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Ճէմս Զօպիան @bestfirstbase42🔁 Local Dad Returns Home


Jay Bruce Taylor Dippery @TRDipp🔁 Guess who's back. Back again. Bruce is back. Tell a friend. atmlb.com #Mets
Alex Simmons @AlSimmonsiscool🔁 Jay Bruce, my son... Welcome home.
mister monteiro @LeslieRubinson🔁 Jay Bruce, my son... Welcome home.
Jay Bruce MajorLeagueBaseball @MLB_RR🔁MLB free agency rumors: Jay Bruce headed back to Mets rightrelevance.com
MLB @MLB🔁., OF Jay Bruce agree to 3-year, $39 million deal pending physical, reports . Club has not confirmed. twitter.com
Ken Rosenthal @Ken_Rosenthal🔁Source confirms: Jay Bruce back to #Mets, three years, $39 million. Deal first reported by @Jerrycrasnick.
Mark Feinsand @Feinsand🔁Jay Bruce: Turns 31 first week of 2018 season. Averaged 30 HR, 94 RBI, .787 OPS last 7 seasons.

Carlos Santana: Turn twitter.com s 32 first week of 2018 season. Averaged 24 HR, 81 RBI, .808 OPS last seven seasons.

Bruce gets 3 years/$39M from Mets. Santana gets 3 years/$60M from Phillies.

Danny Hacker @theGREATdanny94🔁How did the Jay Bruce signing change the OF market? What does this mean for the OF search? Can the shock the world and sign Darvish? It’s the “GM & The Co-Mish” 9-11 am guests include GM Thad Levine & Whit Merrifield SiriusXM 210/87
Tito Torres @TitoTorres2🔁Wake up, everyone. The were busy Wednesday night, reportedly agreeing to a three-year, $39 million contract with veteran outfielder Jay Bruce. Read
deplorable tpsurvey @tpsurvey🔁@3esp good deal?
Bruce returns to Mets on three-year, $39 million deal - NY Daily News nydailynews.com
METSist @METSist🔁"Bargain" or not, I absolutely HATE the Jay Bruce signing. This organization is circling the drain...
Dan Doherty @ddohertyjr🔁@kmthomp29 Jay Bruce for Cutch, straight up? #kidding #maybe
Vince NY @vinzska🔁Anyone hit the Modells clearance sec. for Jay Bruce shirtseys yet?
Tim Lintz @1froglegs🔁MLB free agency rumors: Jay Bruce headed back to Mets sportingnews.com
Captivate @Captivate🔁Right fielder Jay Bruce agreed to a three-year, $39M deal with the Mets, according to a source. Bruce started the 201 twitter.com 7 season with the Mets before he was traded to the Indians in August.
T @KingMcCain14🔁 The #SFGiants were heavily in on Jay Bruce but focusing on #Pirates McCutchen
LOLMets™ @MetsMike_129🔁*Mets sign one reliever and jay Bruce, are still miles behind Washington and their crosstown rivals acquired Giancarlo Stanton*

C’mon, guys, let’s celebrate!

Deven Bender @DevenBender🔁So you're telling me that Jay Bruce didn't want to be traded to the Mets in 2016 and the Mets tried to trade him but he stayed and played well but then the Mets traded him when he didn't want to be traded and now the Mets took him back when they weren't gonna spend any money?
Ernie Ellis @ernie_ball13🔁Will be interesting to see if Jay Bruce’s career .321 OBP leads to pursue bigger on-base threat with next move. Moustakas (career .305 OBP, .314 in 2018) is not that type. Todd Frazier (career .321 OBP, .344 last year) isn’t really, either.
Dave Beckman @Herk8Cy🔁Jay Bruce to the ?
Okay you’re starting to run short of options now. Time to do something to improve the outfield. Please
The Line Drive @thelinedrive_🔁Mets sign Jay Bruce to 3-year, $39 million contract: thelinedrivemlb.blogspot.com


Borny @Sinatra1fan🔁Jay Bruce deal: Patience pays off again for Alderson and Mets nyp.st via @nypostsports
Cody @CodyJoakes🔁Glad to see Jay Bruce getting paid again. I'm sure it's romanticized a little bit since he hasn't been a Red for awhi twitter.com le but really enjoyed watching him grow up in the system and he's also a really good dude. Congrats Jay!
Young Depression @fortysixandjew🔁*Mets sign one reliever and jay Bruce, are still miles behind Washington and their crosstown rivals acquired Giancarl twitter.com o Stanton*

C’mon, guys, let’s celebrate!

Jeff D @jd092781🔁@SportsCenter "And back to studio where we will ask LeBron James what he thinks of the Mets Jay Bruce signing."
Joseph Castle @castleboy13🔁In the most shocking news in history, the Mets actually spent real money and signed a professional baseball player. Welcome back to the Mets Jay Bruce!!
M Â V D Ê X T Ê R™ @MavDexter🔁 Just got my Opening Day @Mets tickets. Signing Jay Bruce gave me a bit of hope haha
tyler maximilian @t_maximilian_🔁 Mets Bet on Jay Bruce and His Revamped Approach


eric poole @pooleeo7🔁 ICYMI: Jay Bruce is coming back to the Mets on.sny.tv
Justin L. @JL_Baseball🔁Last few thoughts on Jay Bruce.
He was a solid player with Cleveland (.808 OPS in 43 games) but feels like people are twitter.com heavily attached to him due to game winning his for win #22, sort of like Raj's HR and the Party at Napoli's thing. 3/$36 not a super awesome investment there.
Rhymes With “Vader” @MitchellBader🔁Thank you for spending some money and bringing back Jay Bruce, an actual proven bat and good dude! Now can we get th twitter.com at 3B thing solved? I think there’s a dude in Baltimore....

aDrive @aDrive_tK🔁Just got my Opening Day @Mets tickets. Signing Jay Bruce gave me a bit of hope haha
Lima_Usher @Lima_Usher🔁 Source confirms: Jay Bruce back to #Mets, three years, $39 million. Deal first reported by @Jerrycrasnick.
Matthew Trueblood @MATrueblood🔁The whole reason Jay Bruce is a Met again is that OBP is expensive and the are in perpetual pecuniary purgatory. twitter.com


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