feel the Bern everyone! :)
Cameron Craig Group @cameroncraig🔁Want to work in #KansasCity, MO? View our latest opening: careerarc.com #IT #Job #Jobs #Hiring
GetRetailJobs.com @GetRetailJobs🔁Retail Sales Consultant - #KansasCity , MO ( tinyurl.com Get Retail Jobs
Kevin @BlvdKev80🔁I love Boulevard not just because of the beer but because of the artwork, because of their dedication to the city and twitter.com because of the people that work there that treat you like family.
Casey Mo✨💎🦁 @caseyxroyal🔁New song, who dis ?📲💛🔥 m.soundcloud.com


Kevin @BlvdKev80🔁Time for a Red Rye Ale If you love beer, Kansas City or the Royals you should follow me! twitter.com
ᗷeᗩᔕt🦖 @CombatBarbie365🔁@TheNames_Hester omg there is hope for us yet! Come to #KansasCity please twitter.com
Kyle Rohde @KyleRohde🔁Dear Clay Chastain,

You don't live here. You don't know us. Go the eff away.


BlogPaws Team @BlogPaws🔁If making money in affiliate marketing is on your 2018 list of to do's, let show you how at in April in
Artego Pizza KC @artegopizza🔁$10 Lg Specialty Pizzas tonight!
Dine in, Carryout or DELIVERY
Call 816 960 4787 or order online at
Mark Clegg @markclegg1🔁Just learned built one of the TWA's Kansas City office buildings (11500 Ambassador) back in 1971. Reminds me of a fu twitter.com n story I did a few years back.
McDrea Loves Gil 🌈 @McDreaBean🔁Hey ! Looking for a place to watch with a bunch of other graps fans tonight? has you covered! twitter.com
Dr. Michael Brown @NaturaesPath🔁 on many levels here at here in … instagram.com
Bonnie Farr @bonnief72_farr🔁 From burnt ends to the KC Strip, #KansasCity's flavorful roots shine through in its iconic dishes. youtu.be
CoolAssSmitty @Kansas_Smitty🔁Monday‼️• 7P • … instagram.com
CoolAssSmitty @Kansas_Smitty🔁Tonight‼️• 7P • … instagram.com
Cynthia @wndrfulifestyle🔁#KansasCity has it all! 🙌? twitter.com ?
backstitch @backstitch🔁 We're hiring more @backstitch engineers in #KansasCity angel.co
Lola @Lola_RescuedCat🔁This is a must read about a #BlogPaws #conference! #KCMO #KansasCity #petbloggers #Influencers twitter.com
HeSaysSheSaysKC @HeSaysSheSaysKC🔁We got a little blog when posted this about us this morning! We’re blushing and not from or this time ...
twitter.com .

Saleen Martin @Saleen_MartinTV🔁Dear ,

"She's too emotional...make sure you spell my name right."

1. The crying was annoying. I admit that.


Mutineer 🐘 @pnf_phytrade🔁"it's a complicated case."

attorneys in confirm a new temporary stay of removal in the deportation case of ^SMcD

FOX 4 News @fox4kc🔁"it's a complicated case."

attorneys in confirm a new temporary stay of removal in the deportation case of ^SMcD twitter.com

Sean McDowell @seanfox4kc🔁"it's a complicated case."

attorneys in confirm a new temporary stay of removal in the deportation case of twitter.com

Visit KC @VisitKC🔁From burnt ends to the KC Strip, #KansasCity's flavorful roots shine through in its iconic dishes. youtu.be
michaela//♡ @caykay0805🔁literally just found on last night and fell in love with their music and this morning I find out they are coming to twitter.com my favorite city😍
Cathy and Marcy @CathyandMarcy🔁Busy schedule with performances, teaching banjo & ukulele, radio show, and hearing fab music. Come see us there! twitter.com
Shannon Cardaronella @CurlyCajunLass🔁 Big #discount on your next stay @GreatWolfLodge Kansas City! kansascityonthecheap.com #KansasCity #kc
Castle Law Office @castlelawkc🔁You don’t have to spend a lot of $$$ to show your love for someone! has your guide for planning an affordable Valent twitter.com ine’s Day in the Kansas City area.


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