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AnthonySharpe @absharpe1🔁 Honestly couldn't be more proud that Jeff Sessions called me an embarrassment...
John Dean @JohnWDean🔁Go home, Jeff Sessions, you and your xenophobic law enforcement are not welcome in California. We’re doing fine witho ut Trump Administration chaos, so take that chaos elsewhere.
Jerry Brown @JerryBrownGov🔁At a time of unprecedented political turmoil, Jeff Sessions has come to California to further divide and polarize Ame rica. Jeff, these political stunts may be the norm in Washington, but they don’t work here. SAD!!!
Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii🔁Jeff Sessions has been laying low, building such an airtight case against Hillary & Co. that when he finally drops t he hammer, there will be no escape. As a bonus, it will be timed for maximum midterm damage to the Democrats.
JLily1030 @JLily10303🔁California Gov. Jerry Brown calls out Jeff Sessions: “Look, we know the Trump administration is full of liars... The release records are public, and there's nothing that stops any sheriff who runs the jails to working with ICE.” (via CBS)
Jeff Greene @JeffMGreene17🔁Jeff Sessions just called me an embarrassment. A man whose legacy is targeting immigrants, re-waging the failed War on Drugs, sucking-up to private prison profiteers, and apologizing for white supremacists... I take that as a HUGE compliment.
DJ @djdakota49🔁This isn’t a ‘political stunt’. Jeff Sessions is just enforcing the Rule of Law in a lawless State. If you won’t protect California’s citizens, he will.

His actions are long overdue.

Jackelyn K Beck @SexyLiberal44🔁Facts about California:
—is the 6th largest economy in the world
—has a $6.1 billion budget surplus
—is HQ for Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Tesla, SpaceX, and on and on
—is the largest producer of food in the US
—has legal pot

Jeff Sessions can go fuck himself.

🗽#NeverAgain WE are the LEADERS🌊 @TyHyCHI🔁At a time of unprecedented political turmoil, Jeff Sessions has come to California to further divide and polarize America. Jeff, these political stunts may be the norm in Washington, but they don’t work here. SAD!!!
Weezette @Weezette🔁Our nation’s Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions is suing CA because we refuse to help the Trump administration tear apart honest, hardworking immigrant families. To that, I say BRING IT ON! CA will not be intimidiated.
Sleepin w/1 Eye Open @wornduglsgraves🔁BAMM, CALLED IT - BREAKING: Jeff Sessions Already Has "Outside DC" Justice Official Investigating Judiciary Committee Concerns... via
b. insights @BarbaraRacek🔁Jeff Sessions has a huge conflict of interest in a federal bribery case-and It keeps getting worse via @nuzzel
DC Horror Blog @HorrorDC🔁Jerry Brown’s California has turned a $27B deficit to a $6B surplus, dropped its overall crime rate 5% and is 1/7 of the US GDP.

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions shouldn’t pick a fight with Brown and California, they should should pick a fight with Putin and Russia.

Andrea Silver (fakebot) @andilnx🔁 Jeff Sessions ‘Seriously’ Considering Second Special Counsel via @dailycaller
We Can Fightback @w_fightback🔁Facts about California:
—is the 6th largest economy in the world
—has a $6.1 billion budget surplus
—is HQ for Google , Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Tesla, SpaceX, and on and on
—is the largest producer of food in the US
—has legal pot

Jeff Sessions can go fuck himself.

Joanna Kay Gowans @gowans_k🔁 haven't seen a Jeff Sessions press conference on this... he's too busy bashing immigrants
Themaridgeniegodtrinity777 @Themaridgenieg1🔁AG Jeff Sessions: “Why do we have ICE officers? They’re just going to sit in their offices and do nothing?”
𝓣𝓲𝓶.𝓖𝓸𝓑𝓵𝓾𝓮.𝓜𝓪𝓰𝓪 @BlueAJ41🔁"There is already an appointed person, likely a prosecutor, from “outside of Washington”, in place prior to the recent request for a Special Counsel by Goodlatte and Gowdy."

Who Profits $ ? @skeeteronmy🔁Jeff Sessions is a Patriot and he's wise not to tighten the Nose until he gets all the DemocRats involved in the Secret Society Disband the CORRUPT Party
APPOINT SPECIAL COUNSEL#2 @fightbyfaith🔁I’m glad Jeff Sessions is taking on the Corrupt Government Officials here in California...This state is a complete Shithole!

