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marco jaguar☽ @mxrphinecamila🔁me when @LanaDelRey said she ain’t gon be in Kansas City today 😂😭😭 get better soon queen :(
Donell Stiers @DonellStiers🔁 #GOPTaxScam consequences are leading off the local Kansas City news. @fox4kc
Kansas Yazdgerd J Bilimoria @YazdJBilimoria🔁 Kansas Rep. Steve Alford says blacks abuse drugs because of "character makeup" cbsn.ws
Tamara Gordon @mom2gjs🔁 🔴#KUfacts🔵

KU is the only school in Kansas authorized to grant doctoral degrees in music. #KUleaders

Lana Del Rey @LanaDelRey🔁Kansas City, Missouri, I’m so sorry to have to cancel the show tomorrow but I’ve come down with the flu so I’ll be r twitter.com esuming the tour in Chicago. We will try and find a make up date- and refunds are available at point of purchase.
Tom Angell 🌳📰 @tomangell🔁Holy crap. Kansas GOP rep justifies keeping marijuana illegal:

"African Americans, they were basically users and the twitter.com y basically responded the worst off to those drugs just because of their character makeup, their genetics and that"

He said that in 2018.

Raw Story @RawStory🔁Kansas Republican lawmaker says black people can’t handle marijuana because of ‘their genetics’ rawstory.com
HeadLines CCo. @D_Owenss🔁Kansas is turned up right now
Tommy Birch @TommyBirch🔁A couple of quick turnovers by Iowa State and Kansas quickly goes on a 9-0 run to take a 49-42 lead. #Cyclones
Alan Handley @Allon2324🔁@jessenewell They don't have the bodies or talent. This is one of the worst Kansas teams I have seen since I have been alive.
Corinne Beswick @Corinneb7🔁🏈 Playoff Game Ball Giveaway 🏈

Retweet & follow for a chance to win an official game ball from the playoff win in Kansas City.

Beyonce has an uncle named Larry Beyince. Bruh.... @DragonflyJonez🔁 The high school is located in Topeka, Kansas #UndercoverHigh twitter.com
Bitchkitten5 @bitchkitten5🔁Kansas Rep Stephen Alford.
He really said this.
In 2018.

“African Americans, they were basically users and they basically responded the worst off to those drugs just because of their character makeup, their genetics and that"

Travinn Oliver @TreyOliver4🔁South McDonald’s in Pittsburg, Kansas works. Pull up. 🍦 twitter.com
James Roetman @pchceo🔁I hate the fact that we are on the road at Kansas down two and we settle for a 3 on a 2 on 1 fast break! And now we are down 7!
©€$@® C®uZ⚽️ @CruzCesar9🔁The bottom of the in rush defense by yards per carry:

31. New England
30. LA Rams
28. Kansas City
27. Pittsburgh
26. New Orleans
25. Jacksonville
24. Buffalo
22. Atlanta

Greg @isugcs🔁@Sportstalkcrap it's kansas man, you just know it's coming.
Renee Arnett @ReneeArnett🔁 Kansas State Rep. makes stunningly racist remark while arguing against legal weed huffingtonpost.com
Travis Hines @TravisHines21🔁Two live-ball turnovers, two Kansas dunks. And this place explodes. Timeout Iowa State.
Henny Smith Jr. 🎒👑 @frankyslanky🔁Workout Malik 🤙🏾 #Kansas
Ryan Colson @Ryan_Colson5565🔁@joshsimon16 Y’all have a chance. Kansas is not as good this year as they usually are
JPFreeeeeeezing ☃️ @JoannePistonFan🔁We can’t call him BTK yet. That’s spoilers. We’re at the stage of, “Whoa, we got us a creeper here in Kansas, y’all!” twitter.com Do they say y’all in Kansas?
Alex Perry @PlatypusPerryy🔁What Kansas are you in because I had a white Christmas twitter.com
maverick @maverick__71🔁Former Ardmore Tiger and NEO Norseman Kevion McGee () signs with Kansas State (). Hear from him tonight on .
Drea @semanadrea🔁ICYMI: We visited Kansas City today with on the tour.

We're making clear to Congress: we won't fall for this GOP scam to help the rich get richer at the expense of everyone else.

Join us:

Brian Snow @BSnow247🔁Kansas has now shot 25 3's and 15 2's... Bill Self has embraced analytics at a high level
Mucho Mas CowBell @BobbyStaxxx🔁Only in the great State of Kansas my state, our lawmakers still believe in using racism and scare tactics 2 persuade twitter.com public opinion.

Lawmaker Says Black People Can't Handle Marijuana Because Of 'Genetics'

curryshrimp 🥘 @KelseyGrammer_🔁These niggas are in fucking Topeka, Kansas lol.
AK @cagedbutfree🔁Kansas Republican wrote a letter to Trump w/Dem asking the admin not to deport H1B visa holders awaiting permanent residency
Rosemary @Rosemar73481225🔁@kvancleaf What’s the matter with Kansas?? Incredulous.
Denis P, Gladbach @GladbachDP🔁At least one former colleague of Eric Bieniemy's was pumped to see him get a crack at the Chiefs' offensive coordinator gig:
Alma @melbelrr11🔁The ' top three prospects are all many years away, but they provide tantalizing glimpses of hope for a strong future in Kansas City.

The Joker @_alex_reyes_🔁Kansas is going to be so much better next year
BIG MIKE @Kansas_Dip_King🔁 a lack of communication can really fuck up a lot of good shit
copacetic @_iam_determined🔁 Kansas City got some beautiful women omm 😂😍
Michelle Durgin @shelgame🔁Americans overwhelmingly oppose the Trump tax on the middle class. It didn’t work in Kansas. It won’t work nationally.
Jen Langston Justus @dreamhomesbyjen🔁Big news Kansas City! In May 2018 will begin nonstop flights to Iceland with easy connections to Europe.


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