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Jim Nantz BBBig BBBaller Zo @zogarnenez🔁 "Tom Coughlin knows how to tangle with the Patriots." - Jim Nantz
Will Brinson @WillBrinson🔁Per Jim Nantz on , Tom Brady "wore gloves to our production meeting" and said "Guys I don't want to get exact about" twitter.com the hand injury.
Brent Martineau @BrentASJax🔁Caught up with Jim Nantz about and he knows all about the and and by the way we'll have more from Nantz a twitter.com nd Tony Romo on the tomorrow!
Jim Nantz NFLonCBS @NFLonCBS🔁"Tom Coughlin knows how to tangle with the Patriots." - Jim Nantz
Jordan Pearson @jaypearson7🔁Jim Nantz: “Hey Tony. Well done! You finally made the Conference Championship round of the NFL Playoffs!” Tony Romo: “Thanks, Jim. I’m still shocked myself.”
Saint @AndySaintLaw🔁CBS needs to give Jim Nantz a couple xanax to slip in Tony Romo’s water
James Carroll @J_Carroll15🔁I don't like saying it because it's Jim Nantz, but Tony Romo, and himself are a good partnership in the commentary booth #JAXvsNE
Jeremy White @PLAY2WIN5🔁 I like how on every incomplete pass for New England Jim Nantz sounds surprised there isn't a flag.
the Opinions Hog @FeverVision🔁Jim Nantz sounds like he's watching a dog die when the Patriots are behind
Bcl @BCL_PG🔁I want Jim Nantz to punch Romo square in the face as soon as possible.
JB @jakebrown_04🔁I really wish Jim Nantz and Tony Romo commentated every single NFL game all year long
Joey Chester @joeyfoey🔁Does Jim nantz even enjoy working with Romo? Like he just calls the entire game before it happens. It has to be so annoying.
Sebastian Pinocchio Jones @2nd_KOMING🔁Jim Nantz deserves better...
Chris Dolan @CMDolan99🔁“Another three and out”
- Jim Nantz. Also, my Wife.
David Strang @Dstrang63🔁 Someone tell Jim Nantz nobody gives a rat's ass about behind the scenes retiring CBS employees
Daryl Simione @DJSimione2🔁Jim Nantz needs to stop hoping for a fumble.
Sean Beckwith @SeanBeckwith🔁How to shut up Tony Romo
Jim Nantz: So the Patriots look like they're mounting a comeback, this is usually the point twitter.com in the game when you'd throw a pick, right, Tony?
Bruce Hood @brucehood277🔁We got some bias commentators and Jim Nantz and Tony Romo. I'm pulling for the Jaguars
Blasian Brother @truthinsportstk🔁Jim Nantz is very concerned about Tom Brady
☀️MeliMel☀️ @Melimel540🔁Jim Nantz is SUPER dramatic all the time. He really puts extras on stuff. #JAXvsNE #nfloncbs
Brandy Rose @BrandyRose7🔁 It never gets old hearing @KyWesleyan shout outs from @CBSSports Jim Nantz does it? @Air4Cole #ColeWorld #TheWesleyanWay
Kokomoschmoe @Kokomoschmoe🔁Someone tell Jim Nantz nobody gives a rat's ass about behind the scenes retiring CBS employees
Jay Bordas @CoachBordas🔁 Jim Nantz just said Bortles told them “I’m not a natural thrower”

Never a great sign

Jeff Slawson @Jeffslawson🔁Update on Jags v Pats: Jim Nantz says “Coors” funny
Frank Mincarelli @FpmFrank🔁 Jim Nantz is so vanilla. I don’t get the appeal.
Jerry T. Tidd @JerryTheTidd🔁Could Jim Nantz have his head any farther up Robert Kraft's a**!?! #biasedcommentators #JAXvsNE @NFL @NFLonCBS
Shadi KD McGunty @K_Det6660🔁Jim Nantz just called @CoorsLight “kewers light”
Bruce Hood @brucehood277🔁Jim Nantz and Tony Romo are biased. You can tell they r 4 the Pats to win. They don't put big emphasis on anything Jacksonville does
10X-ObsessedadguyJax @tr7656🔁Jim Nantz questions every catch, which is annoying and another reason why watching the NFL isn’t nearly as good as it used to be.
Hyperion @HyperionEmpire🔁"Bortles told us last night: 'You know, I'm not a natural thrower.'" _Jim Nantz



Dan Stout @CantGuardDan🔁I wonder how many times a game Jim Nantz thinks "would you please just shut the fuck up, Tony". I know for me it's about 35 times per game
Dylan Domangue🎥 @dylanMD16🔁@SLUcameraguy93 Tony romo and Jim Nantz said clear penalty
Jac Collinsworth @JacCollinsworth🔁Jim Nantz just said Bortles told them “I’m not a natural thrower”

Never a great sign

Tolly Taylor @TollyTaylor🔁Jim Nantz, totally serious, offers a Bortles quote from their talk last night: "You know, I'm not a natural thrower" 👀 #JAXvsNE
Ben Carsley @BenCarsley🔁Jim Nantz would sell his first-born child for a chance to make it seem like James Harrison has had an impact on this game.
James Ross @golfnovels🔁 #JAXvsNE after today Jim Nantz has #PGA duty
John McClellan @jmaclaw🔁I still don’t understand why CBS sticks a quality play by play announcer in Jim Nantz with an awful color announcer like Tony Romo.
Guy Cipriano @GCIMagazineGuy🔁Refreshing speaking insight from Jim Nantz on 's podcast: "I would rather ad lib, and be choppy and uneven than be s twitter.com cripted and clear, because I want to be me."
Jen McCann @jenlmccann🔁 Do you get as frustrated as I do when people mispronounce your name?! Maybe could tell Jim Nantz it's pronounced BO twitter.com Y-yay. You're one of the best corners in the game - they gotta learn to say it right! Pisses ME off.
Cory Hanson @HansonCory1🔁Totally agree. He's like an excited kid in the booth, in a good way. He's a great compliment to Jim Nantz's just-the- twitter.com facts style.
Luis Aviña Fernandez @avf_2🔁JIM NANTZ: welcome to today’s game
TONY ROMO: the final score will be 31-17
JIM NANTZ: what?
TONY ROMO: *eyes turn black* FOOTBALL
Darin Nystrom @Djn_Gator🔁 I am so tired of you keep showing the coaches and the owner of the Patriots. This is every game they are televised. twitter.com They are not superior. And as far as Jim Nantz he is so pro Patriots it’s so evident.
Maroon PR @MaroonPR🔁During the latest with , Jim Nantz reflects on his favorite memory of presenting the with the Lamar Hunt trophy.


The Steelers n'at @thesteelersnat🔁I like how on every incomplete pass for New England Jim Nantz sounds surprised there isn't a flag.
The Box Office Guy @TheBoxOfficeGuy🔁I’ve heard tons of announcers. I hit mute about 10 years ago and haven’t missed them since.

This is my first extende twitter.com d session with Romo. He’s average at best. He’s like an over-achieving kid who’s trying to win the approval of his dad (Jim Nantz in this case).

Jonathan Bass @wolfpackJB11🔁I like Jim Nantz and Tony Romo. With that being said...NOBODY CARES ABOUT THEM CHANGING TOM BRADY'S BANDAGE!
RoShamBo Sports™️ @RoShamBoSports🔁 Jim Nantz and Tony Romo doing a tremendous job calling the #AFCChampionshipGame
Football Observer @Chris_Lomas_🔁 I picture Jim Nantz taking his family on the Titleist factory tour every summer.


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