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#KUOWrecord KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”According to @pepperschwartz, young girls are told to be "nicer" more often than boys are. #KUOWrecord
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Is one person's right to free expression more valuable or more important than another person's right to dignity? We d twitter.com iscuss on with Seattle University Communications Professor .
#KUOWrecord KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Your feedback may be used on air. #KUOWrecord
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”What's the best #WinterOlympics sport? We've got @thehabitcomedy here to fantasy draft their favorites. #KUOWrecord
Caitlin Ring Carlson @Caitlinring๐Ÿ”Today's is ready for you to cue up on streaming or download on iTunes for your evening commute. Stick with us:
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Today's is ready for you to cue up on streaming or download on iTunes for your evening commute. Stick with us: twitter.com
Dorene Cornwell @DoreneFC๐Ÿ”That's a wrap for today's . Thanks to (), (), Arlie Hochshild ( & ) & . We've got a podcast coming down the wire for you later this afternoon. Find it here:
Mark Siano @marxiano๐Ÿ”What's the best sport? We've got here to fantasy draft their favorites.
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”That's a wrap for today's . Thanks to (), (), Arlie Hochshild ( & ) & . We've got a podcast coming down the wire fo twitter.com r you later this afternoon. Find it here:
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”"Dangerous and dumb are two different things."
"Have you read a newspaper recently?!?!?!" -@thehabitcomedy
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”"I am going to choose bobsled. Not even withstanding the potential for death around every turn, I like to imagine how twitter.com the bobsledding evolved from 1 guy... to 2 guys... adding a 3rd guy... And then at 4 guys they were like โ€” OK that's enough."
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”"I'm going to pick curling because it combines two of my favorite things:

1. Sweeping 2. Throwing Rocks" @thehabitcomedy #KUOWrecord

KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Arlie Hochshild: Get active. This is a very frightening point in history. Do everything you can to defend the princip twitter.com les of checks and balances, because the President is kicking at this foundation. And revamp the Democratic Party platform.
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Why would anyone respect a racist, bigoted opinion?
Arlie Hochshild says we don't have to respect it, but we do have twitter.com to understand it and where it came from.
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Arlie Hochshild, UC Berkeley professor emerita of sociology: The first thing we must do is defend democracy. twitter.com
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Red-state paradox: How could the states with the worst healthcare and education, that take federal government money, twitter.com hate government?

Blue-state paradox: How could the Democratic party, the party of the working man and woman, not reach rural workers & voters?

KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Crossing an "empathy-bridge."

Arlie Hochshild: I'm in a media bubble and an electronic bubble โ€” so let me get into twitter.com a bubble as far right as Berkeley, California is left.

KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”We've got Berkeley-born progressive Arlie Hochcschild in the house helping us to understand Trump country and Tea Par twitter.com ty supporters.
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Lessons for Seattle about Amazon?
says he was astonished by the friendliness by the people of Pittsburgh to engage w twitter.com ith outsiders in a friendly way. "Coming back to Seattle for a couple days has been a reverse culture shock."
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Reminder: Amazon is seriously considering Pittsburgh for HQ2. Pennsylvania, you've been warned. #KUOWrecord
Dorene Cornwell @DoreneFC๐Ÿ”Free speech is one thing. Hate Crimea like assault are another. At rally vs in neighborhood. Data anyone? twitter.com
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Amazon stock is still growing slightly despite this news. says the company is continuing to hire aggressively, and l twitter.com easing new offices around Seattle as they continue searching for new corporate headquarters around North America.
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”You go, . You GO!

says millennials are thinking more empathetically than other generations about rights to dignity. twitter.com

KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”The proverbial bark before the bite: @Caitlinring says hate speech precedes atrocities like genocide. #KUOWrecord
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”How do we prove harm? Can we prove harm for hurt feelings?

: Yeah, we do have a tort for that. It's hard to prove it twitter.com .

KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Some activities aimed to connect with minority students were cancelled due to the rally.

: Fundamentally, the reaso twitter.com n we're saying allow groups like Patriot Prayer onto campus is because we want students to wrestle with ideas. It's a tricky situation.

KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Not all speech is equal. Like commercial speech โ€”

: Do we want to look at the some of the harm caused by hate speec twitter.com h and determine that's a reason to punish it after the fact?

KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Did make the right call in allowing the right wing group Patriot Prayer hold a rally on school grounds?

: W twitter.com e definitely don't want to find ourselves in a kind of Orwellian future where ideas can be punished before they're spoken or shared.

