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Jon Jay: Become Trend on twitter at (2017-05-19 01:21)

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Jon Jay Molly Lloyd @MollyLl95294072🔁 Did Jon Jay just die?
Mercurial Outfielder @MOutfielder🔁What if Jon Jay is good
Scott Lindholm @ScottLindholm🔁#Cubs Jon Jay drives in Javy Baez! Cubs down 2-1!
Jon Jay crawly's cub kingdom @crawlyscubs🔁Jon Jay with a double, Baez scores and the #Cubs are now trailing 2-1
Jacob Gallucci @JacobG88🔁 No. 268: Jon Jay doubles with one out in the third for the Cubs.

The Baby Streak lives!

🌹 ROSEY BOY 🌹 @Dr_WasabiCookie🔁If 2D and Tom r brothers because of Jay and Roxas

Does that mean Jon is 2D's son because me and Roxas

(The british accent makes sense now)

luminaria98 @Luminaria98🔁“Adam Shaheen”
“Current White House”
“Eddie Butler”
“Jon Jay”
“Kerry Wood”
“NYT and WaPo”
“Nicole Evans”

Sean McDermott @SeanMcDermott14🔁Jon Jay grounds out to 2nd stranding runners on 1st & 2nd to end the 4th #Cubs lead the Brew Crew 3-2
IVÁN CHAVÉZ @ivanchavez7u7🔁“Adam Shaheen”
“Current White House”
“Eddie Butler”
“Jon Jay”
“Kerry Wood”
“NYT and WaPo”
“Nicole Evans”
-⚡- @WindyyCityyLA🔁 Jon Jay continues to be such a fantastic complementary player for the Cubs this year.
Scottie Piffen @stayhumble🔁@Cubs Jon Jay grounds out to 2nd to end the inning....after 4 @Cubs 3 MIL 2
Jon The Videographer @Jon_Kingston🔁@Bulls_Jay Because this team seems to love frustrating us this year.
Nick Crawford @NickCoCoFree🔁Jon Jay is a Miami Hurricane people forget that
World Champ Cubbies @CubbiesFam🔁This inning is stupid, save us Jon Jay
Matthew Zimmerman @Matt_ZimmermanZ🔁Jon Jay and Willson Contreras you stupid idiots of the Chicago Cubs who hit in 3 runs to steal the lead from my Milwa ukee
Gloria Schuchardt @GloriaSchuchar1🔁 Gus, Reggie, Jay B, $2 sideline lady, Jon Rothstein
Clay Brown @Tigresauce🔁Gus, Reggie, Jay B, $2 sideline lady, Jon Rothstein
Jon A @Alderson_Jon🔁 @Med2Cold No Memphis Bleek, bitch I own the Roc not Jay Z ya dig? War Ready like Tracy T ya dig?
YRNJON$WAVYY🤘🏽🌊👅 @jon_swavyy_🔁PREMIERE:

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Cubs Daily @CubsDaily1🔁Jon Jay RBI double! 2-1 Brewers in the 4th. #ThatsCub #cubs #mlb
nao @Imnao_xoxo🔁Jon Jay!!👏👏👏😆🐻💙⚾ #GoCubsGo
Scott @DougHeffercan🔁@MeliMel_82 Jon Jay had the right idea
Joe Glasgow @jsph1959🔁Jon Jay's double cuts the Brewers lead to 2-1 going to the top of the 4th.

GinaMarieBeam @ginambeam🔁 Kris Bryant flies out to right stranding Jon Jay on 2nd to end the 3rd #Cubs trail the Brew Crew 2-1
Sean McDermott @SeanMcDermott14🔁Kris Bryant flies out to right stranding Jon Jay on 2nd to end the 3rd #Cubs trail the Brew Crew 2-1
John Stocco @ILikeJohnStocco🔁Wade Davis has been the pickup of the year, but Jon Jay is certainly exceeding expectations. #Cubs
Joel Dayton @BigIowaTexan🔁Jon Jay has the tag on that. None of these balls are getting out.....#Cubs
Mercurial Outfielder @MOutfielder🔁@Cubs @jonjayU @javy23baez Jon Jay signing p good imho
Chris Reed @tnvinorays🔁I remember Jon Jay doing that to the #Cubs many times as a card!
William Chase @WillChase_🔁Jon Jay is the new Matt Szczur. From a *hit everything and play well whenever everytime* kind of perspective
Blake Van Poucke @SoldierFieldBlg🔁Jon Jay currently the best Jay in Chicago.
Trash Panda @jorel1876🔁Balaclavas: bad for Jorge, good for Jon Jay
Cubs No-Hit Streak @CubsNoHitStreak🔁No. 268: Jon Jay doubles with one out in the third for the Cubs.

The Baby Streak lives!

