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Julian Assange

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The Associated Press @AP🔁BREAKING: Official: Ecuador cutting off WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's communications outside London embassy.
darthbane @fiftysixm🔁BREAKING: Ecuador has cut off communication between WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's and anyone outside of the London embassy!

Looks like no more talks between him, Russia and Trump associates!

Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec🔁Breaking: Ecuadorian Embassy Cuts Off Julian Assange’s Internet Access, Will No Longer Allow Him Visitors
Yanis Varoufakis @yanisvaroufakis🔁Statement by Brian Eno & Yanis Varoufakis: Restore Julian Assange’s access to visitors and the outside world. Now! Varoufakis
#Neige @Chloe321SJA🔁Ecuador has cut off internet access to Julian Assange, saying he violated an agreement to not send messages that could impact Ecuador’s relationships with other countries.

On Monday, the WikiLeaks founder posted tweets criticizing the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the UK.

ConservativeViews @Conservative320🔁Hang on Eric, aren't you the guy that oversaw, with Robert Mueller, the illegal operation to frame me in 2011? How'd that work out for you?

Julian Assange has had his Internet disconnected and is not allowed any visitors

If you’re in LONDON please gather immediately outside the Ecuadorian Embassy

Demand “Reconnect Julian”
Until Julian is back online
Thank you


semiosphere Ⓐ◾◾◾◾◾◾ @semiosphere🔁Dear Mr. Moreno,
Julian Assange is one of only few heroes our time has to offer. He is fighting for the freedom of all of us. I have always been grateful for your granting him shelter at your embassy. Please for he gives hope to so many of us. Thank you.
Janet @Janet30391799🔁OUCH!!! WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is said to have lost access to the internet and the right to receive visitors at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. 😱
Mark D @notapartyparrot🔁 Ecuador cuts off Julian Assange’s internet access. Again.
MAD RASS @Shwento🔁Ecuador says it has again suspended Julian Assange's outside communications access at its embassy in London
Assange Freedom Now @AssangeFreedom5🔁"Are we gonna have free press in this country or are we not? Julian is the best of actual journalism." - LIVE NOW at the Online Vigil for Julian Assange

becky in Texas @bechey🔁 Julian Assange has lost. His internet access. That’s the first sign the Russians don’t need you anymore.
Kenneth F. Eichler @ken_eichler🔁Please don’t use a stupid gagging agreement to justify your silencing of Julian Assange. We love Ecuador for having supported Julian and his free speech for years. But you are making a grave mistake. The Internet will rise up against this injustice. We say NOW!
Norm ✊🏾 Resists 🍊🦇💩🤡 @NW_StayDet🔁Ecuador shuts off Julian Assange’s internet access in apparent response to recent Russia tweets:
suzane m @suzanemsuzane🔁BREAKING 👉 Brian Eno and Yanis Varoufakis: restore 's access to visitors and the outside world!

🔸 SIGN the petition
🔸 Read the statement in full

Angie Strembitsky @AngelofDubai🔁Just to be clear: The Ecuadorian Embassy didn't just randomly cut off Julian Assange's internet connection. They did it because he breached a written agreement, signed in 2017, stating that he would not interfere in other countries' business.
Adolpho Gordo @AdolphoGordo1🔁Ecuador cut Julian Assange’s internet connection at its London Embassy after the WikiLeaks founder criticized Britain and its allies for expelling Russian diplomats
Harry Balsecky @HarryBalsecky🔁@RVAwonk All I can say is. LOL..... it's nice that came around and realized Julian Assange is a Russian puppet.
They ALL Lie @Skeeter_Mcgee🔁The price of REAL journalism for Julian Assange is a world without SUNLIGHT. Now they took away his internet!?

Contrast that with the sleaze who party with Podesta. They too release "classified" documents—but with ZERO CONSEQUENCES.


Slick @bmslicktheruler🔁 Julian Assange has internet cut at Ecuadorian embassy in London

Well its about time.

Dogwoods @simply_ss598🔁On 27th March approximately at 4:35 PM London Time Mr. Julian Assange once again found himself in a situation, with no access via the Internet.

khun Tom @tgclark56🔁When asylum all of a sudden feels more like captivity.

Assange has apparently lost internet access and can no longer have visitors at the Ecuadorian Embassy. Awww. Poor Julian. (🎉)

DigilanteJane™ @JaneVoter🔁Julian Assange has been living in Ecuador's embassy since 2012. After tweets casting doubt on Russia’s involvement in a poisoning case, Ecuador cut off his Internet.
#MedicareforAll @Suzanne_Myrick🔁@RealTimBlack
Great to see Tim Black on #ReconnectJulian
Online vigil for Julian Assange
TheHarlotQueen @TheHarlotQueen🔁Ecuador has cut Julian Assange's internet connection at its embassy in London, preventing him from communicating with the outside world, because he has broken his written commitment not to interfere in other countries’ affairs

Spooklight @JonangusMackay🔁Since when is tweeting about prohibited? is a citizen of Ecuador and as such should enjoy full protection of his freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution of Ecuador!

Jane the Scammer Sanders🌊🌊🍩💦 🌹✂🥀 @JanetheScammer🔁I'm confused. I thought we were making a stand against nasty men who abuse and exploit women.

Twitter now encouraging people to rush to the aid of Julian Assange and support him in his continued effort to evade the law and bypass charges of alleged sexual abuse.

Trump News @trumpnewsbots🔁Just today, Tommy Robinson was banned on Twitter.
Julian Assange has been removed from electronic devices.
Ted Malloch was detained by out-of-control FBI.