Time to clean it up and it starts with enforcing Federal Laws!

EBuckner @buckner_e🔁LIVE: Jeff Sessions announces plans to go after Jerry Brown's illegal Sanctuary city laws

Liberal officials constant undermining of federal immigration policy has resulted in the deaths of many innocent Americans. Its time for them to be held accountable.

Silver Kait @silverkait🔁AG Jeff Sessions: “I think moves the ball. He can get things done that I’m not sure any other person in America could get done. He is bold, he’s not worried about what people say. I believe in the policies that he’s advancing.”
giddyupgo @ldhancock1🔁Gov. Jerry Brown: Jeff Sessions is 'basically going to war’ against California. Good, I have no problem with that.
Mary Wier @sunsetcove7788🔁Go home, Jeff Sessions, you and your xenophobic law enforcement are not welcome in California. We’re doing fine without Trump Administration chaos, so take that chaos elsewhere.
legallatina @luzabrg🔁Senator Jeff Sessions Confirms Prior Appointment of “DOJ Prosecutor” to Parallel IG Horowitz, NOT a Special Counsel…
Ann Anderson @msann43🔁JEFF SESSIONS

Has he sold out ?

I've said NO for 10 months and I'm saying NO now

How can you tell he hasn't?

👉Look at his eyes light up when he talks about

That's called conviction. That's called LOYALTY

John Galt @dhrxsol1234🔁AG Jeff Sessions in CA To Stop Illegal Sanctuary State Laws
Toni☆ @mulatta10🔁I'm certainly not a fan of Farrakhan, but if you're talking about bigots breaking bread with bigots, you got a whole load of them in the GOP like Jeff Sessions, Steve King, Mike Pence, Tom Cotton, etc, to name just a few, and of course, Trump!
USArmyVet281✝️🇺🇸 @neilr281🔁 Trey Gowdy Sends Jeff Sessions a Letter, Inside Is a Crystal Clear Demand
Diane Archer @dianaarcher_14🔁
Attacked by Trump:
the free press
Gold Star family
war widow
war hero McCain
disabled reporter
Jeff Sessions
Congre ss
and on and on and on

Not attcked by Trump:
Stormy Daniels

Why is that Donald?

AH @AlexSoFLA🔁Read this blockbuster from and on how Jeff Sessions helped derail Superfund cleanup in Alabama. And there's no sign he's recused himself from DOJ's related federal bribery case.
lisa modica @LisaNovi777🔁AG Jeff Sessions: "We’ve got a fresh start at the FBI. These are people of integrity and ability. So, I want the American people to know that things are being done, and we’ll have the kind of department that everybody can respect."

Time will tell?

Toni @ToniS7575🔁Jeff Sessions announces 3-lawsuit against the State of California right under Jerry Brown's nose. Going to the state capitol of Sacramento to announce them.

Lawsuits charge that CA is violating federal immigration law with sanctuary city policies.

Carol @Carol38553🔁Attorney General Jeff Sessions Wakes Up
Ray @a9da21bdd4fb451🔁GOVERNOR 'MOONBEAM' Melts Down in Hilarious Rant After Jeff Sessions Puts California On Notice [Video]
#Proud Deplorable ~ @FedUpSpeakinUp🔁: 13 Representatives in Congress call on sleeping Jeff Sessions to appoint a 2nd Special Council to investigate FISA abuse and discrepancies around the Clinton investigation.

Sessions has done nothing to drain the swamp. If he wont, he needs to appoint someone who will.

Sal @Sal_The_Rattler🔁Basically how I feel knowing is up all night figuring how to get Jeff Sessions’ foot out of his ass...
Kimbo @Kimbo4Prez🔁It’s time to bring Law & Order back to Washington, DC! Government corruption must end & demand accountability. 🎯


Alfred Stabile @AlfredStabile🔁Has Jeff Sessions actually been preparing to drop some bombshells on the Obama Admin’s corruption over the last year?

We’re going to find out...

Angelina @revsaint08🔁 Boom baby! Let’s take our state back! #goldenstate #maga
Bye-bye @manzanares_ron🔁Attorney General Jeff Sessions unloads on California Dems for ‘radical, open borders agenda’
LollyDot @DotLolly🔁I see Jeff Sessions has made a huge impact on CA “leaders”.🙄

California Senator’s Kamala Harris and Dianne Feintstein have canceled three meetings with acting ICE director Thomas Homan to discuss immigration enforcement.

