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Jets Zekia @Zmedic1982🔁 2018 Jets/Ramey Tournament Champions. 6th grade Southwest Jets Orange
Indy Nationals Here We Come!
Zach @zacha_ritra🔁 Rozier turns on the jets and finds Tatum for the oop!
Jets David D. Cooney @CoachDD_Cooney🔁 Now under contract: rookie TE @Chris_Authentic!


Jets Global Daily News @NewsGlobalDaily🔁Turkish jets destroy 4 terror targets in northern Iraq -
Jets Sandra_FCB @SandraC_FCB🔁Jets' OTAs, minicamp: Everything to know, including practice dates, times, rules
Jets Sandra_FCB @SandraC_FCB🔁Most notable Jets on roster bubble entering OTAs, minicamp | Teddy Bridgewater? Lorenzo Mauldin?
Derek Hsu @derekhsu168🔁 Rozier turns on the jets and finds Tatum for the oop!
Jets The Locus @thelocuspost🔁Jets goalie Connor Hellebuyck ‘thought this was our year’ | The Locu...


Pierre LeBrun @PierreVLeBrun🔁As I leave Winnipeg, just want to reflect on the three playoff rounds spent here. Can I just say that the all the p eople I met here were tremendous. There's a huge heart in this city and the passion for the Jets is through the roof. Thank you, Winnipeg, for your hospitality.
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁ON TO THE FINAL.

Golden Knights defeat the Jets 2-1 in Game 5 to become 1st expansion team of all four major sports since 1968 to reach championship

NRL Fan Polls @NRLFanPolls🔁Who are you on for this one? Western Suburbs Magpies v Newtown Jets! @westsmagpies @newtownrlfc
ゆうじ @YujiBaba2356🔁The Chiba Jets owned the court in last year's The Super 8 Tournament. Who do you think will bring home the crown this July?

⚜️ @LucioVerus🔁Israeli army presents images of F-35 stealth fighter jets flying over Beirut, says Israel first country to use it in an "operational attack"
Ebi @e_sndy🔁Rich people go to private hospitals, they send their children to private schools, use private jets.....But thank God we all have private or poor.😂😂😂
Gloucester Saxons @GlosSaxons🔁Gloucestershire very own Maggie Gilbert getting it done in the USA. Wynstones School, Gloster Jets and South West Alu mni.
Great to see.
I.K. #Cumhurİttifakı #EVET @ilgnkyr🔁According to informations obtained by C4Defence, The Turkish Navy requested the initiation of the construction of TCG Trakya, the twin of LHD TCG ANADOLU and planning to buy total of 32 F-35B STOVL fighter jets for two LHDs.
Tessa Ashley @TessaAs67227844🔁 The NY Jets are a disgrace.
LocalFM @LocalFMRadio🔁Now playing Kool Yr Jets by Greno!
GamerBajan_YT @GamerBajan_YT🔁 i love you very much but i want to know if you can add a motorcycle auto shop. And also I would love it if you could back the ship auto shop to be added. Hope you can make bigger planes.(e.x passenger jets)
Paulnick @Paulnick14🔁Gang's all here! In 2012, NetJets placed the largest general aviation aircraft order in history for $17.6 billion, with plans to renew our fleet over the next decade. As of today, we’ve taken delivery of 243 new jets.
George Orwell's 1984 Fax machine @CommonCormorant🔁Passenger jets
The internet
Smart phones

How ridiculously post-modern / out of touch with real ity our higher education system has become.

Johanna Harris @biofihano1973🔁🔵 TOTS GIVEAWAY! If Newcastle Jets win the Grand Final this weekend I’ll give away 2x2,200 FIFA Points, but if Victory win I’ll still be giving away 2,200. Retweet & Follow to enter 🏆

Massive thanks to & for making it possible!

Darnell Clayton @Darnell🔁Congrats ! I did not even know that the F-35 was ready for combat yet (let alone active in a combat zone).

Hopefull y, 🇮🇱 can use these fighter jets to rid 🇮🇷 outposts in 🇸🇾.

AvBuyer @AvBuyer🔁 For Sale by Axon Aviation. England. 2016. TTAF 300. One Owner Since New. No Damage History. Full Maintenance Program mes. Range of 4,000 nm. Swift Broadband. 11 Passenger Configuration.
Marry Sueberg @MSueberg🔁Please vote for The Junction Public School in ’s Decorate Your Gate competition to help our soccer-mad kids win a VIP experience! No need to sign up to anything - just click and vote! Please share far and wide!!
granthernandez @granthe27934202🔁We all use many names: private jets, corporate aviation, air taxi, and, most recently, flying cars! One thing’s for sure: Business Aviation is flying smart.

