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#kbtribechat Elmira Stove Works @ElmiraStoves🔁We like the open style lighting in this quirky retro kitchen! #retroappliances #kbtribechat
#kbtribechat Garcia Cabinetmakers @cabinetmakers🔁#KBtribechat A5 - This is a fun lighting fixture set-up for over a kitchen island:
#kbtribechat CR Home Design @CRHomeDesign🔁 A5) @CRHomeDesign I second the natural light! #kbtribechat
#kbtribechat Wilson Lighting @Wilson_Lighting🔁A5: We were inspired by this statement chandelier in a Cecil & Ray Homes model
kitchen #KBTribeChat
Village Home Stores @VilgHomeStores🔁@CRHomeDesign Natural light is always the best!!! #KBtribechat
#kbtribechat Trevarrow, Inc. @TrevarrowInc🔁A5) Task lighting is important... especially to shed some light on your wine! #kbtribechat
#kbtribechat Garcia Cabinetmakers @cabinetmakers🔁#KBtribechat A5 - Here is another light fixture that works well over a kitchen island:
#kbtribechat#kbtribechat#kbtribechat#kbtribechat Wilson Lighting @Wilson_Lighting🔁A5: Tracy Smith did an excellent job selecting lighting for this beautiful farmhouse
remodel! #KBTribeChat
#kbtribechat Granite Bracket @GraniteBracket🔁A5) This is one of our favorite kitchen projects – we love the layered lighting. #kbtribechat
#kbtribechat Genesis Products @GProductsInc🔁A5 - Love this lighting! So elegant, soft, inviting and pretty! #KBTribeChat
#kbtribechat Richmond American @RAHomes🔁We could do this all day! 💡❤️ #kbtribechat
#kbtribechat Garcia Cabinetmakers @cabinetmakers🔁#KBtribechat A5 - This is another fun light fixture:
Northern Contours @NContours🔁@CaesarstoneUSA We are happy to accept on this lighting's behalf. ; ) #kbtribechat
#kbtribechat Klise @KliseMfgCo🔁A5) We love love how these star pendants add some play and fun to this bathroom.
#kbtribechat Richmond American @RAHomes🔁These are @ProgressLtg's Fortune pendants, I believe. #kbtribechat
#kbtribechat#kbtribechat Mariana Home @Mariana_Home🔁A5: We love how bright and inviting this kitchen design is 🙌☀️ #kitchengoals #kbtribechat
#kbtribechat#kbtribechat#kbtribechat#kbtribechat EC Granite & Tile @ECGranite_Tile🔁.@KBtribechat A5: #LOVE the look of #Caesarstone Concetto backlit, @CaesarstoneUSA #kbtribechat!
#kbtribechat#kbtribechat#kbtribechat#kbtribechat Progress Lighting @ProgressLtg🔁A5) Each of these spaces have such a unique look and we love them all! #kbtribechat
#kbtribechat Richmond American @RAHomes🔁We love how these tiles pick up the light. #kbtribechat
#kbtribechat Design Happy Living @DesignHappyLvg🔁Thank you, @Wilson_Lighting, for sponsoring this fun hour on @Stacy__Garcia's #KBTribeChat!
SKS Home @SKSHOME🔁@cabinetmakers yes. yes. yes. #KBtribechat
#kbtribechat Garcia Cabinetmakers @cabinetmakersnice! 🔁 A5) We love love how these star pendants add some play and fun to this bathroom. #kbtribechat
#kbtribechat CHISanDiego @CHISanDiego🔁A3: Lighting is so crucial to spaces! They brighten them and make them shine!!! #kbtribechat
#kbtribechat Cabinet City @_cabinetcity🔁 #KBtribechat A5 - This is another fun light fixture:
HNL Kitchens & Bath @HNLKitchens🔁 A4. LOVE IT! LED lights are bright, simple, and last forever. Take a look at this Ben Herzog Architects kitchen ft Blizzard
Konter Quality Homes @KonterHomesnice! 🔁 A5) We love love how these star pendants add some play and fun to this bathroom.
Cabinet City @_cabinetcity🔁 A5. Racing Green added all our favorite lighting trends into one amazing kitchen w/ Pure White counters.
lesliecarothers @tkpleslie🔁Switching gears, + friends! See : where I will be speaking + Sam & I sponsoring! Starts Monday!
SKS Home @SKSHOME🔁@Wilson_Lighting yeah.. it was lit lol #KBtribechat
Robern @Robern🔁One of our favorite #kbtribechat's so far! Thank you @KBtribechat @Wilson_Lighting! 😀👍
lesliecarothers @tkpleslie🔁It was so fun joining your #KBTribeChat today, @Stacy__Garcia of @cabinetmakers - from @DesignHappyLvg! Thank you for another great hour!
Northern Contours @NContours🔁@CaesarstoneUSA The source of this illuminating beauty! @JeffersDesign #kbtribechat
Wilson Lighting @Wilson_Lighting🔁Don't forget to check out our blog, Houzz profile, Instagram, & other social platforms for more lighting + design inspiration! #KBTribeChat
Kitchen & Bath Chat @KBtribechat🔁Next week at #KBtribechat -

