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James Fields Jr. TV Helper @TVCommentBot🔁 CNN: First. 20-year-old james alex fields jr. From
James Fields Jr. hashtagLUKELUCAS @lukelucas🔁there's always the black friend!
James Fields Jr.James Fields Jr.James Fields Jr. jeff payne @jeffpayne1108🔁This is James Alex Fields Jr. He mowed down pedestrians with his car. Still think it was an accident?
James Fields Jr. Alejandravreyes @alejandrav88791🔁 Terrorist James Alex Fields Jr's mom...
James Fields Jr.James Fields Jr.James Fields Jr. Patricia Thomas @patthomas525🔁 I think we know what side James Alex Fields Jr is on
James Fields Jr. Jake Tapper @jaketapper🔁MUG SHOT for JAMES ALEX FIELDS Jr. being held on suspicion of second-degree murder, malicious wounding and more
Sebastian Murdock @SebastianMurdoc🔁Albermale county jail just sent me the mugshot of today's suspect in today's Charlottesville tragedy. James Alex Fiel ds Jr, 20.
Shaun King @ShaunKing🔁The face of American terrorism.

James Alex Fields, Jr.

A murderer radicalized by the American President. He worship s Trump.

IggyD @IggyDF🔁 Who is the man accused of driving his car into a crowd of marchers in Charlottesville?
helen @liberalchik🔁Here's the killer, James Alex Fields, Jr. (left) at the Unite the Right rally earlier that day, before he mowed down Heather Heyer.
laur @laurenhenry_🔁 Being held without bail on murder, other charges in Charlottesville hit-and-run: James Alex Fields, Jr., 20, of Maumee, Ohio.
Martìn @D0nMartin🔁 BREAKING: Charlottesville Police ID suspect authorities say plowed into a group of protesters as James Alex Fields Jr. of Ohio
LIbertyforAll @bgooder🔁This Tweet from @bgooder has been withheld in: Germany, France.
Spank You Silly ☮️ @SpankYouSilly🔁Fact: Heather Heyer did not vote for @realDonaldTrump but her murderer, white supremacist James Alex Fields, Jr. did.

Do the math.

Nasa @NasaOGCJM13🔁That "Muslim Ban" has done a really good job of keeping terrorists out of the US. Where was James Fields Jr. radicalized?
laur @laurenhenry_🔁MUG SHOT for JAMES ALEX FIELDS Jr. being held on suspicion of second-degree murder, malicious wounding and more
Ruth.Weinfeld @WeinfeldRuth🔁I wonder where and how James Alex Fields, Jr, alleged murderer of Charlottesville, was radicalized...
R.I.P 20/20 aka Ocks @BigTingsAhGwan🔁James Alex Fields, Jr. 20, of Ohio, has been charged in the fatal wreck in Charlottesville, Va.
futuromedina @futuromedina🔁James Fields Jr.


Radicalized by white supremacy movement

Empowered by

Diana Saenz @onopix🔁As a member of the young white dude community, allow me to say: James Alex Fields Jr. is human sewage. If you see something, say something.
J Cohen Resisting @LostInGOPLand🔁All I've got on James Alex Fields Jr., car killer suspect, is his address, social security number and party affiliation - republican.
neognosis @neognosis2🔁 James Alex Fields, Jr, Charlottesville's Christian terrorist who was radicalized by Donald J. Trump
Terri DiAngelantonio @TerriDiA🔁The face of American terrorism.

James Alex Fields, Jr.

A murderer radicalized by the American President. He worships Trump.

James D @Marys1stson🔁James Alex Fields Jr. 20, has been charged with 1 count 2nd degree murder & other charges in the Charlottesville attack by car.
Renee Murphy @ReneeMu62638359🔁 Never again will the GOP rely on men like this to win Ohio. Fire Bannon now. via @thedailybeast