Care to Expand your Horizons?

Anita @TweetEBird77🔁The amazing season for the came to an end as they fell 2-1 to the , who take the series 4-1. Check back in with the Jets website for a complete gallery of photos
Genny Haynes @genny2312🔁Are you interested in a media career? We are delighted to announce the second media traineeship for current or former jockeys with RMG Be part of the team for 6 weeks. Applications now open
Drums Drums Drums @hatdrummer1🔁The sauce pan at the top holds a mortar and when it fires it pulls out the drogue chute.. see reaction control jets i n center.. the models to determine this shape where dropped out of an airplane here on Long Island.. The model chosen is on display at the @Bizwhiznetwork🔁Golden Knights remove Jets to reach Stanley Cup last
stilian1000 @stilian1000🔁so the rocket launcher, which I have been workign fearsley for weeks to unlock and buy, has now been disabled. Our on ly way of getting in the AO without getting spawncamped by jets and shit, thus a ceaser is now gone, all my work is for nothing, way to go koth, rip desire to play
Judie Noble @JudieNoble🔁Congratulations to who guessed correctly that Josh Morrissey would be the first to score in yesterday's game!

Zach has won himself a Limited Edition Winnipeg Jets Whiteout Goal Light!
🌹💮 @OrtonTM🔁“The Grind”
“The Hustle”
“The Struggle”

Says the 22 year old on Instagram posting pics of private jets, Lamborghini’s, and women he’ll never have...

Unless you buy his bullshit $997 course on how to sell $997 courses.

Reasons why I hardly use Instagram.

root@boonk~# @Boonkings🔁I don't know what it's saying I clearly do and dream about to get the ⚡️ jets😭
Whitney Graves @WhitneyRock102🔁As I leave Winnipeg, just want to reflect on the three playoff rounds spent here. Can I just say that the all the people I met here were tremendous. There's a huge heart in this city and the passion for the Jets is through the roof. Thank you, Winnipeg, for your hospitality.
Philakone @PhilakoneCrypto🔁@s4tothefloor I'm pretty depressed about the Jets getting eliminated. Have been sleeping tons and irregularly.
#FinancialFreedom @KPesaBit🔁Once we migrate to the new Coin Network, merchants of goods and services will be lining up to accept our coin for pay ment. Once we reach a billion members you will be able to buy buildings, yachts, and private jets with TBC peer to peer if you have enough of it.
TYZILLA @TJ_Jets🔁Coinbase, a 7 year old company, has the same number of customer accounts as Fidelity, a 72-year old institution.

Welcome to the new, global financial system.

