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Papi ✨🇵🇷 @iAm_Julian_🔁 The size of this Nebraska tornado is wild (by Mike Hollingshead).
Julian a loves twelve @bellagher🔁 Julian Casablancas being thicc
Julian @H__Julian🔁 D-Wade in the clutch!
Julian Norroy @Julian_norroy🔁 "Ben Simmons should be Rookie of the Yea-"

UofL & Jazz fans:

Julian Julián Ortega Martínez @julian_ortegam_🔁 It’s official! Design Set A has been chosen – we have our #Tokyo2020 Games mascots! #2020Mascot
Cameron Kasky @cameron_kasky🔁Goodnight everybody. Here’s my older brother Julian and I at an awesome rally when I was 7 or 8.

We were so lucky twitter.com to be inspired by him in person.

Jules @Julian_Epp🔁me, 2009: [playing with a lighter app on an iPod Touch for 6 hours straight]

me, now: if I don’t read 100 new tweets every minute I’ll die

Joyce Alene @JoyceWhiteVance🔁Great threat on all the times Trump supported Wikileaks. When Mueller indicts Julian Assange, it’s going to be tough twitter.com for Trump to say he was just another coffee boy.
kaydo @mslonelydoe🔁@Julian_Miller00 You are a skinny girl
a local citizen @alocalcitizen🔁Goodnight everybody. Here’s my older brother Julian and I at an awesome rally when I was 7 or 8.

We were so lucky to be inspired by him in person.

James Abernathy II Esq. MD @julian_asher🔁 slosh around in a shallow pool of blood
LDJ @julian__arevalo🔁 tired of getting my heart broken
Johnny Bravo @caleb_rodgers69🔁Makes no sense what so ever due to the fact surenos is a Mexican gang hito lol better luck next time at trying to mak twitter.com e a funny tweet @ me though
Annie @Annie_1251🔁@TheVoidz @Casablancas_J @jacobbercovici @BeardoBeardo @hiattb
Julian: “Retrieving the past is boring to me”
nat Izak @izak_nat🔁Children in kindergarten now can learn what hypocrisy is. Julian vs London mayor. How one was treated. The London twitter.com mayor is so incredibly horrible.
Misti Ernst @K4l31d05c0p3🔁The only thing better than one Julian Assange, is two Julian Assanges.

Denis A. Conroy takes up the story: Julian Assange And His Doppelganger -

Carlos Lucrecio @lucrecio_carlo🔁@julian_eljuli Wonderful!!!
Majayjay MPS @MajayjayPolice🔁On February 28, 2018 at 10:00 am, personnel of Majayjay MPS PO1 Julian Malate conducted Business Establishment visita twitter.com tion and inspection at CEBUANA LHUILLIER located at Brgy. Origuel, Majayjay, Laguna. Had dialogue with SG Rickrod Espares. Advise to be vigilant at all times.
JULIANBDD @Julian_Dgaf🔁Shawty want smoke but I don't see it
Brent Allpress @BrentAllpressWonder how many wires got caught up in while she was all up in Roger Stone & Julian Assange? I hear they're all worried now...heh heh heh

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange tweeted, "This article in Rappler is literally the stupidest article I have ever read. T…

Bohinj @Bohinj000🔁Bohinj ( Julian Alps ) in winter 2018 - Slovenia
youtube.com twitter.com
JuBaby😍💰 @GetABuck_Julian🔁 Hobart takes on Michigan City tomorrow night in Class 4A Chesterton Sectional. Game time is 7:30. #hardwork
Toto🃏 @Salvadorboiii🔁 I’m trynna Be at Julian right now
Call me steve @julian_junkman🔁@caleb_rodgers69 I posted it for you because you’re single and think you’re Colombian
JJ Asghar @jjasghar🔁@brainscott Per @julian_dunn i’ve fallen in love @TheOldReader it feels like Google Reader just enough to make me happy
Jason Neumann @jpnyafbk🔁I should go thru Julian on the way to the desert tomorrow! twitter.com
Montana Klingsporn @MontanaKlingsp1🔁After 56 years of human use and exploration, the vast majority of the commodities tracked by the World Bank are cheaper than they used to be — either absolutely or relative to income.
Johnny Bravo @caleb_rodgers69🔁@julian_junkman You would post some gay shit like this
Julian Cosma @Julian_Cosma🔁@JMColony @jessesingal I still found it interesting as background info. The vagueness is a serious issue though
Julian Eaton @julian_eaton🔁The global north has much to learn from innovation in low resource settings. Vikram Patel discusses the role of knowl twitter.com edge exchange in Global Mental Health with at Melbourne 2018
shaira @roomonfireera🔁I miss Julian WTF COME BACK
heather mcdaniels @No1RealWolfy🔁Thread below includes a list of the some of the many times Roger Stone changed his story about communicating with WikiLeaks/Julian Assange.
ErikTheActivist🎴 @Erikthecholo🔁Who knows a nigga named Julian Villegas lol? Dm me
Julian Cox @Julian_A_Cox🔁This whole thing is just getting boring and annoying.

Deputy AG Rosenstein, Mueller’s Boss: “What some low budget R twitter.com ussian social media marketing company did was cheeky but irrelevant to outcomes and there is no collusion“.

Get over it and get a life!

Jupinga @Julian_pbs🔁 dwyane wade hitting a game winner in a Heat jersey is how you know everything is gonna be alright
He really inna bed sleep 😂😂😂 @MYNAMEISSET🔁@GODSPLANTHEA i'm sorry i wanted to like all of julian's tweets. i didn't consider the consequences. why you talk to julian so much.
WGMUNowPlaying @WGMUNowPlaying🔁Now playing on WGMU: Taking A Cut by Starbenders from Julian
Sarah Crowley 🐏🍀🌟 @SarahCrowley🔁We love that Julian and Emma's romance is forbidden. What's your favorite thing about 's series?
Ab. @abzjsecor🔁All the youtubers I watch had babies around when I had Julian, now most of them are pregnant again 😭
Archangel Michael 🇺🇸✟🇺🇸 @AlecHagel🔁 #QAnon @POTUS
Julian Assange warning regarding AIs👇 wsws.org


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