Steve @Stevieboy_63🔁The guy who watches Japanese Tentacle Porn forgets to mention that James Alex Fields Jr. Voted for Bernie.
D. McKenzie™ @DMcKenzieMuzik🔁James Alex Fields Jr., suspect in car attack, faces murder charge, civil rights probe
John Hoopes @jwhoopes2🔁James Fields Jr's mom knew he was going to . Thought it was for a Trump rally, which says something
🇵🇰°rïdabøøk°🇵🇰 @Alottleaboos🔁James Alex Fields Jr. from Ohio identified as the TERRORIST responsible for plowing through protesters in today.
The Late Fav-r @SizzleChest33🔁James Alex Fields Jr. (a Trump supporter) is being named as the person who was behind the wheel of the car in
Sergio Dericks @sergio_dericks🔁 #Charlottesville terrorist James Alex Fields Jr. held hate group shield before attack
S. Hanscom @SHweneedchange🔁This Tweet from @SHweneedchange has been withheld in: Germany, France.
Billy Bob @inthejunipers🔁As someone who lives very near I can say fuck James Fields Jr. Fuck Nazis. Fuck Trump. Fuck feeling dread every fucking day.
Cat Yuracka @CatYuracka🔁James Alex Fields, Jr. is a terrorist radicalized in Trump's America. Retweet his mugshot far and wide.
Susan DiLaura @sdilaura🔁So, , are you going to be paying for James Alex Fields jr legal fees? You do that for your terrorist supporters, don't you?
Punch All the Nazis✊ @fatneckbeardguy🔁Looks like murdering fascist James Alex Fields Jr was there with openly fascist group American Vanguard (see shield).
mAb, MPH @Atonulion🔁Driver who plowed into a crowd of protesters in identified as James Alex Fields, Jr., 20, of Ohio
Gary Thorne @gtfromnb_gary🔁Yep a Republican and Likely Trump Supporter... James Alex Fields Jr.

Adam Sink @adamtsink🔁It is interesting that James Fields Jr is being called a a "car crash suspect" and not, you know, a terrorism suspect.
Jus'Curious @juskurius🔁#Charlottesville James Alex Fields Jr's father was killed by a drunk driver shortly after he was born. Perfect recruitment target.
Christina E @ChristinaEvangi🔁James Alex Fields Jr., 20, Arrested In Charlottesville Car Attack
Billy Bob @inthejunipers🔁Thankfully they caught the scum James Fields Jr. who was the driver of the car that rammed the crowd and murdered Heather Heyer.
@RumAndDiabetes @rumanddiabetes🔁 @Panda_Ant_ @kafiya_dawi Nice try. Vangheluwe sold the car to 20 yo James Fields Jr. Registered Republican from Ohio.
Ciarán Halpin @cihalpin🔁James Fields Jr drove a car through a crowd to kill because of his political views. He is a terrorist by definition. Do you agree?
nick uzamaki @ErrythingPhroze🔁James Alex Fields Jr. identified as terrorist who plowed through crowd in Charlottesville, Va
Maia Evrona @MaiaEvrona🔁He should be charged with terrorism, as well. Following White Nationalist Rally
Jorge@WallSt @WallDesu🔁
Disgusted James Alex Fields Jr. Plowed His Car Into A Crowd Of Americans In

(((merida montero))) @Goodluckbeer🔁Like many at white nationalist rally in Charlottesville suspect James Fields Jr is young--20.
What builds such hate in so little time?
@RumAndDiabetes @rumanddiabetes🔁 look at what false claims accounts are pushing on twitter! It was James Fields Jr
Alejandravreyes @alejandrav88791🔁LIE! 20 yr old James Alex Fields Jr of Ohio​. He is registered to vote in Ohio​ & put his party affiliation as Republican! He is Alt Right!
joe @jo3s3rvus🔁Charlottesville Car Attack: Who Is Accused Suspect James Alex Fields Jr.? : The Two-Way : NPR
Heikki Thomasson @heikkithomasson🔁Top story: Suspect in Charlottesville, Va. car-ramming identified as James Alex… , see more
Guitar Wolf Moon @fatherdog🔁Breaking: White supremacist terrorist James Alex Fields Jr. rallied with Alt-Right Vanguard America Group
bbychamomile @SOFTNCXNT🔁 This piece of shit, James Alex Fields JR., drove his Dodge Challenger into a group of counterdemonstrators.
Daverin @DmmDaKid🔁James Alex Fields Jr., 20, held on suspicion of 2nd-degree murder in car crash in Charlottesville, VA, police say
ObiWannabe @ObiWannabe_BA🔁Good news for James Alex Fields, Jr. is he gets to finally lose his virginity. Bad news is it's going to be in prison.
InxsySparxs @InxsyS🔁James Alex Fields, Jr, Charlottesville's Christian terrorist who was radicalized by Donald J. Trump


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