Lyndsey Meyers @ororineg1973🔁Who would have thought watching tweets could be this stressful! Go Jets!!
Tabitha Jepkosgei @TabithaJepkosg2🔁Flights, Buses, Motorcycles, Trains, Ships, Submarines, Bicycles, Cars, Trucks, Minivans, Jets, Helicopters......all headed to Barcelona for the biggest meeting ever in Spain...
Elena Labrado @elenalabrado🔁 More than 100 missiles fired at Israeli jets during flare-up with Iranian targets in Syria
Sriracha🦒 @Srozboril🔁 Hey anyone wanna get a Howies vs. Jets adult softball game going?
WikiLeaks Today 🕵🏻 @WikiLeaksToday🔁Israel launches world's FIRST strikes with 1,200mph supersonic F-35 fighter jets: via @YouTube
Peter Wakaba @peterwakaba🔁@Nkirdizzle Planes run on Kerosene... mostly.....
No frills. but it is also our hub for private jets...
David Stewart @greg70607🔁Well,given that automatic weapons are either illegal or highly regulated. Tanks, grenade launchers, sophisticated exp losives, chemical weapons, fighter jets, aircraft carriers, heavy artillery etc. are either illegal/inaccessible,I actually have a pretty good idea of what you own
Armstrong David D @ArmstrongDavi18🔁@daisyjerop Mama I love jets as a person kwanza Gulfstream models
Private JetsToJapan @priv_jets_japan🔁VTG 1970's BAKER Furniture French Louis XIV Walnut Bombay 4 Drawer Chest/Dresser
Apollo 13 Space Junk @apollo13junk🔁Haise: Houston, Aquarius [Long pause.] We didn't mean that for the latter part of the procedure where we have the sta tement 'enable all jets.' I take it the partial pressure CO2 is Open the Temp/Press Display-Flags and PQGS/Displays.
andre @asevig🔁He is a figure skater in drag, he knows nothing about hockey and the Jets especially, they are from out West! What a troll!
Twintair @twintair737🔁Always loved the nose on the tidy little Embraer jets
Max Julien @Jets_AtYa_Neck🔁@Melanism @RealLifeKaz Celtics healthy built to compete with them and that’s facts
Oliver Steward @Wensumblogger🔁Broken fighter jets, grounded helicopters and idled tanks: Germany's military is ailing
Max Julien @Jets_AtYa_Neck🔁@Micskill1 @RealLifeKaz Not really that Celtics team healthy in a few years built to compete with warriors
imran khan @beingimma🔁@ShashiTharoor Y do u need upgrade wen MPs travel in private jets nd choppers???
Max Julien @Jets_AtYa_Neck🔁I don’t think they stopped them I think they just sucked lol Jr had about 5 wide open shots and missed them Korver m issed 4 str8 3s off screens
I HATE MYSELFie @shevithefangirl🔁The Winnipeg Jets have never been to a Stanley Cup Final in 24 seasons. The Washington Capitals have been to 1 Stanley Cup Final in 43 previous seasons. The Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t been to a Stanley Cup Final in 51 years. The Vegas Golden Knights are going to one in 227 days.
약속햬🌈 @TungNu16114🔁Don't stress too much! อย่าเครียด

ใจเย็น ๆ
Cool off.
Cool it.
Cool your jets.
Calm down.
Chill out.
Simmer down.
Mellow out.
Cool down.
Take it easy.

123Talent, Inc @123_talent🔁Fortnite has a hold on baseball, stretching from college dorms to the basements of minor league host families, to the clubhouses and private jets and luxury hotel rooms of the major leagues.
Cathy Neufeldt @cathyneufeldt1🔁Left the Maryland game and caught a flight to Ft Lauderdale from Newark, NJ and met my new travel buddy, Tyrece Gaines, who is the newest member of the NY Jets! A stud running back out of Oregon. We talked football, lacrosse, and kids ... great guy!!
Steele Sports @Steelesport🔁TEAM LIST TUESDAY #1


***Return to Lidcombe***

Western Suburbs Magpies will take on the Newtown Jets in the 'Tommy Raudonikis Cup'.

This year, for the first time the Intrust...

Wests Magpies @westsmagpies🔁TEAM LIST TUESDAY #1


***Return to Lidcombe***

Western Suburbs Magpies will take on the N ewtown Jets in the 'Tommy Raudonikis Cup'.

This year, for the first time the Intrust...

Max Julien @Jets_AtYa_Neck🔁@M0NKEY_PR @ForeverGreen_ @Bleed_Green_17 Where’s the Rozier 3 point bogus foul call on Jr Smith?
wilk @dwilkersonn🔁Why are jets flying this early?
Max Julien @Jets_AtYa_Neck🔁@theprophecy005 Y’all will get swept this year few years of experience for Tatum and that’s when they’ll compete with warriors
Max Julien @Jets_AtYa_Neck🔁@theprophecy005 Nah no matter if I hate them or not I’m a fan of the game first unlike you
soul @_killamatic🔁I love how we literally wait till the end of shift to move two jets.... ya I give it minimum another hour 🖕🏽 @OpenchanEu🔁URGENT: first to conduct attacks with F-35 jets - Air Force on strike
Zakky @zakrysally🔁But you did not speak out in defence of PMB when he spends money to buy the Tucson jets for the army from the US. In fact you were threatening to impeach him for that?
Jessica Amir @Jessica_Danelle🔁Did you know Quickstep Holdings develops & supplies complex composite parts for stealth fighter jets globally. It also works in the manufacturing & automation space. Director & CEO Mark Burgess reveals all. Interview soon
🇦🇺 Daz Bogandazz 🇦🇺 @bogandazz🔁i seen real clouds today blow stright threw those ones that come out of them jets what ever they are made of the stuff is way heaver than H2o clouds it blew right threw it and they say fuel from cars and trucks are harmfull the shit thats comeing from those jets is worse


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