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Kane KANE⚡️ @Kane_Trippy🔁 “Stand there and act dumb if you want to”


Kane Kane O'Neill @WJHL_Kane🔁Highlights: @booneblazerlive, @hilltopperslive earn a split on the hardwood wjhl.com
Kane Scarlett Yang @MysteriesofL🔁 Those colours + that view = 🙌🏼 📸 Kane C. Andrade at Mount Shasta, California
Kane ricky @Rickyhernov🔁 Auba better than harry Kane.
Kane J Kane 🙌🏻 @J_Kane🔁 This incredible animation shows how deep the ocean really is
The Hard Times @REALpunknews🔁Critical Oversight: John Cena Let This One Lucky Make-A-Wish Kid Pin Him for the WWE Title, but Now He’ll Have to Def twitter.com end It This Sunday vs Kane
Mark Lazerus @MarkLazerus🔁Matthews.

That would h twitter.com ave been something.

WWE @WWE🔁The BEAST successfully defended his in a jaw-dropping match against and at ... twitter.com
Jesus | Makaveli 666 @KingLucifer7824🔁I The Real Kenshi Aka Kane Say's I The Real Living Satan Some Of Your Surrounder's Is I Lunch For Them Robbin' I 666 twitter.com Jesus Christ Right NOW
men suck, like all of them. i struggle to think o @torontoIeafs🔁Honestly fuck Mark Lazarus, fuck Patrick Kane, fuck the Blackhawks, fuck the NHL. Fuck every man who pretends to be an ally. They don't fucking care and they don't listen.
Lola @Holaitslola97🔁Kane Brown - What Ifs ft. Lauren Alaina youtu.be via @YouTube
Jessica Forbes @JessForbez🔁Where has Kane brown been all my life 😍
DANIEL MATTHIAS @danyelmats🔁Good luck to the lad. Just to injury prone to play for Liverpool which was a shame.

Without the injuries he’d be up there with Harry Kane in my opinion but with all the injuries, he has to leave unfortunately

Booker D @BeardDalton🔁Happy birthday to my boy. Kane hope it's a good one twitter.com
Akshay khopkar @TouchOfOz🔁How Aubameyang’s goal tally compares to some of Europe’s top strikers over the last three seasons:

Luis Suarez - 109
Lewandowski - 109
Aubameyang - 102
Cavani - 100
Kane - 95
Agüero - 83
Higuain - 79

FriendZone MVP 🏆 @JoseDinero718🔁Strowman n Kane had a last man standing match? 😂
Heisenberg™ @ekowkaay🔁😂 I like Lukaku but to say he's as good as or better than Kane is blinkered. Two years ago maybe? But the last year Kane has gone up a level.
KANE RULES @KaneWWEFanatic🔁Kane is Undertaker's brother!! He honestly doesn't even need to hold a championship a long time to be in the main eve twitter.com nt, spotlight, or whatever. He gets all the tv time he wants because he is a LEGEND and the hardest worker in WWE.
Eduardo del Piero @Eduard0Tyler🔁My Royal rumble.

Big Show
The Great Khali
Sting (Win)
Rob Van Dam
Man Kid
John Cena
twitter.com Hogan
Rick Flair
Daniel Bryan

Matthew F. Kane @m_f_kane🔁 I for one fully support sending a Kardashian to Detroit.
Brandon Garza @BGarz202🔁Sources say Kane sat up and crawled away from the hospital bed because he won’t rest until we get universal health care in Knox County
Benjamin M. Pearce @BenPearceFilms🔁On February 23 see Kane Hodder lead a cast of icons on the big screen in . *Cities listed on Twitter page, more cities coming. Theater listing and international details coming soon.*
Watch the trailer:
JimmytotheO @JimmytotheO🔁So this happened today and it was a blast! Check out Kane Hodder and Adam Green as we talk about… instagram.com
John HOTUJEC ™ 🍒 @johnhotujec🔁INJURY UPDATE: crawled his way out of the medical facility before he could be examined and has not been heard from since.
2kking @2kking64🔁ASUKA VS. SASHA
WWE really doing this? I haven't recover from the royal rumble ppv
lilly @ back to school @armor_crush🔁i hope kane san is doing great wherever he is
katie b. benson 🐝 @_thekatemurphy🔁Kane is on my fantasy wrestling and he died tonight. Oh fuck me. #Raw #TipOfTheCrown
killa. @OkayKesh🔁@Sensei_Kane_ I know the feeling 😩
Broken Andy Warth @AndyWarth🔁Hey guys, don't feel so bad.

