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Jordan Philips @JordanPhilips13🔁 170. Found a way - Drake Bell. The theme song to Drake and Josh will always be iconic forever
Pirates @Pirates🔁Josh Bell is pretty good. 🔔
Look where his homers stack up among Pirates rookies👇
Josh Bell Vladia @vladiastands🔁 Bell passes Chipper for switch-hitter rook mark. #BellROY


Will Graves @WillGravesAP🔁Let's check on those "Josh Bell can't play first" takes from April
Pirates @Pirates🔁Josh Bell now has the N.L. record for most HRs by a switch-hitting rookie with 24 (Chipper Jones, 23 in 1995).
ESPN Stats & Info @ESPNStatsInfo🔁.@Pirates Josh Bell hits his 24th HR of season breaking a tie with Chipper Jones (1995) for most HR by a switch-hitting rookie in NL history
The Grand Appeal @thegrandappeal🔁Learn about the remarkable story behind our very own award-winning fundraiser Josh Bell on
Carolyn Kimmerling @itsjustcare🔁Josh Bell now has the N.L. record for most HRs by a switch-hitting rookie with 24 (Chipper Jones, 23 in 1995).

Dany Lopez @Adny_Lb🔁. Josh Bell hits his 24th HR of season breaking a tie with Chipper Jones (1995) for most HR by a switch-hitting rookie in NL history
Tony Mazur @TonyMazur🔁(I’ll throw Josh Bell, Corey Dickerson, Eric Thames, Michael Conforto, Yonder Alonso, and Jonathan Schoop on that 30+ HR list, too)
Josh Greenberg @josh_greenberg🔁Surely time to engage in critical self-reflection about the power of OR...and not pretend Bell Pot is an exception.
skip @Skip1288🔁Look at his drafting Paul. Historically awful. What does he have to show for 10 years of drafting besides Josh. Bell? Nothing!!!!!
Al Lai @PopCultureZone🔁#DrakeBell Says He ‘Freakin’ Loves #JoshPeck and Reunites With Him After Wedding Drama via @UsWeekly
Mickey 🇪🇸 Pérez @Mickey_1_Perez🔁Drake Bell and Josh Peck are Back to Being Lovey-Dovey on Twitter via @seventeen
Jonny P @AYJONNYP🔁Y'all get mad at the dumbest shit but still aren't upset that Josh Peck didn't invite Drake Bell to his wedding. That shit is cold AF fam.
Elsie Stewart @lasadleabur1980🔁Josh Bell has quickly become my favorite Bucco. A nice foundation to build the future on. And he's pretty good at baseball too.
Eric Friedlander @Efried97🔁@Josh_Gabriel Yeah bell got taken first got johnson second then got Lamar miller and Keenan Allen
Josh Greenberg @josh_greenberg🔁PRCA gives Bell Pottinger the boot over egregious breach of ethics in South Africa racism row
Josh Gabriel @Josh_Gabriel🔁@Efried97 I'd take Johnson over Bell but I wouldn't be worried about Bell not going through preseason.
Eric Friedlander @Efried97🔁@Josh_Gabriel True was a bit worried bell could get hurt with no preseason
Josh Gabriel @Josh_Gabriel🔁@Efried97 Bell. RBs are at a premium. Stock up on WRs later.
BillyBob 125 @m12ario07🔁 Greg Wilmot's actions are the equivalent of Drake Bell crying over not getting invited to Josh Peck's wedding this year.
Shane Ryan @Sugarshane9773🔁Umm bell was suspended last season for weed, josh Gordon been suspend for weed, Bryant was suspended for weed
AlissaVonVanity // @dramaap🔁I liked a @YouTube video Drake Bell Talks Honest, Josh Peck and Amanda Bynes
Dave Morrison @sddsports🔁Pretty high on Williams and Kuhl . Should be Taillon and Glasnow. Love Josh Bell. But gonna have to deal with cubs fo r yrs. young talent.
Josh Pendleton @Pendleton_Josh🔁 Jeffrey Lord: CNN's Silence on Kamau Bell's Antifa Speech Shows Double Standard
Grant Humphrey @spazzy_grant🔁 It is time to place Josh Bell on waivers because he will be to expensive in a couple of years
Gina Lawriw @GinaLawriw🔁Drake Bell Says He ‘Freakin’ Loves Josh Peck After Wedding Drama via @UsWeekly
キング Steven @SteelCitySaint🔁 David Freese singled in another run. Josh Bell was hosed at third. Huh.

4-3, Pirates.

Larry Swentzel @LarrySwentzel🔁Josh Bell has killed the #Cubs, glad he was given an IW.
Stephen J. Nesbitt @stephenjnesbitt🔁David Freese singled in another run. Josh Bell was hosed at third. Huh.

4-3, Pirates.

crawly's cub kingdom @crawlyscubs🔁McCutchin strikesout, that was big after Carl threw a wild pitch, Joe decided to walk Josh Bell, trying to keep this tied
Rum Bunter @rumbunter🔁Smh, @CubsJoeMadd is afraid to pitch to Josh Bell. #shook
RISPy Business @MeliMel_82🔁Oh that was only the 2nd out. Here comes Josh Bell to ruin everything
Rick Monti @Aldo_Monti🔁I hate how they treat Josh Bell like he isn't a phenomenal athlete.
Larry Swentzel @LarrySwentzel🔁Nice play by Josh Bell.
Randall J. Sanders @RandallJSanders🔁Josh Bell basically a statue at first base and of course he makes that play
Jamall Mattox @13jmall🔁 Josh Bell Future Gold Glove
Free Jung Ho @EvilNeal🔁Holy Josh Bell
Ryan Platt @Ryan2434🔁Josh Bell Future Gold Glove
meg @carrymefar🔁Drake Bell and Josh Peck made up and I'm on top of the world
Lee Kitzis @LeeKitzis🔁Organist busting out Hava Nagila with Josh Bell at the plate. Didn't know he was Jewish. Mazel Tov, good sir! #MLB #CHIvPIT
Sean McDermott @SeanMcDermott14🔁Josh Bell hits a grounder back to Kyle Hendricks stranding Andrew McCutchen @ 2nd to end the 6th still 3-2 #Cubs
matthias @Wecknerd🔁i love josh bell's walkup song
Dashing SZN 1017 🎣 @IamDashingKeith🔁Bro josh took Julio first pick when Bell and Johnson there 😂 folks gotta understand FF
Josh Arnett @Josh_Arnett014🔁 Bell needs to do a dis track on Stephen A. now. I'll lose it if he goes after that hairline 😂 #Steelers
Greg Schlosser @G_Schlosser825🔁@kaitdivi Josh bell is kind of good so at least he has that hah
Sean McDermott @SeanMcDermott14🔁Ian Happ pops out to Josh Bell in foul territory stranding runners on 1st & 2nd to end the top of the 4th still #Cubs 3 Pirates 2


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