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Jemele Barstool Sports @barstoolsports🔁White House Press Secretary says Jemele Hill's comments are "fireable offense"
Greg Howard @greghoward88🔁espn threw jemele hill under the bus in order to appease the same pigs who bombard her with racism and sexism all day every single day
X @XLNB🔁Jemele Hill: "Donald Trump is a white supremacist."


White People: "WHAT!?"

Black People:

Jemele Susan Hampton @pandorasbox64🔁 ESPN Distances Itself From Anchor Jemele Hill’s Trump Tweets
Tariq Nasheed @tariqnasheed🔁The
Ralph Ferguson @dj73104🔁 You now what a "fireable offense" is? Committin' treason with Russia! #LockEmAllUp
Alane Farmer @AlaneFarmer4🔁Anyone who ever screamed about free press (both sides) should be outraged about Sarah Huckabee Sanders calling for Jemele Hill's firing.
🍺 Charles 🏈 @ChazTenenbaum🔁@jemelehill "While we may not agree with Jemele's statements, we stand by our employees' First Amendment rights."
Terrie @Texas56🔁ESPN Suspended Linda Cohn, Let Jemele Hill Slide
Riley @VeniceRiley🔁Donald has
-sexually assaulted women
-not paid his workers
-is under federal investigation

& Jemele Hill is the one that needs to be fired?

LEANDRA! @_leelang🔁 The
Cursed Witch of NY™ @LochNessWitch🔁 Jemele told the truth.
Ruby @virago0523🔁Trump White House says armed Nazis and white supremacists are “some very fine people” but Jemele Hill “should be fired.”
GLOdeci @OG__CJ🔁 Not to be alarmist, but if we let ESPN fire Jemele for tweeting sound politics we are all fucked.
Kujo Hoodie @Dr_Doughstax🔁Let's be clear, The White House is attacking Jemele Hill cuz she's a black woman

doubt they've called for Stone & Parker's or Colbert's job

🖤 Lolita 🖖🏽 @lawlitah🔁Funny, I'm not seeing the diehard free speech absolutists from my mentions defending Jemele against the literal government
Lipsey Russell @UVaGooner🔁It's interesting SarahHuckSanders went after ESPN anchor Jemele Hill but not Miss Texas.

I wonder what the difference is?


❄#ViveLaResistance❄️ @JustWhatNowWhy🔁It's unimaginable that Jemele Hill will get fired bc the WH said so. But I'm also not expecting her employer to come to her defense.
Omar Brown @educated79🔁ESPN sends out statement regarding Jemele Hill tweets via @USATODAY
GreekAl @MallahGreek🔁So suspended Linda Cohn for saying ESPN was talking too much politics. Didn't suspend Jemele Hill for saying Trump was a racist.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. @kdarookagmail2🔁 White House: ESPN’s Jemele Hill should be fired for calling Trump a "white supremacist"
shalonda Jones @shalondajones30🔁 All Jemele Hill did was tell the truth.
KMS 🎥 @WhoCaresKiesha🔁Jemele Hill: "Donald Trump is a white supremacist surrounded by other white supremacists."

ESPN: "We don't agree."

White House:

Julie D @juliedeplorable🔁ESPN Fire Jemele Hill.
We are not going to support you anymore if you let her stand !!!
She represents BIGOTRY !!!!
Dior & Derrière @8bitSmurf🔁 2017 been so wild I'm pretty sure someone's gonna find an old tweet from trump praising jemele hill
Erik Naberhaus @eriknaberhaus🔁Jemele Hill's only error was waiting a few weeks for everyone to forget how cuddly Trump needed to be with supremacists to call Trump one
JD @jdkup🔁Ok, that's absurd. You can't complain about Mozilla firing Brendan Eich and then say ESPN should fire Jemele Hill.
Drew @promoman9🔁Jemele Hill is becoming what Dixie Chicks were 14 years ago. Folks who claim to live, die for freedom of speech don't like when speech irks
MBPig @Leroy5000🔁ESPN Suspended Linda Cohn, Let Jemele Hill Slide - Outkick the Coverage
RoxSki @RoxSki777🔁 🚨 #TuckerCarlson Hits Back At ESPN Jemele Hill’s Racist Statement Against #DonaldTrump !
🌊☃️ @ThumbinThruIt🔁It took the White House 3 business days to speak on Charlottesville...

but took 3 Grand Theft Auto days to clap back at Jemele Hill???

