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Jerusalem Disruptive Signal @disruptivesigna🔁"50+ Dead in Gaza as the US Embassy Opens in Jerusalem" @stranahan ➡️
Jeremy Corbyn @jeremycorbyn🔁The killing of dozens of unarmed protesters and wounding of many more by Israeli forces in Gaza, on the day President Trump moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, is an outrage that demands not just international condemnation, but action.

syakila @icvlmgc🔁 When Ivanka Trump was opening the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, Israeli soldiers were killing Palestinians.
Jerusalem SmellGists.Com @Smellgists🔁Guatemala opens Israel embassy in Jerusalem after US move - #News #SmellGists #Gist
Steve Schmidt @SteveSchmidtSES🔁Kushner and Ivanka’s presence and public roles at this Jerusalem embassy opening are outlandish. They are Assistants to the President. They have no business and no rank to be speaking for the country at a geopolitical flash point. We don’t have Princes and princesses in America
John O. Brennan @JohnBrennan🔁Deaths in Gaza result of utter disregard of Messers Trump & Netanyahu for Palestinian rights & homeland. By moving E mbassy to Jerusalem, Trump played politics, destroyed US peacemaker role. New generation of Israelis/Palestinians need to isolate extremists to find path to peace.
Philip N. Beam Sr. @PhilipBeamSr🔁This is Jerusalem; I have set her at the center of the nations, with lands around her" (Ezekiel 5:5).
Elias M. Saboteur #FBPE #WATON #ABTV @EliasMichalas🔁Why Did Trump Move The US Embassy To Jerusalem? James O'Brien's Answer Is Chilling - LBC
waseem Aziz @wa5imm🔁The killing of dozens of unarmed protesters and wounding of many more by Israeli forces in Gaza, on the day President Trump moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, is an outrage that demands not just international condemnation, but action.

Aisyah @aisyah543🔁Today was the deadliest day in Palestine since 2014 Gaza war. 41 Palestinians are killed & 1700 are injured by Israel as they protested the opening of U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. Its disgusting to watch some people actually applaud the massacre

Rizwan @rukhan1971🔁Palestinians in Gaza protesting the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem killed by Israelis today-

- 52 dead.

- 2400 injured including women & children.

Silence is complicity - Political leaders need to speak out now & condemn unreservedly.

Otunba @D_CEO_🔁 #BREAKING Guatemala opens Israel embassy in Jerusalem after US move
Mohamed Tounkara @MohamedTonkara🔁Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital shatters the international consensus via @MiddleEastMnt
Brian @1040bay🔁Israelis celebrating the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem with chants of "USA, USA" and the singing of the "Star Spangled Banner."
Walter @whereswally77🔁Guatemala opens Jerusalem embassy, days after US -
Central American country's president hails a 'love between brothers”
Fact Check News @ourfactcheck🔁Thread: Innocent UNARMED protestors, including women & children, protest against the opening of the US Embassy in Jer usalem. The US move was condemned by 129 countries for violating decades-old agreement not to build on the Holy City shared by Jews, Christians, Muslims.
#Sanwya3amaSZN @M8rchisio🔁This Palestinian woman is my hero. Quran on full blast loud speaker as the Americans and Zionists celebrate opening of the new US embassy in Jerusalem.

Carl Grubmiller @yoda1482🔁Joe Scarborough: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner 'Completely Out of Touch’ at Jerusalem Embassy Op... via @yahoo
Maggie Andresen @maggieandresen🔁Second dispatch: At least 52 Palestinians dead, more than 2,200 wounded at Gaza border as U.S. moves embassy to Jerusalem. Read story.
baebeelay @lay_zul🔁Israel has now killed at least 46 Palestinians, and injured 1700+ today alone in Gaza.

6 of the dead are children.

I'm sorry but if even one child had to die in order to move a stupid building to Jerusalem, that's 1 too many

Trump & Fox News are celebrating, as families mourn!

Aliyu Baraje @Baturescopy🔁@Jerusalem_Post No.Israel is responsible.
JB🇺🇸🇺🇸l @jby1977_jb🔁To be clear, Jeanine Pirro is an unhinged whack job who often sounds like she’s ingested an entire bucket of moonshine.

FuzzFoster @fuzzfoster🔁Why does Guatemala blindly follow it's imperial oppressor to Jerusalem, I thought it would know better.
GrainofSalt @theVendee🔁BREAKING: A man who has been described by police as Muslim just stabbed an Israeli store owner with a broken glass bottle on Yaffo Street in . The assailant was taken into custody and the victim was transported to the hospital.

レ乇乇レ乇乇™️ @L8erT8ers🔁If MAGA folks claim Hillary Clinton was responsible for the number of death in Benghazi.

Then, Trump should also be responsible for the 41 Palestinians and the 6 children that are dead in Jerusalem today.

