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Justice LeagueJustice LeagueJustice LeagueJustice League lusiano @bawdelair🔁 free lockscreens
mera + flash
(justice league)

rt ou curte se salvar, por favor /ana

Sir Marius @bossmarius🔁BLACK PANTHER - $218 million in four days
JUSTICE LEAGUE - $228 million in 91 days.
Justice League Majestic Boner @angrygn0me🔁 when will Zack Snyder fans get a director's cut of Justice League?
Justice LeagueJustice LeagueJustice League Superman Homepage @SupermanHomepge🔁@EaglemossLtd Announces #JusticeLeague: The Animated Series #Figurines supermanhomepage.com
Justice League AKADeltaPhiChapter @AKA_DeltaPhi🔁 Team Justice League: @AGD_OhioU @AKA_DeltaPhi @OhioPikes @SigEpOhioU
Justice League Lucas Moura @moura_lucas20🔁 Justice League: Snyder's Version Was The 'True' Superman - screenrant.com
Justice League OliveTree @SourceSubstance🔁 BLACK PANTHER Makes Double of JUSTICE LEAGUE Opening Box Office
Justice League Reasons I'm Broke Podcast 🎙🗯️ @ReasonsImBroke🔁 Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
Justice League 물미역 @all_day8o8🔁 Why Justice League's CGI is So Bad - screenrant.com
Justice LeagueJustice League A Black Person @GivethNoFucketh🔁Black Panther after 4 days vs Justice League after 2 months
Justice League ComicBook NOW! @ComicBookNOW🔁BLACK PANTHER Makes Double of JUSTICE LEAGUE Opening Box Office
Patrick Klepek @patrickklepek🔁Black Panther, a relatively obscure Marvel hero, just opened to $192 million. It will make more than Justice League’s twitter.com entire run in a few days.
John Campea @johncampea🔁Black Panther hits 5th biggest opening in history with $192 million! In context... Black Panther will make more domes twitter.com tically at the box office in FIVE DAYS than Justice League did in its 13 WEEK run.
𝔼ric @Ericmatic_🔁What’s this justice league movie people keep bringing up lmaoo stop playing that movie don’t exist. would be nice if twitter.com we got one someday though
Scott Perez @sperez921🔁Black Panther hits 5th biggest opening in history with $192 million! In context... Black Panther will make more domestically at the box office in FIVE DAYS than Justice League did in its 13 WEEK run.
Synthetic D @_SyntheticD🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist youtu.be Overwatch Funny & Epic Moments 126 - JUSTICE LEAGUE ASSEMBLE! -
Killmonger fan account @StutteringGiant🔁Halle Berry’s Catwoman has better CGI than justice league
• @TheLuizRole🔁Man of Steel
Wonder Woman
Justice League
The Batman
Wonder Woman 2
Flas twitter.com hpoint
Green Lantern
Martian Manhunter
Legion of Doom v. Justice League

How the DCEU should’ve been.