James Bryant @JamesBr94949690🔁@PressSec Jemele Hill is telling the truth, Trump is a white supremacist. And you should be fired for defending a lying racist president.
Jay @jaaaay_cool🔁6:00 bout to be interesting. Want to see if Jemele addresses the backlash
RA @RAZ6ne🔁Trump wouldn’t condemn NAZIS calling for the annihilation of Jews and Black people, but wants Jemele Hill fired? 🤔


bdot ⚓️ @KoolAssBDOT🔁I'm sure Jemele Hill is dealing w/some hellacious harassment & threats right now so thoughts & prayers w/her. Even if she doesn't need them.
daniah @valencixx🔁ESPN distanced itself from Jemele Hill’s comments after she said Trump has encouraged white supremacism in the US.

ProudDAR @PJudianne🔁Jemele Hill used her Black Liberal Privilege to get out of being fired for slandering Potus Trump by calling him a white supremacist! Sad😣
~~~ @Lak5h🔁And this comparison doesn't even cover it. What Jemele said about Trump is an out and out fact. What Trump said about Obama was conspiracy
Jim Arnett @arnett_jim🔁@VeniceMase I respect Jemele Hill but u have to keep the course.
Sublime Prince @Supa2daRescue🔁ESPN is fine with their Black staff talking about race as long as they are dumping on other Black ppl. But Jemele Hill gets disciplined?
Godzilla Enthusiast @TrexPushups🔁Jemele Hill is the face of the resistance as ESPN. How many times and in how many fields are black women on the front lines of this shit?
César López 🇲🇽. @cesarlopezhouse🔁 "White House: ESPN’s Jemele Hill should be fired for calling Trump a ‘white supremacist’"
DreVon Rhodes ☔️ @If2PacHadASon🔁Keep doing you Jemele Hill 👏🏽
Wanda @JanBaby59🔁CALLING ALL TRUMPERS Until they fire Jemele Hill for ranting against Trump calling him a 'white supremacist'
Steph @fragglefeet🔁If ESPN fires Jemele Hill for telling the truth about . We should launch a boycott of espn, they won't soon recover from!
ChuckB34 @BChuckbaker🔁ESPN’s reprimand of Jemele Hill proves what we already knew: white supremacy controls the media industry
trick r treat yoself @breepants🔁Waits for everyone defending PewDiePie's "free speech" to do the same for Jemele Hill.
Dies waiting like that dog on Futurama.
Susie Q @ItsYourQ🔁Jemele Hill's comments are unacceptable. Keeping her employed is also unacceptable. Time 4 a complete boycott. Thanks!
toosan @jimmyhoshi🔁ESPN rebukes presenter Jemele Hill for Donald Trump ‘white supremacist’ tweets -
DMR @DMR0514🔁Yet they fired Curt Schilling:
ESPN anchor Jemele Hill blasts Trump as white supremacist

Tony @ABswl16🔁ESPN’s Reprimand of Jemele Hill Reveals How White Supremacy Controls the Media Industry via
Deplorable Rick @rickh7777🔁 Jemele Hill should be fired from ESPN for calling Trump a white supremacist.

Let ESPN how you feel and retweet this.

Philip Arabome @PhillyBeach93🔁 The Jemele Hill backlash will be iconic.
QJ @quietstorm1124🔁@FoxBusiness Jemele Hill didn't lie. Why the hell should she be reprimanded.
Chamika :) @Ssssssssh_mika🔁Jemele Hill is gonna get canned just like Kap and none of the people saying "we stand with you" will help her get a job...... just like Kap.
kayemis @kayemis🔁I spoke to some ESPN employees about 's Trump comments including :
Norbert Musana @NorbertMusana🔁 i really love what @zakcheneyrice wrote today about the jemele hill bullshit
mizannie Ⓥ @mizannie🔁 Jemele Hill is 100% right in stating that Trump is a "white supremacist" enabler. #IStandWithJemele
Troll Szn @Buck_Bro🔁 Jemele Hill told the truth. Protect her at all costs.
Just A Nerd @ANerdsMind🔁Okay let me see if I understand

Nazi's marching with Nazi flags = Free Speech

Jemele Hill insults the President = F ire her immediately

Jeff @SamJeff1016🔁Free speech: Jemele Hill can call Trump a white supremacist. And we can demand she be fired.

And we can turn ESPN off if they don't.

👽CC👽 @Epistemic_KiD🔁 If they fire Jemele Hill, not watching espn no mo
iLOVE @dntwachmewachtv🔁White House targeting Jemele Hill is a direct violation of her 1st Amendment constitutional rights. Also a violation of her human rights.
Raymond Gellner @regellner🔁Putin kills his critics.
Now Trump is calling for Jemele Hill to be fired.
I wish the woman who got the most votes was president.


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