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Julio Jones Falcons Report @FalconsFGSN🔁How can the Falcons bring Julio Jones back? #AtlantaFalcons fanly.link
Julio Jones CA$Y JONE$ @PreissIsRightt🔁 Julio Jones tells Falcons he won't attend mandatory minicamp amid contract talks ble.ac
Julio Jones Ms Pat @ComedienneMsPat🔁 5 things to know about Falcons' Julio Jones on-ajc.com
William Matthews @mrmatthews_1🔁 This Julio Jones situation Mannn.. We better not fold. If only Freeman made that faithful block.
Julio Jones ✈️❄️ @ClutchKYD🔁 Alex Mack re: Julio Jones is a straight MOOD.
Julio Jones AJC @ajc🔁Photos: Falcons open minicamp without Julio Jones on-ajc.com
Julio Jones AJC @ajc🔁What the Falcons had to say about Julio Jones’ absence from minicamp on-ajc.com
Julio Jones 11Alive News @11AliveNews🔁Tweet: Julio Jones spent his first holdout day from Falcons camp with Terrell Owens on.11alive.com
Julio Jones I NEED $ @KoolassKelis🔁 Roddy White thinks Julio Jones should be paid more than Antonio Brown goo.gl
Julio Jones AJC @ajc🔁VIDEO: Absent Julio Jones works out with Terrell Owens on-ajc.com
Julio Jones Clarence Garrett @cgarrett3🔁 VIDEO: Absent Julio Jones works out with Terrell Owens on-ajc.com
Julio Jones AJC @ajc🔁With Julio Jones out, Quinn worked with wide receivers at minicamp on-ajc.com
Julio Jones Zesty NE Patriots @zesty_patriots🔁Patriots offseason drama pales in comparison to what other teams are experiencing patspulpit.com
Julio Jones Bleacher Report NFL @BR_NFL🔁Julio Jones tells Falcons he won't attend mandatory minicamp amid contract talks ble.ac
Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁The #Falcons make it official, saying WR Julio Jones won’t attend mandatory minicamp. twitter.com
Atlanta Falcons @AtlantaFalcons🔁A statement from GM Thomas Dimitroff on WR Julio Jones: atlfal.co.nz
Mathieu Breault @BreaultMathieu🔁Well, I don't know any team that has 2 legit n.1 WRs like Cleveland doe. There's no Odell, AB, Julio Jones, AJ Green twitter.com , etc.. but on paper as 1,2 punch, I think Gordon is very close to making a point.
CBNG @CBNGx🔁Julio Jones misses Falcons’ minicamp but has Quinn’s support seattletimes.com
Travis Dixon @bluebeast82🔁OBJ attends minicamp - no news.

Julio Jones holds out - no news.

The media is just trying to make money off you with their BS. Don’t feed them.

123Talent, Inc @123_talent🔁 Add Julio Jones to the list of NFL stars who won't be in attendance for mandatory minicamps. usat.ly
Víctor Torrent López @patamss🔁Hi Love the show, tx from Barcelona, Europe. This week u said u wouldn't trade any niner WR for Dez. My question: n twitter.com ow u would trade anyone for the great Julio Jones? He knows Shanahan well...
Adamski @HollowayA12🔁Falcons HC Dan Quinn on Julio Jones missing day 1 of mandatory camp:
"I thought he would be here, but he's not. Sometimes football and business intersect and that's ok."
Cishet Papi™ @_kingdavid🔁 @AtlantaFalcons @Lefty_Leif @MiamiHEAT Julio Jones traded to the Heat. Confirmed!
Channel 1 Atlanta @channel1atlanta🔁 Julio Jones was a no-show as expected at mini camp which put his coach & offensive teammates on the de twitter.com fensive
- FOX5Atlanta
Luis Fernnd @_lfo23🔁Peter Schrager: Julio Jones is the Falcons offense nfl.com
Jay @Jaypurehell🔁 People keep saying “Julio Jones is injury prone” ... 🤔

Since 2014, Julio has only missed 3 games.

Gordon County News @AllOnGAGordon🔁The Atlanta Falcons will open their mandatory minicamp without Julio Jones, one of their most important playmakers. allongeorgia.com
Hank Humphrey @JaxStateFan🔁Tweet: Julio Jones spent his first holdout day from Falcons camp with Terrell Owens on.11alive.com
Sarah Woodall @Woodall8Sarah🔁I'm very tired of bad Julio takes so I'm just going to explain this: This is less about money and more about long-term security for Jones.
✈️❄️ @ClutchKYD🔁Wow, I’ve never seen so many “fans” turn on a franchise player like Julio Jones. The are extremely lucky to have him & damn right he deserves the money. He is a Top 1-2 receiver & is getting paid less than players of a lower caliber. I’m pro & Julio is all Falcon
KG @ThatDudeKG16🔁Top 10 WRs according to

1. Antonio Brown
2. Julio Jones
3. OBJ
4. DeAndre Hopkins
5. AJ Green
6. Keenan Allen
7. Mike Evans
8. Michael Thomas
9. Stefon Diggs
10. TY Hilton

I see no lies. Do you?

