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Sham @SHN006🔁 Joey Votto doesn't care about Connor McDavid, but we do.


Joey Votto Chaine de famille @chainedefamille🔁Bob Elliott's Baseball: Joey Votto's actions have always spoken louder than his words
Cody Obrigewitch @Cody3point0🔁 Joey Votto doesn't care about Connor McDavid, but we do.


Flat Lander @Plaqster🔁 Joey Votto doesn't care about Connor McDavid, but we do.


Brendan Shanahan @brendanshanahan🔁While nobody liked the comments, I’m hearing from Canadian baseball people that Joey Votto’s lifetime of actions and giving back mean more to them. Made a mistake. Owned it. Apologized.
Sportsnet @Sportsnet🔁Joey Votto said he is “terribly ashamed” of his comments and called them “ridiculously selfish and short-sighted.”

Sportsnet @Sportsnet🔁“My comments came from a place of jealousy.”

-Joey Votto follows up on his controversial comments regarding Canadian baseball.

Watch the full video here:

Julia Espino @J_Espino57🔁MLB 1B Leaders in wRC+

**1) Brandon Belt - 167**
2) Freddie Freeman - 166
3) Joey Votto - 138
4) Eric Hosmer - 137
9) Cody Bellinger - 118
16) Paul Goldschmidt - 99
21) Anthony Rizzo - 89

sportmetweets @sportmetweets🔁'Ass' backwards: Joey Votto reverses his harsh words about Canada
sportmetweets @sportmetweets🔁Bob Elliott's Baseball: Joey Votto's actions have always spoken louder than his words
Stephen Mooney @stephenjmooney🔁I see that 'Manny Machado to the Rockies' is the latest pipe dream that has Baseball Twitter in a tizzy, but hear me out - the Rockies should *actually* trade for Joey Votto
DJ Mac @motownredwing🔁@benmaller Joey Votto
Palm Desert Rat @PalmDesertRat🔁@benmaller #whoami
Joey Votto
Amanda @AmandaFewer🔁 Joey Votto's actions have always spoken louder than his words @Reds @baseballcanada
cali spartan @efunada🔁Most called strike threes on pitches outside the zone, since 2015:

50 = Brandon Belt
46 = Steven Souza Jr.
41 = Mike Trout
41 = Paul Goldschmidt
38 = Joey Votto

Data from

CatBot @CatBot13🔁Egg Noodle Stir-Fry
TASTY RECIPES @TestyRecipes007🔁Egg Noodle Stir-Fry
RedsGameIn10 @RedsGameIn10🔁We have lots about Joey Votto right now:
Joey Q&A -
on Joey's candor -
on Cana da's Joey thoughts -
RedsGameIn10 @RedsGameIn10🔁In an annotated Q&A with , Joey Votto talks about adjustments he’s made over the years, getting “older and slower,” and the strategy he uses to mask any weaknesses:
Graham @G_Rhodenizer🔁@BlueJays_Giants @bridgetbaseball @KristyInCA The way I delivered my comments was worse than what I meant lol kind of like Joey Votto
Chris Rankin @thanksfor1984🔁Matt Joyce is like the poorest man's Joey Votto. I'm all for the A's resigning him becuase who doesn't love an 18-20% BB%?
Candlestick Will @CandlestickWill🔁I think they suck for everyone. Belt just has a better eye than most and pays for it. So do Mike Trout, Paul Goldsch midt and Joey Votto, who also lead the league in called third strikes that were out of the zone since 2015.
Arcane12 @Arcane_12🔁@TommyG Ain't no Joey Votto
Global News Report @robinsnewswire🔁 I don’t care almost at all about Joey Votto.
Red @Redcarder🔁@STL_Blonde Joey votto deserves better.
Dominique Smith @DomJulio20🔁Matt Davidson has a higher OPS than Bryce Harper, Charlie Blackmon, Javy Baez, Carlos Correa, Ozzie Albies, Kyle Schwarber, George Springer, Joey Votto, Giancarlo Stanton, Willson Contreras, Robinson Cano, Gary Sanchez, Yoenis Cespedes, Jose Altuve, and Paul Goldschmidt.
Scott @hott_rodd🔁@arielhelwani @espn Don’t go all “Joey Votto” on us
Esh Bros Cards @EshBrosCards🔁Check out Joey Votto 2018 Diamond Kings Materials Relic Silver 75/99 via
Irate Overlord @LloydQuansah🔁Brendan Shanahan adamantly defended Joey Votto on Twitter after comments about Canada:
Blue Jay Thoughts @BlueJayThoughts🔁Lukewarm Take: Joey Votto is just sick of being asked about Canada all the time, so he vented his frustration in a l ow-pressure podcast interview. Let’s be real, the amount of national pride Canadians have can be a little overbearing.
Mike Morgan @buccoman🔁 You think the Reds are happy they signed Joey Votto to that huge deal? Tigers happy they signed Miggy to that deal? Most long term deals don’t really work. Why do you want the Pirates to do that? Look around the league; it rarely pays off for smaller markets.
Joshua Drewix @jdrewix🔁Joey Votto offered up this take on the sport of baseball in his home country:

“I don’t care almost at all about Canadian baseball.”

Jefe @HungryJefe🔁In a recent podcast interview Joey Votto managed to piss off an entire country. He later apologized for his words, but Canada is having none of it
Michael Swain Jr @michael_swain_2🔁These players are making contact on pitches outside of the strike zone more than anyone else:

1) Ketel Marte (88.0%)
2) Ender Inciarte (85.1%)
3) Alex Bregman (84.7%)
4) Joey Votto (81.8%)
5) Buster Posey (80.8%)



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