쭈년❤️ @Loveable__1004🔁Jonghyun and daniel.. Im soft. The way Jonghyun hug and tap daniel's back.. Maybe he know what had happened. Once a leader, always a leader , Justice League ❤
ada™ @adamartinez_🔁The long-awaited team-up of all of your favorite superheroes is here! … datelinemovies.com
(Ada) Asânwâ 😘 @AOgosi🔁Batman and wonder woman are the only superheroes to have beaten the entire justice league before. The disrespect batman is getting smh
Don Dada @shaunthedon__🔁@Hookzilla They are def making justice league rn if anything this will be the best circumstance
Scott Davis @OriginalScottyD🔁I’m very late to this party but justice League the movie, considering the budget, cast, available storyline. It it’s the biggest flop for a super hero movie!
Claudia Balboa @stargazer0118🔁This is exactly who WB is trying to win back with and exactly why I am happy to buy a copy (or two). I’ve said for a while this film will do it’s heavy lifting on home release ala Batman Begins...
# via
Logan Green @biggreen_66🔁I voted for #TeamAvengers on @TheTylt—@Avengers are Earth's Mightiest Heroes! tylt.it cards.twitter.com
Pete @BigPete7978🔁Here we go — Watching Justice League telfie.com #JusticeLeague #nowwatching #telfie (via @telfieapp) telfie.co
Zsaheem ⚜️ @TeamZsaheem🔁No. The justice league is D.C. Comics and blacc panther is marvel. D.C. Does have a blacc character "Blacc Lightning twitter.com " and he has a show that comes on the cw. U should watch it.
Kings Bow To Me @_IamLegend90🔁David Sandberg has teased on Reddit that his look will have similarities to the in Justice League: War - sounds great to me! What do you guys think?
🗣 BARTOLO @LadyBlueICU🔁I finally finished watching Justice League. Jesus....
Justice For Clark @RamessesReign🔁Black Panther's opening box office is already more than twice as much of Justice League
Arian آریان @fakeArian🔁started watching justice league and the first thing i noticed was henry cavills upper lip holy shit i wasnt even looking for it
Jake @jake2da5snake🔁I voted for #TeamJusticeLeague on @TheTylt—no heroes serve justice like @justiceleaguewb tylt.it cards.twitter.com
Chris Wilson @CrisMovieCorner🔁I'd say with was better too, but if never say Justice League wasn't great. I enjoyed every second of it. twitter.com
John Yoo @cypher_2003🔁Seeing Ray tweet about Black Panther knowing full well that WB cut his entire character arc in Justice League for sexist Joss Whedon jokes and focus on a boring ass Russian family
Just Jo 💁🏻‍♀️ @AGirlABookEtc🔁Superman’s face in Injustice looks like the warped version of Henry Cavill from Justice League 😂
SWindleFeD @SWindleFeD🔁Heh, Black Panther domestically will make almost the entire domestic run of Justice League in its opening four day weekend. Suppose being a great film helps a lot.
Franck BELY @FranckBely🔁 The Story of Steppenwolf | Justice League (2017) Movie Clip: youtu.be via @YouTube
isaa_issa_yehhh🤙🏽🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ @IssaYehhhhh2k18🔁@TheRealAyisha No black panther is apart of marvel n justice league is apart of DC
Tobi Jenkins @Tobi_Jenkins🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Icky Thump By The White Stripes (Justice League Comic-Con Trailer Music)
Chris Wilson @CrisMovieCorner🔁I love both, Black Panther is probably a fair bit better. But Justice League went through some bad times with Snyder twitter.com and family and still delivered a top notch film.
Jenalyn Labastida @jenalyn_rks🔁was watching — watching Justice League
Marquise Moore @quise_Moore🔁@johncampea Fuck Justice League lol
christian @wrongsadpeople🔁justice league is the new frankstein
OliveTree @SourceSubstance🔁 BLACK PANTHER - $218 million in four days
JUSTICE LEAGUE - $228 million in 91 days


Steven @stevennhisbooks🔁Finally watched the Justice League movie and it was as bad as everyone said. Hot garbage.
Bobby #JusticeLeagueSnyderCut @Hutchinson911🔁@BatmanNewsCom Exactly. Aside from picking up with Superman being dead- Justice League feels like a restart/soft reboot.
ز نیب @browniealvi🔁Are we living in a reality where BLACK PANTHER is doin Avengers numbers at the box office?

And Justice League might get outgrossed by an Ant-Man sequel?

Doppelvizsla @doppelvizsla🔁Black Panther, a relatively obscure Marvel hero, just opened to $192 million. It will make more than Justice League’s entire run in a few days.
nicholas @fangclubb🔁“What are you… some kind of justice… league????”
Jason @ItMeJay🔁Wtf is this retarded shit I just read about DC cancelling titans rebirth, teen titans rebirth, and 2 justice league t twitter.com itles FOR TWO MORE LAME FUCKING JUSTICE LEAGUE TITLES. Disappointing.
Zay Brown @ZayBrown1998🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Justice League Trailer (Avengers Infinity war Style)
Christian Alston: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. @chrisalston712🔁Remember when box office predictions said this would equal Justice League's box office opening. twitter.com
Christina 👑 @ChristinaJaneP🔁Lowkey, “grown folks business” is not as hype as our aunties and uncles made it seem when we were younger. All they be talking about is who pregnant, or who daddy in jail. I’m going to the kids table to talk about Justice League
Khairy Jenkins @Jenklens_🔁Everyone in the theater looking at Superman's upper lip, during the opening scene of Justice League
Videl-FighterZ @mapede48🔁Like I said before, this version home release was unstoppable, this doesn't mean no hope of Zack's cut, this cut planned when WB decided to reshoot, all we can do is refuse to buy it. .
Justice League (Slightly) Extended Cut Confirmed