BR @brog59🔁It’s comforting to know that Julio Jones is helping some dude named Michael Wilson of Stanford. Stanford. He’s rubbing our noses in it now.
Michael Smith @MichaelSmith_22🔁Dan Quinn spoke about Julio Jones, rookies, and team speed following Day 1️⃣of Minicamp Built By The Home Depot today.
Stephen Stark @mstarkkc🔁Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill said he’s carved out some “downtime” this offseason to watch receiver tape in order pick up their best attributes. I asked him to specifically name a few:

His answers
- Antonio Brown
- Julio Jones
- AJ Green
- Stefon Diggs

Runn'n Raiders @DaRunninRaiders🔁Julio Jones will not attend mandatory Falcons minicamp. takes a look at what this means for the Falcons and for Jones himself via .
Cat Chronicles @Cat_Chronicles🔁One of them had Julio Jones, Muhammed Sanu, Taylor Gabriel, Hooper, Freeman, Coleman and only 4095 yards and 20 tds so yeah I'll pick Cam Newton.
Lorenzo⚡️ @LiveLike_Zo🔁This just in: Atlanta Falcons' star WR Julio Jones is NOT a happy mini-camper (via for ) -
Touche' ⚖️ @Black_Ian_Mild🔁 People really want to trade Julio fucking Jones. What. The. Fuck.
Chocolate wonderland @PantherNasty🔁One of them had Julio Jones, Muhammed Sanu, Taylor Gabriel, Hooper, Freeman, Coleman and only 4095 yards and 20 tds s twitter.com o yeah I'll pick Cam Newton.
Leon Calladine @LJC2018🔁"Much like most of the players’ conversations – we like to keep private.” - Dan Quinn on Julio Jones

📝 -

Neil @Umphreak_84🔁Apparently you missed my point. Even at his small size, AB is still better. Julio is good, but I consider him a jump twitter.com ball guy. AB is a better route runner, better hands (Jones was 2nd in drops last year in NFL while AB had ONE drop), can return punts too. Better all around WR.
SuperFlex Trades @SuperFlexTrades🔁 keeper league. Keeping OBJ. PPR 1 point. QB/3WR/2RB/1TE/1FLEX (can be QB). $200 auction draft budget. Bought David Johnson pre draft for $70. Got an offer for Julio Jones:
Coffee @Coffeedarius🔁 Calling Julio Jones twitter.com
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Reeves Guytoñ🇳🇬 @reevesg55🔁Russell Wilson. Aaron Donald. Julio Jones. Those should’ve been the three answers twitter.com
Sam @Wolfcreeksam🔁@rockorocky @AtlantaFalcons Good job Guys one of you will be stepping up for Julio Jones this year. He has the contract envy flu!
F**K Your Squad ™ @BirdGangWayne🔁Listen as The Falcoholic’s Jeanna Thomas joins XTRA 1360 in San Diego to talk about Julio Jones’ holdout.
Stevie @illestevie🔁Julio Jones and Terrell Owens stopped by USC to workout today. So that’s who JT Daniels got to throw to on his first day on campus as freshmen got acquainted on move-in day. As they say around here: “Only at SC.”
Kevin @hamzakhan411🔁Calling Julio Jones twitter.com
jasmine 👸🏾💛 @falconistajazzy🔁 is SPOT ON with this...but it makes sense so people will dismiss it b/c they would rather take it personal.
***Jeff Benedict*** @JBen929🔁 is SPOT ON with this...but it makes sense so people will dismiss it b/c they would rather take it personal. twitter.com
Dee Jack @fantasydeejack🔁This isn't gonna go down well, but... Xavier Rhodes didn't shut down Julio Jones as much as the box score numbers suggested he did. Lot of open Julio in Rhodes' coverage:
GlobalSportsCentre @GlobalSportsCtr🔁While Julio Jones sits out of the Falcons‘ mandatory minicamp, another superstar receiver just seems to be excited t twitter.com o … Headlines
Stay_Calm02 @__savage_god🔁Julio Jones situation will be interesting. On team side, they likely don't want precedent of giving raises w 3 years left on a contract (1 left is standard, 2 left sometimes). On Jones' side, will be 32 when current deal done, maybe sees playing hardball as neccesary risk
Inhimimage123 @inhimimage123🔁No-show Julio! Julio Jones is skipping the Falcons’ mandatory minicamp, escalating offseason contract drama:
Kevin Waco @KWacko1370🔁In most cases, no. If there's a year (2 at most) left on a deal they out performed than I'm all for it. Get that $$$. twitter.com In a case like Julio Jones, yes. Julio has 3 years almost $50mil left on his contract. He needs to play it out. Maybe find a new agent to negotiate his next deal
DirtyBirdConway @TeagenConway🔁 Could make a strong argument that Julio Jones is the most all-around purely talented WR to ever play.
Dollaone @DOLLAONE🔁Facts I mean we talkin about practice, not a game but practice, they mad Julio Jones won’t go to practice twitter.com
Cory Jennerjohn @CoryJennerjohn🔁Julio Jones has three years left on his deal and he wants to renegotiate? Come on man. You signed the contract. Live up to it.
#BattleForTheInternet @TheCja101🔁If you're begrudging Rob Gronkowski for holding out over his contract, note that what Julio Jones and Earl Thomas are doing is even worse. (But you can't blame any of them)
#BattleForTheInternet @TheCja101🔁Mandatory minicamp holdouts so far: Julio Jones, David Johnson, Aaron Donald, Earl Thomas.