Chicago LT @ChicagoSZN🔁Cubs get on the board after Jon Jay doubles. 2-1 Brewers.
Marc Warren @MidwesternMarc🔁 Jon Jay cuts the MIL lead in half with an RBI 2B down the RF line and Cubs immediately make Broxton pay for that error.
Cristy Bodnar @pookoo_2000🔁And after I type this Jon Jay doubles in Javy. 🤣
Andrew McCune @amccune10🔁Starting to wonder if Jon Jay should be playing more in the outfield. Makes good contact.
Les Griggs @lgkeno41🔁Jon Jay with a RBI double 2-1 Brewers Schwarber up
I wasn't listening @devriesm🔁Jon Jay was a fantastic pickup this off season. plays his ass off every time.
Cubs Lunch @CubsLunch🔁Jon Jay continues to impress Cubs fans.
Justin Ramsey @jjramsey50🔁@jon_Orlando @QuintinWay @Ty_raab @jay_crone @AlexWhitmer I'm not sure those memories are all good
Jenny Gourdouze @Purpl0704🔁Jon Jay! #Cubs get on the board!
Josh Harting @jhart82🔁I'm not a big Jon Jay fan, but that was a nice piece of hitting. #Cubs
Tyler Russell @T_Russ10🔁 Jon Jay is #good
E-Flo @GroomOnFire🔁Jon Jay!
Brett Taylor @BleacherNation🔁Jon Jay continues to be such a fantastic complementary player for the Cubs this year.
Adam McCalvy @AdamMcCalvy🔁Keon Broxton drops a can of corn to open the third inning, and it leads to the Cubs' first run on Jon Jay's double.
Keating Elrod @ZombieFerret77🔁Jon Jay has been a great pickup
Patrick C. O'Malley @pomalley3🔁Jon Jay Time.
Gameday Feed @CHCGameday🔁Jon Jay is just one hit shy of 800 career hits.
World Champ Cubbies @CubbiesFam🔁Jon Jay is #good
John Stocco @ILikeJohnStocco🔁Double J! JON JAY with a RBI double!!!!! Chip away! #Cubs
Mary Gabrione @MaryTfan🔁YES RBI double Jon Jay😊⚾️💙2-1 now #Cubs
Go Cubs Go @TheCubsFeed🔁I enjoy Jon Jay on this team. #Cubs via @KikiWrites
670 The Score @670TheScore🔁Jon Jay with an RBI single to right. The Cubs now trail the Brewers by a score of 2-1.
Chicago Sports @ChicagoSports06🔁Jon jay RBI Double!!!!!
Joel Dayton @BigIowaTexan🔁Jon Jay RBI Double! #Cubs down 2-1
BIG ED @NYCKING🔁#MLB Jon Jay RBI Double. #Brewers 2 #Cubs 1 Bot 3rd 1 Out
ZOBRIST GUY @NickCianci1🔁Hey hey Jon Jay!
Jeff Arnold @JeffArnold_🔁Jon Jay with a RBI double to get the Cubs to within 2-1. Still just one out.
Cubs Talk @CSNCubs🔁Jon Jay cuts the MIL lead in half with an RBI 2B down the RF line and Cubs immediately make Broxton pay for that error.
tiny sprots man @bleacherbum099🔁i like jon jay
David Schuster @Schumouse🔁Jon Jay with an RBI double...2-1
Branden Pulleyblank @BrandenP21🔁JON Jay!
Christin Haws @KikiWrites🔁I enjoy Jon Jay on this team. #Cubs
Chris Emma @CEmma670🔁Jon Jay is such a steady pro.
Robert O'Neill @RobertONeill31🔁Love me some Jon Jay.
Stan @Crewsett🔁Jon Jay and Jonathan Villar are too Caribbean for this damn cold weather
CY25_Skipper 🇪🇺 @CY25_Skipper🔁@kazza_jay @jon_bartley He's superb. Deserve more exposure.
Karen Jay @kazza_jay🔁After seeing @jon_bartley on tv quite a bit this week, I admit I've been pretty impressed with much of what he says
Jon Orlando @jon_Orlando🔁Brings back good memories @jjramsey50 @QuintinWay @Ty_raab @jay_crone @AlexWhitmer
Chris H @ChrisHornb🔁Arlie Latham: "The Freshest Man Alive"
Bob Ferguson "Death To Flying Things"
Stan "The Man" Musial
Jon "Chief Justice " Jay
"Cool Papa" Bell
Willis Ransom @4Ransomm🔁Jay Sean - Do You Remember ft. Sean Paul, Lil Jon
Matthew Aung @Aunger95🔁Kyle Schwarber back in the lineup in LF
Jon Jay in RF
Baez at SS
Zobrist at 2B
Russell gets the start of the day off
OwnersBox MLB @OwnersBoxMLB🔁#MLB #Cubs
Jon Jay will start at RF and bat 9th vs Milwaukee Brewers on Friday.
Drizz 🦉 @Drizz6lX🔁@Jon_SoSwift Don't worry Jay Crowder taking care of him tonight lol 😂
Ugl'ass Jon @jon_thicklin🔁This Jay 305 x Omarion flames
Fat City Magazine @FatCityMagazine🔁: and at in Allston, MA on 5/18/17.
© Jay Hale, 2017
Finessa Williams⚪ @Jay_Peloquin🔁Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate. Jon Bon Jovi #quote
The Goat @Jon__Salazar🔁With Beyonce's $350 million net worth & Jay Z's $810 million, the couple have a combined net worth of $1.16 billion. ()
Mitch Johnson @MrMitchJohnson🔁 jon jay didn't even come out of the game after being hit in the head how did five federalist papers do him in
Ewan Ross @Mentoch🔁I'm kinda sad that Jon Rauch was a Jay cause otherwise the Jays tallest & shortest pitchers would've hit HRs
jesse jensen @jjrayn🔁@thetweethaver @Darth_Stout Lackey and Jon Jay headline the deal.
Oscar Miller @miltothepast🔁Spitting flames, giving change , changing the game and lames get shot down like Jon McCain planes. - jay electronica


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