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Josh McDaniels E News All @enewsall🔁What Josh McDaniels would mean for Colts quarterback Andrew Luck
Josh McDaniels Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Colts expected to hire Patriots OC Josh McDaniels as head coach, per @RapSheet and @TomPelissero
Josh McDaniels kev @kevin_OMO🔁hm that’s funny this guy’s name isn’t Josh McDaniels @steelers
Josh McDaniels Art Breed the Legend @ArtBreed_EMG🔁 Colts expected to hire Patriots OC Josh McDaniels as head coach, per @RapSheet and @TomPelissero
Josh McDaniels NFL @NFL🔁Colts expected to hire Josh McDaniels as head coach: (via @RapSheet + @TomPelissero)
Tom Pelissero @TomPelissero🔁With Josh McDaniels ticketed for the , former assistant Matt Eberflus is expected to come along as defensive coordin ator, I'm told. Lot of parts falling in place now.
Chanel Green @nellzb33🔁I learned that if I don't take time to enjoy the things that are important to me, I'll look back 20 years from now and say, "What did I do this for?"

The redemption of Josh McDaniels.

J❄️hn D❄️yle @JohnDoyle603🔁Who replaces Matt Patricia and Josh McDaniels? A look at potential candidates (internal and external)
Cubana @EsterDeCuba🔁Colts expected to hire Josh McDaniels as head coach: (via + )
Nick Hostert @HostertNick🔁 Josh McDaniels now has offensive and defensive coordinators for his #Colts staff:
Paul Hembekides @PaulHembo🔁Top-10 scoring offense in each of last 4 seasons:
- Patriots (Josh McDaniels)
- Saints (Pete Carmichael)
- Steelers (Todd Haley)
kyle purcell @realdealkvp🔁So Josh McDaniels goes from being a favorite in being a favorite in Tennessee. McDaniels will be getting an HC job.
Tristan @tlmillsaps22🔁If in fact Josh McDaniels leaves (again), Brady should be allowed to call his own plays next season. Many star QBs used to. Brady already changes many of his pre-snap.
NoBsFootball @Sir_Arsenal🔁Pod w/
- Josh McDaniels Can’t Miss?
- Vikings as good as Harbaugh Niners?
- Raiders don’t need QB coach
- 49ers loss, 49ers gain in Seattle
- Careful wishing the Cavs away

Ronald Valenzuela @ronnieron1234🔁@willcain if Matt Patricia and Josh McDaniels do leave, who are ideal replacements?
Jack Esko @Jtack01🔁Matt Eberflus expected to join Josh McDaniels’ staff star
Guy Haberman @GuyHaberman🔁Pod w/
- Josh McDaniels Can’t Miss?
- Vikings as good as Harbaugh Niners?
- Raiders don’t need QB coach
- 49ers lo ss, 49ers gain in Seattle
- Careful wishing the Cavs away

Kent Robbins @ThePapaRobbins🔁 sure seems like rumored coach josh mcdaniels and Chris Ballard’s choices for coordinators is an example of hiring pe ople who aren’t better than you because of fear of your job, fails again.
Patricia Lobert @senmogusarei🔁Indy columnist rips Colts for Josh McDaniels hire
Man of Steele @HoosierVet0311🔁@GreggDoyelStar What do you think about Josh McDaniels as the next Colts Head Coach?
Nathan McConnell @nathanM99🔁Josh McDaniels, on behalf of all sane Colts fans, I’m sorry for the classless and ridiculous hit piece written by that hack Gregg Doyel.

Just do your best to ignore him once you get here. He’s gonna trash you, try to tick you off, and everything in between. Just ignore it.

Abraham Y. Salinas @abetheape38🔁I would love that. Perfect offensive welcoming gift for Josh McDaniels. If he goes to Colts, he is my 1st round pick in fantasy. I have been saying it all year and will keep saying it: Saquon is better than Zeke coming out of college.
Adam Schefter 🏈 @Adam__Schefter_🔁Josh Mcdaniels is telling me he has migraines from Bill Bekicheck yelling at him about "how much he stinks and I'm i n the reason you're not coaching in pewee football". Wow!
Paul 😡🐶 @AngryDog01🔁Josh McDaniels' offense with Tom Brady as main QB

Scoring rank:
2006 - 7th
2007 - 1st
2012 - 1st
2013 - 3rd
2014 - 4th
2015 - 3rd
2016 - 3rd
2017 - 2nd

Averaged 476 points (29.7 per game)
6,159 yards of total offense
1086 plays
54.8% pass attempt rate

Zac Newcomer✌🏽 @newc88🔁So doesn’t understand why the would pick Josh McDaniels as coach.

