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BabyBoy™ @Stay_Dreaming🔁Why don’t we stop setting off these fireworks on July 4th and set em off early on Juneteenth 🤔
Juneteenth Clayton Evans @CMarshEvans🔁 Special 4th of July Jamal ya'll! aproblemlikejamal.com
GOODIES @ChantelleMetria🔁 Why don’t we stop setting off these fireworks on July 4th and set em off early on Juneteenth 🤔
kitty 💞 @analisesroom🔁 Why don’t we stop setting off these fireworks on July 4th and set em off early on Juneteenth 🤔
Juneteenth BaeBaltimore @BaeBaltimore🔁Juneteenth, freedom day for black Americans. #FourthofJuly2018
ESSENCE @Essence🔁The colonies may have declared their independence on July 4th 1776, but it'd be many more years before the slaves wou twitter.com ld finally taste freedom:
Marcus H. Johnson @marcushjohnson🔁Juneteenth is my Independence Day
AVANTE’ @taebigmoney🔁 All Ima say is... the sun was shining on Juneteenth 🤷🏽‍♀️
Rayna Fretty @frettoobaby🔁 All I’m saying is did it rain on Juneteenth?
Cloud Nine @iGObyCLOUD🔁@Snapchat can y’all do me a hug favor and wish us a happy Juneteenth next year ? Y’all wish us everything else. - thank you a happy snapper
Pettyka Blu 💙 @PaticaBlu🔁The colonies may have declared their independence on July 4th 1776, but it'd be many more years before the slaves would finally taste freedom:
Śaturn🧚🏾‍♂️ @jaysaturnn🔁 Juneteenth is trending on 4th of July...I stan😂😂😂
Roo @nathalisroo🔁Bayleigh: Chris doesn't celebrate the 4th.....

Rockstar: What about Juneteenth. Do you celebrate Juneteenth?

Rockstar contd: That's a great holiday to celebrate. Maybe some more Americans should Google it if they dont know. Just saying. Just saying.

chidera @chiderama🔁 It was sunny on Juneteenth that’s all I’m saying 🤷🏾‍♂️
Leshay 🏵 @Sovn_🔁Angie just said Juneteenth a great holiday to celebrate, and if people don't know what that is, they should look it up. Sigh, I ❤️her 😘
Tevis Gordon @TevisG🔁African people didn't celebrate July 4.
The so-called saw America make enslavement a formal part of its structure.
We still fight the fallout.
We created January 1 as
We created
Enjoy the day off. And reject make-believe.

Vegan Queen 🌱 @only1queenme🔁@AyOne_Zay I would of said the same reason y’all don’t celebrate black history month, MLK day, Juneteenth, and etc 😑 don’t get me started
Nissaa❤ @king_Nisa🔁 Next Year we gotta do a Juneteenth cookout cause that’s our real Independence Day!✊🏾
imani . @imaniiirenee🔁I already celebrated Juneteenth, July 4 is just an excuse for the family to cook and be loud without the neighbors complaining.
BlimpCityFeeder @BlimpCityFeeder🔁4th of You-Lie is a nice Independent Holiday for some, for others June 19th 1865 Juneteenth is the Real Independence twitter.com Day when all were "free" to actively celebrate US Independence from 1776 British Rule.
Fat boy La Flare @PartyAnimalKO🔁Explaining to Selah the difference between Juneteenth and The 4th. “This is America” @ Mayfair Estates, Virginia instagram.com
black lives matter @_jocelynnbrown🔁Many African-Americans view Juneteenth as their rightful Independence Day over the national holiday on July 4, throwing parades and events.
Rogers Shabazz @thekingrog🔁@bezy_bby What is a Juneteenth
BaeBaltimore @BaeBaltimore🔁Whew! Juneteenth was everything, wasn’t it? #July4th2018
Haitian queen🇭🇹 @girlsru1es🔁 juneteenth > 4th of july
im THAT nigga @KvngPyrah🔁imagine being black and celebrating the 4th of July and not Juneteenth... couldn’t be me
Mary Jane Paul✨ @Iam_anandaa🔁I find it hilarious how some black people will celebrate the 4th of July, but COMPLETELY disregard Juneteenth. June 1 twitter.com 9th is OUR Independence Day, educate yourself and please don’t be fooled.
Brie.Da.Don😜 @_xDopeAssBrie🔁 I celebrated Juneteenth. Today is simply an off day.
B @breebreez_70🔁 I already celebrated Juneteenth, so July 4 can kiss my ass 🤚🏿
iced t @ibelongtotheTL🔁 We should have more cookouts on Juneteenth, right? Makes more sense.
T' Chandlla Custer ✌❄II🐒🍌 @_OwnlyClassical🔁I'm proud to say this fourth of July for the first time in my entire life. It didn't feel like my holiday. I felt emp twitter.com ty and left out. I'm sure just like my ancestors. This is a step in the right direction for me 2019 is gonna be LITTTT
T.C. Beasley @ThumbsUpBeasley🔁 Word to @youngrobzz23 “We celebrating Juneteenth today”
Roni. @_Anjanette1213🔁My cousin is about to be a senior in high school. I haven’t seen her in a minute. She started talking about how today twitter.com was national bbq day and that our ancestors were freed on Juneteenth. And then I just knew it was genetic.
M’peccable 👑 @grindbyfaith_🔁 If yo black ass saying Happy 4th but you ain’t say happy Juneteenth? Yo coon ass needs to do better
niaadavis @MorieniaNia🔁 Y’all go so hard for the 4th , where was this energy on Juneteenth with y’all woke ass?
Sean Kaczmarek @SeanKaczmarek🔁The Declaration of Independence set this experiment on a path that has seen Seneca Falls and Juneteenth, and hopefull twitter.com y continues to bend our moral arc towards justice.