Remember a month or so back when poor Finn Balor lost clean to a returning Kane in 5 m twitter.com inutes?

This isn't that bad at least.

Cray Buchanan @TheBigCray🔁"Kane is having a hard time breathing, which could indicate a number of things..."
Like, perhaps, that he had a stage dropped on him. #RAW
Clifton @CliftonLight🔁Watching Raw and one of the medical guys helping Kane was AMAZING @RoryGulak
FantasyPL @FantasyPL_FPL🔁 Kane #TOT price now 12.9
The Better Chris. @FlawedTreasure🔁(Yeah..let's have the guy that lasted 57 minutes in the Rumble lose to Cena. He'll get over!

No hate to Cena but seriously..this sounds worse than when Finn lost to FUCKING KANE!


T-rock jones Jr @TrockJonesJr🔁I'm going to tell you what's going to happen.... they are going to have Kane somehow interfere in the elimination ch twitter.com amber match to stop Braun strowman from winning and then they going to have Braun strowman retire Kane at WrestleMania to become the new monster of WWE
tess..troye follow me?! @commonIove🔁i read the first and half the second of these ages ago but now that ive reread all of pjo, hoo, kane chronicals, and twitter.com the pjo kane crossovers i think im ready
Jesus | Makaveli 666 @KingLucifer7824🔁@therealsaibot I The Real Kenshi Aka Kane Say's You Sure You're The Real Saibot You're Writing I Biblical Bible Life Right NOW
Naman Yadav @yadavnaman13🔁 Son and Moura on the wings with Kane upfront and Eriksen and Dele behind 💉
KANE RULES @KaneWWEFanatic🔁Kane has put so much talent over during the span of his career while John Cena rarely does... THAT is why I am Kane's twitter.com biggest fan. He's a great guy who can still get plenty of TV time to entertain us and don't wanna hog the titles from the new guys coming up.
IconicUnited @Unitedly7🔁Which English forward is better aged 24? Present or past...🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

RT for Kane
LIKE for Fowler

Kane O'Neill @WJHL_Kane🔁Highlights & reaction: "Really didn't deserve to win the game. We'll get one and that's it." pick up narrow w twitter.com in at The Citadel to move to 10-0 in conference
Maestro wit the Whip @Sensei_Kane_🔁This some high shit I’ve been there twitter.com
Jasin @Jlarlat1🔁145.1 - Of English players to score at least 20 Premier League goals, only Harry Kane (111.9) has a better mins/goal ratio than Daniel Sturridge (145.1). Moves.
DesuKey @deathkey3🔁Critical Oversight: John Cena Let This One Lucky Make-A-Wish Kid Pin Him for the WWE Title, but Now He’ll Have to Defend It This Sunday vs Kane
Maestro wit the Whip @Sensei_Kane_🔁@OkayKesh Whoever did hers I know their hands were cramping
zulfadhlihamka @Zul8fadhli🔁Harry Kane names ONE player he would love to play alongside..

Messi? Nope
Ronaldo? Nope
Neymar? Nope

Guess who?

Anzar Habib Wani @anzar_wani🔁@iyman_malik What about the dry run before that? Huh? Kane is a promising young player, Ronaldo is now just fan attraction.
Theresa Taylor @tnt614🔁"I really wanna drop kick you sometimes ugh." -@kane_barrow34 hahaha uh thanks
Candy Kane❄️ @kane_weekly24🔁 Wish I could make money as fast as I spend it 🙃
Jasin @Jlarlat1🔁Don’t let Sky Sports calling Aubameyang ‘Pierre-Eric’ distract you from the fact he’s scored more goals than Harry Kane in the last 117 games.
Mark Holthe @MarkHolthe🔁 your interview was cutting edge immigration Law at its finest.....where no one has gone before [queue Star Trek musi twitter.com c]
#SuperBowl51Champs @OneandOnlyTails🔁They've set up some big first time matches for tonight and have already killed off Kane. Not a bad way to start the show.
Desta genete @Joydesting🔁I dont agree, we have shaky defence, questionable midfield...and kane he is d best striker in d league if not the wo twitter.com rld
jennavieve @jennaaraaeeee🔁 Danity Kane was the SHIT
killa. @OkayKesh🔁@Sensei_Kane_ Lol yes, the smaller the better
Blaine @Undertakenking🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be 5 Superstars who impersonated Kane
FPLFreddo @FplFreddo🔁If you're happy to lose Kane, the one without him looks really nice.