Jetson's Kitchens - Here we come!
Hosted by @paulakennedyckd

Wilson Lighting @Wilson_Lighting🔁You guys were on point with the lighting puns today 👌😂 #kbtribechat
john k. & sally w. @WilsonKelseyD🔁Thank you @Wilson_Lighting for hosting such a lively #kbtribechat! Several items are going on job folders...
Mariana Home @Mariana_Home🔁🙂 As always, we had a great time chatting with the awesome KBTribeChat contributors and hope you all have a great we ek!
Milcarsky Appliances @MilcarskysFL🔁Thank you everyone for another informative #kbtribechat!! See you next week!
Design Happy Living @DesignHappyLvg🔁Thank you, @Stacy__Garcia, for another fun chat about all things kitchen + bath for #designhappyliving homes! Your #KBTribeChat is my fav!
Arielle Mégie @htindesigner🔁Thank you for this great chat! #kbtribechat
Northern Contours @NContours🔁Thanks all for such a great chat today! #kbtribechat
DXV Canada @DXVCanada🔁Great chat, enjoy the remainder of the week! #KBtribechat
K&B Design News @KBDN🔁Thanks everyone for a great #KBtribechat - it lit up our entire day! :)
Wilson Lighting @Wilson_Lighting🔁@KBtribechat It was truly our pleasure! We always look forward to this chat ☺️ #KBTribeChat
Klise @KliseMfgCo🔁Our very first and will return for the next #KBtribechat! :)
See you all next time!
Garcia Cabinetmakers @cabinetmakers🔁Thank you @Wilson_Lighting! Was a fun #KBtribechat.
CranberryHillKitchen @CranberryK🔁Very clever! #kbtribechat always BRIGHTENS up our Wednesday Afternoons! 😉
GROHE Canada @GROHE_Canada🔁What a great #KBtribechat! Enjoy your week 😀
Garcia Cabinetmakers @cabinetmakers🔁Wow...
#UseNaturalStone wow! @NationalRF #KBtribechat
SKS Home @SKSHOME🔁@WoodMode Love the storage space options and overall love of this space! talk about #goals #KBtribechat
Wilson Lighting @Wilson_Lighting🔁So many great ideas today 🤩 Thank you all for chatting with us, we'll definitely be following! #KBTribeChat
Formica Group @FormicaGroup🔁Hi, #KBTribechat! Our Global Design Lead has taken over this handle 4 #100Design so we will not be joining today. We'll catch-up next week!
john k. & sally w. @WilsonKelseyD🔁@koehlerdesigns @techlighting My pleasure! #kbtribechat
Kitchen & Bath Chat @KBtribechat🔁THANK YOU for hosting an inspirational and fun #KBtribechat today @Wilson_Lighting!
American Standard CA @amstandardca🔁What an illuminating #KBtribechat! We'll see you all next time!
Granite Bracket @GraniteBracket🔁Enjoyed the lighting chat today! #kbtribechat
Design Happy Living @DesignHappyLvg🔁Maybe a fixture this one, , that was used in this designed by ?
Home&GardenListings @homegardenlist🔁 Good tip! #KBtribechat #lighting @Wilson_Lighting
john k. & sally w. @WilsonKelseyD🔁@cabinetmakers Our goal is to tell each home owner's unique story and leave none of our "footprints". #kbtribechat
American Standard @AMStandard🔁Such a great #KBtribechat. It was the highLIGHT of our day ;) Looking forward to next week's chat!
Milcarsky Appliances @MilcarskysFL🔁@NationalRF That is so beautiful!! #KBTribeChat
Bentley Underwood @BossBentleyECG🔁. A5: Aquarium lighting means we can watch the fish day & night, !
Scott Koehler @koehlerdesigns🔁@WilsonKelseyD @techlighting I'll check them out for a new project I'm working on - thanks again #kbtribechat
Garcia Cabinetmakers @cabinetmakers🔁Amazing design! Love it even more knowing that @WilsonKelseyD! #KBtribechat
Genesis Products @GProductsInc🔁@CranberryK right??? #kbtribechat
Genesis Products @GProductsInc🔁Thank you everyone for such a GREAT chat today! Love all of the lighting inspiration. #kbtribechat
CranberryHillKitchen @CranberryK🔁@GProductsInc Wow! So welcoming, makes us want to take a bath 😉🛀 #kbtribechat
Northern Contours @NContours🔁LOVE this one! @cabinetmakers #kbtribechat
Wood-Mode @WoodMode🔁Well, the fastest hour of our week flew by as usual! Thanks for another great #KBtribechat everyone! See you next Wednesday.
Johnston Properties @DonJohnstonJC🔁CaesarstoneUSA: A5. Racing Green added all our favorite lighting trends into one amazing kitchen w/ P…
Johnston Properties @DonJohnstonJC🔁CaesarstoneUSA: NContours We nominate this design as Most Creative Light Source #kbtribechat
Kitchen & Bath Chat @KBtribechat🔁Take the time to FOLLOW each other.

