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#kdvr Rhymes With Funky @KirkYuhnke🔁BREAKING - District Attorney @GeorgeBrauchler drops out of Co Gov Race - we'll ask him why LIVE on #KDVR at 7:25a
#kdvr Shaul Turner @ShaulTurner🔁A beautiful turnout for the Veterans Day Parade. To all veterans,
thank you for your service. #KDVR
#kdvr Greg Dutra @DutraWeather🔁Well aren't the directors feeling bold today... #kdvr #BeardyMcBeardface
#kdvr Rob Low @RobLowTV🔁Rep. Lebsock says he’s being blackmailed. Will announce Nov.30 if he plans to step down or not. #kdvr
#kdvr Stephanie Fernandez @Steph_Fern1🔁 Rep. Lebsock says he’s being blackmailed. Will announce Nov.30 if he plans to step down or not. #kdvr
#kdvr clarissa natali @claireangel2🔁 Well aren't the directors feeling bold today... #kdvr #BeardyMcBeardface
#kdvr Greg Dutra @DutraWeather🔁Yep, a cold front will do that to yah. Teens and 20s this AM instead of 50s like yesterday. #kdvr #cowx
#kdvr Rhymes With Funky @KirkYuhnke🔁Because... Breakfast. @DenverBeerCo tday pairings next on #kdvr!
Dan Daru @DanDaruTV🔁Get a real haircut from a real barbershop, before it's too late! O'Brien's Tonsorial Parlor in Denver #KDVR #KWGN
Rob Low @RobLowTV🔁Red Rocks Amphitheater changes ticket system to ensure front row seats for the disabled no longer end up on the secon twitter.com dary market to the highest bidder Clear response to a federal lawsuit
Christine Rapp @christinerappwx🔁Our stretch of above average temps this week has kept 2017 tied for the 9th warmest YTD in ! Expect another warm day twitter.com tomorrow, with changes by the weekend. FORECAST »
Julie Leonardi @JulieLeonardiTV🔁New homeless shelter opening this week in Park Hill, will hold 228 men & will have beds instead of floor mats for sl twitter.com eeping & guests can stay for a full week & seek addiction help
FOX31 Denver KDVR @KDVR🔁Yep, a cold front will do that to yah. Teens and 20s this AM instead of 50s like yesterday.
Joe St. George @JoeStGeorge🔁I’ve learned Cassie Tanner, another woman alleging harassment by Lebsock, will NOT be filing a formal complaint. Cass twitter.com ie sent me this statement
Joe St. George @JoeStGeorge🔁Confirmed: Holly Tarry, a former lobbyist, has filed a formal complaint with Speaker office regarding Rep. Lebsock. twitter.com filed the first.
Ashley Michels @ReporterAshley🔁Denver is remembering a 3 year old boy tonight, the victim of an apparent case of child abuse by his mother’s boyfrie twitter.com nd. JJ’s story & the lives he’s changed, tonight at 9
Joe St. George @JoeStGeorge🔁New: Colorado House GOP leadership officially calling for investigation into handling of harassment allegations sur twitter.com rounding .
Jennifer Brockman @jenbrockchalk🔁Hard to see, but phone says this when I call. MAYBE Jennifer Brockman? He says the contact info “fell out” of his ph twitter.com one.
Christine Rapp @christinerappwx🔁What a day yesterday! Denver’s high fell just a few degrees shy of the 75 degree record. Temps today will stay above twitter.com average, but drop a few from Monday thanks to afternoon clouds.
Rob Low @RobLowTV🔁Semere Fremichael & his attorney give the inside scoop on Denver's Public Nuisance Ordinance. Why an innocent cab d twitter.com river had to pay a $1,000 to get his tax back for a Solicitation of Prostitution charge he was acquitted of. investigates at 10.
Emily Allen FOX31 @EmilyAReports🔁Former DPS assistant principal suffers massive stroke and is now in a coma in Dubai. Her family and friends are strug twitter.com gling to get her back to U.S. to fulfill her medical wishes, unable to do what she'd want in Dubai

Emily Allen FOX31 @EmilyAReports🔁FOX31 at 9: A former DPS assistant principal suffers a stroke teaching overseas, now she’s in a coma in Dubai. Her f twitter.com amily & friends’ struggle to get her back to US to honor her medical wishes.
Rob Low @RobLowTV🔁Undercover DPD Cop approached cab driver pretending to be a prostitute. Judge acquitted Semere Fremichael of solici twitter.com tation but he still had to spend $1,000 to get his taxi back. investigates Denver's Public Nuisance Ordinance at 10.
Ashley Michels @ReporterAshley🔁A difficult topic tonight...what do you plan on doing with your body after you die? Ever thought about donating it t twitter.com o science? At 9:30 we'll take you inside a local lab that leases body parts out for research and medical training.
Rob Low @RobLowTV🔁Denver confiscated this taxi and charged the cab owner $1,000 to get it back based on a crime he wasn't guilty of com twitter.com mitting. Think the cabbie got his $ back? investigates at 10.
Joe St. George @JoeStGeorge🔁Governor Hickenlooper on : “As facts become apparent certainly he should resign.” Confirmed through Gov. Spokeswoman. twitter.com
Joe St. George @JoeStGeorge🔁New: Human rights / anti trafficking lobbyist coming out in support of . I spoke with her on phone...she says did no twitter.com t ask her to write letter
Rob Low @RobLowTV🔁Former Mountain View Cop pleads Guilty to Embezzlement. 47-yr old Leonard Portugal admits making nearly $25K in O.T. twitter.com he wasn't entitled to. He faces up to 9 years when he's sentenced in January.
Rob Low @RobLowTV🔁Denver accused of holding people's cars for ransom. Pay a non-refundable fine & get your car back even though you may twitter.com never be convicted of a crime. investigates at 10pm.
Jack Tate @JackTateCO🔁 Denver educator stuck in Dubai in coma-like state #kdvr
Bring Mechelle Home gofundme.com
Joe St. George @JoeStGeorge🔁New: officially filing today a formal complaint against for sexual harassment allegations. This begins the official twitter.com investigation
Rob Low @RobLowTV🔁Denver educator stuck in Dubai in coma-like state #kdvr
Bring Mechelle Home gofundme.com
Christine Rapp @christinerappwx🔁May have to fight a few clouds tomorrow morning if checking out the conjunction in the Denver area. Reminder that s twitter.com unrise is at 6:43am tomorrow! Happy viewing!
Alan l conrad @Alanlconrad2🔁Well that’s a cool SkyFOX shot! Fog shrouds Denver while the sun pokes above the horizon.


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