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#JokersWild Jon Tesmer @Tesmer_🔁Night one in the books. #JokersWild
#JokersWild#JokersWild#JokersWild#JokersWild DB3IMAGING @db3imaging🔁Scenes from #JokersWild at @EldoraSpeedway with @WorldofOutlaws tonight. #WoOCraftSCS
#JokersWild#JokersWild#JokersWild#JokersWild Kade Sharpe @kadesharpe2🔁 Dash Time @EldoraSpeedway #JokersWild
#JokersWild#JokersWild#JokersWild#JokersWild Kade Sharpe @kadesharpe2🔁 Congratulations to @shanestewart_2 on winning the #JokersWild @EldoraSpeedway!!
#JokersWild Jeremy Elliott @jelliott1011🔁Posted on SprintCarUnlimited.com Scenes from Thursday's #JokersWild @EldoraSpeedway, courtesy of @db3imaging.
#JokersWild Joey Tauber @joeyTEraider44🔁 .@shanestewart_2 wins #JokersWild at @EldoraSpeedway! #KingsRoyal35
-Mordecai_ BvbeY @MordecaiChibuku🔁 Join @SnoopDogg and me for #JokersWild TONIGHT at 10/9c on @TBSNetwork
#JokersWild#JokersWild#JokersWild#JokersWild allison nothdurft @Allisonarlene🔁 Scenes from #JokersWild at @EldoraSpeedway with @WorldofOutlaws tonight. #WoOCraftSCS
World of Outlaws @WorldofOutlaws🔁The #WoOCraftSCS rigs are rolling in @EldoraSpeedway! Let’s get this party started! #JokersWild #KingsRoyal35
World of Outlaws @WorldofOutlaws🔁For the first time in 2018, parks the No. 2 in Victory Lane at on Night! twitter.com
#KingsRoyal35: This Wknd! @EldoraSpeedway🔁It’s Day One of - the Third Annual for the Sprint Cars.

Who will have the final laugh and stand atop the stage wi twitter.com th the $10,000 prize tonight?

Alex Wanders @WandersAlex🔁For the first time in 2018, parks the No. 2 in Victory Lane at on Night!
NO_Racing Report @NO_RacingReport🔁SHANE STEWART WINS NIGHT #1 of ! 🏁🏆🏎💨
Dominic Reidburn @Dominicr55🔁. finished third in tonight’s Dash. He’ll start tonight’s Feature event from inside Row Two at
Drew Donelson @LarsonFan1k🔁Posted on : driver ends dr SprintCarUnlimited.com ought, collects first win of the season in the .
DB3IMAGING @db3imaging🔁That’s a wrap from coverage, promo video coming soon from the action. Plus more coverage from tonight’s action tomor twitter.com row
Andrew Bowman @Andrewbowman49🔁Big weekend ahead - all starts tonight with the ! team heading to the infield! All the merchandise is available at the Pittman trailer!
Jeremy Elliott @jelliott1011🔁Posted on SprintCarUnlimited.com : driver ends drought, collects first win of the season in the . twitter.com
John Baumes @DIKDRAGON🔁 Race Report: and Break Through for First Win of 2018 on Night at !


John Baumes @DIKDRAGON🔁 Highlights from Thursday's #JokersWild Feature event...


Turbo Joe @JoeJr57🔁It's raceday at , take a ride with Wes for some Track Talk around Eldora yesterday.
#KingsRoyal35: This Wknd! @EldoraSpeedway🔁Highlights from Thursday's #JokersWild Feature event...


Tsip leven @tsipleven11🔁FULL INTERVIEW: talks his friendships with Dr. Dre and Tupac, Kanye's recent controversial remarks, his unexpected friendship with Martha Stewart, new gospel album, and his game show :
Joel Perrin @perrin_joel🔁Tonight’s Hard Charger at coming from 20th to 5th, !
Lindsey💋 @LindsE11🔁 If there's no "I" in "team" then why is there still "me"? #JokersWild #HighThoughts
Darren Persicke 🏁🚗💨⚾️ @DarrenPersicke🔁Devastated im not at The and this weekend. At least I can watch it on . Starting tonight's show listening to on 🏁🖤
World of Outlaws @WorldofOutlaws🔁 Race Report: and Break Through for First Win of 2018 on Night at !

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terry krebs @krebs_terry🔁It’s happening!! The main event for Night #1 of has gone green!
Lisa Jackson-Magaro 🐾 @lvminpins🔁Defending Crew Chief of the Year Barry Jackson putting the final touches on the ! will look for his fifth win of the year from the pole at !
Jennifer @MarshallRacing_🔁Nice job . You were showing your nose up with the leaders. Get do it again 2 more nights. Let’s .

Jenn Stewart @Jenn_Stewart2🔁Congrats on finally getting your 1st win of the year. Hard work, determination and perseverance=success. Praise the Lord!

Maureen Gravel @maureenseyes🔁. wins the Dash! The will be on the pole of Night at !


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