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Shayna "Nazi-Hater" Rose @Rebecca_Rose87🔁 Kayla Moore: “We know a Jew.”
Rock N' Roll @dontotter🔁 Here's Kayla Moore giving the "I know a Jew" minority outreach message. *SMH*
Snowgoggles @Snowgoggles🔁 Kayla Moore: “We know a Jew.”
Crumble Cooper @DepecheFesse🔁 And he’s a Jew
Laura Ingraham @IngrahamAngle🔁Shocker! You mean the bomber is not an Episcopalian? Not an Orthodox Jew? Not a Buddhist? We need to stop the madness twitter.com of rolling the dice with our immig & asylum policies.
Dave Weigel @daveweigel🔁Roy Moore’s wife Kayla: “Fake news will tell you that we don’t care for Jews. One of our attorneys is a Jew!” #ALsen
Mikel Jollett @Mikel_Jollett🔁Kayla Moore (Roy Moore’s wife):
“Fake news will tell you that we don’t care for Jews. One of our attorneys is a Jew!” twitter.com
Deborah Adkins @Deborah87598885🔁For anyone else, this would end a political campaign. But everything else is a million times worse, and lots of GOPrs don't care. There is no bottom to the cavern of hate and depravity that has consumed the modern GOP.
Dylan Hunt #Ω @DylanHunt2017🔁 ‘One of our attorneys is a Jew’: Kayla Moore raises eyebrows at rally for Roy Moore usat.ly
Recon33 @rpease6078🔁@yashar how to say jewish, in ala. JEW
Deck the Walls with Thrown Spaghetti @pcarenza🔁I can really relate to this Moore fellow because I also have an attorney who's a Jew and have never paid for underage Asian prostitutes
Tami @Redhead_Tam🔁Old and busted: "Check out my African American"
The new hotness: "One of our attorneys is a Jew"

Is 2017 over yet

(((Sick&TiredOfBeingSick&Tired))) @S1PPi🔁Mrs. Moore on her husband’s broad-mindness:
“One of our attorneys is a Jew.”
Happy Hanukkah, Counselor. You could be in for a lot of work!
Anassa Memmo @AnassaMemmo🔁 Kayla Moore: "One of our attorneys is a Jew."

Jewish attorney: "One of my clients is a pedophile."

Kimbz @Kimbz25🔁Stfu cnn. Your news is garbage. No one cares about these women from the past And who cares if she called their a twitter.com ttorney a Jew
ted @taronis🔁What else would you expect, Schlemiel Schumer would ally himself with the most infamous JEW HATER NAZI collaborator S twitter.com OROS!!!! DID IT Set ThESE POOR SOULS FREE
Rao Waqar @RaoViki🔁Today in the airport chapel there was a Muslim, an Orthodox Jew, and myself all praying at the same time. It was a beautiful moment of interfaith solidarity. There was also someone sleeping. I assume that was the atheist.
Darnell Wiggins @TheDon2108🔁Kayla Moore: 'One of our attorneys is a Jew' a.msn.com
Merritt Lymburner @CoachmerrittL🔁One of our attorneys is a Jew. One of our servants is black. One of our yardmen is Latino. One of our maids is a woman. One of his girlfriends is a child! Go ahead elect him!
❄❄❄ @DeaAmericana🔁 She does nail the “is a Jew” delivery. Closing argument made. twitter.com
John Michael Antonio @tigermichael100🔁Moore rally highlights:
• We're not anti-Semitic. Our lawyer's a Jew.
• Roy went to an underage brothel and left early.
• One reporter who criticizes Moore must be stupid; he went to the University of Alabama.

These are real things real people said in support of Roy Moore.