Don't tell me he isn't because you will be the biggest hypocrite ever

Praveen kumar @Praveenm__🔁Guatemala opens its embassy in Jerusalem after US move. Guatemala President Jimmy Morales had arrived in Israel yesterday for the dedication ceremony.
BritCapitalist @BritCapitalist🔁Schumer applauded Trump for moving our embassy to Jerusalem & Pelosi wished our First Lady a speedy recover.

They remind me of a rude waiter/waitress who suddenly becomes nice when they bring out the bill & hope for a tip.

They are just trying to save some face before midterms.

benjamin zac @benjamin4peace🔁You lose the PR advantage on this one, , with those two images side be side, Ivanka and Jared yukking it up in Jerusalem while the Palestinians get shot at. Perfect, you moron.
Achou errado, otário @fraanhoffmann🔁Who did President Trump send to pray at the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem? A man who thinks all Muslims and Jews are going to hell.
Zaman Khan @AsapTweetme🔁Israel is just an apartheid state and eventually it will vanish just like it needs to be.
From the river to the sea
Palestine will be Free.
Jerusalem is the Eternal capital of Palestine.

Belack hole🇺🇸🇺🇸 @Omidbiomid1🔁Why?!Maryam Rajavi(PMOI) and Prince Reza Pahlavi do not congratulate to the United States and Israel on the established of the US embassy in Jerusalem.

Coby 🎋 Troy 🍂 @TroyCoby🔁Rep. Marsha Blackburn: US Embassy move to Jerusalem signals that America stands with Israel
IsaacHaskiya @IsaacHaskiya🔁Something different:
First "Christian Church" in Jerusalem will shock you!
Good to know that Yeshua (Jesus) had an older brother, Jacob (James), leader of the mentioned "church"!
Paula Randazzo @RandazzoPaula🔁🇵🇸 : Watch how Israeli occupation forces brutally beaten and arrested number of Palestinians during a peaceful protest against moving the American embassy in the occupied city of yesterday .l
Black Christian Conservative @mrjamesabell🔁Didn’t your former boss also say he was going to move embassy to Jerusalem? So saying it’s ok but actually doing it is wrong ? This is why the Obama admin is laughed at ! Hypocrisy!
Nic @nic4h1🔁This is superb from Noura Erakat (). Simply the best deconstruction of the corporate media narrative about the Gaza protests, and it takes place right in the heart of the corporate media, on CBS. An unmissable 9 min interview
PWH Team Aust @peterwhill1🔁The best answer to the Hamas terrorists and suicide rioters trying to breach the Gaza border is for all nations of goodwill to shift their embassies to Israel's capital Jerusalem.
Elias M. Saboteur #FBPE #WATON #ABTV @EliasMichalas🔁Why Did Trump Move The US Embassy To Jerusalem? James O'Brien's Answer Is Chilling - LBC
Zaman Khan @AsapTweetme🔁Jerusalem walls, the holy city, which was the home of the prophets, is now defiled by the devils. God says that evil will not last long

Sue Deptuch @SueDeptuch🔁So Trump can open the American Embassy in Jerusalem for $400,000 but Obama needs 175 million of taxpayer money for his center. Just as importantly, it sounds like Obama is continuing with attempts at a lavish life style on the taxpayer dime!
:) @sayyadazahra🔁To , invading and taking over someone else's land means "You won it". This is one of their talking points which I can only assume is followed by a maniacal cackle with hands clasped together ala Dr Evil.
RepublicDefender @Republicist1🔁 When this clown Schmidt goes on CNN/MSNBC, it is obvious he is on the DNC payroll. Mislabeled as Rep Strategist, h e should be DNC Hit Man or RINO Strategist! His dismay over Jerusalem embassy runs counter to promises by Bush & Obama.
Eleanor Conway @Elleconway84🔁 Opinion | The massacre in Gaza highlights the double standards of occupation. - @NBCNewsTHINK
TRANSgressor @HumbleMan9🔁Clinton:“I’ll move embassy to Jerusalem”
Dems: “Bravo!”
Bush:”I’ll move embassy to Jerusalem”
Dems: “Bravo!”
Obama: “I’ll move embassy to Jerusalem”
Dems: “Bravo!”
Trump:”I moved embassy to Jerusalem”
Muhammad Hammad 😍😎 @PtiTigerHammad🔁56 unarmed killed by Israel snipers, including 5 children with over 2700 injured - No justification for Murder - but heh welcome to the opening of the USA embassy in Jerusalem

