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Rachel King @rachelking🔁What I hope Jason Bateman is thinking right now. for.tn
Jason Bateman Styleupnow @StyleUpNow2017🔁Jason Bateman Apologizes for Totally Disrespecting Jessica Walter styleupnow.com
Jason Bateman Mary Lui @marylui27🔁Jason Bateman Apologizes for Totally Disrespecting Jessica Walter - styleupnow.com
entertainment.ie @entertainmentIE🔁Jason Bateman responds to backlash following Arrested Development interview e1.ie
Jason Bateman Taller @Tonnie_Taller🔁Jason Bateman: ‘I deeply, and sincerely, apologize’ tonnietaller.wordpress.com
Jason Bateman Joe Hackett!! @SpeedinUptoStop🔁 this excerpt from a Jason Bateman interview ca. '07 continues to haunt and perplex me to this day
roxane gay @rgay🔁Why is Jason Bateman so terrible in this interview with the arrested development cast??? twitter.com
Jennifer Bendery @jbendery🔁Great interview. I learned two things about a show I love.

1) What a tough, mature, graceful person Jessica Walter i twitter.com s.

2) All the men, esp Jason Bateman, are shockingly dismissive of Walter's awful treatment by Jeffrey Tambor. Way to mansplain her situation, guys.

Allison Raskin @AllisonRaskin🔁Dear Jason Bateman, if you have to say "not to belittle your experience" multiple times you are absolutely belittling twitter.com the experience.
TV📺Channeling @TVChanneling🔁Tony Hale also took to Twitter to apologize: "Regardless of my intentions, it is clear that my words, both said and unsaid, served to minimize Jessica’s pain and for that I am extremely sorry"
Trash Panda @voose_lagina🔁True Story: Years ago Jason Bateman was filming a movie in my hometown, and they used my workspace as a set. He was a complete prick and everyone was shocked. His castmate Ryan Reynolds, however, was fantastic. Bateman can eat a bee.
Sabiti joel @sabiti_joel🔁 Jason Bateman: “Well, that interview went great!”
Narrator: “It didn’t.”
Rebecca @flailsandnails🔁Jessica Walter received a Golden Globe nomination in 1971, when Jason Bateman was two years old, and he thinks he should explain to her how show business works.
Cassandra Farfalla @bloodyni3haus🔁Three trans women have accused Jeffrey Tambor of inappropriate sexual behavior and on set conduct; Jessica Walter has accused him of screaming at her in a way she's never experienced in 60 years but Jason Bateman, Tony Hale, Will Arnett and David Cross are too ready to defend him
Indira mayisela @artindira🔁one small but very striking thing from that nyt arrested development interview: jason bateman essentially explaining "how the industry works" to jessica walter, as if she isn't an accomplished veteran of the same industry.
Anne @effitafterall🔁 Thanks, Jason Bateman — now I can skip the new season of Arrested Development share.ew.com
Hanna Hupp @hupptwothree🔁 fuck jeffrey tambor, fuck jason bateman, fuck arrested development
Celia @_celia_bedelia_🔁The men in this interview - Tony Hale, Will Arnett, David Cross, Jason Bateman, and Jeffrey Tambor - should be fucking ashamed of themselves.

THIS is what it's like to be a woman - being verbally assaulted and have the men defend the assaulter.

Litsa Dremousis @LitsaDremousis🔁All the of Jessica Walter's male co-stars here are AWFUL as she discusses Jeffrey Tambor's treatment of her on set.
But Jason Bateman and Tony Hale, in particular, my god.

Did Tambor loan them money? Buy their first homes? Or are they just misogynist to the core?

Jayne @jayxrambles🔁My sincerest hope is that the daughters of Jeffrey Tambor, Jason Bateman, David Cross and Tony Hale go through life k twitter.com nowing they are worthy of more respect as women than their fathers showed their coworker.  
Jezebel @Jezebel🔁Jason Bateman on his behavior in NYT interview: "I'm incredibly embarrassed and deeply sorry" twitter.com
Shane Riordan @shane_riordan🔁@SeanStanglandDH The Jason Bateman one REALLY got to me.
James Maher @JaMaher🔁looks like jason bateman got himself a competent pr person
Hunter Wulff @wulffisthename🔁Jason Bateman defending Jeffrey Tambor’s abusive behavior is terribly problematic. Take your craft as seriously as y twitter.com ou want, but using it as an excuse to be less than cordial to ANYONE is absolutely bullshit.
evadestruktion @evadestruktion🔁A note on Jason Bateman’s rationalization for why things are ~~different~~ for actors and that’s why it’s OK to sometimes verbally abuse your colleagues: literally everyone who acts this way believes this is true about their specific industry, actors are not special. 💁🏻‍♀️
Susie Gauthier 🦋 @susiesharon🔁@cmclymer Lost Jason Bateman and Morgan Freeman on the same day... FML
Fast Company @FastCompany🔁What to do with Jason Bateman’s apology for that “Arrested” interview f-st.co
carolina brown @ccbelle55🔁anyone who knows me well enough knows i have had a big crush on jason bateman for a long time, but not anymore!!! we don't stan ppl who support abusers. jessica walter if you're reading this i love u
JFrancisco Caballero @jfcaballero_🔁Jason Bateman apologizes for defending Jeffrey Tambor's verbal harassment of Jessica Walter on set: 'I shouldn't have tried so hard to mansplain'
Dennis Futoryan @dfutoryan🔁The cast sat down for an interview with the New York Times. Jason Bateman's comments were not well received on social twitter.com media.
sarah @sarah_black🔁I'm so glad jason bateman can stand up for women when the abuser's not in the room, really good helpful stuff
BoffleSpoffle @BoffleSpoffle🔁Also known as “Jason Bateman really loves belittling and excusing things he says he does not intend to belittle or excuse."
Sean Stangland @SeanStanglandDH🔁Absolutely. But after spending all morning reading about Jason Bateman and Morgan Freeman, I guess it’s a small victo twitter.com ry to read something that seems genuine and contrite.
BoffleSpoffle @BoffleSpoffle🔁Great interview. I learned two things about a show I love.

