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Joe Giglio @jwgiglio🔁Jeff Capel mic drop
John McCutcheon @johntmc24🔁Duke just got the #1, 2 and 3 player in the class and they all play the same position.

Jeff Capel/Coach K own the recruiting world now

Jeff Goodman @GoodmanESPN🔁Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski will miss today's game versus Wake Forest due to a virus, school announces. Associate head coach Jeff Capel will serve as head coach.
Myron Medcalf @MedcalfByESPN🔁Also, Coach K should announce Jeff Capel as Duke's next coach when he retires. He's the hit-maker.
Tronald Dump @RDU_native🔁Duke's sudden success with one and dones coincided with the return of Jeff Capel. Plus, as a private school, Duke avo ids those pesky FOIA requests should anyone care to look into their methods.
D Rhodes @UKDazzleKat🔁@jjkrumlauf @EvanDaniels @tsnmike Jeff Capel No Coach O or Slice for Cal.
John Torres, rocket entusiast, science teacher @jjtorres72🔁Disagree. Now that Duke is turning into the others I don’t think he’ll like it and it’ll actually push his date up. B ut God please don’t let it go to Jeff Capel. Almost any other former player now coach than him.
Chadwick Niece @WickNiece🔁Best recruiting get Coach K ever had was getting Jeff Capel, end of story! #zionwilliamson
Twaice @bobbytwaice🔁@MarkEnnis Jeff Capel next UL coach?
Twaice @bobbytwaice🔁@_NickBurch Jeff Capel next UL coach?
Twaice @bobbytwaice🔁@jeffgreer_cj Jeff Capel next UL coach?
Brian Winslow @Winslow05🔁@NCdel @GoodmanESPN Two words: Jeff Capel
Twaice @bobbytwaice🔁@TheCardConnect Jeff Capel next UL coach?
Twaice @bobbytwaice🔁@BricksDF Jeff Capel next UL coach?
Shawn King @Shawn_King1977🔁@jcstkbroker Jeff Capel vs Tony Barbee
Michael Collins @BluegrassHunter🔁@NotJerryTipton His assistant Jeff Capel, his best recruiter; got Oklahoma in trouble.
Zion is a Blue Devil, deal with it @BucketsByBagley🔁 That’s why Jeff Capel will be in the chair once K sits down.
Matthew Thomas @MatthewJ_Thomas🔁Somebody needs to get that man Jeff Capel another head coaching gig. 🤣
Dom @drxper🔁Jeff Capel continues to pull in 5 Star recruits for Duke 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Evan Firestone @EvanFirestone🔁If could pull it off, maybe Jeff Capel as the next coach? Definitely wouldn’t be against it. Top recruiter, ACC ties . Need excitement built into the program.
C.O.G @BeeenFrank🔁 Jeff Capel the best recruiter dead or alive
Cameron Loope @cameronloope🔁Jeff Capel is the best recruiter in the country.
Matthew Hampton @matthewhampton🔁Jay Williams just said it best - “Coach K getting it done again...with the help of Jeff Capel” cc:
Blake Diamond @Bdiamond42🔁I listened to you absolutely put Chuck Person on BLAST a week ago on national television. Jeff Capel has hand picked OAD's since he joined K and over Calipari who OWNED that elite OAD prior to. All seems fine to you? Chuck Person the ONLY bastard out there in CBB I guess.
ryan @Ryan11Alexander🔁@rockchalktalk Jeff Capel...same Jeff Capel that was fired from OU amid recruiting violations.
David Crotts @davidcrotts🔁Bow down to Jeff Capel. What a run.
okay fine fiesta bowl @RealGarrettCarr🔁It's all Jeff capel but yeah good class
Michaela @michaelasivan🔁Jeff Capel. Best recruiter in the business! 🤷🏾‍♀
Bob Duato @hairyfilpott🔁@WaltD336 *and a portion of Jeff Capel’s 2 million dollar salary.
Patrick Merritt @PMerritt11🔁 Jeff Capel mic drop
HUNCHO RACKS @kdaveeffect🔁@SheHatesJacoby @The__Tactician Jeff Capel: Bag man par excellence 💰!
Dylan Blanchard @dccb31🔁 💰💰💰Jeff Capel ? ?💰💰
CouchCat @scottcouch14🔁I made a lot of Dumb decisions when I was 18,too. I don’t see what these kids see in Jeff Capel though.
Matthew Alford @MaTeOo_03🔁 Jeff Capel been a beast recruiting since he went back
Blake Diamond @Bdiamond42🔁Jeff Capel....The GOAT
Nolan @NationWideNolan🔁When Jeff Capel is championed as the ace recruiter enough to take over in 5 years, this will all have been worth it.
walkerspeer @funsizedwalker🔁 @joeovies Jeff Capel is the new Worldwide Wes. Only logical explanation
Garrett Milby @GarrettMilby🔁@KyleTucker_SEC Jeff Capel has a lot to do with that
Bdennis_Dixon @Duke_Denniz🔁@Quiet_Storm2015 Lmao blah blah yall better get out here in these trenches like Jeff Capel
Barry D. Jacobsen @bdjacobsen🔁 Also, Coach K should announce Jeff Capel as Duke's next coach when he retires. He's the hit-maker.
Waves @JustynWaves🔁@PardonMyRude @TheRealTyBarber B-Dot is Jeff Capel so it makes sense
Jonathan Cook @JCookSports🔁@Joesportscaller Jeff Capel is the best recruiter in college hoops. South Carolina needs a guy like him on staff
Chase McGehee @C_McGehee64🔁Bring back Orlando Antigua..Tony barbee has gotta go ah mean jesus. Jeff capel is reeling in this recruits like it’s nothing


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