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Juncker Tubeline News @aenewsline🔁Nigel Farage tells Juncker You've learned nothing!
Juncker I love the c word! @kwaicat🔁 WATCH @Nigel_Farage to Juncker: "You've Learnt Nothing from Brexit"
Juncker Daily Express @Daily_Express🔁'Europe doesn't work' MEP rages at Juncker and demands member states get sovereignty back
Juncker Tubeline News @aenewsline🔁State of the Union 2017: President Juncker on freedom and equality of member countries
Alex Wickham @WikiGuido🔁Juncker speech: EU expansion, Schengen extended, compulsory Euro, EU army, end of vetoes, single European president
Patrick O'Flynn @oflynnmep🔁So basically this is a full-on call from Juncker to speed up EU integration. I am so pleased we are leaving. #SOTEU
stephan balling @stephan_balling🔁 Juncker Plan 6 adds up: Whitebook scenario 1+5=6. But: 1+5-2-3+4/2=2. Against scenario 2 and 3; some hints at some parts of 4.
Joe English @Mr_Insanity97🔁#SOTEU #Brexit Jean-Claude Juncker said "we will regret Brexit.", no we won't. I'm bit sure we will not regret Brexit.....(1/2)
Morvjn @morvjn🔁Juncker speech: EU expansion, Schengen extended, compulsory Euro, EU army, end of vetoes, single European president
Catriona Webster @cat_webster🔁The European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, said this about Brexit at the annual state of the union address this morning
Paul Roberts @deepdelve🔁Post-Brexit, the EU can become more integrated & politically/economically harmonised. We've done Juncker a favour. I wish him luck.
The Third Eye @tvThirdEyeB🔁BBCNEWS 3:19am EU STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS. Juncker: UK will soon regret Brexit, as will EU
Janet McWee @JanetMcwee🔁Juncker wants to strengthen the unelected, unaccountable, far-removed Commission president role – terrifying
Shelley's Cloud @kyphor1🔁Dear ,
Please do not use the term: "will of the British people". The majority did not vote for .
Hugo Freutel @CARTOONISThugo🔁 Juncker’s ABSOLUTE RULE: All-powerful president, EU-wide Euro, EU army - all WITHOUT vote
Emma Thorpe @EmmaThorpeEU🔁 State of the Union: Juncker urges new impetus for EU reforms via @FT
Funky Koval🇵🇱 @1funky_koval🔁 'The way you're treating Hungary & Poland' Farage SHAMES Juncker for Soviet-like bullying
Alan Parker @AlanLondonCity🔁European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker calls for creating a more united Europe, saying not future of
Andrew Stroehlein @astroehlein🔁UK media reporting Juncker's words as more threat than the lament it came from & the reply to xenophobic populist Far age it was... 1/
Rubén 🇪🇺 @rubentdiaz🔁 Juncker wants all member states to join the Eurozone and Schengen by 2019. #YeahRight #SOTEU
Boudica Blithe 🇬🇧 @BoudicaBlithe🔁 Listening to Juncker live in the EP has made me even more confident that Brexit was the right decision!
Steven L. Bennett @slebennett🔁I dedicate this song to @JunckerEU and his awesome nautical themed #SOTEU speech! #EU #Juncker #SOTU #ComeSailAway
Danny Bodenhiemer @Danny12380245🔁@RichardKolk39 @Nigel_Farage And that is the attitude of juncker it has a name it,s called arrogance lol eu is fucked
SvyatoslavKalishchuk @SKalishchuk🔁Jean-Claude Juncker says Romania and Bulgaria should be allowed to join the EU's Schengen area
Greece Outside In @GreeceOutsideIn🔁Juncker reveals his EU vision: One President, one Currency, one Fund #Greece #news
Jay @Daft_Aider🔁Xenophobic tweets from the far-right attacking Jean-Claude Juncker are shameful. The sooner we stop Brexit & weaken this scum the better
K.E.E.H.U @ukabilaniutumwa🔁The EU has a good chance for a trade deal with Mexico and South American countries by year-end, Mr. Juncker said
ZdzisławKrasnodębski @ZdzKrasnodebski🔁Juncker calls for combining two EU presidencies into one via
🇪🇺WriterInPyjamas @WriterInPyjamas🔁Dear @JunckerEU,
Please do not use the term: "will of the British people". The majority did not vote for #Brexit.
Bronx Voice @Bronxvoice1🔁Juncker urges EU to 'catch the wind in our sails'
Jan @Geodan333🔁Remember when described EU military ambitions as "fantasy"? Juncker literally giving speech with soldiers on screen.
Justus Brown @justusb🔁State of the Union: Juncker urges new impetus for EU reforms via @FT
Luan @EechieOchie🔁First mention of Brexit in Juncker's speech 56 mins in: "it will be a sad and tragic moment and we shall always regret this"
Peter Hale @petervhale🔁BBC News - Brexit: UK will 'soon regret' leaving EU argues Juncker
Jim Winter @jimwinter78🔁@SkyNewsBreak Juncker thinks the "future of Europe" is the coudenhove-Kalergi plan. The replacement of all local natives .
AFREEBRIT45acp👌 @AFREEBRIT🔁AWKWARD: Juncker's EU address featured footage of UK having just voted to leave the bloc.
BasedPoland @BasedPoland🔁Juncker State of Union LIVE: EU President to snub UK and demand 'United States of Europe'
Jim Mandel Jr @Jerichomarch🔁Brexit: UK will 'soon regret' leaving EU argues Juncker
Peter Rivers @PeterRi43350956🔁@zerocruel @DianeJamesMEP She probably hasn't got the clap for juncker!
Martin @martinoggie🔁The clapping at the Parliament as they listen to Jean Claude Juncker reminds me of scenes from North Korean party conferences
Amanda Getchel @agetchel87🔁EUROPEAN UNION: Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, says the UK will 'soon regret the decision to leave the EU'.
Tom Pratt @tomfury2020🔁And Remainers will be forever angry with Brexiters who seem incapable of comprehending the damage they’ve done to UK