It seems that there is, indeed, a STORM afoot.

Please PRAY for , and for JUSTICE to FINALLY prevail!

I'm a Stable Genius 2! @Amusedandhappy🔁 Ecuador cuts Julian Assange’s communication to the outside world
America Invictus @BattleRaven1776🔁Ecuador says it will meet with Julian Assange's attorneys next week after shutting down his internet access
Jane the Scammer Sanders🌊🌊🍩💦 🌹✂🥀 @JanetheScammer🔁Wonder how long that will stop him meddling and doing revenge paybacks. Nasty piece of work.

Cut off: Julian Assange loses internet access at embassy

Yazeed @DudeInDistress🔁Russian propaganda outlet RT/Ruptly is very concerned about the Ecuadorian Embassy cutting off Julian Assange's internet connection. 🙄
Carolyn Stjohn @CarolynStjohn_🔁Much love to Julian who is a hero of the people with his truth telling! Bless him and keep him from harm! Protect him from evil! Free him from his captors and those who would do him harm!
donaldtrumpsucks @trumpisgarbage1🔁 He escaped arrest but still got sent to his room with no screen time.
kurobeats 🔥 @Kurobeats🔁 Julian Assange on suicide watch
Joan Lasky @LaskyJoan🔁Trump Jr, Kushner, and Manafort met with a Russian spy. Gates met with a Russian spy. Flynn met with a Russian diplomat. Papadopoulos was arranging meetings with Russians. Trump Jr was sending secret DMs to Julian Assange. No collusion is right, it was a damn criminal conspiracy.
Susan @Islandmarsh🔁 SWEEEET!
BREAKING: Assange Internet/Communication Cut Off By Ecuadorian Embassy!
Hope @antipentrap🔁Please send a respectful tweet to , the President of Ecuador and ask him kindly to reconnect Julian Assange to the Internet.

Tofaus @Tofausu2🔁 Julian Assange is cut off from internet, no phone or visitors are allowed
Rick @Rick91067897🔁The first protesters are arriving at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to demand that Julian Assange will be reconnected to the Internet.
LibertarianLibrarian @jennyann67🔁Ruptly has a live feed outside the Ecuadorian embassy now. The first few people are gathering. The numbers will grow in the next few hours. Tell everyone you know in London to help Julian Assange. Call them. Text them. Email them. Let’s all work together to TODAY
donaldtrumpsucks @trumpisgarbage1🔁 Looks like something big is up with Robert Mueller and Julian Assange
Buddybud @Buddyboybudbud🔁OMG. The Ecuadorian Embassy in London just cut off Julian Assange's internet connection so he can't use social media.

pinaalmost56 @pinaalmost56🔁 BREAKING: Official: Ecuador cutting off WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's communications outside London embassy.
Future Lab 3D @FutureLab3D🔁WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange can’t connect to the internet anymore. On Wednesday, Ecuador’s government posted a statement on Twitter saying it cut Assange’s internet...
Mary Ann almeida @MaryAnnalmeida5🔁“Dumb F–ks”: Julian Assange Reminds Us What Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Of Facebook Users!
AmericanME @AmericanLuvSong🔁Just today, Tommy Robinson was banned on Twitter.
Julian Assange has been removed from electronic devices.
Ted Malloc h was detained by out-of-control FBI.

It seems that there is, indeed, a STORM afoot.

Please PRAY for , and for JUSTICE to FINALLY prevail!

Fatima Maldonado @FatimaFlash🔁Ecuador suspends Julian Assange’s internet access, denies visitors

Sign the petitio n to end Assange's isolation now!

Silence Dogood @PolitiTroll1776🔁So Ecuador cuts ASSange's internet...

Any bets an SAS extraction from the UK Ecuadorian embassy of one Julian ASSang e is in the works??

Or a coordinated electronic eavesdropping at a minimum.

Future Lab 3D @FutureLab3D🔁Ecuador Cut Off Julian Assange’s Internet For His Political Tirades on Twitter
Roger Lozano @Reservoirdogs83🔁Statement by Brian Eno & Yanis Varoufakis: Restore Julian Assange’s access to visitors and the outside world. Now! Varoufakis
Jeni Zill Onley 09🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 @JeniZillOnley🔁This is interesting..

Hours ago Ecuador ended any and all incoming and outgoing communications for WikiLeaks' Julian Assange.

This includes internet access and visitation rights.

There is a reason they have done this... They know he's dirty and are being pressured by the UK.

elizabeth webster @websterelizabet🔁It's not a coincidence that they shut off Julian Assange internet access to the internet and now they just arrested Ted malloch and they are detaining him where? The FBI is totally out of control and it must be shut down now.
Don Sanders @Don_Sanders🔁Assange brings PEACE 🕊💕

Free Julian Assange ❤ Now
FOXIEBGD @bgdepuy🔁Suzie Dawson and I are about to launch an online vigil for Julian Assange supporters from around the world. Let’s join together and demand the immediate restoration of Julian's human right to communication.

We will be using the hashtag

Stay tuned for details!

Pamela Black @PamelaBlack3160🔁 Ecuador Cuts Off WikiLeaks Founder's Outside Communications
Dave Hunter @hypnocoach183🔁
News of the day. Ecuador cuts Julian Assange's Internet to prevent him from meddling in other countries affairs!!

Until Julian is back online
Julian Assange's are being violated. He is being denied visitors and has had his internet cut off.


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