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Jeff Van Gundy duckalert @duckalert🔁 Well at least we don’t have to listen to Jeff Van Gundy anymore! #NBAFinals18 #DubsOn7 #DubNation
Heisenthul @LxthuL🔁Listening to Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy is what I imagine having dementia or something is like during the late stages.
Elisabeth Victoria @lizzieveeb🔁 The Jeff Van Gundy school of broadcasting
Jeff Van GundyJeff Van Gundy Gunnar Bentz @TheGunnyBunny🔁 Spotted #NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy sporting a cool cap during an #ESPN broadcast. @UGACoachBauerle
DWade @DwyaneWade🔁“My goodness”( Jeff van gundy voice)
Rich Eisen Show @RichEisenShow🔁Jeff Van Gundy blurted out during Game 2 how he was a classmate of Jodie Foster at ... we asked the star if she remembered him:

Will @SteelW24🔁 Don’t we teach our kids, DONT MAKE EXCUSES!! Funny thing is, Jeff Van Gundy was talking about excuses while I was reeeting this.
Fresh Prince + King James 🔜 @KJVE52🔁MARK JACKSON: lebron james leaving the court, no congratulations.
JEFF VAN GUNDY: but he congratulated every single player on the court.
MARK JACKSON: great point.
shinsuke nakamura: the goat&legend @_kay42🔁 Listening to Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy is what I imagine having dementia or something is like during the late stages.
markus sparks @egbfuhst🔁 Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson are the absolute worst commentators in the game. Straight trash. #NBAFinals18
darnell shelton @dshelton2878🔁ESPN crew of Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Jackson, & Doris Burke is top notch. So much basketball knowledge in one broadcast. Need to combine with TNT studio crew of Johnson, Barkley, Shaq, & Kenny.
cheeeks🍑 @_AshleyMontejo🔁1996-97

Victim: Jeff Van Gundy.

"I guess I didn't make any friends out there tonight." - Michael Jordan.

Maya @AMayanQueen🔁Jeff Van Gundy style of commentary is the most Captain Obvious shit. Bruh said “This team really misses Kyrie”.

Duh nigga. Lmaooooo Who da hell look at George Hill and satisfied wit the result

Simon @Simonthegrimy🔁Does Jeff van gundy even like basketball??
BURBERRY KERRY 👨🏾‍🚀 @the_KerryOut🔁LMAO Jeff Van Gundy just brought this dunk up on live TV, where Mark Jackson got baptized by Tom Chambers. SAVAGE 💀
Paul Weaver @LifeofPRW🔁i don’t respect Jeff Van Gundy anymore
Aaron Duhaylonsod @hawaiisELITE🔁I liked a @YouTube video Jeff Van Gundy And Mark Jackson On NBA Players Transcending Eras | First Take | June
vibe reader in a rad zone @B_for_Bentley🔁thank you Jeff Van Gundy for confirming that several teams will be interested in LeBron if he leaves Cleveland. was a little unclear on that issue
Mike in Arizona @Schloss_Sports🔁for all the people who think that LeBron's supporting cast is good, Jeff Van Gundy just said if LeBron leaves, the Cavs are a lottery team.
Harvey Liu @photogravey🔁Jeff Van Gundy is really gonna pretend he doesn't know how the Steal a Game Steal a Taco thing goes? This is what, the 47th year of the promotion?
Jerome Goolsby @JLG1956🔁Jeff Van Gundy tops it off by dissing LeBron for heading to the locker room without shaking hands with the Warriors, clearly having missed him congratulating them one-by-one when he left the game. What a tool.
K.Jeffries @KJSCV🔁Best line: ESPN/ABC's Jeff Van Gundy, "Winning is fragile. It looks like it could go on forever. You never know what could get in the way."
Austin Tiffany @austintiffany7🔁Jeff Van Gundy just said that LeBron doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt 😂😂 that’s the best joke I’ve heard all day.
Allen Winningham @awin9891🔁What I will take away from these is that Jeff Van Gundy keeps it real. He is honest with his thoughts on players, officials, coaching, and above all else how to make the game better. When he speaks, it’s knowledge and expertise. One of the best in the game. Respect.
MWGSW30 @mwgsw30🔁@Jannelle12 And wtf did Jeff Van Gundy get a vote?
AintNoPartyWithoutMatari @Matari007🔁 Jeff Van Gundy is an amazing broadcaster. He brings logic, humor and isn’t afraid to speak up about the refs
TrevVanzant aka Lil Yung Doll @TheTTT333🔁 I love that Steph Curry drilled a three right after Jeff Van Gundy anointed KD Finals MVP


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