SU Fam Homelessness @SUfamhomeless๐Ÿ”Listening to @seattleu colleague @Caitlinring on #KUOWrecord talking about hate speech and Saturday's rally at @UW.
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”We've got hate speech expert in the house. She's a Communications Professor at . We're about to get into the first twitter.com amendment. Here. We. Go.
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Here's what we've got for you on today's : hosted a right wing rally. Was that the right call? Also, how does Seattl twitter.com e's Amazon boom look to another mid-sized American city that could face the same thing? And we get the scoop on "Trump country." We're live 12-1 p.m.
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Thanks for joining us on . The podcast of our broadcast posts later this afternoon: twitter.com
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Seattle city officials said today that they will "try to vacate convictions for misdemeanor marijuana possession" โ€” twitter.com will this affect you or someone you know? Email KUOW reporter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”. "This is a thing, as with automobiles when they were introduced, where have to figure out the rules and how to impl twitter.com ement them."
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Welcome to the show, , VP and founder of Washington Civil and Disability Advocate. Lets talk bikeshares. Who's respon twitter.com sibility is it to fix this? The City of Seattle or bikeshare company's? says "both."
Helmetless Joe @ForgotUrHelmet๐Ÿ”I reported a Lime bike that had a broken lock at the support e-mail for Lime. Finally heard an e-mail response 1 wee twitter.com k later saying they'd look into it. Discouraging
โ“‹ The Daily Tomato @daily_tomato๐Ÿ”

What about the corporations building apartments that block our sidewalks and roads for months? Bikes can't be as b twitter.com ad as they are.