Jim Klunk @JimKlunk🔁Illegal aliens in Sacramento are currently protesting President Trump and Jeff Sessions. They’re screaming in Spanish, waving Mexican flags, cursing out our President.

Does anyone else see a problem with this? Deport them all. They’re ungrateful & disrespectful.

Bruce Laidlaw @laidlaw_bruce🔁Talk to us about the GESTAPO when your home is raided by the FBI at 4 AM and you are forced to sell your home to pay your lawyers because you are being bankrupted by a vicious unethical gang of out-of-control unrestrained witch hunters, Jerry !

Joseph Kott,PhD @Joseph_Kott🔁President Trump and AG Jeff Sessions are advancing a xenophobic attack against immigrants and California.

Not 👏🏾 on 👏🏾 our 👏🏾 watch! We will not be intimidated into turning our backs on sanctuary cities and immigrant communities.

Carl Ray Louk @CarlRayLouk🔁‘How dare you?!’ – Oakland mayor upbraids Jeff Sessions over ‘racist’ agenda on immigration via @theblaze
Marcy @mms5048🔁Gov. Jerry Brown taunts Sessions and Trump: 'Mueller is closing in' @CNNPolitics
Amordazados! @windshawdow🔁Jeff Sessions ‘'Seriously Considering'' Second Special Counsel via

SESSION S TOLD FOX'S SHANNON BREAM WEDNESDAY He's Seriously Considering A Special Counsel, But Will It Happen...

🆃🆁🆄🅼🅿🅻🅰🅳🆈 🇺🇸 @Digidiva2017🔁Jeff Sessions: “The Department of Justice under my watch is committed to transparency and the rule of law. This settl ement agreement is an important step to make sure the public finally receives all the facts related to Operation Fast and Furious,”
S K @nolesfan2011🔁“California is using every power it has — and some it doesn’t — to frustrate federal law enforcement,” Sessions said. “So you can be sure I’m going to use every power I have to stop them.”
Nina @Nina70322569🔁Looks to me like Jeff Sessions is coming out with both guns blazing!!!
T @Stand2together🔁Gov. Jerry Brown taunts Sessions and Trump: 'Mueller is closing in'

Doug Ross 🔵 @directorblue🔁Jeff Sessions Affirms Inspector General Review of FISA Abuse by Obama DOJ - Doug Ross @ Journal: Larwyn's Linx via
Bi Resistance (+18) @Lift_my_Kilt🔁AG Jeff Sessions, who has obstructed justice by claiming not to remember several events which took place during the Trump campaign and lying about others, is sitting on his high horse saying that California is obstructing justice by allowing innocent children to live their lives.
tinea favar @TineaFavar🔁Jeff Sessions should be advised that it’s a bad idea for him to talk about slavery or the Civil War. His credibility is pretty much shot on those issues.
Bryan Bennett @bryanbennett85🔁Jeff Sessions looks miserable.
faithm @flm22🔁Kamala Harris: AG Jeff Sessions Has No Credibility to Talk About History of Slavery, Reconstruction or the Civil War

You👆Liberal idiots don't know what the hell you're talking about!

He has as much right to talk about it as you Racist Dumbasses!

GingerH @GinHay🔁You are the one who is sad, Gov. Brown. Thank God for Jeff Sessions doing his job. Your job is to uphold the law of the land which you don't do.
Sandra D 🌊 @Sandra_D_in_OKC🔁The DOJ says lawyers and an exec for an Alabama coal company bribed a state rep to help block an environmental cleanup. But the coal company had another friend - Jeff Sessions
LAsamurai🏁RESIST @LAsamurai27🔁I'm with . The views espoused by Jeff Sessions and the Trump Administration toward immigrants has no place in California.

should revoke its invitation to have Mr. Sessions speak in Sacramento tomorrow.

Fran Montgomery @FranMontgomery1🔁Rep Trey Gowdy Sends STERN Message to Jeff Sessions via @AllenWestRepub
Dan Castro @DanCas2🔁Jeff Sessions Has a Huge Conflict of Interest in a Federal Bribery Case—and It Keeps Getting Worse #SmartNews
Mary Wilbur @marywilbur93🔁THE RESURRECTION OF JEFF SESSIONS #RogerLSimon via @pjmedia_com


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