Martin P @ponty_martin🔁BELLWETHER Juncker's overreach spells trouble for European Union
Geraint of Dumnonia @geraij73🔁Jean-Claude Juncker says "Britons will soon regret the decision to leave the EU" but says Brexit is "not the future of Europe"
Financial Journal @FinanJournal🔁#Juncker called on Bulgaria and Romania to join the Schengen area!
Sharon McGonigal @Shazza1uk🔁 Remainers wondering why the polls haven't swung back their way should probably watch Juncker's speech this morning...
Keith E Thomas @zircon654🔁Juncker announces EU Dictatorship and end to the Sovereign nation state except for new state Greater Germany as Hitle r decreed.👎🚽
UK Marketers @UKmarketers🔁Capsule Stand via @AmazonUK #RoaldDahlDay
GC 2018-2017 ALICE @2018inquire🔁CLASSIC ! EU’s Juncker Says Europe’s Economy and Confidence are if you are speaking French Policy PARDONS @business
Blockchain Evo @BlockchainEvo🔁: Juncker says is a very sad moment in Europe's history, and British will come to regret it. Huge applause in EU Parliament
Des McGinn @DesMchlmcgnn🔁Jean-Claude Juncker: Britons will 'soon regret' Brexit vote - Sky News the population at least,regret it already
Paul Austin @Pauldaustin🔁Jean-Claude Juncker: Britons will 'soon regret' Brexit vote - Sky News
JSP @facundo_jpm🔁Our president's reply to Juncker: Your faith in Europe must be met with a higher budget and focus on social justice
Konstantine Roccas @KosteeRoccas🔁It's mind-boggling how the #EU has learned nothing. Eff the shadow government. Europe needs democracy. #Juncker's speech was madness.
BreakingNewsPakistan @BreakingNewPak🔁‘Let our journalists go!’ EU’s Juncker tells Turkey - #Pakistan
A Very Angry Hobbit @VeryAngryHobbit🔁You keep basing your Brexit arguments on Jean-Claude Juncker and what he says....
Something you should consider:
EMF-ECBC @EMF_ECBC🔁., , highlights social impact/role of industry against backdrop of .
Adam Reichardt @areichardt🔁About bloody time ...
Arthur @Hobsons4Choice🔁 - : UK will 'soon regret' leaving argues . Yes regret already, that we didn't get out of that sh*t 20yrs ago
23-8-17 @deffmick🔁Nigel Farage tells Juncker You've learned nothing! #LBC
Barbara Fidyk @BarbaraFidyk🔁Nigel Farage SHAMES Jean-Claude Juncker for turning EU into Soviet-like regime with shock new plan

Andries @andriesbosch🔁Jean-Claude Juncker pledged a tougher stance on overseas investment in the EU in his State of the Union address
Dr Julia Reid MEP @julia_reid🔁 Juncker: wants to merge Presidency of Council and Commission - one President of EU.
JustSharon @shazpazuk🔁If #brexit is pissing #juncker off then bring it on haha 😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😜😜
AFREEBRIT45acp👌 @AFREEBRIT🔁Juncker shows the world the true face of the new europe the 4th reich has arrived ...
UK Marketers @UKmarketers🔁Plant Pot via @AmazonUK #RoaldDahlDay
Logical Paleocon @THISISTRASH12🔁Jean-Claude Juncker is from Luxembourg, which is basically a giant tax haven. He has no right to lecture Britain about our politics!
Jorgie @jorgie72YNWA🔁You just heard Juncker say he wants supreme presidential power over both commission and parliament today...carry on i n your bubble John!
23-8-17 @deffmick🔁Nigel Farage tells Juncker You've learned nothing! #skynews #bbcnews
jim vottiaios @jvoti🔁Despite being member of EPP, Juncker adopts many proposals of the European Left.
Still, what we need is action, not only words.
The Third Eye @tvThirdEyeB🔁BBCNEWS 3:17am EU STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS. Juncker: UK will soon regret Brexit, as will EU


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