Fans agree with him.

Fans are lukewarm on the idea.

Also: Shut up, Gregg.


Boston Sports News @BostonSprtsNews🔁This weekend is the AFC Championship as well as the NFC Championship. I ask you who do want as your Head Coach, Defen sive Coordinator, Offensive Coordinator, Quarterback. The answer is Bill Belichick, Matt Patricia, Josh McDaniels, Tom Brady.
Joshua P Strychalski @joshstryke🔁 Why does the hiring of Josh McDaniels make sense for the #Colts?

1070 The Fan @1070thefan🔁Does Facebook official count? 😳If not, who might the offensive and defensive coordinators be for Josh McDaniels? has the answers »

TLiv™ @theTLIV7🔁 Josh McDaniels will accept the #Colts HC position, if offered, per @RapSheet.
Nicholas Labella @nlabella82🔁I think the difference between McDaniels and Shurmur is that Josh is a personality and Pat has a personality. I also think Pat will get along better with Eli.
antoine jarjour @antoinejarjour🔁. on : Frank Ntilikina The Wizards Pat Shurmur Josh McDaniels DeMarre Carroll The Six…
Bruce K @brucekenerson1🔁@RickGosselin9 Josh McDaniels
Indy Sports Coverage @IndyCoverage🔁 Matt Eberflus, Jake Peetz Speculated to Join Josh McDaniels’ #Colts Coaching Staff as Coordinators:
antoine jarjour @tonyjarjour🔁. on : Andrew McCutchen - - - Josh McDaniels - Pat Shurmur - Vikings - G…
Jay bro @Jbrowngetdwn🔁@RPOpod You guys made me laugh so hard, and fuck Josh McDaniels. I want Steve Wilks if he can bring Flip as OC
Dan Dean @chrgrfndan🔁@dpshow in response to the caller wasn’t Josh McDaniels the guy that drafted Tebow in the first round?
Joseph Hurst @woyanayatoriga🔁Indy Columnist Rips Josh McDaniels, Colts Over Coach’s Expected Hiring
Dov Kleiman @NFL_DovKleiman🔁This actually doesn't make sense Dave. If Belichick was going to leave, either Josh McDaniels or Matt Patricia would actually stay in New England to take over and replace him, NE is their dream job. That's why they waited so long without moving elsewhere when they had a chance.
Stephen Spence @S_Spence84🔁@mpspence I did agree with you until Josh McDaniels. New England hasn’t needed a great RB. I’m not sure that his offense needs one.
Horse Shoe @4theShoe🔁Not if the HC handles all the playcalling which Josh does. Bill doesn’t even call plays in NE, it is all Josh McDani els. In Indy, our OC will be nothing more than a glorified QB Coach
Rooster Jones @RoosterJones3🔁@andrewperloff Josh McDaniels wife has a Colts logo on her FB page
Alexandra Dutton @LynxIeles🔁 Now that Mularkey is out, bring in Josh McDaniels
Zach Quinn @ZachFootball247🔁Food for thought if go saquon at 1 and go Rosen at 2 is Josh McDaniels (& company) Belachickian enough to trade dow n with and acquire more assets in order for to get up to 3 & acquire Darnold? need alot of help thoughts?
Snagtumbo @TorrentTrent🔁 Can’t believe Colts are hiring Josh McDaniels.
Andrew Luck's Kidney @abbafanatic12🔁 Interesting though - with McDaniels supposedly coming. Pats have 2 Top 5 Offensive Tackle free agents next year. Solder & Flemming. Who signs with Josh in Indy?
jd 🦖 @thedirte🔁Please do it before the Colts hire Josh McDaniels

Horse Shoe @4theShoe🔁@KJVBAPTIST His actions, the way he talks to his coaches now...his players. They all support the evolution of Josh McDaniels.
93 WIBC Indianapolis @93wibc🔁On Monday, we asked you if OC Josh McDaniels was the right man for the head coaching job.