Here’s to striving toward liberty and justice for all - today and every day to come

John Lieske @johnlieske🔁 Juneteenth is my Independence Day
ash @ash10fashion🔁so today everyone is all "fuck america" rah rah rah "this holiday shouldn't be celebrated" rah rah rah but where were twitter.com y'all at for Juneteenth???
JD12🏀 @_iamkillmonger🔁 Juneteenth > July 4th
DoMonique Warren @domoniquewrren🔁1/3 Happy Fourth of July. We aren’t “independent” yet. What about Juneteenth? I bet most Americans don’t even know t twitter.com hat there is a holiday that celebrates the freedom and independence of slaves.

Though, the Fourth of July celebrates the freedom of everyone......

(งツ)ว @SageAshworth🔁Happy Fourth of July

Advocate for making Juneteenth a national holiday

Advocate for the abolition of ICE

Advocate for recognition of the fact that the original group of white folks that came to the Americas were not immigrants, but colonizers

Advocate for immigrants' rights

909 Corb ©️🌍 @CorbinButler🔁I can’t get Beyoncé out of my head saying “gimmie da ball.. gimmie da ball..” happy Juneteenth
Boxx-A-Million @BoxxAMillion🔁Juneteenth & 4th of July?🤨🧐🤔 … twitter.com
Char’Deysiah👸🏼 @charmariex3🔁I’ve asked my mom this question before but truly I believe it’s because we’re taught in school about July 4th (at least where I’m from) and not about Juneteenth
Raheem Shabazz @MackMane_🔁 🤔 HOLD UP‼️ Y’all don’t celebrate the 4th of July cause you’re black but y’all don’t know what Juneteenth is⁉️🤡🤪🤡
Rayonte' @TheBasedCunt🔁I don’t wanna see any of my African American sisters & brothers saying “Happy 4th”. Especially if you missed Juneteenth! Let’s enjoy our cookouts & go. Fuck this holiday actually
J.Adrianna 👸🏽🔥🖤 @Shes_Goldennn🔁It’s funny asf how y’all celebrate and knowledge Fourth of July but don’t know what or when Juneteenth is 🤦🏾‍♀️ Fucking Pathetic
Proud Mary👑 💅🏾💣 @Bambi_TheKid🔁 Y’all Mfs Celebrate 4th Of July Before Juneteenth Damn Shame
TMTG @Jo_GotGame🔁We should have more cookouts on Juneteenth, right? Makes more sense.
☮PharaohKen☥ @PeekaBooPooh🔁I said the same thing I don’t see how they can celebrate and put so much energy into this day, but not Juneteenth 👀🤷🏽‍♀️. I said I was going mind my business this white holiday tho.
TeeCi @Teeci17🔁 juneteenth forever.


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