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Marco Almeida© @bigcanadiano🔁 The moment when you realize your winning the weekly cash pot relies on Jay Cutler's arm...
Jay Cutler Dalton Young @daltonyoung55🔁 Jay Cutler 😂💀
Domm @sayingfam🔁 Safe to say @stephenasmith is still not a fan of Jay Cutler.
Jay Cutler TheFantasyFootballGM @TheFFGM🔁@FF_TravisM Is this collusion? Jay cutler’s last place and hold my is a bubble team. Bubble team plays Jay Cutler’s.
First Take @FirstTake🔁Safe to say @stephenasmith is still not a fan of Jay Cutler.

@LukeKuechly intercepts Jay Cutler! #KeepPounding #MIAvsCAR

Chad Johnson @ochocinco🔁Just spoke w/ Jay Cutler in length, more so on his health & how he was feeling, excited for tonight’s game #FinsUp
Nik @NoTrueName🔁@AlexGelhar Kicking a man who has wrangle competence out of Jay Cutler. Vicious.
future hendrix @Hendrixx_23🔁Ever play catch with a football at your backyard BBQ with a beer in one hand while wearing flip flops?

That's how Jay Cutler throws the football.

PB Post Sports @pbpsports🔁Stephen A. Smith: Dolphins ‘Jay Cutler is a disease’ pbpo.st
フランク @KICKING_Migets🔁 Jay Cutler Garbage
bill_covfefe @BillCovfefe🔁Bruce Jenner won woman of the year, Colin Kaepernick is citizen of the year. What’s next Jay Cutler Quarterback Of The year? 🤦‍♂️
Keaton @TheNyteRyder🔁 Give me Jay Cutler over Matthew Stafford any Sunday.
Ra'mos @Ramosuave🔁@Cochran790 If Cam Cameron hadn’t picked Ted Ginn than Jay Cutler would be better right now
Christian Lauderdale @10_cmoney🔁 BREAKING: Jay Cutler has ben charged with robbery for stealing $10 million dollars from the Miami Dolphins.
Toothpick @sardinhasantos🔁 Who is the baseball equivalent to Jay Cutler? I was thinking maybe Jacoby Ellsbury. Jose Reyes? Who do you think?
Storey Mizzell @MizzellStorey🔁@Hckle Jay Cutler has always been one of the worst quarterbacks in the league. With that being said I still wish he was with the Bears tho😂💀
Chris Kulat @ChrisKulat🔁@RicBucher Dolphins should file criminal charges for grand theft against Jay Cutler. Only thing he's missing is a ski mask. #10mill
Jake Middlebrook @JakeMidd4🔁 I’m just amazed there are 3 jay cutler fans on the planet twitter.com
TheFantasyFootballGM @TheFFGM🔁Hard to prove yes, I’m not the commissioner in this league, but I am the team who plays against jay cutler this week twitter.com in a win and ur in game
Seth Starr @seth_starr24🔁 Imagine not giving a fuck about anything...ever. Welcome to the world of Jay Cutler.
Peter Moyer @MOYER_DESTROYER🔁Jay Cutler has 3 testicles, and is therefore 1 and a half times the man that any of us are, and three times the man that Sammy J is.
Su'a_Cravens#1fan @brewster_carl🔁To all the fans hating on Kirk Cousins, it could be worse... Think about it... Jay Cutler? Blake Bortles? Mike Glennon? Bryce Petty? Tom Savage? It could be worse y’all.


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