Shevi Arnold @SheviStories🔁I liked a @YouTube video Laughing Flash Mob Jerusalem - Bringing smiles and happiness to the world from Israel
Mendeley Support @MendeleySupport🔁Sorry to hear that! Can you click this link to start a private conversation so we can resolve it? *Jerusalem
LAB ProLib @LABProLib🔁Israel Kills Dozens of Unarmed Protesters in Gaza as Jared Kushner Speaks of Peace, in Jerusalem
Rafael Velez @rafaelvelez311🔁.: Hamas’ violence along the Israel-Gaza border has been going on for weeks. For the media to now link it to the Jerusalem embassy opening is insane.
Black Christian Conservative @mrjamesabell🔁Mr. Brennan, you have zero credibility. The United States made the right move in relocating our embassy to the capitol of Israel, Jerusalem. Palestinians will be on the road to peace when they recognize Israel’s right to exist. And when they cherish their childrens’ lives.
Bill White @bwhite333666999🔁It was in Jerusalem that King David consecrated the capital of the Kingdom of Israel. Since its rebirth, the modern State of Israel has called Jerusalem the seat of its government. Today & the American people acknowledge this historic truth w the opening of the US Embassy.
Mamasmurf1965 @mimismurf965🔁Iranian group offers $100,000 to bomb U.S.embassy in Jerusalem; I assume the media will blame Trump
דינג‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏🇮🇱 @DdongISR🔁Jerusalem already hosted 2 times, and we are going for the 3rd time.
We have facilities but Jerusalem is the chosen o ne.
Mike Merc @mikemerc57🔁This story gives you no useful information. There was no chemical attack. The ‘rebels’ are simply trying to keep the West engaged in trying to stop Assad.
Elias M. Saboteur #FBPE #WATON #ABTV @EliasMichalas🔁Why Did Trump Move The US Embassy To Jerusalem? James O'Brien's Answer Is Chilling - LBC
Izzah Nahdia @IzzahNahdia🔁Big day for he says!!!? Israeli soldiers have already killed 41 Palestinians & injured nearly 2000 in the bloodiest day in since the 2014 war. Meanwhile US is celebrating occupation by opening its Embassy in .
Zaman Khan @AsapTweetme🔁
Many countries have reportedly declined to attend US embassy relocation ceremony in the occupied Jerusalem in a show of anger at Trump’s recognition of the city as Israel’s "capital".

Conny @hysterisk65🔁List of Shame: 24 countries who applauded the US Embassy move to Jerusalem, which ends any hope of Peace in Palestine & the Middle East in general.
Over 60 invited countries boycotted this criminal event.
Israel lied about 8 countries who they claimed attended but didn't.

Anthony Sokol @Afalcon7782🔁Kushner and Ivanka’s presence and public roles at this Jerusalem embassy opening are outlandish. They are Assistants to the President. They have no business and no rank to be speaking for the country at a geopolitical flash point. We don’t have Princes and princesses in America
Zaman Khan @AsapTweetme🔁Stop calling it “clashes”. It’s not. It’s an evil power committing genocides against people who are fighting and resisting for their homeland. Free Palestine and Jerusalem Is the Capital of Palestine
No Justice No peace @AbuYaraUSA🔁Ivanka wore Ralph Lauren for the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. The Palestenian people wore their own blood.
John H @Jeh57John🔁A store owner was just stabbed on the streets of Jerusalem by a man described by police as “Muslim”.

Where is the mainstream media? Too busy talking about Gaza?

Or do the Israeli people not matter as much as a baby in Gaza?

The media is truly evil and sick.

Selahattin er @Selahattiner34🔁"Handing Jerusalem to the Israelis is forgery of history and violation of our rights.” We speak to the former chief of Hamas's political bureau Khaled Meshaal on the siege in Gaza and the future of Palestine
Kim Meese @Kimm1eMeese🔁Evangelical Christian Leaders Praise Trump and Thank Americans of Faith in Jerusalem
Nigerian Military/Police Personnel Dare , Abduct The Jewish 🕎 Worshippers At Their Worship Centre In The Compound Of The Abducted Leader Of The Indigenous People Of Biafra, Following The Opening Of The US Embassy In Jerusalem, The Eternal Capital Of Israel
Ray Hall @RayHall64906264🔁'You're always among the first' - Netanyahu praises Guatemala, as it becomes the second country to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem
Next Gen Earthlings @NxGenEarthlings🔁Why such an aversion on the Left to get educated before diarrhea begins coming out of their mouths?

Islamic leaders are the oppressors

Expanding Islam & destroying non-Muslims is primary

Palestinians are being used

Yakup KOÇ @YAKUP_KOC🔁Against the shameless murderers, all human beings who represent the human dignity are with the oppressed Palestinian people.
Laksamana Fubuki @LaksamanaFubuki🔁The islamic worlds munafiq leaders will give statements now against jerusalem fiasco but this time trump and co seems not going to care even as a drama.
The time for 'him' has actually arrived so zionists dont care about fake muslims fake words anymore
Dinkrep65 @donnaliebers🔁 Guatemala opens embassy in Jerusalem, two days after U.S. move
Yakup KOÇ @YAKUP_KOC🔁Israel, the perpetrator of this atrocity, is massacring the Palestinians on the encouragement of US which has unlawfully opened an embassy in .
CindyTruthForTrump🇺🇸 @cs0058sc🔁It was an honor, and privilege to attend the Annual AIPAC Event, especially given the historic opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem!

Sadly Congressional Candidates spoke volumes by their actions; showing up, sending reps, or blowing it off.
Actions... not empty words!

ز نیب @browniealvi🔁Why Palestinian Christians are protesting in ,
It's not because of , it's because Israel stole .


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