#KBtribechat connections are industry resources!

Wilson Lighting @Wilson_Lighting🔁We would keep it simple with glass & chrome, using other accents like barstool pillows & fabrics to bring out the or ange
NRF @NationalRF🔁The chandelier combined with a natural stone backdrop in this bathroom makes quite a statement!
Wood-Mode @WoodMode🔁A5) Our Edison Heights Lifestyle Concept provides the right blend of and natural lighting in a versatile space.
DXV Canada @DXVCanada🔁A5.Metallic + chic ’s bathroom includes a gold chandelier over the tub
Mariana Home @Mariana_Home🔁@AMStandard Two of our favorite things! ✨🌱 (: #KBtribechat
john k. & sally w. @WilsonKelseyD🔁@koehlerdesigns Tech Lighting makes some pretty cools tuff, too. #kbtribechat @techlighting
Caesarstone USA @CaesarstoneUSA🔁 A5. Racing Green added all our favorite lighting trends into one amazing kitchen w/ Pure White counters.
Robern @Robern🔁A.5. Day vs. Night:The provides a soft light that illuminates the drawer interiors to help locate items in the dark.
Wilson Lighting @Wilson_Lighting🔁A5: Simple lighting is beautiful too! We found this kitchen in the 48th Symphony
Designers’ Showhouse simply stunning
CranberryHillKitchen @CranberryK🔁A5: love the look of a mid-century modern, sputnik chandelier - versatile style lighting can work in almost any style decor
SKS Home @SKSHOME🔁@Stacy__Garcia Thank you!! #KBtribechat
Alans Factory Outlet @alansfactory🔁@Wilson_Lighting Beautiful and elegant! #kbtribechat
Caesarstone USA @CaesarstoneUSA🔁@NContours We nominate this design as Most Creative Light Source #kbtribechat
Wood-Mode @WoodMode🔁A5) We adore this zen blend of perfectly placed accent and task lighting. The cabinets don't hurt either.
Design Happy Living @DesignHappyLvg🔁My favorite lighting idea? This one, all it's missing is some small white LED lights strung through it.
Mariana Home @Mariana_Home🔁Love this application of single light pendants! Very creative and is just the right amount with being overwhelming! ? ?💡💡💡💡
Garcia Cabinetmakers @cabinetmakers🔁Very good point @Mariana_Home! #KBtribechat

CranberryHillKitchen @CranberryK🔁The Raimond Suspension Light from is gorgeous, even more magnificent in the dark!


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