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Julian Assange Biko Django @BikoDjango🔁 4:30 PM on the balcony (1:30 AEST) for Julian Assange statement @abcnews
Julian Assange🕊🇺🇸 @Jody_Rossel🔁Julian Assange “Will Not Forget Or Forgive”
Julian Assange Bourne Vexed @bournevexed🔁 The Difference Between Julian Assange & Mark Zuckerberg
Julian Assange Paul G @gib_paul🔁 Julian Assange poses with staff as he prepares to leave Ecuadorean Embassy
WikiLeaks @wikileaks🔁BREAKING: Sweden has dropped its case against Julian Assange and will revoke its arrest warrant


WikiLeaks @wikileaks🔁Swedish prosecutors say an FBI agent emailed them about Assange's case in March, but they deleted the email
Sean Hannity @seanhannity🔁Julian Assange all but identifies the 27 year old DNC worker as a source and we are to ignore this?
b d wildeman @bdwildeman🔁Nigel Farage is interviewed by Die Zeit about meeting Julian Assange, and Russian money. He does not like it.
Jive London @JiveLDN🔁 Julian Assange's five years in the Ecuadorian embassy – from Pamela Anderson to a tie-wearing cat
DeplorableTx#MAGA @RickAndKim30yrs🔁 How do you think I knew?

Boon @Boonyagogo🔁Julian Assange looks like that man at Games Workshop who shouts at young people when they paint the models the wrong shade of chrome
Rick Ross @rickwross🔁They are gonna hate you anyway, .

Now is the time for boldness.

Pardon Julian Assange / .

ALL IN 4 TRUMP @qubrat1s🔁Sweden dropped rape allegations against Julian Assange, but that doesn't mean he's clear. He's still facing 8 counts of making Hillary mad.
vidyaswaroop saxena @cheku1941🔁Dropped charges an important victory: Julian Assange, WikiLeaks
SRA ↓ @SRAntiFascism🔁Sweden Withdraws Arrest Warrant for Julian Assange, but He Still Faces Serious Legal Jeopardy by

jack shaw @JACK__SHAW🔁 ‘I Will Not Forgive And Forget’
Kyle McGuffin @Baystreetinc🔁I liked a @YouTube video Anonymous Julian Assange Finally Free After 7 Years Of Detention?
Luke Butler @lukebutler1🔁 Assange: 'WikiLeaks will always be the bad boy'
Mike @Football53229🔁Chelsea Manning is a hero!

Julian Assange is a traitor!

If you've stopped expecting liberals to have principles, congrats!

(They have 0.)

Trump Loyalist @TrumpLoyalist🔁BREAKING: Sweden has dropped its case against Julian Assange and will revoke its arrest warrant


AmyMart @AmyMart🔁REMINDER: Obama wanted to throw Julian Assange in prison for publishing the info Chelsea Manning gave him, while releasing Manning.
ɐɹnɯɐʞɐN¯ıɾnʎS¯ㄥ⇂ގᄅᄅ @alicetiptree🔁It's almost impossible. Even genius hacker Julian Assange can't implement the task
Nicole Oconnell @NicoleOconnel17🔁 RT if you think Julian Assange looks shady as fuck regardless of the rape verdict
SRA ↓ @SRAntiFascism🔁UK refuses to confirm or deny whether it has already received a US extradition warrant for Julian Assange. Focus now moves to UK.
Carol Duffie @songbirdcd🔁‘I Will Not Forgive And Forget’
Anna Roberts @XJF2IbBFzRtEhah🔁 Sweden's Director of Public Prosecution has decided to discontinue the investigation into WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
Johan Justino Eklund @Justinodiaz🔁Julian Assange has got to be the most deluded, self-pitying, self-serving, self-righteous hypocrite in history. Talk about self-corrupting.
The Queen's Heart💫™ @thequeensheart🔁 I have a theory that Julian Assange is Lucius Malfoy's long lost son.
to_xorki @to_xorki🔁At last the masks are off. Sweden dropped charges that it never dared lay upon Assange. Free Julian now! Or show your ugly face Big Brother
Jonathan Davis @boomsbustsshow🔁The neocon smear merchants will have to change tack now - Julian Assange: Sweden drops rape investigation
Sage Archer REVENGE @SagArcher🔁"The proper war is just commencing," Julian Assange says after police say they'd still be obliged to arrest him

Paul Glastris @glastris🔁 Julian Assange Claims Vindication That Doesn’t Exist
CELEBRITIES NEWS @DailyGossipFix🔁Swedish Prosecutor Drops Rape Charges Against Julian Assange — #CelebritiesLatestNews #Celebrities #News #US #World
B. Jean @HackJack_🔁Julian Assange misgenders Chelsea Manning, then claims credit for her release. He's a right-wing narcissistic p.o.s.
Roblematic @puns_n_roses🔁 @puns_n_roses Julian Assange lists his education as "the School of Hard Knocks" on his Facebook profile.
Roblematic @puns_n_roses🔁Julian Assange goes back into the fridge and digs out his last cheap stubby to take home at the end of your house party.
alexmoore567 @alexmoore567🔁 The moral of the Assange story? Wait long enough, and bad stuff goes away | Marina Hyde
Gaurav Verma @gauravverma935🔁Where now for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange?
UK Politics Live @UKPoliticsLive🔁 Editorial: It is a disgrace that Julian Assange has escaped due legal process
Jack Bright @JackBri36805617🔁Assange case proves 'UK an American vassal state', can't stop extraditions - Craig Murray, fmr UK diplomat (Op-Edge)
Morgan Mayfair @MorganMayfair🔁Julian Assange suggests DNC staffer was shot dead for being a 'source' via @nypost
Tom Kirchmaier @KirchmaierTom🔁 Leaked emails reveal Nigel Farage's long-standing links to Julian Assange via @BIUK_Politics
Rebecca Peyton @rebeccapeyton🔁 THIS. Every single word of it
Carlos Lloyd @CarlosLloyd9🔁Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange has said he will not forgive or forget the rape allegation or investigation that…
Librul Azzole @LibrulAzzole🔁Julian Assange Speaks From Balcony After Swedish Investigation Against Him Is Dropped - 19 May 2017
rene reychler @reychler🔁... 'I cannot forget or forgive' - Julian Assange on Swedish prosecutors’ conduct of rape case ...
Roger Underwood @RogerUn81635507🔁 The rape investigation against Julian Assange has been discontinued by Swedish prosecutors.

chamberlagop @100pctcocoa🔁 Farage really doesn't like being asked about his meeting with Julian Assange via @zeitonline


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