1) What a tough, mature, graceful person Jessica Walter is.

2) All the men, esp Jason Bateman, are shockingly dismissive of Walter's awful treatment by Jeffrey Tambor. Way to mansplain her situation, guys.

therm scissorpunch @jackallisonLOL🔁As an example. Do I think Jason Bateman is a particularly good actor or funny person? No. Do I think his particular “ twitter.com thing” was well utilized in arrested development? Sure.

If we’re talking about which famous actors have good politics or are good people, maybe none of them?

Vinny Eng @vinnyeng🔁 I’ve been mad at Jason Bateman since seeing The Gift.
Vinny Eng @vinnyeng🔁 Why is Jason Bateman so terrible in this interview with the arrested development cast??? twitter.com
Paul Calahorra @PaulCalahorra🔁Jason Bateman apologized after his comments in a Times interview defending Jeffrey Tambor received harsh criticism nyti.ms
meghan daly @bittermelonfart🔁hi i’m Jason Bateman and not to belittle it but we’ve all verbally abused women on set and not to belittle it but she deserved it and again not to belittle it but it’s the nature of the industry and i wouldn’t want to belittle it but
jessica walter defence squad @pilipaIa🔁@2020VlSION sorry i'll tweet jason bateman and apologise for trashtalking him
Jacklemore™ @jokeyweisguy🔁subtweet Jason Bateman
tati @tatibernardo_🔁@RollingStone What about Jason Bateman?
Aaron Yavelberg @sleepingonedge🔁I love Jason Bateman, so I was disappointed when I read the transcript of that interview. But this is a fantastic apology, the kind of apology that actually reflects regret and a willingness to learn. Other celebrities should emulate Bateman here when they've messed up.
Stevie @HoneyAndGold26🔁Jason Bateman and most of the male actors on AD defending jeffrey tambor's verbal abuse, and now this. MEN ARE TRASH twitter.com

Crisping Lover @IanWilliamz🔁 jezebel.com

I agree with the author that this is a legitimately good apology. Not that it makes me want to watch the new season twitter.com more, or makes me any less disappointed. But good on him/his team for addressing his behavior and not shifting blame

Kimberley Isbell @kisbell🔁You have this ostensibly close-knit cast that’s worked for years together, and the men in the show passively-aggressively gaslight a beloved colleague after she tearfully describes her abuse by Tambor, sitting just feet away.

Jason Bateman is a manipulative shitstain.

Charlie Ashby @CMWAshby🔁Here is an example of a good apology. Jason Bateman immediately recognized what was wrong & apologized & owned up to it. Some people may not forgive him, but this is a good START at least.
Emily @EmilyAroooooooo🔁 Today is a great day for everyone who always thought Jason Bateman seemed like kind of a dick
🌙 @velourdream🔁Dear Jason Bateman, if you have to say "not to belittle your experience" multiple times you are absolutely belittling the experience.
Izzy @izzyreiff🔁i think it’s a joke- patrick bateman is the main character in american psycho, which OP was referencing and comparing twitter.com jason bateman to because of how he acted during the interview.
Victoria Elliott @VictoriaDonna51🔁Jason Bateman was wrong but Jesus Christ how is anyone supposed to learn when we crucify them like this? Yes he’s an twitter.com actor so he signs up for it, but this is an opportunity for education in my opinion
Solomon Izeal @DennisGriffin2🔁 star Tony Hale issues public apology to co-star Jessica Walter over Jeffrey Tambor verbal abuse incident
Simon Tam @SimonTheTam🔁@RollingStone Do you mean Jason Bateman?
Steph Zlotnick @StephZlotnick🔁Jason Fucking Bateman. UGH.
👊🏼VigilAnnie👊🏼 @AnnetteCentola🔁 @louisvirtel She had an entire Golden Globe before Jason Bateman was a zygote
afraid of ghosts @grinfie🔁Jason Bateman has been found dead in Miami
Jared Clark @JC_Ice007🔁Well, Jason Bateman doesn't have to worry about being the biggest unflattering celebrity news story today.
ClydeSolvedit @abuejuela🔁Jason Bateman’s apology makes no sense. If you know that was horrible behavior then what made you do it? None of what he tweeted this morning occurred to him in a room, sitting opposite a crying, clearly hurt woman. It only occurred to him after he was made aware of the backlash?


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