Sher Moua @shermuas🔁 Color at Japanese American Citizens League Luncheon in Fresno courtesy of .

never let fear overpower justice twitter.com

🇳🇬 Chudi Obi 🇳🇬 @NigerianBrother🔁Last thing have you checked out Vixen's Rebirth one shot?

Justice League of America: Vixen Rebirth comic | Read Just twitter.com ice League of America: Vixen Rebirth comic online in high quality

ike @ikeracity🔁@rozfost justice league haha
Adrián Israel @adrianisraelrr🔁 #JusticeLeague deleted scene revealed: Superman considers a black suit share.ew.com
Ryan Mecum @MecumHaiku🔁BLACK PANTHER, Marvel's 18th release, just had the second largest opening weekend in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, o twitter.com nly behind the original AVENGERS. 5th largest opening in history. By the end of this week, it will make more than the entire run of JUSTICE LEAGUE.
L'amant Boulanger @cillcillwi🔁Watching Justice League. I swear they borrowed soundtracks from Lifetime movies... Why couldn't Hans Zimmer come back?
Lane & Kent @laneandkentnews🔁If Man of Steel 2 won't treat both of these characters equally important and strong, BvS will be my DCEU ending, period. I want justice for Henry Cavill and Amy Adams after that half assed joke of a movie called Justice League.
Christian Nguyen @Mudaship39🔁📷 batmanrogues: Justice League twitter shenanigans [Batfam twitter shenanigans] [Gotham Rogues twitter... tmblr.co
Thomas Robinson @the_grumpygeek🔁Black Panther is going to make about as much money in four days as Justice League made over its entire run:
Phil Roberts @philthecool🔁'Black Panther' Doubles 'Justice League' Opening Weekend Gross crwd.fr
KH3 OTW 🌊 @uglyasl🔁ngl i actually liked justice league

my only real con was some of the humor was pretty forced

Josh Coutts @Goodshitent🔁Zack Snyder's 'Justice League' Deleted Darkseid Scene Recreated Visually


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❄️ Marco Sifuentes 🌍 окяам сифуэнтэс @ocram🔁Here's a thing people will yell at me just for pointing out: BLACK PANTHER's en route to earn $200M across its first four days in release. JUSTICE LEAGUE earned $228M across seven *weeks* in release.
Hilligins @hilligins🔁Just finished watching Justice League. Yeah, it was alright. Right in line with all the other recent DC movies.
o〽️ar. @theeonlyme🔁The Red Hood is one of my favorites for sure, Justice League Doom is another one of my favorites. That could be a gr twitter.com eat film within itself.
❄️ Marco Sifuentes 🌍 окяам сифуэнтэс @ocram🔁Black Panther will make more money in its first week at the box office than Justice League did in its entire run
Carolina @clblps🔁@HillaryWarnedUs Justice League, the Outsiders, Suicide Squad, Teen Titans and Titans, Spiral... hmm gotta be more but memory fails me.
BabydiabloDios@BabydiabloD @DiosBabydiablo🔁Chris Nolan saying toodles to D.C.'s ability to keep up with Marvel when he buried the Nolanverse alive and refused to introduce *any* of the Justice League in The Dark Knight Rises.
Sarah Sagers @sarahsagers1989🔁I voted for #TeamJusticeLeague on @TheTylt—no heroes serve justice like @justiceleaguewb tylt.it


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