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John Leslie @john_jakester🔁 Syrian children play at beheading a Christian Priest !!!
Allah Akbar!


#JusticeLeague#JusticeLeague China Anne McClain @chinamcclain🔁gang gang🤙🏿 (Aquaman and Cyborg are the new baes by the way) 😂 #JusticeLeague # instagram.com DC
♛ S-Ilm @semusss🔁#henrycavill #Divine #ACEComicCon #Superman #JusticeLeague
🎥 capedjusticejewelry
Pete Perkins @PetePerkins8🔁 Syrian children play at beheading a Christian Priest !!!
Allah Akbar!


Entertainment Weekly @EW🔁And you thought Jason Momoa looked badass in . Get your first look at : twitter.com
Mark Mahon @MarkMahon🔁Weekend Actuals: - $18.4M, - $9.6M, - $8.4M, - $6.3M, - $6.2M & - $5.9M twitter.com
Hallerrr @lucy__luz🔁I just watched Justice League and I can really say that it's a SUPERB movie! As in! It's worth it! I don't understand twitter.com why mang hated it!
B.Lucas - Meio Morto @BLucasMeioMorto🔁Warner Bros. PLEASE Just give me the Zack Snyder cut of . Then you can do ANYTHING with the DCEU. Marvel it up. I just want the real Trilogy set out by Zack and you guys before you got cold feet and fucked it all up.
Candi Dahling @CandiDahling🔁Well to be honest I knew was gonna make worth watching! But fair… instagram.com
The Naked Porch Podcast @TNPPodcast🔁Episode 59- Justice League is.....
ben @ameseki🔁 Chinese tour all members praised with love,respect&feeling of missing.

Ashutosh IS ALL IN @ashutosh849🔁FINAL WKND :

1. $18,452,315 / $135,658,005
2. $9,664,297 / $212,129,668
3. $8,447,762 / $100,300,868
4. $6,366,242 / $7,963,016
5. $6,271,374 / $301,136,438

Ritu Patel @ritupatel112🔁SHOCKING VIDEO😳😨 youtube.com 😱 OMG HIGH VOLTAGE DRAMA erupts again inside house SLAPS abuses twitter.com
Denz @Denzarki🔁Watching as my first film with infinity. Pleasantly surprised at the size of screen 3, last time I was in screen 2 twitter.com and thought they were all that small
J T @CyberPunk_Fixer🔁         Tag your meme dealer. Retweet/follow please.
Rodger Bottenfield @RodgerBottenfi1🔁"The League is our only chance of defeating the oncoming threat. It's time to unite."

Jim Masie @JimMasie🔁All in! The identity includes the custom font Super Condensed, designed by & team in collaboration with
Paruppu Urundeh™️ @joe_shoo_wah🔁The real enemy for the DCEU’s #JusticeLeague is @wbpictures
The Queen of Sheba @SabaSmw🔁Btw: Ezra Miller as The Flash was the best part of #JusticeLeague! He saved the movie....
Matthew @MatthewMarkJr🔁Okay, I’m going to make a thread about WB/DC moving forward, as is unfortunately stumbling along to become a major success which is not the case
Cheche @chichi0994🔁Barry Allen: So what's your superpower?
Bruce Wayn: I am rich.
James Gavsie @JamesGavsie🔁 beats in the latest w/ @TheNakedPorch's Ray as our mod! twitter.com
GREAT SUPER DAIYUSHA @negigirichan🔁 My cousin really liked #JusticeLeague so I said to him “then you should see the Zack Snyder cut!” He didn’t get it.
ritik jain @ritikjain112🔁SHOCKING VIDEO😳😨 youtube.com 😱 OMG HIGH VOLTAGE DRAMA erupts again inside house SLAPS abuses twitter.com
Remember Us @lufe_d🔁Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller are the greatest fans Jason Momoa could have ever asked for // China
Thomas Lettich @TheGeekMember🔁However, WB yet again interfered with Zack Snyder’s movie, this is the third time it happened after all the critici twitter.com sms & negativity MOS received from Rotten Tomatoes 🍅 and the numbers at the box office weren’t that bad, but I think it could’ve made more than $668
Gayla Sue Hill @gs_hill🔁Can you chase the kakes? You could WIN! In theaters 11/17! #Tastykake #JusticeLeague NPN, U.S, 18+. Ends 12/15. mmg.ag
Thomas Lettich @TheGeekMember🔁So don’t get me wrong here, I still loved despite its flaws & issues coming from fans. twitter.com


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