Miso Soup Guy @PrinceOfTwitta🔁 Jew Lawyers Trending?
BILLOW @billow_jr🔁Kayla Moore says “she doesn’t hate Jews....her lawyer’s a Jew!” She sounds pretty fucking racist.
Kristin @khoff_37🔁 ONE of your attorneys is a Jew— how many do you have?? Oh, right your husband’s a pedophile. twitter.com
Sena @ausgestelltx🔁What's worse, the way Ron Moore's wife says 'a Jew' or the look she pulls after it? Oh wow, this is indescribably bad.
Wishackdaddy @bannonbambam🔁Roy Moore's wife: "We're no bigots. One of our attorneys is a Jew."
Roy Moore's buddy: "Roy's no pedophile. He walked out of a Vietnamese brothel because the girls were too young."
We're waiting for Roy's pastor to tell us how Roy is no bully because he doesn't drown puppies.
PBR STREETGANG🇺🇸 @workboots413🔁Shocker! You mean the bomber is not an Episcopalian? Not an Orthodox Jew? Not a Buddhist? We need to stop the madness of rolling the dice with our immig & asylum policies.
Salma Typhii @epidatageek🔁It’s moments like “we even got a Jew for an attorney” that makes me think this whole thing is a simulation and sometimes it’s run by the night shift guy who got the job because he’s somebody’s nephew.
crankypatriot @crankypatriot🔁Kayla Moore: "Fake news would tell you that we don't care for Jews ... Well, one of our attorneys is a Jew."

Can't make this up.

Ron Gonyea @wackodad🔁Kayla Moore On Anti-Semitism Claims: 'One Of Our Attorneys Is A Jew' yahoo.com More FAKE NEWS by the yahoos at yahoo.
Adina🇿️ @lackboys3🔁Actually today no Arab is attacking any Jew that I know of so all is quiet. And you don't think stoning children is morally wrong? Unlike you, I have no stereotypes but maybe you believev that hadith to stone Jews even hiding behind a bush? Do you?
AARP*Goddess @AAARPGodess🔁#DearAlabama Don't forget to remind #RoyMoore to wish his Jew attorney and his friend a #HappyHanukkah tonight!
Jay Kelley @Doctor_Hue🔁Kayla Moore says she and Roy aren't racist because one of their attorneys is a Jew. If that's true then she needs to twitter.com consult him for advice because that defense was terrible.
Anassa Memmo @AnassaMemmo🔁Kayla Moore says it's a lie that she and don't like Jews. "I just want to set the record straight while they’re here," she says, waving to the reporters in the back of the room. "One of our attorneys is a Jew."
#ResistCult45 @nopussygrabber🔁“Fake news will tell you that we don’t care for Jews. One of our attorneys is a Jew!” -Kayla Moore

First, that's the classic line racists & anti-semites use.

"I know a..."

Second, because you hire a lawyer doesn't mean you care for an entire population.

It means you pay them.

Frances Baylan @BaylanFrances🔁Kayla Moore (Roy Moore’s wife):
“Fake news will tell you that we don’t care for Jews. One of our attorneys is a Jew!”
tiffany @tdobbs431🔁Roy Moore's wife defends against anti-Semitic claims: 'One of our attorneys is a Jew' foxnews.com via the @FoxNews Android app
Patrcia Bowie @pbbowie_bowie🔁 I learned last night from Kayla Moore that “Jew” is a three-syllable word.
Dana Ried @Dana_Ried🔁What's funny about this is:

1. I hadn't even heard they were anti-Semitic until Kayla Moore opened her big stupid mouth.
2. She said their lawyer "is a Jew," seeing NOTHING wrong with that statement.
3. They're tryna deflect attention from pedophilia with anti-Semitism.

Nancy @NancyMargate🔁I'm just trying to wrap my head around the idea that a voter making a game-time decision about a child molester might be swayed by the revelation that his wife knows "a Jew"
Great Minds @rick2162🔁@NBCNews @TODAYshow "One of our attorney's A Jew"???
Sounds like-
"One of my neighbor's A Black"
"One of my best friend's A Mexican"


Ellen A @MoD9er🔁Straight from her racist heart she proclaims she has a Jew attorney; like Trump when he asked “where’s my black”. Get twitter.com s uglier with every watch.
Ernesto J. Ruiz @ejruiz🔁Did Kayla Moore really try to use the "we can't be racists because our lawyer is a Jew" defense?

Verrita @Verrita2🔁@AlanDersh @WSJopinion Are you the Moores Jew


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