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Jeff Bezos Mjus Trends @mjustrends🔁Jeff Bezos donates $33 million to fund college scholarships for Dreamers...
Jeff Bezos Karen Guevara @kecotera🔁 Jeff Bezos 1999. Next time you want to give up, think of this.
Jeff Bezos STUNTFM 97.3 @stuntfmc🔁Jeff Bezos: World's richest man made richer by $10Billion in 2018
Jeff Bezos AC JERED @acjered🔁Jeff Bezos: World's richest man made richer by $10Billion in 2018
Jeff Bezos Barrabarra @Barrabarra5🔁 Jeff Bezos donates $33 million to scholarship program for Dreamers
CNN @CNN🔁Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, are donating $33 million to send 1,000 Dreamers to college
Nick Short 🇺🇸 @PoliticalShort🔁Jeff Bezos donates $33 million to help send 1,000 “Dreamers” to college. American citizens though? Not so much.
Jon Erlichman @JonErlichman🔁On this day in 1964: Jeff Bezos born

Net worth
at age 54: $107.5 billion

Net worth
at age 44: $8.2 billion Net worth
at age 34: $1.6 billion

bzimm @zimmbeth1🔁Jeff Bezos donates $33 million to help send 1,000 “Dreamers” to college. American citizens though? Not so much.
Dwayne Brown @BROWNTch🔁Amazon’s two faces:
(1) the e-commerce monopoly that made CEO Jeff Bezos the richest American ever;
(2) a major Ohio employer who got millions in state subsidies while 10% of its Ohio workers need & get food stamps.

MikeCovin @IamOFFDACHAIN🔁Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife said they will donate $33 million to help young undocumented immigrants who had obtained DACA status to pay for college
XiXi Davey @xhertx🔁TheDream.US will give the grant to 1,000 undocumented immigrant graduates of US high schools with DACA status.

Arden Liotta @LiottaArden🔁Jeff Bezos Donates
$33 MILLION to Help Send 1,000 “Dreamers” to College.

MEANWHILE, Nothing but Late Deliveries & Cardboard Boxes for :

Working Class
Angel Families
Abused Children
‘Needy’ Latino’s
Basement Dwellers

Abida Khan @AbidaNKhan🔁Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, are donating $33 million to send 1,000 Dreamers to college
pattycee @pattycee1🔁Jeff Bezos just donated $33 million to fund 1,000 college scholarships for dreamers. The future is the next generatio n of scientists, programmers, entrepreneurs and big thinkers. Here's to them being given a chance to succeed.
Josh Kunken @joshkunken🔁5 habits from billionaire Jeff Bezos that can help anyone advance their career...
RevolutionReport @RevolutionReprt🔁 CAN'T BUY OBSCURITY...
Barrabarra @Barrabarra5🔁Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, donate $33 million scholarship grant for DACA students
Carol Shields @horrelhill🔁10% of Jeff Bezos employees are on food stamps while he pays $33 million for illegal alien scholarships.

Maybe you could pay Americans a fair wage instead of trying to replace them with low wage foreigners.

Arpit Mittal @i_arp1t🔁When this picture of Jeff Bezos was taken in 1999, Amazon was ALREADY a public company. Via Web Barr. Impressive how scrappy they were then and how they dominate now..
Stephen N Clark @PresidentSClark🔁Jeff Bezos who owns Amazon has made tens of billions since Trump became president, but no bonuses for his employees because he also owns the Washington Post and doesn't want it made public how much he and the country have benefited from a Trump presidency.
Devil's Advocate @shuplaka🔁Mr. Amazon Steps Out
Susan Kennedy 🇺🇸🎄 @USABookClub🔁Richest man in the world Jeff Bezos has 700 of his underpaid employees, just in Ohio, receiving food stamps. Bezos takes advantage of gigantic subsidies and tax escapes in states around the country. Small business doesn't get these freebies. -R
Antonello Provenzano @tsutomi🔁This is the first office of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. For any of y’all feeling down today, it gets better 💁🏽‍♂️
Trisha @ProblemPanacea🔁Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Is Helping Send 1,000 Dreamers To College while 10% of his workforce remains on food stamps, is unAmerican period
sarah ◟̽◞̽ @72ptWingdings🔁 Bezos is “worth” $101 billion, and yet is only giving 0.03% of his net worth. Fuck Jeff Bezos.
Playlist @PlaylistRequest🔁Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, are donating $33 million to send 1,000 Dreamers to college
Tout without a Doubt @MikeHoran12🔁🚨 What is wrong with Dems⁉️Instead of donating to poor AMERICANS so they have a chance at a better life, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is donating $33M to DACA RECIPIENTS so they have a better life. 🚨

I LOVE Amazon but I refuse to support this‼️

tabata alibi @TabataAlibi🔁With a $33 million donation, Jeff Bezos injected himself into one of the most contentious political debates in the U.S.
GiaPatil @GiaPatil🔁 Jeff Bezos donates $33 million to help send 1,000 Dreamers to college
STUNTFM 97.3 @stuntfmc🔁Forbes reports that at the close of the stock market on Friday, January 12, Bezos’s net worth hit the $109...
Jen McFadden @jen_mcfadden🔁Given the impact that Jeff Bezos has had in completely reshaping the economy, one can only hope that he has a better long term strategy fo philanthropic giving. He’s extracted so much—would be great to see him give more back.
Alexis Jones @allieeejonesss🔁Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, are donating $33 million to send 1,000 Dreamers to college
Janet A TRUMPSTER @ArtmanJanet🔁Jeff Bezos owner of Amazon & Washington Post the most anti-Trump Paper has increased is personal wealth under Trump $35 billion date, yesterday $150 million & $100 million today, yet no bonuses or raises announced!
Ed McGovern @MrMcGov🔁Jeff Bezos Jumps Into ‘Dreamer’ Fight With Gift for Scholarships
PRAVIN KULKARNII @pravin23🔁Jeff Bezos: 9 Remarkable Choices that Shaped the Richest Man in the World
Sixtine Champ @SixtineChamp1🔁Jeff Bezos donates $33 million to fund college scholarships for Dreamers via @techcrunch
Clayre 🏜 @ClayreInTucson🔁Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, are donating $33 million to provide college scholarships to 1,000 Dreamers
Stéphane TOULLIEUX @stoullieux🔁 Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is making a big donation to help Dreamers
ShaunRas @ShaunRas31🔁Very grateful to Jeff Bezos, Don Graham, and everyone working to support Dreamers at CUNY and throughout the country.
oMo Entertainment @oMoEnt_Mgmt🔁Another reason I love Amazon so much!!!! Good for you Jeff Bezos, take that tax break for the rich and give...
Tod (With One D) @Tod_With_One_D🔁You see Donnie.. this is what decent people who actually ARE billionaires do for people. But you wouldn't know that b ecause you're neither decent nor a billionaire
Mark @mark155069🔁Jeff Bezos just donated $33 million in college scholarships for ‘dreamers’
Oliverthepug 🇺🇸 @ravena68🔁Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Announces $33,000,000.00 in Scholarships for 1,000 Illegal Immigrants.


linnie @linnie13🔁 Amazon SUCKS

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos donates millions to illegal immigrants

Sales4Nerds @Sales4Nerds🔁"...competitor-focused, you have to wait[for] competitor... Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering." Jeff Bezos
Sam Jones @samgrj🔁BREAKING: Pinocchio wants to become a real boy.
Terminator2006 @Terminator2006F🔁Sometimes I see people afraid of asking questions because others can make fun of it. Remember that we all started somewhere.

This is Jeff Bezos in 1999.


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