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Josh Norman Richard Leveille🇭🇹 @Dedicated5_🔁 Carolina certainly felt the loss of Josh Norman in 2016
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Ex-Panthers Steve Smith, Josh Norman take parting shots at fired GM Dave Gettleman on Twitter
Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁There had been rumblings that all was not well with Gettleman and owner Jerry Richardson stemming from allowing star CB Josh Norman to walk.
Josh Norman Pro Football Focus @PFF🔁Carolina certainly felt the loss of Josh Norman in 2016
RK @That2ndindian🔁Ex-Panthers Steve Smith, Josh Norman take parting shots at fired GM Dave Gettleman on Twitter
L.A. RAIDER 4 LIFE ♠ @RaiderACE562🔁It's actually Josh Norman I'm more concerned about. {{o_0}} #OAKvsWAS
35Fox🇺🇸 @jsimonds21🔁I think the way he handled josh norman, steve smith, d will, etc..with olsen and thomas davis wanting extensions is what got him fired
YoYo @Ylt68🔁After their team fired its GM, fans swarm Josh Norman's mentions asking him to return to Carolina:
Joel C. @morbidtaint🔁I am, I criticized him for the handling of Josh Norman and Steve Smith. Criticized him for the left tackle depth. Som e draft choices.
Jorge @bronxfanatic🔁Dave Gettleman had come very public issues with elite players - Steve Smith and Josh Norman - that proved hard to get over
Dylan Housman @Dylan_Housman🔁If you actually think firing gettleman was a good thing because of Steve Smith and Josh Norman, you are a colossal idiot.
Mauricio Bustos Lugo @mauricioblugo🔁Steve Smith had the most vicious response to the Panthers firing GM Dave Gettleman
Brandon Robinson @OriginalBran22🔁 *Jerry Richardson rips off his face, reveals himself to be Josh Norman*
msredlady @dmsmango25🔁Steve Smith has vicious response to Gettleman firing
Clayton Sprouse @pr1mebuckets🔁@T_Hatch89 Josh Norman wasn't a big deal because he "drafted" 2 solid players at that position in the draft.
justin hantz @JustinHantz🔁Bring back deangelo, bring back josh Norman.
lil jake @JakeOnJake🔁You can have your own opinion of Josh Norman, but to THAT 4-3 zone/trap D, he's easily worth 2 more wins & a playoff berth last year. Fact.
lil jake @JakeOnJake🔁The ball started rolling on Gettleman getting fired the second he pulled Josh Norman's franchise tender 17 months ago. 100% certain of this.
Peter Forsee @Pete4C🔁Gettleman made tough, while unpopular, decisions that were the right moves (DeAngelo Williams, Steve Smith). Jury's still out on Josh Norman
Jason St. Patrick @MJeezy2017🔁For a second you felt bad for Gettleman, then S. Smith, Josh Norman, & D. Williams firing off tweets and it makes you wonder
Roger Kuznia @RogerKuznia🔁The way he handled josh Norman was a disaster
Rick Suarez @RicksaintsSD🔁 Wonder how much of this stems from not being able to keep Josh Norman. 🤔🤔 🤔
SalvaTone Feragamo @FuriousStyyyles🔁Former Panthers players Josh Norman, DeAngelo Williams & Steve Smith Sr react to Carolina firing GM Dave Gettleman after 4 seasons
Cobra1commander @cobra1commander🔁Man, Josh Norman, Steve Smith and Deangelo Williams are killing me on Twitter right now. Seriously, this GM news surprises me.
Brad Widger @bwidger64🔁Humprhies getting out in space on the WR screen and throwing Josh Norman out of the club.
Norren Drewery @NorrenDrewery🔁@SavageRiverboat Olsen and TD both want new contracts and Jerry Richardson did not want a repeat of Josh Norman
NFL @NFL_USA_News🔁LOOK: Steve Smith, Josh Norman, DeAngelo Williams sound off on Twitter after Dave Gettleman's firing #Nfl
Darnell @_xavve🔁Never let a nigga know when your pack come in, cause a nigga come and intercept that pack like josh norman😂 scooter🔥
KK_BR @KKBR98🔁 Anybody who thinks the Panthers aren't better for letting Josh Norman and his 15m price tag walk are just flat out wrong.
Mark Makinde @Makindeisms🔁Josh Norman's reaction.
Yusuke Urameshi @ElijahDuncan_🔁Mix in Josh Norman's departure, no new deal for Thomas Davis and Greg Olsen (both BIG in Carolina community) and you can see it adding up.
Joshua LeGree @J_D_TheDon🔁@TaylorRooks he the one that let josh norman walk so good riddance
Joe Tay @vinaco21🔁End Around: Ex-Panthers Josh Norman, Steve Smith revel in Dave Gettleman's dismissal by Carolina
Future PTA President @OhThatsJody🔁@DanielBoswell @Heel78 @josephperson That's cool. Those contracts are also the reason ppl had to go. Y'all have to get over Josh Norman
Irene Alsop @u8Icwt81TOlMo7h🔁I ain't been asleep since 96' I ain't seen the back of my eyelids, I perform like Josh Norman I ain't normal nigga 🔑
Emiliano Barajas @SJnanoShark🔁@FO_ScottKacsmar #panthers and good off-season timing don't go hand in hand, ask josh Norman
Aaron :D @aaronldavidson_🔁Josh Norman is trash
Justin Porter @Justin_Porter12🔁Josh Norman, Steve Smith Sr. Fire Shots At Former Panthers GM Dave Gettleman After He Was Abruptly Fired By Team

Joel C. @morbidtaint🔁@RobDavenport86 @BillyM_91 I would have liked to keep josh norman on that one year franchise tag last season tho. Transitional purposes.
Cowboys '90s Legends @RompExistential🔁@RapSheet Steve Smith, Josh Norman, the excessive Kalil contract, and lame WRs...good riddance.
KCM Sports @KCMSports🔁Josh Norman is not the only former Panthers players to bash Fired GM David Gettleman
Aaron James Ultra @theiconic14🔁@wengering @ChrisWesseling Like Matt Kalil or Mario Addison. I don't really have a problem with the Josh Norman decision though
Bryan @BryanTNR🔁@gregorynathan34 Has to be, owner wasn't very happy when josh norman left
Travontaz @Travontaz🔁Gettleman’s firing makes you wonder about those unconventional moves, like letting Josh Norman walk, having an impact on his fate.
Hugh Tobin @HughTobin5🔁@FlashyOBJ Kirk had 4,900 yards. Josh Norman , Swearinger , D Hall , Zachary Brown , John Allen , Kerrigan on D ...
DaenerysT @DaenerysT🔁@PanthersBill You forgot "pulled franchise tag from Josh Norman". 😉


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