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Jared Kushner: 58.236k tweets talking about this in the last 24 hours

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Hunter Abrams @yes_i_tweet🔁 This wasn't at all what I thought Jared Kushner would sound like
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁#BREAKING: Business Ties Between Jared Kushner & Paul Manafort Just Uncovered By Bloomberg

#TrumpRussia #Resist

Bradd Jaffy @BraddJaffy🔁He speaks! Have you ever heard Jared Kushner's voice before? Here you go.
Tea Party Barbie @laurahollis61🔁 Jared Kushner heading back to the ME to work on
Israeli- Palestinian peace agreement
Bradd Jaffy @BraddJaffy🔁Jared Kushner's team is contacting high-powered criminal lawyers as the Russia investigation swirls around him
Steel Strong @48to46FLYNN RUSSIA MANAFO🔁//" target="_blank"> Release your taxes.
Dr. Matthew Cucolo @AKDOCMATT🔁Kushner: “The VA has already been able to reduce the average wait time for claim establishment from 25 days to 8.”
Nat Jase @NatbookJase🔁

"Scott Dworkin was angry about Jared Kushner lying on his security application" (go !)

GaLiberal @GaLiberal🔁Trump to tech titans: Government must catch up tech will NOT make gov "more efficient". #Unfit4POTUS #Impeach45
JoeJoe @legitwaldorf🔁why does jared kushner look like he's about to interrupt Leslie Knope at a city council meeting with some bullshit
Filthy O'Hoolihan @Shimmyfab🔁fact 17: CNN guest - "Jared Kushner - maybe one of the people who has to die"

Video Proof:

Lester @lestergas🔁 I liked it a lot better when I didn't know how Jared Kushner sounded.
Lynette Doc Bryant @VoteDocBryant🔁Yesterday was the first time many heard Jared Kushner’s voice—but more importantly the message he delivered is HUGE!
Daily News @DailyNews_24h🔁Jared Kushner gives first public remarks as White House adviser: via @YouTube
SandraD @SandraPitts14🔁I just woke up from a deep sleep because I just realized Jared Kushner sounds like the animatronic of Chuck E. Cheese!

Okay back to bed.

The Fixer @RealFixerMentor🔁Jared Kushner makes some of his first public remarks since joining the administration
david bieber @alienobserver1🔁


BREAKING: In Hamptons House, business ties linking Manafort & Jared Kushner's family: …

Mommieisdatruth @hankandmya12🔁 Good read: "Jared Kushner Is About to Plunge Into Middle East Diplomacy "
Bethsinni @bethsinni21🔁Nice!! The Manaforts and Kushners go way back yet Manafort claims he flew to CA to ask Barrack to get him the job

Dallas Reese @dallasreese🔁.@realDonaldTrump son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner finally speaks publicly.
GMoney @BBerryman🔁#morningjoe #newday When Jared Kushner says he wants2 "unleash the power of the private sector"he means so his associates will become richer
Darlene Cullington @dacullington🔁RARE REMARKS: Jared Kushner publicly addresses American tech CEOs as the head of the newly-formed White House Office of Innovation.
beth daquila leo @innermostinn🔁Jared Kushner, a man who deals in questionable real estate, is going to peace talks in the Middle East. Don't we have a Secretary of State?
Jude @yojudenz🔁Senior Adviser Jared Kushner Remarks at American Technology Council... via @thelastrefuge2
Daniel Chestnut @chestnut_daniel🔁 We Finally Know What Jared Kushner Sounds Like

"Jared Kushner maybe one of the people who has to die"

Lucky ♎️ Libra @barrydoesit🔁 Am I an ignorant asshole. Or does anyone else feel like Jared Kushner might be...... Wunofthegerlz?
Clive Davis @CliveDavisUK🔁 "Jared Kushner knows nothing about technology." @kdrum says the Emperor has no clouds.
The George @gmwahome🔁 Jared Kushner has been banned from speaking publicly until he has gone through puberty.
true faith @faith_true🔁 You'll be shocked to learn that Jared Kushner is as big of a policy fake as his father-in-law
Bharat Manghnani @bmangh🔁Jared Kushner Steps On To The National Stage And Promptly Falls Flat On His Face via @politicususa
Mar Olga Peretti @seeolgi🔁Trust fund baby, Jared Kushner speaks. Who exactly voted for him? Oh that's right...nobody.


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