Kate Chen @KateQuote๐Ÿ”@KUOW Please use person-first language #KUOWrecord - "people with disabilities" not "disabled people"
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”"We have a significant issue of bikes just being left on the trails here," says . "People are simply frustrated by t twitter.com he fact they're being left everywhere."
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”How does @RobertWilonsky and his son cope with overwhelming amount of bikeshare bikes in Austin? They play "bikshare bingo." #KUOWrecord
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”We have more than 20k bikeshare-bikes in Austin at this moment, says @RobertWilonsky. Seattle has 9k. #KUOWrecord
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Is it fair to ask people who work in this environment to figure out two different policies between the House and the twitter.com Senate? says that's a big question right now in Olympia.
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Welcome back to the show, . Lets talk legislature. Here's what's going on via sexual harassment in Olympia. In addit twitter.com ion to Jenkins' reporting, has been following this for the .
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Coming up on : What should Seattle do about the candy-colored bicycles parked or strewn across our city? Also โ€” Colle twitter.com ge Republicans are suing UW, And sexual harassment legislation is stalled in Olympia and old pot charges may be dropped. We're live 12-1 p.m.
เคญเคพเคฐเคค เคฎเคพเคคเคพ เค•เฅ€ เคœเคฏ @HT107642๐Ÿ”That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by and ! Don't forget to checkout the podcast of our broadcast later this afternoon. You can find it right here:
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”@dewright_ca Will you call our listener feedback line for #KUOWrecord and tell us more about your take on this? 206.221.3663
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by and ! Don't forget to checkout the podcast of our broadcast later this twitter.com afternoon. You can find it right here:
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Thank you for being on today, . "Fundamentally, there is no one right way to act when someone is hurt. Don't make as twitter.com sumptions with how trauma appears." He co-authored "A False Report: A True Story of Rape in America" with .
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Here's that WA House Bill we're talking about right now on #KUOWrecord: app.leg.wa.gov
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”"If you investigate thoroughly as the detectives in Colorado did, that's how you protect everyone." -@bykenarmstrong #KUOWrecord
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Detectives at now receive additional training for trauma and sexual assault. says they're also assigned not to make twitter.com credibility judgements, and the department has taken steps to prevent this from happening again.
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”. says Marie's experience captures in the most tragic way possible. "If she isn't heard, how much faith can others twitter.com have who come forward?"
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”.@bykenarmstrong says that police departments across the nation have doubted teenager's accounts of rape. "It is devastating." #KUOWrecord
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”"Once they began to doubt her account, they no longer treated her as a victim of a crime." says 16-year-old Marie bu twitter.com ckled under the intense criminal questioning by Lynnwood Police .
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”"The lead detective on this case did not have much experience at all on sexual assault cases," says . "And he spoke a twitter.com bout that very candidly afterwards."
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”"They failed to understand how trauma works," says . He's referring to . We're talking about his new book, "A False R twitter.com eport: A True Story of Rape in America" right now on .
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Our guest now is , Senior reporter for , and author of "A False Report: A True Story of Rape in America." Welcome to twitter.com !
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”"We all feel so insecure about what we are doing," says @anya1anya, in our conversation about parenting and screentime. #KUOWrecord
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”.@DelaneyRuston: The challenge of family movie night now is that kids also want to be on their cellphones. #KUOWrecord
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”"As humans, we often only change behavior if we are desperate," says @DelaneyRuston. #KUOWrecord
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”According to @anya1anya, no time like the present to limit a child's screentime. #KUOWrecord
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”In @ScreenagerMovie, filmmaker @DelaneyRuston highlights a group of young boys receiving treatment for videogame addiction. #KUOWrecord
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Attachment to screens to the point of addiction? KUOW listener Leif is on the line, and he's concerned his 10-year-ol twitter.com d is addicted to screentime. Is addiction really what's going on here?
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”.: "Parents have a hard time setting limits for screentime because they use it to babysit the child out in public โ€” l twitter.com ike at a restaurant or on an airplane."
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”. says its simpler to just say "no" to kids when it comes to screentime, but defining times and places suitable for i twitter.com t can help kids develop healthy best practices for the rest of their lives.
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”"Parents who are confident setting limits tend to have pretty good outcomes most of the time." -@anya1anya #KUOWrecord
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Listener question: What do screens do to our eyes?
says there's not good data about screens and vision yet. twitter.com
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Tonight: will be at the Phinney Center to talk about her new book, "The Art of Screen Time: How Your Family Can Bal twitter.com ance Digital Media and Real Life."
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”. says that from a psychological point of view, joint engagement is key. So spending additional time on the computer twitter.com with a parent would be more beneficial than time spent alone.
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”.@DelaneyRuston says her kids hand over their cellphones at 9 p.m. #KUOWrecord
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”"This is about raising mindful kids so that they become adults with balance," says @DelaneyRuston. #KUOWrecord
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”.@DelaneyRuston says when she asks @ScreenagerMovie audiences if fathers are playing their sons video games, it's very few. #KUOWrecord
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”. says that from a psychological point of view, joint engagement is key. So spending additional time on the computer twitter.com with a parent would be more beneficial than time spent alone.
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”First question is from seven-year-old Luella, who wants to know if what she's heard about computer time is true: can twitter.com the computer only be used for up to two hours per day?
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”NPR's lead education blogger is with us, along with Seattle physician and filmmaker . Welcome to . Lets talk screens twitter.com .
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Coming up on : We say we don't want children looking at screens too much. But what's too much? We speak with two exp twitter.com erts, and . Also, Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter will tell you the story of Marie. We're live in 2-minutes.
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”(4) "Somehow, they should wind up on Wikileaks." #KUOWrecord
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”(2) "No, we don't need to know who it was who cut down trees in a West Seattle green space... I do not believe it is twitter.com of any benefit to me, or to the offending people, to know who they are."
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Listener feedback on releasing tree-cutter names in West Seattle
(1) "Let the city paint all the windows on the home twitter.com s facing this newly-acquired view with opaque black paint. That's a punishment these homeowners will really feel."
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”"When they first started growing in 2013, it was rough. They were city kids who grew up in Seattleโ€™s Central Area and twitter.com didnโ€™t know a thing about farming." -
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Right now, we're airing this story by about Washington's booming recreational marijuana industry: () African A twitter.com mericans and people of color represent less than 10% of producers and retailers.
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”Men should be using their words too, says . It's up to them to keep checking and making sure they're on the same page twitter.com as the women they're with.
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”. I think most men, if you really say 'I don't want to do this and I'm leaving now...' most men will back off. "But d twitter.com on't put yourself in that situation."
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”. says her focus in this article is about the body language women use, body language that says "yes." And then feelin twitter.com g "no," but not using their voice.
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”So how does all of this affect the ability of women to speak up in a sexual situation they're not into? "Sometimes w twitter.com omen feel they have to let him down gently, or don't want to hurt his feelings," says
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”There are some gendered ways we look at the world, says . "Seattle is not the world," she says. The gendered roles o twitter.com f sex and sexuality is not the same in the rest of the world as they are in "liberal Seattle."
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW๐Ÿ”"Women are told to basically build up men's egos." โ€”@pepperschwartz #KUOWrecord
Erin Fitzhenry @erinbfitzhenry๐Ÿ” Don't name the names! All I will know about these homeowners will be this crime they have committed. Their neighbor twitter.com s will have a more-balanced view of them. The homeowners will confront their shame when they encounter their neighbors in the grocery store.
๐Ÿฒ @A_Silver_Drake๐Ÿ” Right now, we're airing a story on #KUOWrecord by @AnnaBoikoW. You can find this story right here: kuow.org


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