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Juicero Nikhil Makwana @nikhilhmakwana🔁Facebook F8, Galaxy S8, and Juicero's fate
Juicero News Cult @News_Cult🔁Juicero's CEO Valiantly Strikes Back Against Critics
Juicero Timothy McSweeney @mcsweeneys🔁A Few Words from Juicero’s Frazzled Dad:
Juicero Vinbitz @vinX89🔁Facebook F8, Galaxy S8, and Juicero's fate
Juicero Marek Kubica @leonidasfromxiv🔁Reading I had to think of this classic:
Juicero Keith A. Spencer 🌹 @_kaspencer🔁 In the case of Juicero, Simpsons really did "do it"
Juicero five sans undertales @rozensturm🔁 Juicero's response does not disappoint.
Juicero Fernando Medrano 🍜 @fmedeats🔁 A Few Words from Juicero’s Frazzled Dad:
i'm swordwitch💘💛💙 @imswordwitch🔁 Oh my god, the Juicero story is literally the Juice-Loosener from The Simpsons
Juicero Matthew Seeley @maxsilver🔁 .@matt_levine on Juicero is beautiful
Juicero Thomas Newman @ThomasNewman🔁 here's the big juicero defense we've been waiting for
Juicero Deadspin @Deadspin🔁I just love this Juicero story so much:
Juicero libby watson 🥞 @libbycwatson🔁IMPORTANT JUICERO UPDATE
philip kollar @pkollar🔁this rules bc the CEO refers to the act of using your hands to squeeze a bag as "hacking"
bianca ⭐️ @__biancat🔁 PG&E the power is out in SF my juicero is not working help
Steve Sprieser @SteveSprieser🔁Juicero CEO responds with a 30-day refund for all devices.

I don’t think this applies to the shares though.

Frank Bednarz @FrankBednarz🔁"cutting…Juicero bag, pouring…pulp onto a plate…kneading it aimlessly"
Like sad infomercial peeps.
Butt Dust 🌹 @BrettJensen82🔁Is Marissa Mayer the Juicero of people?

* Super expensive
* Overly qualified for task
* Talked about by s. valley
* Not necessary or good

Beth Dean @Bibbish🔁The fascinating rise & fall of the Juicero: Squeezed out via @Hustle_Says
Justin Licata @justinlicata🔁Anyone want a short-term position? Even comes with a free Juicero press! 😲

Kevin Carson Ⓐ @KevinCarson1🔁"@Juicero Blues."
Woke up this mornin
With a bad business idea
Now I'm bein pwned on social media
Pleeeeaaase... don't squeeze my bag
⚰ASCIIㅤDRACULA🗡 @RobotParking🔁@matthewharrison have they considered getting a juicero?
biotechvalue @biotechvalue🔁Just closed the wifi-enabled Gateradero®'s* $200m A Round with . DM for B Round info

*no relation to

Elle Woulfe @ellehwoulfe🔁If you haven't read this @Deadspin article on the Juicero absurdity, your welcome.
Some call me JB. @JByronMinor🔁JUICERO. JUICERO. JUICERO. All the cool kids have one.
Producius Say @producius🔁Juicero CEO defends product and offers refunds, eliciting howls of laughter from critics via @VentureBeat
Fester @sheerchaos🔁Late stage capitalism has never been so late
Quagsire Weed @AndriErlingsson🔁Why doesn't juicero just

sell the bags

Michael Lockwood @moral_hazard🔁Hot take: All the Juicero hate is becoming a bit overblown.
MaalikSimmons @MaalikSimmons🔁 Juicesplainer
🌙mega(y)n | 70!🌙 @agiantr🔁God damn it. I bought a Juicero SPECIFICALLY so it could kill me with tainted spinach. $400 wasted.
ACAB for Cutie @bryancoffelt🔁@coreypein you know what? i'll take juicero any day over this technohorror shit
Анастасия Харина @izoldasamoylov1🔁 Juicero: Juicing boss defends $400 machine
сидор 🌹 @cedr🔁Theranos and Juicero have merged into a new startup where they squeeze blood out of people with a giant vise that costs $800 million
let love in(cel) @kloichudi🔁 this rules bc the CEO refers to the act of using your hands to squeeze a bag as "hacking"
darth:™ @darth🔁PG&E the power is out in SF my juicero is not working help
Sebastian Wurst @sebastianhrw🔁This change the world startup narrative is so f'n tired

Dude - you're selling an expensive juicer tied to an app.

JordanJayson @JordanJayson🔁Sometimes a glass of cold pressed juice is just a glass of cold pressed juice. via @Hustle_Says
Doug Hanke @doug_hanke🔁 okay you're gonna like the math here on the juicero
Ryan CrawCour @ryancrawcour🔁"Please let John Oliver do a bit on this, please let this happen." ... oh please @iamjohnoliver you just have to do a piece on Juicero!
DrAhmedAlFalasi @DrAhmedAlFalasi🔁Investors backing Juicero and its $400, DRM-laden juicer surprised to discover they were fleeced - ExtremeTech
Hendrik @Popento18🔁Juicero, the $399 internet-connected juicer, explained via @voxdotcom
Heather Hawkins @elevation_strat🔁Following this implosion with much interest. While I'm all for technology that makes healthy living easier, there we…
Will Thompson @willseth🔁 the amount of capital raised by Juicero could fund the National Endowment for the Arts for a year
Ichnich' @kricesr🔁 Juicero, the $399 internet-connected juicer, explained
David Makogon @dmakogon🔁Need more laughter in the workplace? Show your workmates the Juicero post.
Basque Design Museum @basque_design🔁Dezeen: Reader comment: "I felt like I had to be missing something, but no, it truly is pointless"
Kate McKinley @sigkate🔁do you like drinking cold press juices out of bottles but wish there were a elaborate panopticon involved? well,
Noah Swint @nswint🔁You should probably get this juicer on Amazon for less than $40 instead of a $400 Juicero
Alistair Young @AlistairYoung🔁The latest Langley Real Estate Daily News! #realestate #juicero
You Be Fit @youbfit🔁Juicero Is Offering Customers Full Refunds on Their $399 Juicers #health
peektastic @peektastic_hq🔁Juicero CEO defends product and offers refunds eliciting howls of laughter from critics #peektastic
Sean David O'Connor @alphacheez🔁@mims @mollywood is the Juicero the ultimate art: “Ceci n'est pas une Juicer”
Aryeh Cohen-Wade @AryehCW🔁Isn't life itself a kind of giant Juicero? Constant pressure followed by vague disappointment?
Ryan CrawCour @ryancrawcour🔁I have a rule to never read comments on the interwebs, but these on the Juicero CEO's ridiculous post are worth it -
Dezeen @Dezeen🔁Reader comment: "I felt like I had to be missing something, but no, it truly is pointless"
Hacker Good News @HackerGoodNews🔁Juicero boss defends $400 machine
Eric Tash @FastTash🔁I wonder what @kevinolearytv thinks of @juicero?
(So-Tear-Oh) @Sote86🔁Widespread suspicion outside Silicon Valley, that SV startups are mostly vacuous exercises in fundraising, confirmed by Juicero this week.
Sid Viswanathan @sidviswanathan🔁I wonder if they'll share the number of refunds? "A Note from Juicero’s New CEO"
Oleg Nadezhniy @MagicBitcoinNow🔁Facebook F8, Galaxy S8, and Juicero's fate: Here we are! Another episode of The Vergecast. It’s been a busy week,…


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