Rob Gronkowski, who DID attend mandatory minicamp despite voicing injury concerns, continues to look better.

RTFantasySports @RTFantasyFball🔁2018 WR Rankings Part 1. Plus, the latest on Andrew Luck and Julio Jones.



Phil White @Pj_Whitey🔁Listening to guys like Julio Jones and David Johnson bitching about their contracts while my favorite squad is sittin twitter.com g here with an UDFA coming off an 1100 yard season, underpaid, and not giving a shit about anything else but winning as a team like
Patty Smith @pbaileysmith🔁Hey Atlanta Falcons... fire Dimitroff and keep Julio! Dimitroff is the reason we can’t finish the drill. He micro-man twitter.com ages the coaches. Fire Dimitroff, keep Julio Jones and see what happens.
J Smooth @JeremyModel🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Julio Jones Will Not Report To Falcons Minicamp | GMFB
James Bailey @Jb3_SportsPage🔁Julio Jones seems to be unhappy with the Falcons organizations as he no longer follows the organization or teammates twitter.com on instagram. He’s also skipping mandatory mini camp looking to revise his 5-year $71 million contract.
TerrellOwensDefense @OwensDefense🔁LOL, right. Terrell Owens is to blame for Julio Jones wanting more money. Terrell Owens is the first athlete to want twitter.com to be paid more money.
SuburbJesus @jamesosinski🔁Do not sleep on Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley being the next top 1-2 combo
Big Wade 🌎💤 @1jacobwade🔁 NFL players with three games of 250 yards receiving or more in its career.

1. Julio Jones

That’s it.

yo girl cia @cia_luvs_u🔁Him and Julio Jones playin together is somethin serious 🤧 twitter.com
Ant 🐜 @iAmAnt__🔁 If you’re a Falcons fan and u slander Julio Jones you are simply a moron.
Elijah Barnes @elijahhbarness🔁@chazgotti43 @luke__gibbs Julio Jones and Tevin Coleman for Suh and Talib
Jacob Smith @g8rh8🔁I'm honestly the most pissed at Julio Jones, who came out in the media and said there was nothing wrong with the Falcons, and that the contract had nothing to do with his missing camp. Then, he goes and misses mandatory camp. We're not idiots. Stop lying.
Brian Gardner @ITSpotlight411🔁Show Tonight At 10:30PM EST: youtube.com

We discuss the latest in sports, entertainment, and wrestling!! Topics tonight include twitter.com NBA Finals and Free Agency talk, Julio Jones, WWE Money In The Bank,...

Tyler Stepheñsoñ @T_Stephenson116🔁@fenilpatel30 @PatMcAfeeShow @Colts @hunter_mc11 Wow when they trade for that scum Julio Jones they’ll be unstoppable
Brian Gardner @ITSpotlight411🔁We discuss the latest in sports, entertainment, and wrestling!! Topics tonight include NBA Finals and Free Agency t twitter.com alk, Julio Jones, WWE Money In The Bank, and we also present this week's edition of the "Box Office Beat!"
woogidyboogidy @woogidyboogidy🔁What I’ve learned on Twitter today.

10 am: Julio Jones is a bum ass who doesn’t care about anyone but himself.
9:45pm: My favorite baseball team’s leader in home runs needs to focus on hitting more ground balls.

Neil not Neal @RealNeilB🔁The T.O. transformed Julio Jones (a grown-ass man) into a blubbering malcontent takes are my favorite takes.


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