Here's what you 100 of you had to say! ⬇️

Come home josh mcdaniels @cbainter12🔁@JimIrsay @cirsay I apologize for all the terrible things I said to you when tortured us w pagano and grigson. Thank you for josh mcdaniels
#Nervedj💰djpunch317 @DJPUNCH317🔁I liked a @YouTube video D.J. Williams on why the Josh McDaniels era failed in Denver
Andres BBeq @andresbequi🔁@MikeClayNFL what are your thoughts of josh mcdaniels in indy? Reading alot of mixed feelings
Robert Weber @SpuddWeb🔁Josh McDaniels is going to be the new HC of the @Giants .. mark it down @RapSheet #Sources
IndyStar Sports @IndyStarSports🔁This offense could be great for Jack Doyle:
Paulo aiuto @Paulaiuto1🔁Hell no hell no that bearded fat slob is nothing good look at his defense this last few yrs there bottom barrel .my god its either pat shurmer or mike varabel....matts not bill belichek hell even josh McDaniels is a better choice. Hell bring back marty if u must.1st
James McDonough @DrJ144🔁He has underachieved and routinely failed at in-game coaching decisions after 10 years doing this that 1st year coach es don’t fail at. You’re telling me Josh McDaniels couldn’t come in and do better than Tomlin with that roster? Tomlin is overrated, hasn’t won anything in 7 yrs
Jeremy Davis @JeremyDavis1989🔁 New story:

What Josh McDaniels (could) mean for Andrew Luck

Kaleb W. Brumbaugh @therealkbrumby🔁Stay
Current: Josh McDaniels, All-Time: Tom Landry
News-Sentinel Sports @TheNSSports🔁Column by : Josh McDaniels could be a good hire, if he’s truly changed from Denver disaster.
Walker @WjN32🔁 have informed all potential head coaching candidates to move on. Josh McDaniels will be their next head coach once the season ends.
MookStringer @SpottieOttie__🔁Boy, if Josh McDaniels and Matt Patrica leaves New England, it’s curtains for them. Thank God lol
Jeff Taylor @jefftayloredits🔁Josh McDaniels has waited for next opportunity. Can’t screw up again. Is Andrew Luck what he was waiting for? via
ShaunInCO @shonkerr🔁@ezedsurf @4theShoe @Colts Doyel’s article was such a hatchet job, he has zero cause to hold that much animosity towards Josh McDaniels.
Ben Rockwell @brockwell9🔁Belichick assistant head coaches that became/will become a NFL head coach:

Romeo Crennel
Al Groh
Eric Mangini
Josh McDaniels
Matt Patricia
Nick Saban
Jim Schwartz
Bill O'Brien

Kevin Bowen @KBowen1070🔁@boverbay88 Check this out:
John McLean @JohnMcLean2012🔁@kurt13warner Call Josh McDaniels...
Josh Del @Josh_Del77🔁 Saquon Barkley & Andrew Luck with Josh McDaniels would be great for football
masslivenews @masslivenews🔁New England Patriots coordinator candidates: Who will replace Matt Patricia, Josh McDaniels?
Chip Bennett @chip_bennett🔁This is the story that convinced me McDaniels and Ballard could be a fit. Read the “Lessons Learned” chapter heads and they have almost an identical voice to the GM.
paul joseph @Paul485Paul🔁According to reports, Josh McDaniels will be the next head coach of the . What should fans in Indy expect from McDaniels?
Mike Franco @homerepairs12🔁@gmfb Peter,Josh Mcdaniels is going to Tennessee NOT Indy
Super Bowl Champs @jordanw1096🔁My point is they are the #1 pass D in the league this is a game not won on the arm of Brady but by the running game a nd the defense; Josh McDaniels is smart enough to know an aerial assault is not the way to win on Sunday
Kilgore Trout @KT_So_It_Goes🔁@Thomasismyuncle @KFoleyFL @JSwiftTWS who do you want, Jim Schwartz? Josh McDaniels? Nick Saban? Trust me, Tomlin is not the worst option.
Cheryl Flint May @cmayday🔁What Josh McDaniels would mean for Colts quarterback Andrew Luck via @indystar
7th STRAIGHT Championship game!! @3104Rents🔁Two plays utilizing Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski Josh McDaniels will likely employ early and often in Sunday's A FC Championship at a raucous Gillette Stadium.
Michael Shanahan @EducaSHAN🔁Look, we can sit here and act like Josh McDaniels' role in the New England system is minimal. But the guy has been coordinator for 9 of the past 12 years. Doesn't ensure success here, but let's stop pretending he's just along for the ride.

That's intellectually dishonest.


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