An 8 hit is not ideal though, they all look go twitter.com od, it's just don't do what you're comfortable sacrificing.

Maestro wit the Whip @Sensei_Kane_🔁@OkayKesh It’s just a lot of hair gotta be some skinny braids
VERNARD BERNARDT @benzino4gee🔁 My starting lineup against the Harry Kane team:


Steven Hall @stevenUK1🔁Kane just got killed off. In unrelated news Glenn Jacob's campaign for Mayor of Knoxx County in the great state of Tennessee is going really well
Ammad khan @ammad172🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Braun Strowman Vs Kane - Last Man Standing Match | WWE RAW 29th January 2018
sheikho @boyi49994🔁Braun Strowman Vs Kane - Last Man Match | WWE RAW HD 2018 youtu.be via @YouTube
Maestro wit the Whip @Sensei_Kane_🔁So the Coyote can try and stop the road runner twitter.com
jo 🍋 @jordynmeier2🔁I wish I could put into words how much I appreciate kane for the love he gives/shows me when life gets me down.
Carolina @CarolinaCaro07🔁I got Selene into Russ now Kane Brown 😂
sheikho @boyi49994🔁Braun Strowman Vs Kane - Last Man Match | WWE RAW HD 2018: youtu.be via @YouTube
411 Wrestling @411wrestling🔁Update on Kane After Braun Strowman Crushed Him on Raw (Pics, Video) twitter.com
ColonelFancy @ColonelFancy🔁Brawn has such a massive physique, he makes Kane, who isn't small, look bowlegged and thin.
Sean Covington @HeavyArmz🔁@zheydorn Yea a short 2 minute something woulda been great and a longer last man standing match too, Kane is trash now
Jabari Mitchell @1993jabari🔁@RingRants Asuka and Sasha match,Braun flipping over announce table on Kane were the highlights for me.
minerva. @minee_gonzalez🔁 Kane Brown // Heaven
Nigel :) @SodiumSexy🔁I don’t care who you support.

Lukaku scores a higher % of his chances than Kane does.

This is a fact.

S M @subesten🔁"I still receive adoption inquiries about Kane. Sorry he is gone. I've tried but no way I can trace or track. I'm so sorry I couldn't save this boy Kane. That old woman won't let me know who the dog trader was"➡️

かねちゃん @wfm_kane🔁There is absolutely no excuse for y’all to be smelling musty as hell. If this rat can wash itself so can you.
WrestlingINC.com @WrestlingInc🔁Braun crushed Kane tonight.

Moving to Elias defeating Matt Hardy. Glenn noting that they said "Broken" tonight. twitter.com

Lizbeth @LizCudi🔁Danity Kane was the SHIT
Matthew F. Kane @m_f_kane🔁Couple other things:
A+ to the Philly crowd for their part, the didn’t disappoint IMO.
Cory Graves’ saying something twitter.com to the effect of the crowd throwing batteries at Braxton was a bit of a surprise.
. @Quietkid1234🔁Kane has been nothing but a true professional since being employed by WWE in 1995. He’s literally put over just about EVERYONE.

Zach McGibbon @RawIsGibby🔁 @RawIsGibby can you not question Kane please thanks
Justin Davis #PatekTeeth @OGJOHNNY5🔁Can Kane go away now
Highland Hussy @laurahunsaker🔁$0.99 ✦ Made for Sin by Stacia Kane

Cursed P.I. must meet his “sin” quota every day. Luckily he lives in Vegas. She’s a master thief/specialist in artifacts


Z104.3 Baltimore @Z1043🔁Got a cheating spouse or significant other? Listen to these culprits CAUGHT IN THE ACT on War of the Roses! ihe.art
Oliver Norgrove @OliverNorgrove🔁@RawIsGibby can you not question Kane please thanks


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